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  2. Albino polystigma colony for sale

    Awesome stuff mate best of luck
  3. new rack for apistos

    been busy today as these things arrived from china. wired them up using short piggyback extension leads from bunnings. the great thing about using a piggyback is that i can plug a filter into the same outlet powering the heater, and control both with a single switch which means ill never run these dry. with 12 outlets/switches in this rack it helps to reduce the chance of fuckups just need a bit of heatshrink and its ready for installation, pics to follow
  4. WTB Gold Comps.

    @tutters187 I think Stacy has some and she is at Morayfield.
  5. Hi all

    Thanks John
  6. WTB Gold Comps.

    Soarer do you have to buy 4 to get that price or can you just buy 1 for $25?
  7. WTB Gold Comps.

    I picked up 4 for $100 on the weekend at rocklea. exotic fish connections. around 4-5 cm.
  8. Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN

    Tubastrea has to be one if not my favourite
  9. Hi all

    hi jason and welcome cheers john
  10. Thank you from Bundaberg

    Probably just as well you were on the road very late at night with that load otherwise you may have attracted the attention of the boys in blue
  11. Thank you from Bundaberg

    About all there good for!!
  12. 8 x large redhooks 13~14cm $500 pickup calamvale brisbane txt 0402633341
  13. Or you could try Assasin Snails
  14. Hi all, I have some juvenile zebra plecos (L046) for sale. Quantity: 12 Size: 4.5 - 5.7cm Price: $500 each Sex: Unknown Location: Chermside, north Brisbane Shipping: via Qantas Freight Contact: pm or 0417 610065
  15. Hi @ronny, I have trio of pepps only next suburb from you. Have sent you a PM. Cheers.
  16. spilorincus colony f/s

    sold and pickuped
  17. Thank you from Bundaberg

    Bunnings Courtesy trailor lol
  18. Albino polystigma colony for sale

    Thanks guys. Fish are doing well and made the trip back looking healthy
  19. Just wanted to thank everyone that came through with fish and tanks yesterday. Too many people to mention everyone but I will mention a few. Thank you Rod for the Rhoadesii they are beautiful, Jason the Brachybranchus Fry have settled in nicely. Steven, I'm loving the albino Polystigmas and can't wait for the first mouthfuls. Richard, your help last night loading up the last tank and stand on the trailer was awesome. I am pleased to say that all fish and tanks made it back to Bundaberg without any problems at all. We got back home at 2.30am and now the fun begins of unloading the trailer
  20. Yesterday
  21. Yes remove the fish. Sorry I didn’t add that part! There doesn’t seem to be a great way to do this in-tank for MTS does there... the sugar idea is the closest I think, but again would have to remove biomedia from and the fish.
  22. if u werent so far away Ronny, i might even offer to help
  23. See @Richo72 and @jc12 ads. Plenty of peps going around.
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