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  2. tdj5


    hi and welcome back to the site
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  4. Is it rather rubbery in texture? If so, I had something similar on a totally different plant. No idea what it is. Very strange, and would like to know what it was.
  5. gingerbeer

    Electric Yellow Legal Import?

    Would they confiscate the blues as they are not Electric Yellows?
  6. I have 4-5cm fish from the above species for sale. min buy of 20. yellows are from Doug urquhart’s bloodline. All fish $3 each. located in Newmarket in Brisbane.
  7. QldMick

    Electric Yellow Legal Import?

    wild caught of f1's do sound good. im not sure how the non yellow types would sell though.
  8. Hi sorry for the late reply I couldn’t get back on the site i think it was down at my end , I don’t have any way of sending them .
  9. RedDragonDiscus

    Wtb appisto's

    What do you have?
  10. RedDragonDiscus

    Electric Yellow Legal Import?

    You'll be able to get the blues and white types now
  11. the funny thing is my little blow up kids pool had writing stating that all local pool fencing rules apply to it.
  12. QldMick


    hello and welcome! how long ago did you purchase the mary river cod? as I haven't seen them around for a few years.
  13. hey noticed this growth of something that looks like fungus on my anubias and wood. ive seen it before but don't know how to completely get rid of it. heres a photo of it and a second photo of after I scraped most of it off with an old tooth brush.cheers mick
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  15. RaptorF22


    Hi all, lost an old account so starting back this. Doing the required post to unlock the rest. Downsized to only Buddy, the Mary River Cod.
  16. bassimatik

    FS L066 Male 15-16cm

    Yes he is gone
  17. Hey I have 2 male and 2 female large pepps. Looking to trade for L numbers
  18. Want to trade my female L397 for a L066 female. Located North Lakes
  19. Common bristlenose fry 4 to 5cms $5 each 5 for $20 10 for $40 Located North Lakes
  20. billfish

    IG pool into pond fence question

    a pool is a pool, they wont make any excemptions if its being used as a pond @Grover65k is using his pool for giant gourami's....he would be the one to ask im guessing he has a thread on general aquarium section called billabong bayou
  21. Purchased from jims w/c size 3-5 cm 50 available price $15 each no shipping , local pickup Actual pics of my fish. contact via private message. Thanks jas
  22. Hi and welcome to the site Just give the authorities a ring and you can't go wrong but I think you will have to have a pool fence
  23. As above 3 cm 10 Available $25 each actual pictures of my fish no shipping. Pm me for a local pickup. Thanks jas.
  24. Hi, I'm excited to have discovered this forum, as I've been thinking about turning my inground pool into a pond for native fish and aquatic plants. I know there was a post about fencing regulations back in 2013, but I was wondering whether anyone here has any recent dealings with authorities around the fence issue, or can offer any advice? Cheers New Guy
  25. Yeah totally. Should have seen how many the were!
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  27. For sale Ceramic noodles and bio balls only 40 the lot Marine pure sold addvertised else where Pick up coomera thanks
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