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  2. Thanks Robbo_003 Easy transaction, fish healthy and as per description. Highly recommended.
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  5. BBF Drain Re-potting Here tis... First order of business was to dig out the errant water iris plants and one pandan. Tick ! Lug a wheelbarrow full of plants off to the spare pond to keep them alive. Tick, tick ! Back to digging out wet scoria (which weighs much more wet than dry) Grab stainless steel "skirt-thingie" and wrap in stainless steel flyscreen wire (thanx to Bunnings - your LFS :-) Tick ! Do a 'test' install to see if the whole thing looks OK. Tick ! Finally, run water and look for obvious problems. Tick ! Call it quits for the day, because Grover ain't gunna wash 1/2 tonne of scoria that came out of the BBF. Cheers, Grover
  6. for sale young Tropheus kiriza karresa Tropheus duboisi leleupi / yellow from $5 each pick up coomera
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  8. I have a friend that rescues all types of fish and some of the photos that she shows me are OMFG cant even begin to believe how bad they are
  9. Ready for tomorrow... As you can see in the photo, Grover is ready to start the Herculean job of re-potting the BBF drain. Currently, it's a tad cold in Brisbane, so whether he will launch out of bed early and start digging scoria and plants out of the BBF remains to be seen. The GPGs are betting that he'll hit the snooze button and stagger out to face the music at 9:30am. Here is the "Before" photo of the BBF drain - Stay tuned for an "After" photo tomorrow. Grover (He chucked all that scoria in the BBF; now he has to dig it out, then throw it back in again!)
  10. 3.5x2x2 (1000x600x600) breeder tank hole for sump no lids, $50 (swaps coral/texas rock) Jimboomba 4280
  11. Man you think you've seen it all than BAM! You find this, Fish tank | Fish | Gumtree Australia Shellharbour Area - Mount Warrigal | 1275846964 Man I feel like saying something but yer.
  12. Was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time, yellow tangs are not cheap currently, but we picked up this beauty and it is home in my Q tank with a beautiful orange shouldered tang eating like a trooper and going very well excuse the poor video, they are awaiting their MONSTER DENNISON built tank, just cementing rock work, so another month or so and away we go
  13. Yellow Tang currently in Quarantine with a lovely orange shouldered Tang, right place right time for the yellow pure lucky pick up ,
  14. Ok the dates for my Brisbane trip is set. if you want any fish they need to be collected at the following times. We are aiming to stay on Northside around the Northlakes area. I am unable to make individual drop offs, But can meet along the highway servo etc on the trip down as long as it fits in with our schedule. Friday 2nd July after 3pm and Saturday 3rd of July before 11am I will require a deposit before I leave to make sure everyone turns up to collect, only pre ordered fish will be packed Please reply here, on my CQ tangs facebook page ( link in first post) or messenger.... Please don't ask in multiple places using multiple names as it gets very confusing. Fish available.... no discounts... Cyathopharynx furcifer Resha 3-5cm $25 (tentatively all sold) Julidiochromis regani Kipilli 6cm $15 Neolamprologus pulcher 3-5cm $15 Lepidiolamprologus kendalli 3-5cm $25 Adult 8-10cm female $60 Neolamprologus tretocephalus 6+cm $25 Xenotilapia flavipinnis Lyamembae ( RARE) 3-4cm $50 Ciprichromis. leptosoma Mpimbwe 3-4cm $30 (tentatively all sold) Lamprologus ornatapinnis 2-3cm $25 Tropheus duboisi Maswa 3cm 10 for $150 Lamprologus multifasciatus ~15mm $10 Altolamprologus compressiceps Sumbu 15mm $15 Neolamprologus leleupi yellow 3-5cm $15
  15. On the other hand... The Universe doesn't really send you 3 bad things in a row. Sometimes it gets confused, and after 2 bad things it throws you a good thing when you weren't expecting it. Case in point today - Grover had the bright realization that the council rubbish bins were exactly what he needed. That would solve the problem of the water iris growing into and destroying the laundry basket. The laundry basket is all that is holding back the scoria from getting into the Billabong. And then being swallowed by GPGs. With nasty side-effects!! OK... No, he didn't go and run a bin over and make off with it. He went to the factory and asked nicely and scored the "skirt-thingie" below (which is slightly damaged already, but still just great for the Billabong!) That's the GOOD thing that happened (in case you missed it) Stainless steel, so it will outlast Grover and the GPGs. And will be used to replace this - Which actually worked well and is cheaply replaceable, but is plastic and therefore less friendly than recycling something with a longer life. Also, the water iris plants were about to destroy it by growing through the plastic holes. There you have it! The Universe gave Grover x2 kicks up the rear and then patted him on the head (as though he was a Border Collie!) Cheers, Grover
  16. @QldMick it is indeed a lovely YELLOW TANG, just at the right place\right time and the stars and the moon aligned
  17. I've seen the price on those yellow tangs ray, their very much on the expensive side. Funnily enough I'm chasing a yellow fish to finish out my tank, your turn, what is he?
  18. I have 2 short fin Albino Females breeding atm in group willing to let go Throw me a fair $ and you can choose them .. from Male Calico and Female calico L/Fin pair
  19. Thanks a lot! I haven’t been in the game for 15yrs - would love to get back into it to show the young fella the ropes! still yet to find anyone local with some good decent LakeTang Shellies! Really want Neo.Multis! Just got a couple of dickfeildiis last week
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