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  3. any of these still available? can i get a contact number please
  5. I'm chasing a nice size pleco, L number for my display tank. Something not so main stream I guess you call it but also don't want to sell a child for one. Well.. no better not. So far i have L397, L144 longfin ,L066,L080, L002, L202, L015, L201, super red, Albino long, Albino normal, Common long, common normal, orange spot, peppermint, Gold spot common, Albino sail fin, L270, L333 and i think thats it. Males only of course. Hope so anyway. Located gold coast but will travel for the right fish and right price.
  6. Hi TDJ5, I have a 3ft tank that I need to move, it is a complete set-up, tank lights, external filter, two stands, that is one set-up to take a second tank on top and the original 3ft stand etc. I also have 10 x L002's in it at present I would be keen to sell the lot together. I need the space in the garage. It could come with all their driftwood and breeding logs, yes they breed a few times each year. I 'm in Little Mountain, noticed your close if you want to look at it. Regards Dave
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  8. Looking for some 3ft tank on the sunny coast
  9. I have a breeding colony of moba frontosa 8 fish in the colony all round 20cm some 20+cm have bred a few times for me 2/3males 5/6 female asking $800 pm me thanks or best contact by text thanks Steve 0424946845
  10. very cool gouramis are great fish the ones that are easy to breed is honey gouramis happy to give u info on how to breed them and how to raise the fry
  11. HI Kev and welcome to the site
  12. Well the Minister of Finance will keep my desire to expand the hobby in check..... for now. I've always loved breeds that school, used to love watching all my barbs and tetras roam the tank in packs. But I'm interested in trying out discus/angels and gouramis.
  13. Ha ! No, Bash hasn't joined the school of GPGs! Grover thought it best to leave some of the pink giant gouramis for others to enjoy. He specialises in rescue operations - where owners have a 2ft fish in a 4ft tank Then he leaps into action with $$$ to give them a good home in 40,000 litres. PS: the temperature is still climbing - 21.5degC - this morning, and I'm looking to try scoria washing again this arvo. Will let you know how that goes (whether my arm operation complains or not). Cheers, Grover (He still can't wait for Summer to roll around and the temperature to hit 30+degC) EDIT: Scoria washing was a success - another 2 bags done!
  14. Hi and welcome to the site and back to the hobby
  15. Welcome back Looty, good luck with the slow re-introduction to the hobby. I planned on doing that a couple months ago "just one or two tanks, sate the aquatic desires" cut to now... 4 tanks, 2 outdoor ponds, more in planning... MTS bites us all my friend haha What sort of fish do you like to keep and/or breed mate?
  16. I'd be separating into sections for Borellii if I went that way, flyscreen frames to divide (dark flyscreen so minimal visibility and plant screening in front of that, males won't see each other). Think I could have 3 pairs comfortably that way. With Trifasciata I've heard stories of groups working out how to breed together but I'd probably just go for a harem of 1m3f and let em do their thing. Still doing my research in spare time but it seems quite a few people have had success (all of said people are overseas so far, gotta join that dwarf cichlid group hamish mentioned, might find some here in Aus). I just wanna breed more Apistos while I have such great water for them, out of my tap is 7.2pH and soft. Let my water change water sit in tub with base dose of prime for 12-24 hours it drops to 7.0, slow refill on my tanks and with the stratum, wood, plants etc. they sit perfectly stable at 6.6, no fluctuations. Apistos, pygmy and hastatus corys, CPDs, all loving life but I'm out of indoor space lmao I'll figure out some way... Convert a verandah into a fish room... hehe
  17. Last week
  18. The treatment is similar for fungal or bacterial infections. If it's getting noticably worse you will need to treat. For mollies, I would use a 3% salt bath. That's 3 grams of rock or pool salt in 100ml (grams ) of water. Scale up as appropriate. So 300gm per 10 litres water. Mollies are happy up to 6% salt. Because you have plants, I would treat it in a separate tank or bucket then return it to the tank when fixed. If you don't have a separate tank/heater/etc then a few hours of salt exposure each day. If it's already gotten worse, you can net it out and apply betadine gel liberally directly to the area. Leave the fish in moist net but out of water while you do it but it may stain your net. Just avoid it's gills.
  19. Hi everyone, After a 10 year hiatus from the hobby I'm back. Used to own a 6ft tropical planted tank. I've just picked up a 2ft tank from Tech Den to ease my way back in. I've only ever kept small tropical fish, tetras, barbs, guppys but I'm keen to give aquascaping a crack and see where it goes. I've got plenty of questions so look forward to chatting you all soon.
  20. @Grover65k did bash become part of the billabong adoption agency
  21. How come the dacron goes at the top? Wouldn't it be better to do coarse to fine sponge and then dacron to get the last smaller particles.
  22. Finally... (photographic evidence of GPGs) It's been a worrying time with the temperature dipping, so I am now glad to report both an increase in Billabong temperature (up to 21degC) and the sighting of at least 2 GPGs. Yes, I know there's only 1 in the photo - I was trying to hold a flashlight, lift the blue cover, take a photograph - and not drop an expensive mobile phone into the 6ft depths... Grover (wandering around the Billabong at night is rather an unusual occupation...)
  23. Interesting plan. I am not sure how the plan will go. Will be an interesting journey. Borellii take lower temperatures better, but I think they do better in pairs. Trifaciata and others are better for harem breeding. Harem breeding lets the male be distracted by other females .
  24. @Hamishh34 Annerley Aquarium in Brisbane is where I got them from. They do ship interstate.
  25. Hi clever people I need your help please!is this a fungal or bacterial infection? It is slowly getting worse. It looks more like a scab/thickening over the side and into the dorsal fin, worse on the right side. The fish is behaving normal and eating well. Advice with treatment would also be appreciated Thanks in advance
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