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    My tank is a 4x2x2 as well and is planted with swords, crypts, java fern and willow hygro. I have two full spectrum tubes and an RGB. As Grubs said, Fred is very good at responding to emails and he will be able to give you some good advice on the right system for your tank.
  3. Cute as a button but I'm looking to dismantle my small planted tank. Paid $100+ for these buggers. Asking $50 ..pickup from Merrimac GC.
  4. unfortunately - no chance. In Brisbane you can find some OK rams, and common apisto’s. If you want exotic you will need to look at online sellers, store in NSW and VIc are the current leaders. Steve
  5. Discus fs

    Thanks mate 1 sold 4 left will do the 4 $250
  6. Howdy

    Hi and welcome to the site
  7. ahh thanks mate i didnt know how old the thread was i thought it was only days ago but now i know thanks @Stoney
  8. Being a new tank (to me) I never noticed the growth of this purple crap ..I thought it was part of the artificial reef decor. But then today I looked at a photo of when I first got the tank ...and it's not there.. I bought the tank established with a bunch of cichlids and 1200lph cannister. The filter was fully gunked up (probably never cleaned in the last couple of years that the previous owner had it) so I gave that a good clean when I first got it and put in some fresh seachem matrix on top of existing ceramic and sponges etc. I think the growth of this purple crap accelerated since I put in seachem phosguard and purigen in the cannister a couple of weeks ago. I got the phosguard because I kept getting diatoms on the glass ..I believe I have lots of silicates in my tap water. Nitrates were through the roof before the phosguard/purigen but now seem 20-30 which is oK I suppose and then diatoms are barely appearing. But WTF is this purple algae and what;s causing it to grow out of control? I dont even mind the 'look' of it but I'm afraid it might eventually starve the water of oxygen. How do you clean it? How do you prevent this purple crap from coming back? I see my cobalt blue trying to graze on this crap but I dont know if he's getting any of it off ..he certainly isnt making a dent
  9. Howdy

    Thanks for the add. looking forward to joining the group and learning lots from all the members. Been a while since i had a tank, just in the process of looking around to find the right one and get back in the swing of it cheers glenn
  10. Hi from the location in your profile Manalapan guessing you're in the USA New Jersey area did you get the tank set up and fish from the same pace and how long was the tank running before you added the fish I would be looking for a different aquarium that the one that supplied you with the fish and didn't explain about cycling the tank the choice of fish is not what I consider a good combination for a tank that size you would be better to just have the Tiger and Rosy barbs as they are hardy and won't out grow the tank like the Heckelli will have a look around for a dedicated aquarium rather than a pet store do you know what your local water parameters are ?
  11. @johnbetta he may have solved this problem given the thread is 3 years old lol
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  13. mate what i did when i had this same thing i let the fish die there is no cure so once they died i empted the tank then got a bucket of water and put chlorine in the bucked and washed inside the tank then filled it up and put chlorine nutriler in the tank at a high dose let the tank run for a week then enpted it again then filled up the tank and re treated with chlorine nutriler and let the tank run for two days then did a 20% water change then filled up the tank and then let it re cycle befor adding fish again it work 100% perfect for me hope this helps u mate
  14. Cichlid & Catfish Books

    thanks mate got your pm i just replyed mate
  15. Cichlid & Catfish Books

    John PM'd you back
  16. Cichlid & Catfish Books

    hi i pmed u mate
  17. Cichlid & Catfish Books

    hi mate do u still have the book on cichlids aquariums i am intrested in fact i am intrested in all your books cheers john please pm me
  18. i would get quick start api quick start to help cycle your tank then do small water changes as far as fish go with out barbs u can add bristle nose catfish neans glow light tetras and some corrys but dont add any thing yet wait four or 5 weeks so your tank will be cycled then add fish sloly over a few weeks NOT ALL AT ONCE becarful when adding fish best to quarinteen new fish first
  19. sick cichlids

    from what i know blood worms should never be feed to african cichlids its bad for there tummys and causes health problems i would say the blood worms are part of your trouble u should research on african cichlids foods what to feed and what not to feed
  20. sick cichlids

    well said raycam07-au this thred is going no where
  21. Hi everyone, I was just wanting to find sellers around the Warwick Toowoomba region in QLD looking for Neon, Blue, Gold Rams, as well as apistogramas, does anyone sell these fish around my region what are the prices are you all selling these at thanks so much kind regards
  22. Hey everyone, I’ve got an 8x2x2 fish tank and stand. The tank isn’t drilled, and is in really good condition. The stand has some trim that goes around the top to hide the bottom of the tank, and one side of the stand is open for if you put it against a wall. It also has some lids but they are thin glass. Measurements of the tank: 2440mm long 610mm wide 610mm high 10mm thick glass. Looking to swap for breeding rack setup preferably 3fts and a sump would be ideal. Located boronia heights,qld. I haven’t put a price on it yet as I don’t know what to value it at and I’m more after swaps. But feel free to pm me a price if you have one in mind. It’s kept under a blanket.
  23. Hi Everyone I was just curious is there anyone selling PEPPERMINT Bristlenoses kinda hoping in Warwick Qld or Toowoomba Area can anyone help me out what do you guys have thanks so much
  24. Honey Blue Eyes - Pseudomugil mellis

    Hi, does anyone have any for sale?
  25. sick cichlids

    everything is perfect, water is fine, and the specialists have checked, you can close the thread now
  26. 3d rock wall

    Back up for sale open to offers
  27. Hi!

    Hi and welcome to the site
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