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  2. Blue metal rock Can get these at landscaping supplies for very little Just in case someone was mistaking this for Seiryu stone or something else...
  3. Today
  4. Any of these left?
  5. Welcome mate, what are you into?
  6. There's Dennison from Marry-Annes down at Waterford. Can also deliver.
  7. WTB Geophagus Steindachneri Red Hump Eartheater fry or fish around brisbane
  8. @johnbetta pm sent
  9. 6 bar frontosa 5-6 cm 15 each or 5 for 60 dollars Text 0422023148 Pickup jimiboomba or rocklea
  10. I rekon he would do the male for $70 and the female for $60 thats cheap as
  11. I've got lots of smaller ones too feel free to come and have a look. Surfers Paradise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I've just changed up a couple of my display tanks and I've got some rock for sale if anyone is after some. Starting from $20 or will discount for multiple items This is the same type of Rock in one of my tanks sorry it's a bit cloudy I just set it up today. These are the ones available. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Discount for bulk buys. Shipping also available.
  14. Dibbs
  15. Can you do any cheaper ?
  16. If any schooling fish is in a tight school, something is stressing them.
  17. Where r u ?
  18. Last week I ordered some fish online from a Brisbane supplier to be delivered to Rockhampton, Queensland. The courier picked up the parcel on Tuesday 14/02 and promptly sent it off by truck to Melbourne. The supplier then contacted the courier and asked for the parcel to be returned to them. The parcel has arrived in Melbourne on Thursday and the Courier has realised the problem, ignored the suppliers request to return the parcel to them and sent it off by truck again to their Capricorn Coast Depot. It is still sitting in a truck somewhere between Melbourne and who knows where and I wonder if they had the courtesy to change the labelling from live fish to dead fish. The supplier has since refunded me the money but they are twice the amount out of pocket for the loss of sale and the loss of fish. The courier should maybe change their name to the similar sounding Wrongway.
  19. hey everyone ive just recently acquired a small (around 15-20l) aquarium, had my mind set on a blacked out look so painted the sides and rear, currently home to 3 small shubunkins which will end up in a pond or larger aquarium, but I'm stuck for ideas on what to do now? I'm still not sure about the yellow gravel or what I would like to display?? maybe slightly planted with a small schooling colony. not really interested in fighter fish for this tank would just love to hear others opinions, also ideas to hide the pickup pipe for the pump cheers kley
  20. Hi and welcome Sparks
  21. hello and welcome cheers john
  22. I love looking through all the diy posts on this forum
  23. Hi, Not a Robot Cheers
  24. that was my thoughts but didn't want to rule out the hidden valley/Burdekin river rainbow as its very close to the area they are found too
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