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  2. they are settling in perfectly very happy indeed always room for a salty tank
  3. They look stunning, I better stop looking otherwise I will need to find a spot for a marine tank.
  4. 7 x pieces of lava rock. $50. Pick up Brassall
  5. Yesterday
  6. Kamoer X4 Pro Doser wifi its the bomb Kamoer X4 Pro dosing pump - YouTube
  7. Went and got our new fish today, Powder Blue and Yellow Tang, Thomas does some wonderful work at "Anything Quarantine" Powder Blue and Yellow Tang - YouTube
  8. Gday all, in the process of selling my tank which houses a 300mm gold spot pleco. FREE TO A GOOD HOME! He/she has been with me for ten years and I really want to see he/she cared for. Please come and collect from Coolum Beach if this is you. Many thanks. Damian
  9. Thanx! I have set up the 4 Blagdon UV filters as pair parallels - best shown in my technical design drawing as detailed below. So, I think this is helping. I also think that I need to clean out the Big Blue Barrels at least fortnightly. During Winter I was doing it monthly, but the sludge load has increased, and the Bog Bed Filter is looking rather sludgy on top. The plants are starting to take hold (as well as some cherry tomato plants!). Cheers, Grover
  10. Last week
  11. All sold on gummy first thing this morning. More in 3-4 weeks.
  12. Wanting to buy Tropheus Duboisi Maswa fry send me a pm if anything available Craig.
  13. Good news Grover65K! Normally the water would be getting greener and darker with the longer day lengths and stronger intensity sun so it's most definitely improving. Wait to see if this improvement continues but I was also thinking you could boost the effectiveness of your UV by putting them in parallel with a much higher water flow. The trick is to put the water through the UV system faster than the green water can reproduce in the pool so 30,000 LPH - 40,000 LPH during the day (solar panels). Would be easy to plumb up your existing 4 UV filters similar to this link below. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Mariculture-Fish-Breeding-UV-Filter-for_60301616516.html So high collective flow rate but individually low enough flow for effective kill cycle. I will be building a 600 - 800 watt UV system similar for myself in the next few months to kill white spot (without chemicals). I priced single unit UV systems and couldn't find one below AUD$10K so I will join 10 smaller (75 watt) units myself.
  14. 2 new fish tomorrow wonder what they will be, suffice to say one is Sarah's dream fish Red Sea reefer XXL progress - YouTube
  15. I have some dragon bloods 3-4cm, eureka red peacocks 5-6cm, couple of ob peacocks 3-4cm, 1 sunshine peacock 8cm and 1 red shoulder peacock 10cm.
  16. Is this a dagger GPG which I see before me...? @aquaholic99 was Right! The Bog Bed Filter, the Cetus Sieve Thingie, and the original pool pump just might be making inroads to clear the green water! Photos from today (whilst leaning on the pool fence) . Grover counted 7 GPGs without even trying! Hooray from the Billabong viewing sidelines. Grover
  17. Just done a check I have around 50 upto size. 15 on hold 35 left. Need to make room. No holds. Pm me if your interested.
  18. I have a aqua one 2700 uv cf on my 6x2x2
  19. Been awhile ! Time for an update. My new tank is not expected to be finished till January now. I've now got a bit of a plan for the fish I want to keep. My main feature fish will be some Red Line Torpedo Barbs ( also known as Denison Barb or Roseline Shark ) . Some Angel fish with a couple of schools of smaller community fish. Could not believe my luck today when I found on facebook Marketplace, a 4ft tank with stand, filter, air pump, heater, LED lighting, hood with driftwood, established Java fern, Anubis, Amazon sword and to top it all off, 6 beautiful white Angels. Been checking out marketplace and Gumtree for weeks and this is by far the best find I've made, all for $ 150.. WOW !!! I plan on having this tank as my secondary / Quarantine tank once the new build is installed. If you have any feedback on anything I should be aware of, please let me know. Cheers, Peter
  20. David, I posted in your other thread and I think I understand what is happening. I suspect that you believe in the flat earth and hence have concluded that Australia does not exist. I wonder if you have been banned from all sites in America and have now moved to posting in this fictional Australia for that reason. I am now suspicious as to whether you were banned for scamming or for claiming the Earth is flat. Please complain to Admin. I here he is a bit of a soft touch and Australian, which probably means you do not believe he exists. Thanks, Steve
  21. its that success then wow what a F$%^Tard he is, complete and utter douche,
  22. Chasing some assorted juvies to fill 5ft tank. don’t mind if they’re hybrids it’s display tank.
  23. hi all, I have a few goodeid fry to move on, one of the rarest livebearers in the hobby 2-4cm mixed sex 5 for $25 will do deals for more than 20
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