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  2. Hi @billfish No, sorry. Only Gambusia affinis - it's pretty much cattle grazing country. The ones I caught ended up as grass fertilizer. For @QldMick I think there are some spiny crayfish species way up high in the granite country creeks. I remember seeing some of those type when I was a kid (possibly too many years ago!) Accommodation Creek is down on the flats and pretty well surrounded by cattle country. Cherax destructor you think? Grover
  3. Thanx @QldMick ! More photos coming tonight - as only had 45min for fishing and scored 5 decent sized yabbies. Only 260km there & 260km home to catch 5 yabbies! Ha! Hmm... I think that roughly 100km per yabby... Grover
  4. Best to get animals you want to keep rather than if they breed and sell well. That way you're not disappointed when you dont make money or you cant sell fry as quickly as you thought.
  5. Hi thanks i did call but was told you do have any.
  6. Hello, I have 3x Blind Cave Tetra that I am looking to sell, I can't look after them anymore. They have learnt to flick water out of the tank and just don't let my plant grow. (I know I should have know being a cave fish and I did research them) I've had them for 2 or so years. They are too fast to measure. The (what I assume to be female) is the largest looks to be about 7-9cm. the other 2 have never been measured but they are smaller. Please PM me if your interested. It will be pick up from Robina Town Centre as I don't have a car. They are also very health to my knowledge, no cuts ever and no torn fins ever. will put the best photos i can get as an edit
  7. Hi and welcome to the site
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  9. This is better.... Accommodation Creek just north of Wallangarra, Qld. Grover
  10. Hello, I've been apart of the fish keeping hobby for over 3 years. While I haven't joined any forums before now, I have 8 fish alive and well. my current tank is a 55L aqua nano. I am new but I will be posting about my 3 blind cave tetra as they have grown too big for the tank with my other fish often being scared of them. I come from bad beginnings. 2 Bettas in those tiny tanks, after learning it was wrong I bought a 20L tank for the 2 of them and added heaters and filtration. i couldn't do much better at the time. after 1 passed away, i dedicated the tank to just the one fish. since then I have only ever kept 1 betta at a time except when one got a surrendered betta from a friend. (at this time i had the 55L and a 20L for both of the fish. (55L for mine, 20 for the surrendered, that came from a bowl) I have come along way from my beginnings as a fish keeper and hope to continue to do so. thanks in advance for having me.
  11. Looking for 2x cheap 4ft tanks must b drilled, Prefer 4x1.5x1.5 brissie southside..
  12. Now you tell me. Been sitting here with all my bagged fish since yesterday freezing. Well that's it I'm outta here.
  13. hi tj5 do they sell well and thank u for replying cheers john
  14. plumbing done, need to clean out a sump from a Donor tank and then in the next couple of weeks fill her up and give her a test run
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  16. On Holidays... In the wilds of Northern NSW hunting for yabby habitat! Can't see any creeks here. Maybe he should try the valleys ;-) Grover (where is he, and who is feeding the GPGs?)
  17. Hi guys, went to a few LFS today with no luck. Looking for Celestial pearl danios/Galaxy Rasbora for my tank. They're native to where im from. Would be cool to have a little piece of home in my tank. Im in Lutwyche, Brisbane. Any help is appreciated!
  18. looking at an empty 9x2.5x2.5 OMG they would fit, shame its gunna be a salty pred tank these look great
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