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  2. Hey everyone, thanks for having me as part of the QLDAF. These are the central American cichlids I am currently keeping! Cheers
  3. 2 x 2ft cubes advertised on gumtree for $100 each selling to forum members for $50 each . To get them for $50 you must post on this ad then PM me
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  5. I'm redecorating my tank and after some small/medium anubias, bolbitis ferns, etc. It doesn't need to be attached on something as i'll be using them on my wood. need to be easy to grow - no co2. cheap and bulk buy if possible.
  6. have 4x catfish - likely cuckoo that i dont need. about 10cm active and schooling. can swap with anubias or albino bristlenose. pick up close to ikea logan.
  7. I find pleco don't clean neatly. I suppose some cleaning is better than no cleaning but the algae eaters are very methodical.
  8. It just depends on why you are breeding the fish. If you are going for high output, just watch the fish behaviour, move interested pairs to a dedicated breeding tank then remove them after spawning and artificially hatch & raise eggs. The adult fish don't firm long lasting bonds in my opinion. I wouldn't keep a single pair together when not breeding. Breeding through a net is a nice lazy way to raise fish semi naturally. I've had separated fish spawn through a canister filter (input and output at opposite ends of tank - pretty clever fish! ) so the netting isn't any barrier to breeding. I use thin blue fiberglass mesh for cosmetic appearance, cost and durability. Another lazy way to breed fish naturally is to rack all your 3 and 4 foot tanks end out with open space at front end for feeding & cleaning and a high pile of rocks at the back for total privacy and security. The fish will still hang out at the front constantly for food but when they don't come out, expect babies. If you can face the back end towards the sun/window to promote a green algae wall, the fry will get first foods naturally without over feeding/water pollution. The distance away from you/front of tank gives the fish more confidence, epecially good for more aggressive species. If you don't want to rack tanks end on, you can use java moss and a light. Just let the Java moss completely fill the tank. You will only see glimpses of fish occasionally but easy to scoop out babies as you need. Good luck. It's impossible to reduce the number of tanks of you are breeding.
  9. I have for sale 4 4 foot tanks , they are advertised on gumtree for $150 but for forum members I will let them go for $50 they are grubby and will need cleaning , Due to health issues I can not help with moving them . Were used for breeding tangs and have sand with Calcium carb added for buffering this is included if you want it . Rack is not included . To get them for $50 you must post on this ad then PM me
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  11. Thanks for the tip. This is one I have never thought of. I have some similar sized mesh tank dividers so will give it a go once the female recovers a bit more.
  12. 20cm KK parrot Black Belt Cichlid, Paraneetroplus maculicauda 26-28cm $30 for both or trade for interesting drift wood. Condition is that you must send a selfie infront of your tank so I know they are going to a good home. they are both healthy and peaceful fish.selling as I want to change to discus. call / sms only on 0401 824 054
  13. yes they are give me a call or message
  14. I never thought I'd do this, but I'm looking at moving on my Kitumba colony. Ive had these since they were fry and sourced from 3 different mums. They would be 2.5-4 years old and have been showing a lot of breeding interest, I've noticed 1 mouthful before. I haven't tried or set the tank up to breed. They are currently in a 5x2.5x2, so really need a bigger tank now. There are also 2 clown loaches, 4 leleupi, 2 black calvus and 1 gold comp. I absolutely love these guys, and they males come and eat from my hand. But they are getting bigger and the new house we are in I just cant get a bigger tank. I also have 4 young kids, and looking at getting something more interactive and colourful for them. As well as having a new job and not having the time i'd like for these guys. Sex: I haven't sexed them, but am sure the 2 biggest are males as they also control the tank. Size: The biggest would be getting close to 30cm, the smallest around 12cm maybe. Price: $650 Extras: You'll also get a 2/3 container of tang chips, and happy to chuck in 4kg's of magnesium sulfate. Other Fish: For an extra $150 you can also get the 2 clown loaches, 4 lelupi, Pair of Black Calvus and Gold Comp (these wont be sold separately) Im not in a hurry to move on, so I'm pretty firm on the price and no separating.
  15. Hi and welcome to the site
  16. bump now $5ea. perfect for African tanks or even bare bottom tanks.
  17. Looks like hole in the head or another bacterial disease. The meds we can get through the store are pretty useless. The single best thing you can do is make sure you have prestige water quality. Up the water changes and check the water coming in is suitable.
  18. Hi I am new to shrimp keeping and was recommended to come here to learn more and meet other shrimp enthusiasts.
  19. Hi All, I have the below F1 Tropheus Fry ready to go. Pick up bellbird park, shipping available. Tropheus Kasanga 4-6cms $35ea, 10 for $300, 20 for $500 Tropheus Mpulungu 4cms $35ea, 10 for $300, 20 for $500 Tropheus Murago Tz 4-6cms $40ea, 10 for $350, 20 for $600
  20. Hi, I have the below Wild Caught Frontosa breeding Colonies to move on soon. Pick up bellbird Park, shipping available. Frontosa Muzi 4m/7f, 14 - 16cms, $235ea or all 11 for $2200 Frontosa Moba 2m/6f 14-17cms $350ea or all 8 for $2600 Frontosa Tembwe 4m/6f 14 - 17cms $350ea or all 10 for $3200 Frontosa Mikula 2m/4f 15 -17cms $2000 Also have spare Males of, Mpimbwe, Kigoma and kavala. PM if interested.
  21. Shipping to Brisbane this Saturday if anyone keen.circled one is male $1000 shipped,females $1500-$1600 shipped
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