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  2. Good Evening Gentlemen That's you @Pepperbris and @wadedidit I do appreciate that there are the silent readers coming along on the GPG ride, although it's best if I just keep puddling along and don't remember that the Billabong posts are heading for 130,000 views in total... FYI - Daughter #1 has a partner and is living/farming on 67 acres near Gympie. She has a fish tank with a GNF, but says it needs a clean before you see any photos. She also has a number of dams that they want to stock with Redclaw yabbies and possibly Silver Perch, so I think the fishy-bug has been successfully passed on.. I'll be back in Brisvegas with time to clean the filters before flinging off to Synney again next week. Discovered last week that the local greengrocer had giant cos-type lettuce. Tall, long-leaved ones like spinach, but actually lettuce. He sold me a box of slightly droopy ones that had started wilting in his cold room for $10 (I've been buying Icebergs at $4 ea); the gouramis just smash them as I sprinkle leaves on the surface. No wonder the goldfish suffer the odd casualty on occasion, as the GPG just ram the lettuce and swirl back under with a huge splash. Ha! It only LOOKS like a video, but it does show some v.happy GPGs. Cheers from Grover still stuck in Sydney
  3. 9cm L397 male for sale $100 Fed a mixed diet of zucchini, algae wafers, repashy, carrot, watermelon. Bring a bucket for transportation.
  4. x12 3.5-3.9cm $25ea x10 4-4.9cm $30ea (Min buy of 2). When looking to buy any catfish/plecos , it is best to buy above 3cm as anything below this size has a low survival rate. Some of you may be lucky but it’s not worth the risk and the money. At the 3cm plus mark they are more stronger in terms of adjusting to their new environment. Breeding plecos is my hobby, a lot of time and effort goes into them, and I am happy to offer any advice on their care upon request. Fed a mix of algae wafers, zuchinni, meat pellets (1-2 times a week), and occasionally carrot, watermelon. (They also must have driftwood in their tank). Please bring a bucket for transport
  5. Hi all , I have a few males of these rare little zebras excess to my needs, $10ea, shipping is available starting at $20 a box . Fish are located in the Gladstone area. If interested, please contact me on 0411263007 or here. Cheers Scott
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  7. I do believe there are quite a few silent followers. Always awesome to catch up on your adventures. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Good good, your daughter still live with you? I remember you trying to induct her into the hobby.
  9. Ha ha! Rumours of Grover's demise have been greatly exaggerated He's currently in Sydney, for a few weeks of work, and has left the GPGs in the care of a new housemate. Fully detailed instructions about feeding peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, and the tearing apart of lettuces with your bare hands were provided. Also, the fishy filters were cleaned and water plant islands reviewed. New housemate looks to be a very reliable lady and is not fazed by giant monsters in the Billabong, nor by The Dog. Actually The Dog quite approves of her if the tail-wagging is any guide. Grover has been a good procrastinator lately. He's decided that re-building the Big Box Filter can wait til Easter. Taking some work leave then to do the plumbing job properly ( = expensively). Thanx for the vote of confidence, I only write this because I know there's at least 6 people who read it !! Cheers, Grover (We want less about him and more about the fish )
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  11. I actually thought you had left, so I kind of left too. But I’m back.
  12. Gosh I have no idea where that is! I can’t drive until 6 June as I’ve just had recent brain surgery to remove a cancer.
