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  2. im just cheating now... albino murray turtle
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  4. just run into a few of these on the net lately so i thought i would save as many as i could on the computer. sorry some of these have already been posted here but now they'll be all together so people can see the possibilities for natives out their.
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  6. good to see some action from you again btother mabye if i change it up again ill buy all you have
  7. Always an awesome read. Found the floating islands on facebook and instantly thought of the Billabong. Good to see that you are still plugging away at it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Hi @billfish No, no baby plecostomus... Even though they had terracotta pipes and huge plastic pipes as well. Here they are - out of the Billabong temporarily while I vacuumed up grunge and muck from the bottom of the pool. The pipes are approx. 30cm diameter and maybe 1.5m long, and attached to floating chains which then attach to the floating ducks! Cheers, Grover
  9. 0talking to a couple of guys that i know in the game reckon theyve sold a few more tanks than usual over the last week ....so heres hoping
  10. Don't forget to come up for air every now and then. LOL
  11. Yeah, i cant see why it wont work. wouldn't even have to be continuous. just a 100mm piece every half metre or so. I'm thinking of the double side stick on stuff. ( if that makes any sense) Cheers. hope ya get it sorted.
  12. i could try velcro, not sure how that will work outdoors but might be a better option than the sliding acrylic as i am having a hard time finding 2 channel 3 meters long.
  13. I just hope the whole lockdown thing will bring a bit of life back to this forum. That alone will do wonders for the hobby. I"m a bit isolated up her and learnt most of the basics through this site. Would be great to see it busy again. Brendan
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  15. Hi and welcome to the site what cichlids are you looking for Have a look at the live stock trader
  16. Hi, Have a pond cycled and ready for a school of Rhads. Anyone have any available? Thanks
  17. Hi, Have a pond fully cycled and ready for a school of Rhads. Anyone have any available? Thanks
  18. BBF Re-Run! (or "The Bog Bed Filter finally gets put together") OK cobbers, it's been a few years waiting but Grover is finally getting his act together in the filtering department. I've decided that this stay-at-home exercise is the time to move on re-building the Billabong filtration area. You saw the tank and stand go in (yes, a year or more ago), and have been patiently waiting for something (anything!) to actually happen. Now it is ! The tank was cleaned of bird poo, leaves, and algae growth. The geo-tex matting stuff has been laid on the bottom to at least slow down the scoria from trying to wear holes in the bottom of the tank. And a few bags plopped in to hold the matting down temporarily. Grover then goes off to read the aquaponics threads about the use & mis-use of scoria in aquaponic garden beds... Backyard Aquaponics - 2011 onwards Of course my nearby LFS (aka "Bunnings") has bagged scoria for a price. Don't worry - my intent is to let it get rinsed with rainwater for as long as it takes to remove the red dust, and then to check the pH levels of the water to ensure it is safe for the GPGs. Compared with cubic meter price in Melbourne (where they actually have extinct volcanoes in the countryside), "B" are somewhat exorbitant. But then the transport cost from VIC to QLD means buying it from Melbourne is NOT cost effective either! Oh well. Now I just need a 4.5tonne truck to deliver a pallet load to fill the BBF... Stay tuned Grover ( PS: the GPGs are alert, but not yet alarmed! )
  19. Hi @Pepperbris Long time, no see ! Great island idea :-) looks like a sheet of wall insulation or a cold-room wall with holes drilled in it. I do admit that the GPG islands are starting to look a little battered - having been turned-turtle a number of times by the Elephant Ears graowing too large and capsizing the whole thing. The islands will have to wait in line (with appropriate "social distancing") as I have a burst of enthusiasm for another project... see below
  20. Hey mate I’ve got a 6 tank system with sump on steel stand for sale in Toowoomba. If your keen on more info let me know.
  21. Hi, We are new to QLDAF. Looking to buy some Cichlids in a few weeks, currently cycling a new tank.
  22. hi all, due to a change of direction with my tanks I have some new caves to sell. D shape, triangle and small caves $8 each 5 for $35 large caves $10 each 5 for $45 only 10 of each size pickup Marsden qld, can post for $15 cheers, mick
  23. 16 in total about 8 months old very nice quality and Very healthy $300 Located redcliffe
  24. Maybe a new island idea Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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