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  1. Yesterday
  2. how are we all ? Chasing some torpedo barbs and clown loaches. Any help appreciated
  3. Someone got a bargain. What is happening now @The Fishroom
  4. For newer members - REX82 wrote some great resources that have been lost over time about discus breeding. His depth of knowledge is deep. Trying to make a new member level that reads “Discus Legend” - Done Steve
  5. Too bad you’re so far away now. I still got some discus I bought as tiny juvies from you when you lived in Caboolture.How long ago was that?
  6. Just get a Flipper Magnet cleaner, they’re cheap enough to not bother with DIY
  7. And a quick video 56FF9791-A73A-4C9D-8DD8-3C5D2A3A6961.MOV
  8. Hi guys it’s been ages since I’ve been on this forum, some may remember that I used to be under the username Rex82. These are some of our discus growing out :)
  9. We have lots of discus in stock, huge variety, If we don't have it we can get it in, so just call us to enquire about anything at all. We currently have, Leopards, Eruptions, Melons, Blue diamond, Cobalt blue, Alenquer, Blue turquoise Phone: 0452 232 782 Address: B2/354 Mons Rd, Forest Glen QLD 4556 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Saturday - 9 -12pm
  10. OK cheers. I was just making sure that there isn't anything that I might miss or something that might help that you would only know from experience.
  11. Hello, just looking for suggestions for some small native fish that would be suitable for 27L fish tank. Would be even better if they could be collected locally on the sunshine coast too. Thanks.
  12. Dose anyone have this for sale please. I bought some before but can't find the details of the person I bought it off. Happy to pay for postage.
  13. Last week
  14. Anybody have the phone number. thanks . pm sent
  15. Hi Guys, still have a few available, I'm doing an airport run this Saturday 26 October, if anyone is interested let me know. Cheers Tony
  16. Mines around the 7.6-7.8 , I admit I am struggling to get the PH up above 8 . I have all Africans in there with the addition of 1 Gold spot Pleco , 5-6 peppermints , red and black fin sharks and even an American Cichlid one of my kids threw in there and they are all getting along quite well . Good water quality and filtration is the key I guess , It’s not perfect but it’s working well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Hi. I'm trying to breed serpae tetras, differentiating males from females is a little harder than other fish that I've bred. I know that in breeding condition a female fills out, but how can I tell a slimmer fish is a male as opposed to a female that isn't carrying eggs? Google has been fairly useless with advice such as "male has more black in dorsal fins" and then showing a picture of a fat female with a very black dorsal... Supposedly swim bladder shape - but I'm yet too see a clear photo or drawing showing exactly what to look for. Any tips appreciated.
  18. Why shouldn’t it work? Just put it somewhere in light shade. Full sun would grow algae. Don’t forget to change the water occasionally.
  19. Hi all. Pair of black clown fish and a nem ( may come with the rock if i cant get it off ) the clown fish escaped the cage and instantly hosted with the nem, so you wont have any issues. i cant let them go in the main tank as they fight the orange clowns nem is actually pretty plumpy when its out $100 Located Drewvale 4116
  20. Sad day, sorry to hear about your loss
  21. I lost him today, he stopped eating for two months and finally passed away. I don't understand I put a smaller Oscar in with him which he ruffed up a bit but since then he refused to eat and has been scared of me and he wasn't before. I measured him after I fished him out he was 23cm.
  22. mines about 7.8 and I've always kept albino bristlenose with them. I also have clown loaches and a red tailed black shark.
  23. My mixed malawi/tanganyika tank is at 8.3 and it has BN catfish and also Syn Petricola. Peppermints might be OK also, but I prefer the common BN (definitely not longfin, not albino) for the African tank. They're a bit hardier. The peppermints would look very similar to commons once they get older anyway. I do have peppermints in with the discus.
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