  13. I have 15 OB Dimmi Comps that might be around the 8cm mark. Have just started breeding, they are in a tank out the back, not receiving much love. Super pretty with great colours! Box of coopers red cans and they are all yours please SMS me on 0432980115
  14. I have heaps of Orange Heads for cheap at Birkdale mate
  15. 20200224_111901.mp4 Hi all, new to this forum, last time i used one was when i was setting up my FH tank 4 years ago, they were only tiny little swimmers too. My tank has been quite successful up until now, but i introduced two changes so the fault is mine, looking for some advice on what to do without using harmful chemicals. Okay so i changed my filter media in both of my internal filters, also stupidly done a 75% water change, and started using my blue and white led light on the tank again, which has been on way too long each day, need to get a timer! It was all guilt driven, i have felt guilty for some time now, this started when i had my new bub, so my tank water changes and regular beautifying stopped and they were slightly neglected. So i have black algae or long hair green algae making a home in my aquarium and i checked my water conditions yesterday and the results are the following. GH 180, KH 0, PH 6.0, N02 0, N03 200 NH3-NH4 0.25 1st photo my tank after the the big clean, the video shows the algae it's not major yet, but I'm sure it will get worse if left untreated. Please help! 20200224_111901.mp4
  16. Some of the fish that were at the Clayfield auction on Saturday 22 Feb 2020. Please excuse any spelling errors - I don't do scientific names, I also didn't note all the cichlid sales (my bias towards tropical community fish...) Also there was heaps of plants and drift wood and rocks in the auction that I didn't record. Hopefully this is useful to people. First number is dollars sold for, second number is number of fish, DNS =did not sell. 30 10 cardinal tetra 30 10 emperor tetra 40 5 marble hatchet fish 27 10 emerald eye tetra 25 12 ember tetra 30 10 rosy tetra 20 8 harlequin resbora 34 10 White fin ornate tetra 30 10 Black phantom tetra 25 5 key hole cichlid 19 5 male guppy ribbon imported 15 5 neon blue guppy male 15 5 tiger mosaic male guppy 15 5 male leopard mosaic snakeskin 25 5 red snakeskin guppy male 31 5 red high fin red guppy 19 5 platinum white male guppy 29 5 tangerine peacocks 21 5 platinum angelfish 25 5 veiltail angelfish 22 2 gold spot Pleco 20 2 bristle nose catfish DNS 20 2 Pleco 120 3 L168 25 3 Petricola catfish 30 6 glass catfish 25 1 Freshwater sole 25 3 otocinclus catfish 24 2 Black ghost knife fish 30 5 electric yellow 33 1 L397 22 4 leopard corydora 22 4 Sterbai corydora 30 4 Long nosed corydoras 50 5 dwarf chain loach 36 10 assorted corydoras 40 4 electric blue gold head ram 42 4 electric blue ram 35 4 blue balloon rams 39 5 Gold rams 36 6 Blue ram 44 Red pair apisto cacatuoides 32 Pair Apisto agasaizzi 25 10 rosy tetras 20 7 tiger endler guppy male 12 2 veiltail angelfish 24 2 red shoulder severum. 720pm 18 1 Pleco 21 2 desert goby 25 4 galaxy rasboras 13 1 Longfin bristlenose 5 1 Normal bristlenose 31 5 black cherry shrimp 17 2 blue paradise fish 24 2 blue severums 15 7 male Tiger Endler guppy 34 1 ryukin goldfish 20 1 Oranda 22 1 Large cuckoo catfish 28 1 royal whiptail 14 2 red cap orandas 10 3 red and white ryukin 25 3 ocelofier catfish 40 5 clown loach 15 4 gourami dwarf 22 4 Gold honey gourami 16 4 Red honey gourami 15 3 dwarf gourami 15 3 pearl Gourami 15 2 red and black orandas imported 14 2 red cap orandas 14 2 red orandas 14 2 Ranchu 14 2 red and white ryukin DNS 22 20 Bag of assorted pond guppies 12 Reverse Trio sword tail 45 1 L066 42 5 tin foil barbs (5 bags available)
  17. mine note just got back into it after no fish and shutting down for 5+ years. still reading up on new sock and media methods etc
  18. tank is cycled. got 2 platties,6 neons, 1 cat fish, 1 betta and 2 plants. Got to get grass, moss and even out the fish to suit there schooling and numbers they like. And finish playing with my media setup. no one used socks when i was into and now apparently thats all alot of ppls are using so the fish shop tellls me still researching i have reduced my media heaps thinking of running 3 sock with microns to suit at bulk head, inlet then pump. but basically thats it. moved tank from house cause wife doesnt want it in there so its in the shed. no whirlybirds and no insulation so temps were hitting 32 chuck fan on got them down to 29/30 ordered some clip on fans so will wait and see how they go but will wait and see how much it drops when i wack some whirlybirds on otherwise i will but a chiller get some good 2nd hand ones for 300 or dollars. pics attached . bit cloudy cause i rearranged tank
  19. Hobby sure has taken a hit :( For what its worth I enjoyed the watch, your red empress male is/was a stunner :) -Dan
  21. Sold, thanks to buyer. Pleasure to meet you.
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