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  1. Yesterday
  2. If anyone is interested in buying a proven breeding pair of royal whiptails I have my only pair for sale $150. I’m located in boronia heights, Qld. bring a bucket/fish bag and the correct change.
  3. gingerbeer

    2 foot tank - scraped biotype

    And fish are in the tank.
  4. Got some nice black ghost knife 8cm 15 each text 0422023148 Pickup sunnybank or jimboomba
  5. For sale 1 LED white and blue light size 900 mm pick up Coomera best contact 0415392020 $100
  6. 30 available $14 each minimum buy 10 take the lot $350 thanks.
  7. $600 each guys. you cant get this price and the fishes these size anywhere else. got to move
  8. Thank you I’ll see how I go!
  9. ROAR99

    Male peacock cichlids

    Blue male gone $50 for the rest!! 7 fish..
  10. Last week
  11. Munruben1

    next fish auction

    Great post if you are still living in 2018, there was an auction same location 13th April 2019.
  12. May 12 2018 Queensland Cichlid Group Fish Only Auction at Ipswich Vigoro Club Hall Joyce Street, East Ipswich, Fish in from 4.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Auction starts at 6.00 p.m. this was the last one that I could find whens the next one
  13. tdj5

    6x3x2 Set up

  14. Hi and welcome to the site Put in geos in the search bar and go from there I sold out all mine you could try @JB
  15. hareysfish

    African fry 4 sale

    Still plenty available and price dropped to $3.50ea, Cheers Scott
  16. hareysfish

    Display male Africans

    Plenty still available. Cheers Scott
  17. grubby

    K1 Media in a marine tank

    Thanks Steve. for the advice. I have a lot of re-learning to do. Yes I will be using a lot of live rock and setting up a refugium too.
  18. Colin95

    6x3x2 Set up

    selling my 6x3x2 tank and brand new custom build stand whats included is the following -tank -metal stand -bulkheads -tiles -lids -anything else i can find laying around tank is 183x92x61cm stand is 185x103x90cm only damage to the whole lot is a tiny bit of the trim is chipped(as photos show) i also have a 6x2x2 i have which i was going to turn into a sump that im happy to throw in for a small amount extra in total chasing $700 as i need it gone to move another tank home
  19. gingerbeer

    Eartheaters availability aus

    We had a great resource attached to QLDAF that was lost over time. I am not sure if it has reappeared on the net anywhere? Anyone know?
  20. gingerbeer

    K1 Media in a marine tank

    Ray - If it is a waste of time.... don’t bother. People who do not want to help are not welcome. @grubby Generally biological filtration takes nitrites to nitrates and we water change to deal with that. The Marine system is more sensitive to nitrate so we need to remove that. We can get a lot of biological filtration from live rock alone depending on your set up, hence you may not need the high efficiency of K1 for filtration. Nitrates are the bigger problem. My view - won’t hurt. I have not heard any meaningful substitute for skimmers, so do not take space in your sump for this where a skimmer should go. Also look up what a refrigium will do. You can use macro algae to absorb nitrates. Hope that helps. Steve
  21. MFF

    new baby

    There's some big fish!
  22. QldMick

    new baby

    1 year on. <
  23. Just to be a smartass, the name is ’Rotkeil’ ,that’s German and means red wedge. Nevertheless beautiful fish.
  24. hello all.. Im trying to track down some earthies and also at the same time trying to determine what we do have here in australia.. i have kept geophagus tapajos for a number of years but would love another eartheater to go in with them and they are not easy to find and source.. i have recently re-ignited my passion for these beautiful fish and would love to know more about them.. any info or tips would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance! i actually came across a post on here some time ago (2014?) which detailed a list of geos in the country but cant seem to find it..
  25. I have 6 tanks on timber, three tier stands has plumbing and one sump 900 380x380 no pump need a good clean pick up from Loganholme
  26. fishking

    Red shoulder severums 4-5 cm

    Still got around 20 about 5cm size
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