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  2. QCG Auction 13/10/18

    I was at the auction. Its great concept , however any reason why there is no list of types of fish that are going to be for sale. I couldnt stay to the end, i left around 8.30 as i had kids with me. so iam not sure if i missed out on apistos that i was looking out for.
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  4. I’ve got 2 mature SAE’s (pretty sure they are true, black band from form of tail - nose) free to a good new home. They are both ~10cm long, one is more slender than the other, possibly one male, one female? Not 100% sure. Wanting to downsize. Pick up from The Gap, Brisbane.
  5. Feeding bristlenose vegetables

    I use Repashy - Morning Wood & it seems to get the fry going and growing in size. Was recommended by born to breed. You can get it on Mail Order & Nat has a Page on Facebook called Nats Fish & also has a web page..
  6. tropheus ikola 4 to 7cm $25 each lots of 10 for $200 located birkdale pics on request
  7. I currently feed my bristlenose on zuccini and cucumber but was wondering what else i can use ?
  8. Price drop 20 dollars per pair
  9. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Islands in the Stream... Not quite what the Bee Gees had in mind, or for that matter what Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton would want to sing about. Still the Billabong islands have come a long way since the idea was first floated (pun intended). To re-visit their creation - they are built of pool noodles, expandable plastic plumbing pipe , and garden mesh. And looked like this - Thanx to nutrient-rich water (from the GPGs), the other two original islands now look like this - With the entire Billabong starting to look a little more pleasant for fish & human! Cheers, Grover (it might be wet & windy, but "Sail away with me to another world") Islands in the Stream
  10. Complete 2ft established shrimp/ planted tank with stand and bio filter wood and few pants has fluval Plant & Shrimp Stratum Substrate with added iron sand for extra plant growth have had crs and crb shrimp in for few months breeding nice , ( no shrimp r for sale ) , plants and substrate iron sand substrate cost over 200 to set up , selling off as moved on to bigger tanks , $70 pick up brisbane
  11. For Sale L144 SF Blue Eyed Lemon Bristlenose 4 - 6 CM x 10 $30 for the 10 Pick up Caboolture Please send PM if interested Cheers Carl
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  13. Hi

    hello and welcome cheers john
  14. Hi

    Ahh isnt that refreshing...someone that admits they have an addiction.......we all do some just havent aknowledged it yet........hi and welcome By the way if you re into plants next month some time ,im unsure of the date bu5 it will be posted at some stage theres a fish auction at springwood and theres usually a lot of plants there, caboolture and springwood ones are everything fish related, the others are fish only.....the dates will be posted in the general section
  15. Hi

    Hi and welcome to the site
  16. FS Peacock Moss

    Hi Kangasaris, I sent you a pm
  17. Large portions needle leaf java fern

    I really like some if you have any left.
  18. Hi guys and gals! heading off overseas so need to sell my tank I will be happily keep CO2 gear and MAKEMYLED LED pro panel unless purchaser wants to pay the extra for them Tank currently has 5 Rainbows 6-7 Cherry Barbs 3 Pepper Corydoras 5 Angel Fish and 3 Otto's there is two and a bit bags of Aquasoil and a few plants that have a bit of algae due to recent holidays and no CO2 however with a bit of care im sure it could be fixed tank has a few light scratches but has been a great tank 2x Aqua one 1150 filters and all the pipes. i'll happily chuck in all the extras I have as well will separate if need be as I will need it disassembled before December i'm sure I've forgotten some stuff but will add it if I need to $250 the lot (extra for light and CO2)
  19. if anyone has these available cheers
  20. Hi there, I like to move things around in my tank ALOT and as such I've learnt to love the Rhizome plants. I'm looking to buy the following as cheaply as I can (obviously). I'm in Virginia, Brisbane. Microsorum pteropus (Java fern) - Narrow leaf, Needle leaf, Crested/Windelov, Trident. Not really interested in REGULAR java fern as I have quite a bit of it already. Anubias - I love them all. I'm kinda into the big leaf ones at the moment but I do go back and forth. I'd rather not buy them on driftwood but am happy to buy them if they are cheap. Bolbitis Heudelotii (african water fern) Bolbitis heteroclita "difformis" - mini bolbitis Hygrophila pinnatifida Not interested in Buce or Crypts though. Thanks! Photo's for illustration.
  21. Hi there, Interested in your narrow leaf plantlets. Do you still have some for sale, if so how many do you have and how much are you wanting for them. Cheers!
  22. Large portions needle leaf java fern

    Might be wayyy too late, but do you have any needle leaf left? If not, can you put me on your list for when you do want to sell again. Cheers!
  23. FS Peacock Moss

    I wish I lived closer to you. Don't suppose you head into Brisbane for your job or to visit friends. It's quite a drive from Virginia to Smasonvale. I am very interested if you can meet me in the middle
  24. Hi

    I'm addicted to buying aquarium plants and that is why I am here. Hi!
  25. WTB: 6x2x2 setup

    Chasing a display quality or close enough, set up, tank and stand, hood isn't 100% needed. Dont need equipment, but depending on the price can take the lot. Thanks.
  26. Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Weekend Update... It was the usual cleaning of filters this weekend, along with GPG-watching. The gouramis are back to their usual habit of surfacing to take a mouthful of air before retiring to the depths. We have to report an uncorroborated sighting of "G For George" - he was spotted surfacing. I saw a pink GPG rise and gulp air, and immediately after a grey head did the same just to the side. Because they were both close together there was an obvious colour difference. Hooray! "G fer" lives! As it is coming up to my 4-year anniversary with the Billabong, I thought to research how long does a Giant Pink Gourami actually live. I do remember wandering down this theoretical path before, but thought it was worth re-visiting. Anyway, found this from NZ... Courtesy of Otago Daily Times (2015) His name was "Eric", which is probably OK for a Kiwi GPG ! And they liked him so much that when he died (of natural causes), they sent him to a taxidermist. Yes, he's stuffed! And mounted at the Otago Museum Search Centre The report notes that Eric was at least 3+ when he turned up to the museum, and was there for 10 years = 14 years all up. By my records of fishy arrivals, "Baby" is still swimming as the oldest living GPG in my care - she was 3yro on arrival from @Funkychicken85 back in July 2011, which means she's probably just over 10yro now! So, somewhere in here is "Baby"... How many GPGs can you count? Cheers, Grover (He'll have to go swimming again. Saw another 2 of the giant pleco caves shoved off the pool shelf and down in the depths! )
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