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  2. Hey guys after a quality red devil female for my red devil male. Looking for a red devil female with heaps of red and at least 15cm. Let me know what you got or point me in the right direction. Cheers
  3. 9 x 2ft tanks for sale, tanks measure 600mm x 500mm x 500mm. Take the lot $150. pm for details.
  4. Wtb Tropheus dubosi

    Have you looked on pet link there are some on there but in nsw
  5. Hey Guys

    Hi and welcome to the site
  6. Which plant fertiliser to use?

    Thanks for the replys guys, going to try easy life first since i have ordered it already, will try that for a month then give all that dry ferts a go and see which I prefer. Thanks!!!
  7. Asking $100 for all 3 for a quick sale!!!
  8. C Box 6000

    Hey Guys, Yes Im New sorry if im not posting in the right area, Im Sure someone will tell me if im not. Anyway. Has anyone here ever used a Aquaculture system named C-Box. The Model is a 6000. The Reason im asking this is my friend purchased a property and there are 3 of these units on the property, I Knew the previous owner did breed Barramundi in them. and they are too huge to transport so no-one will buy them. There about 5 years old now. Still have the receipt of these units when he brought them for $50,000 Each. They currently need a good clean. But my main question is, Is there anyone that could help if theres any knowledge on these as we are thinking of starting them back up. And if not, Im pretty sure the owner will try and sell them with all offers considered These Units all Run on 3Phase Power, All Have Air Cons. Heaters And Pretty Large Pumps. 2 of the units are apart but all seems to be there tho, Just needs TLC. The Ladder going to the roof is to access the 3 phase switchboard as well as the aircon.
  9. Hey Guys

    hello ................................
  10. Hey Guys

    Hey Guys This is the first time ive been a member of QLDAF. My Background, Owned 58 tanks Bred Africans/Americans and L Numbers a couple years ago. Left my previous relationship with a downward spiral. Now slowly getting back into what i do
  11. My pond build

    This is an update! Still got to finish the top and front still not sure if I get it rendered or get it cover with timber. Not done much to it as had some issues overseas for a good while.. but will be moving most of the plants over and getting some more Lilly’s and some new fish at some point! Some photos for you to check out!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. if anyone has any broken midikani 800 pumps by any chance let me know. specifically chasing a new o ring and hose locking nut
  13. Fs 4ft tank.

    Still for sale . $50
  14. Hello from Balmoral

    Hi Eric and welcome to the forum mate Cheers Butch
  15. Wtb Tropheus dubosi

    Still looking for my fry , pm me if you have some you would like to sell. Thanx jas
  16. Still looking for a needle in a hay stack. Surely somebody has some and yes I have contacted Jacob but can’t veiw fish only in a bag.
  17. Uv light and pump

  18. g'day mate what Ts do you have for sale atm ?? cheers 

    1. mcfry40


      Sorry none atm sold out.thanx jas

  19. This is what i've been using, dosing once a week after a water change. I was also recommended the Liverpool Creek 'all in one'. I can't remember why i chose the easy life, but i've been happy with it so far ( I have java fern and anubias also).
  20. Aquarium light 6 ft

    Sold thanks
  21. African Substrate

    $20 to cover the buckets!
  22. $100 for the Lot.....absolute STEAL!!
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