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  2. Or the 900 billion cubic feet of bushfire smoke that's been smothering us lately... That's very likely not all wood smoke.
  3. Yep, I've done that a bit lately. Going pretty much by trial and error, so far. There are so many other fish-keeping factors I need to educate myself about, that I hadn't got to the stage of fine-tuning the water to the fish. When I finally make up my mind what fish to get, then I'll start getting scientific about their environment. I've found googling always seems to lead me back to this community. Funny, that.
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  5. African cichlid display males approx 12cm, 2x stunner ob peacocks $30 each 1x sunshine $30, 1x red empress $25, 1x blue auloncara $25, 1x ob d,blood $25, 10x 8/9cm dragonbloods $10 each... no holds Msg 0432278177
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  7. Good quality ornaments as new, not needed and selling cheap. $10 each (the 5 rocks are $25 as in other ads) the rocks alone are $15-$20/kg - there's 5kgs Make an offer for the lot. Advertised elsewhere Txt 0497166618 pick up only clayfield
  8. have a turtle ramp, $30 Glass panels x2 with astro-turf on both. Suits a 45cm wide tank. Comes with glass rails for mounting. Pick up Chermside PM or 1407 610065 Cheers Gary
  9. Have a 4ft tank set up for sale. $100. Tank: 120cm (L) x 45cm (W) x 60cm (H) All 10mm glass with top lids Comes with gravel and rocks On stained stand Has a canister filter as well. Pick up Chermside PM or 0417 610065 Cheers Gary
  10. its only a guide but just google the fish you like and their care ,most the time it gives you water perameters like ph,hardness and temperature
  11. Well, LB, I finally put it in the tank and added new water. Also got some floss for the filter, and it's filtering away merrily. Looks alright at the moment.
  12. Oh and welcome mate good choice on the Tropheus. jas
  13. Swf has brought every fry from all my colonies of Tropheus. And some are breeding now all excellent stock! good luck Carl. jas
  14. Yeah, I'm going to take the rocks back. Easier to soften water than to harden fish...
  15. Would solar powered pond pumps work or not enough flow?
  16. Rummy nose and tiger barbs both dont like hard alkali water
  17. Tell them theyre too expensive and throw a brick at them
  18. sadly we have lost another fish collector to power bills. Mate of mine called me to clear out what was left of his fish room. He was just sick and tired of the power bills. Most things I have managed to pass on again. However I have a 40 cm longfin eel. And it’s a MAJOR escape artist. Nice colours and all but dam. My question is. What are they worth. I don’t want to chase stupid but don’t want to low ball it either. I have been asked to sell what I can for him but I have just got no idea on this one. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks
  19. I will only wash mine once to get the bigger particulates out then I’ll just put it in the tank! However I’ll throw an extra internal filter or 2 loaded with filter floss to scrub out the smaller particles. Stirring up the water every hour or so. Filter floss is cheap enough it doesn’t worry me how much I go through
  20. Used for 1 month, basically new. RRP $175 Colour tune-able. No hangers included but has attachments for hanging kit or can buy cheap brackets to suit it from MML for $16.95 (https://makemyled.com.au/index.php?route=product/category&path=57_133). $100 firm. Pick up NEW FARM. Cheers
  21. Its about 420mm long x 200mm wide $20 pick up NEW FARM cheers
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