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  2. I wouldn't use it for breeding so don't want to bother growing up this guy anymore. Still a great display fish and these guys don't sell cheap. $20 ono. SEE OTHER ADDS FOR MORE LIVESTOCK AND DRY GOODS
  3. Jungle perch sold. Tank might be gone too, once stock sold. Everything else still available.
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  5. 20cm ish. Male flowerhorn, free pick up Rothwell. Text 0413707183
  6. The Gympie sun is the same so you have to keep an eye on it, we have a large Bismark palm in the front driveway, I have a mate with some machinery that will be coming in a couple of weeks to dig it out and the large rocks around it, then we will dig down about 900 and I will get that ready for our Avocado tree thanks for the kind words, we are just under 2acres which is a nice size without going nuts, plenty of space to play with
  7. I nearly killed mine when i first got it. From under shade cloth to direct Rockhampton sun had it shell shocked. Didnt think about that once I got it home. But I have found mine has done well in half shade. Hasnt grown much height wise but has become very dense with shoots towards the base. Probably for the best since the fruit set on branches and trunk. Been checking out a few of your youtube vids and your property is looking mint. Nice collection you have. You'll never have to buy fruit again in a few years. How many acres do you have if you dont mind me asking?
  8. Haha I am sure it will generate a few laughs! I for one am looking forward to the footage 6 weeks has never felt so close yet so far away I imagine.
  9. Can anyone id what disease, parasite or bacteria this is thanks. There are 2 with multiple white patches some of the spots are protruding out
  10. RIP Getting rid of my 6ft so I threw my single male from it into the 5ft with 1m 3f. The 2 males were fighting and lip locking but by bed time they had calmed down and each had their own side of the tank. Woke up this morning to a dying fish that has now passed. Its a bit strange as he was bigger but I guess the other male was already alfa of the tank.
  11. nothing at all? Any even seen one recently?
  12. Hi All Currently downsizing my aquarium to something more manageable in the apartment I moved to. 3ft Dymax GS Aquarium with cabinet + 90cm Dymax REX LED- There is some water damage to the cabinet but the tank and light are as good as new. Less than 12 months old. 90x45x50 10mm low iron glass . Really is an amazing tank and sad to get rid of it. $950 Twinstar 900S LED - Amazing light, really is worth the extra $$ and comes with S2 dimmer I bought to go with it $450 Would prefer pickup in Milton.. might be able to work something out for delivery in Brisbane.
  13. We have the Jaboticaba in the top and bottom small paddocks, they are full sun for most of the day, but get afternoon and mid morning shade seem to be going really well at this stage Nice list
  14. hey mate we havent moved them yet, its been a hectic year and start to the new year, will be sure to video the move hahah sarah and I have a good idea of the stocklist, all will be revealed, I think the tank is being delivered in around 4 to 6 weeks excitement time,
  15. Nice fruit trees mate! Cant wait to get on some land like that. I have been dabbling in trees after reading the quote the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now. My 'rarer' stocklist is: Abiu Yellow Jaboticaba Green Sapote Mamey Sapote White Sapote Miracle Berry Icecream bean Blue Java Banana Canistel Kwai Muk Sapodilla Carambola Mexican Cream Guava Garcinia Intermedia Imbe All the rest that I have are more common varieties (figs/citrus/bananas/dragonfruit etc). Where do you keep you Jaboticaba? Full sun or part shade?
  16. Haha how'd you go moving the eels? Surely Sarah recorded you trying to wrangle them! Have you figured out your stocklist for the predator? That will be a sick tank when it is up and running to view. I think a freshwater moray or file snake is what I will dip my toes in with first before I look at saltwater. The size and personality of a saltwater moray cant be beaten though.
  17. Also your doviis are nice examples of the speices mate. People wont be disappointed picking up those fry.
  18. Depends what you're looking for. Apistos and Amercian cichlids have had some crackers appear recently. Trimacs, black nastys, Paretroplus menarambo are some of the big ones for me. Some Panda Uaru should hopefully be breeding this year as well. Also WC Chocolates came in last year and F1's are starting to be distributed. It is a shame the beani never ended up being distributed. Africans I feel have been on the steady decline for the last decade. A few people are working with some special species but customers dont seem too interested in the rarer stuff. Getting rid of my flavus colony is one of my biggest regrets, along with turning down an afra hara group 10 years ago. Seeing the 'afra hara's' that are around now is a sad sight. There seems to be a lot less margin for the 'importers' to bring in Africans. All exotics and the occasional American. Hopefully there is a resurgence in quality fish being conserved in the future.
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  20. Hey Jas, yeah it’s definitely been a few years now. I’m doing well thanks mate. Slowly getting a few more tanks for some displays so I’ll be a bit more active lol. Hope you you the fam are doing well. From what I’ve seen lately it’s getting pretty hard to find certain species. The hobby isn’t looking to healthy in the hat respect which is a shame. cheers James
  21. Hi James, Good to see a post from you mate. Haven't seen you on here for a while! Hope your doing well. Cheers, Jason
  22. Hi and welcome to the site
  23. dovii fry fry are from Bam Bam and Pebbles 2 3-4cm on average $15 each, 5 for $60 or 10 for $100. Limited numbers north Brisbane IMG_5267.MOV
  24. I have tried them and they are lovely UpdatE frog pong progression - YouTube
  25. hi mate i pmed u a place to try to get them cheers john
  26. hi and welcome your going to learn alot on this forum cheers john
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