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  2. 2 medium male blue pearl crays for sale $10ea. Same as above, Pickup Warwick.
  3. Hey mate... can you msg me or send your email or number through, Cheers Luke
  4. Can someone point me in the direction of local breeders or near enough from Caboolture, Cheers
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  6. The tank is about 8 gallons, which i think may be to small for non-dwarf cichlids?
  7. severums are great i can put u onto a breeder if u want to pm me i know of 2 great people
  8. I could go the severum over the firemouth if it means less aggression then by the time I get the bigger tank could go some red head tapajos for that same sort of colouration as the firemouth. Should I stagger them when putting them in or put any in first or at bigger sizes? Thanks guys! Will take a look at what's around on the weekend
  9. your right mff about the blue rams the other ones you said i agree they are good u could get some spalurum they are small americain cichlids
  10. i think that would work really well but keep in mind some fire mouthed cichilids can be aggro i agree with MFF
  11. So if i dropped the oscar and blue acara from list to narrow down the choices I could theoretically still stick with chocolate cichlid, gold saum, neon blue acara and maybe pick between the severum and firemouth (ellioti looks nice also but haven't seen any around) My water has either 7 or 7.4ph depending on the kit I use and my gh is mid range so water parameters from what I've read should work for all of those. I'm thinking I'll leave the geos for when I get the bigger tank.
  12. I believe the Blue Rams also suffer from serious in-breeding problems - i.e. bad genetics. If you can find some nice apistos, that would be the go. Plenty of plants. What size is the tank?
  13. I'd ditch the oscar to start with - different diet, and can be aggro. I also would not put both blue and neon blue acara together. Don't know about the chocolate, but the rest should work well. I've got rotkeil severums, neon blue acara and ellioti (similar to firemouth) in my 6 ft. The plants may not survive though - even java fern and anubias get destroyed in my tank. (I also have some other fish in there, but I'm pretty sure they're all at the plants.)
  14. Hi everyone. I haven't made a post here in a while, since I lost interest in the hobby after my ram died after only a few months (parasite, got it from a chain pet store where there is not the best quality stock). I still kept tetras in it for just over a year, until their bad genetics got the best of them. I have just found new inspiration and have begun to cycle my tank again, this time planning to get fish from a breeder that are better quality and more compatible with each other. I still love dwarf cichlids, and was planning on keeping a small group of 2 - 3 in the tank. I was wondering what types of cichlid are best for this, and what live plants or hiding places they would need. Aggression is not an issue (unless between the same species) as I am only planning to have the cichlids by themselves, so it isn't overcrowded. I have also asked around on Reddit, and I have been recommended German Blue Rams and apistogrammas.
  15. Hey guys I've got a 4x2x2 that I'm needing to start fresh with stocking after problems with aggression from a jack dempsey. I prefer american cichlids and was hoping to get ideas for what could be stocked together in that size and last until I get my planned 6 foot tank next year. Some fish I like for reference are oscars, chocolate cichlid, severum, gold saum, blue and neon blue acara, firemouth and red head geos. I wouldn't put all these together but listing them for a reference point. Tank currently has driftwood, rock and some ornaments and some java fern and anubias tied to the drift wood. Water from tap and in tank sits at 7.4ph and its filtered by a sponge and also an eheim 2217 with plans to get an fx6. Any ideas are welcome!
  16. Hey guys just wanted to put an update on here. Heintz.g was spot on, th j.d actually was the one to snap and relentlessly chased the others. I separated the j.d when I could after work buy It was too late and the g.t and oscar after showing signs of heavy breathing and stress didn't make it. This time I'm doing more reading od my own through qldaf and monster fish keepers as well to decide on a more suitable tank stocking and get rid of the j.d as I'm not looking to have just one lone fish. I'll be making a separate post to hopefully get some good information ontop of what I've learned on this post. Thanks!
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  19. hi tangg3 can u sex your whiptails and how big are they if u want to pm me
  20. very nice and odd thanks for posting this
  21. I found it quite weird coming up with this malawi eybiter skeleton for sale doing some reading on the eyebiters.
  22. Thanks to everyone for their replies and information very helpful
  23. sometimes theure on gumtree for sale, or if youre keen you can buy eggs and grow them out ,probably not for a novice tho
  24. as youre the other side of the river i have no idea who will have some ,most stores will get you some in , if they deal with ,Aquarium industries or with bayfish directly if you look on either of their websites you can find the current stocklists , bayfish at the moment seem to just have males and i think only gardneri gold in pairs , I would only get panchax, like the golden wonder or aphosemiom species as a beginner with killies , the annuals like nothobranchius species can have an extremely short lifespan some as short as 3 months if you just want males you can mix any of the aphos, the females all pretty much look the same and will all interbreed, so if you want a single species buy pairs, Gardneri variety theres about 6 strains with gold versions of them as well, and most of them will lay eggs in the tank on a spawning mop or moss type plants and aphos dont usually eat the fry , panchax will of the aphos my suggestions would be Gardneri australi, gold, or chocolate striatum, as they seem to be the most readily available...feeding them is easy, micro worms, frozen blood worms, and brine shrimp as well as blackworms,, they also love mosquito larvae....shoot me a pm if you want any more info like temp and water perameters
  25. Sounds like a nice plan! Killifish are very small and most are from still ponds and such. So with only filling the tank 1/3, you'll need to be careful with the flow from the filter. Avoid having a large "waterfall" that would disturb the water too much. Depending on your filter, this will be simple or hard. Several stores around Brisbane have killifish from time to time. On the Southside of Brisbane, Annerley Aquarium, Exotic Fish Connections, MAD Aquarium and Pet City (in alphabetical order) are good ones to check out. There is a store in Ipswich which I've not personally visited, but I've heard good things about, called H2O Babies. There are others on the northside and on the Gold Coast. You're more likely to get killifish at a specialist aquarium shop rather than a more general pet shop. I gave killifish a go, a while back, but didn't have much success. They really are delicate little things and need a tank to themselves. Pretty much ANY other fish will upset them. At least, that's my experience. It's something I may have another go at, when I have tank space. Post some pictures when you get set up!
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