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  2. 1 looks like a bleeding heart tetra 2 congo tetra 3 maybe female crimson spot rainbow 4 ?? tetra, the names on the top of my tongue 5 female rad or rainbow of some type 6 maybe a keyhole , or other small south american.
  3. Hi everyone, just seeing if there is any electric yellows for sale, need 10 around the 4cm mark. I’m located in the Redlands. Cheers
  4. Hi everyone, just seeing if there is any electric yellows for sale, need 10 around the 4cm mark. I’m located in the Redlands. Cheers
  5. Deeg used to own him many years ago he would be fairly old by now. happy new Grover! good to see ya back! hope your well.
  6. No sorry I decided to keep them as there very nice fish thanks sue
  7. Thanks mate good 2 meet ya hope they go well 4 u
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hi Steve I am chasing a sub adult or female adult. Do you have any thanks?
  10. Thanks guys. The straight end is just to make things clearer. I had an elbow setup on the inside of the tank but removed for illustration of my issue. I will try the entry into sump above water level. I was hoping to exit at the bottom to make the most of the biological media there but hoping it will work all the same? If that doesn't work i will try a small hole at the top of the exit elbow in the bulkhead to alleviate the pressure and see if that works. Appreciate all the help and will keep you posted!
  11. U talking bout the WC? I got them off Steve.
  12. HI ill take 30 can u send me ur acc detail so ill deposit in ur acc robert 0433423031
  13. Sorry to hear mate! I'd be so keen on these, but my tank is pretty packed, really need to upgrade. Let me know if you'd consider splitting them up, as I might be able to take 2 (male and female)
  14. Last week
  15. Maybe if your outlet is in "bottom" of sump then yeah probly air locked as theres more water pressure in sump then top of barrell,, Outlet in to sump should b above water. I could b wrong too lol
  16. Picked up a tank & got these fish i dont want, (only ever had africans) can anyone help with names plz, cheers
  17. Slightly different topic: If you want to set the water level inside the barrel more precisely, add an inside elbow rather than the straight side hole. Use appropriate length of PVC pipe in this elbow to set the water level. Or if the water level still fluctuates periodically, slide a 5cm length of silicon hose appropriate diameter down the inside of this PVC pipe. You can push or pull this hose piece up or down easily to set an exact water level in barrel. This atrangement will surface skim better as well and is less likely to clog up than your side drain. It's also a good idea to step up the drain diameter pipe bigger than your entry diameter in case something does get sucked in. Fish for example.
  18. Bit hard to dicipher the photos even though you have tried. If you suspect an air lock, you can place a Tee piece on outside of barrel instead of an elbow. Open upper side of the Tee needs to be above the barrels water level so might need a short riser length of pipe too. I usually mosquitoe screen the open end in case insects crawl in. If possible, have the bottom pipe which goes into sump kept above water level so air can escape. This might create some gurgle noise until any air is able to purge. You could also drill a small hole in the pipe above the sump water line if you wanted the pipe to stay under water for some reason.
  19. Wanting super red bristlenose wanted Longin L144 pl a se pm Adult s prefered
  20. Unknown breeds, 15 fish, rams rainbows etc.. Brought a tank dont need the fish,, $50 the lot 15 fish.. jimboomba msg 0432278177
  21. Some nice little marbles/calico's 3cm 5 for $50 Albino Longfins 4-5cm 5 for $50 Albino Shortfins 4-5cm 5 for $20 Or keen to do bulk deals to free up tanks 50 of each Pickup from Browns Plains 0407831090
  22. Hey, plenty of good shrimp keepers on the site. You’re in the right place, welcome.
  23. Wanted to trade swap have the following all just breeding or ready to breed all males have caved - and fry to prove 3 x Albino yellow long-fin bnose1 x Male Calico Long fin bnose 1 x huge red tail shark bonus with trade 2 x peps about 6 months from breeding looking like female x Orange spot looks female at this stage Wanted only Adults L002 males and females / female Super Red Bnose /female L144 - have fry to prove above breeders Pm happy to do fair trade as mine are all spares not in it for the $ .. pm please You can view in person with no commitment required as I know they are top fish Location North Lakes Very negotiable not interested in $ happy to trade to play with genetics Heaps of pics avail with fry and male caving
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