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  1. Today
  2. Im in Slacks Creek / Woodridge
  3. I have a good range of colors ( some pics in the shrimp trader) and a few other colors too
  4. I'll take the marble if you keen? Where are you located?
  5. @tutters187 Mateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thanks for the nananannanananaa lillies and them Anobiasssssssses mate they were schaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
  6. I have a young F1 Kigoma Frontosa colony for sale. They are approximately 15 months old and sizes range from 10cm to 16cm. This colony has been purposely put together from two separate well known breeders. 3 Males 10 Females These are very healthy fish and fed on Hikari, NLS, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp and bloodworms with large water changes once a week. These guys all get along well and currently in with synodontis multipunctatus catfish and gold compressiceps. May include a couple synodontis multipunctatus for the right offer. Any questions please PM me. I can also send video to anyone interested. Apologies for dark photos I prefer dimmer lighting in my tanks Open to offers Located in Coomera Gold Coast
  7. Hi there I only have 1 devil. You can have for free. Just want to clear the tank.
  8. Any left?
  9. Finally set up my doser and started dosing! (Only had it for a year or so) Just NO3 PO4 X at the moment but will start calcium and alkalinity over the next few days as work out how much my tank is consuming per day.
  10. Yes a few of the fish have white spots should i move the clown loaches to a separate hospital tank then treat the big tank full dose and a half dose for the clowns
  11. Exotic fish has otto 10 each
  12. I've looked on gumtree and yes Gympie is kind of it for juveniles.
  13. have a look on gumtree
  14. just hade a look but they are up in Gympie so to far for you
  15. I think there was some on gumtree the other day i will have a look later
  16. do the fish have white spots on then and the clown loaches would have it and you cant treat them like other fish as they have skin so half dose for them
  17. All sold now
  18. I just got back from smiths aquarium sounds like it might be white spot now going to treat for that I have cranked the heaters up higher and added salt and going to treat the tank for the next week. Fingers crossed i have got to it quick enough
  19. Got the stone tiles done today! Panted the block caps. Apart from 1 as was short and did the last one today. Will be doing the final coat of paint tomorrow and wait till dry 7days so will fill up next Sunday [emoji3][emoji3] picking up the hard wood for the front tomorrow hopefully get that done too.. Once cap as dried can finish painting the top Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. I think there was some on gumtree the other day i will have a look later
  21. Stunner mate! I would be keen to see if its survives fully submersed too! I will be sure to check your journal
  22. Are the devils good quality? Are u willing to sell any? Photos of parents?
  23. G'day im getting back into fish and can't find any decent quality devils around. Am wanting a young male, highly and evenly coloured. I may be looking for a needle in a hay stack, but am putting feelers out there. Will settle for a female if I can't find a male. I'm in the Gold Coast hinterland but happy to travel up to 2 hours. Thank you in advance. Tam
  24. Who makes Blood Red parrot food? I haven't seen it around. I used to feed mine Hikari.
  25. Good show up of buyers but needed a few more sellers, think these markets are a good move by Qld Cichlid Group.
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