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  2. Some more updated photos taken approx 3.5 weeks after being setup. Move the extra 3 Wild Caught Pterophyllum Altum, Rio Orinoco our of quarantine and into the tank, their fins came in damaged, as well as them picking on each other in quarantine but they are healing up. Male and Female Apistogramma Agassizii ‘Tefe’ Finally, a full tank shot.
  3. i was at aquarama stafford today and i spied some sml ones in a tank marked common bristlenose
  4. My 2 little girls have decided to sell their 4 plush window plush plecos they have been washed and are ready to go from non smoking home ready for their new homes, $50 the lot and sorry I can only sell as a lot as they are going halves on the sale. I can post if you wish to pay for post that should be around $12 to post or pick up is Highland park Gold Coast. I'm not on here as much as I used to be so please be patient, I will get back to you as soon as I can, thanks
  5. Video Evidence... Again this morning Grover saw GPGs swanning around under the Elephant Ears. This male was seen leaving at a great rate of knots (he is at the end of the 2nd video). Today's post brings you two videos (below are links to YouTube): GPG UW Billabong25 (a) GPG UW Billabong25 (b) Cheers, Grover (now to get the underwater camera operating and see what's happening under there...)
  6. Also if you can if it's on plants or anything you can easily remove from the tank. Remove and rinse off with a water or soft brush.
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  8. Any orange spot or calico BN in Brisbane preferred but not set in stone
  9. Hi, sorry i dont have 20 left. Theres probly about 7 or 8 left.
  10. I haven't been able to find much information about this topic. Would definitely appreciate any knowledge or experience from you guys, thanks.
  11. I have 4 peppermint bristlenose catfish available. I've had these for just over 2 years, got them as 3 cm juvies. Now they are around 9 cms. Two are slightly larger and fatter, two are slightly smaller, one of which has bristles on the nose. Sex is not known for sure. They've been in my discus tank, along with lots of other fish and I have not provided any caves or similar for breeding, so (not surprising) they have not bred, to my knowledge. Asking $200 for the group of 4, pickup in Parkinson. ON HOLD Until Saturday 26th.
  12. If you aren't confident with moving the tank then use a furniture removalist. They have all the equipment. An 8 x 2 x 2 foot tank in 10mm glass weighs 145Kg so fairly light for the size. Get a few people. Plan the lift including emergency stops. A few strategicly placed plastic milk crates could be handy. Or fish box lids. Make sure no one gets their fingers caught when lowering. A flat platform trolley is good for manouvering tight doorways and corners if floor permits. Remove all lids as they can shatter going over speed bumps.Transport them taped up resting on edge, not flat. I prefer a trailer without cage as it's a lower lift and easy access most sides. Low pile unwanted carpet is good for sliding and padding of aquariums. - Visit any carpet store with an industrial waste bin. Bring a stanley knife. You can also use pine wood studs but the carpet is good for sliding over the egdes of ute/trailer. Use a ratchet strap tie if your not good with rope & knots. The tank will slide forwards so pad that side. If using a ratchet strap, secure the loose end. I know somone on QLDAF catch theirs on the trailer wheel which tightened the strap until the tank shattered.
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  14. Albino bristlenose 1 LF male 1SF male 3 SF females $100 ono
  15. Peppermints pairs I have 4 pairs of peppermints for sale $250 ono each pair
  16. Hi I am doing my first pond and not sure , have great big pot that I just sealed have to wait 7 days to set . thanks for all the great advice
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