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  2. Looking for a Male synodontis flavitaeniatus but also interested in more females. Be great to hear from anyone that has seen one recently even if not for sale. Shipping required to Rockhampton qld. If you cant ship still send me a message.
  3. Cut down your feeding. any excess food will contribute to algae. Direct sunlight doesnt help either. I run my lights for 5hrs per day. Photosynthises starts to occur after 5hrs. you will always get some algae, thats part of fish keeping. you can use Britlsenose catfish or Algae eaters like snails etc, to help reduce it.
  4. Hey Mate, These screw onto most pond pumps. they are probs your best bet to reduce fry getting sucked into the filter. this is a bunnings one but you can buy them from other places. the sponge slides off the centre pipe for easy cleaning aswell.
  5. do come in handy when you drop power for 5 odd hours
  6. Tank is now ready. Who wants to sell me some Frontosa?
  7. Fertile developing eggs from the male in the last 2 pics above.
  8. Back from bris and all good, counted 20 bubs that I could see, hoping there's another 20 or more in hiding. Female also molted and is visibly larger (see below), successfully re-introduced to the original cray tank with the male. Still have 1 female left holding eggs in the baby tank so more bubs to come.
  9. Last week
  10. Hi Grover, Ive been following your post for the last 6months, I must say you have one amazing set up!! I thought I'd show you my GPG Bella she is nearly 12yrs old, I've had her since she was 3months old and only 5cm fully stretched!! She is now close to 70cm. Last measure December 2017 when I moved house and she was 65cm then. The 1st pic is her now in her 6'x2.5'x2' (LxWxH) and 2nd photo is when she was about 1.5yrs old in a 4'x18"x18" before I moved her to a 4x2x2. Keep up the posts Thanks Tim
  11. our little royal gramma will be with us in a fortnight
  12. The lid mesh is pretty cool, maybe I would have seen my royal gramma after I released it into my tank back in the day. Was a pretty fish in the shop!
  13. Billabong Shade Sail (BSS)… This morning’s Billabong task was to put up the Billabong Shade Sail (BSS). You may remember the last one suffered the fate of broken struts in another Brissie summer storm, but Grover had rescued the legs and the shade sail part. Gumtree has come to the recue and Grover managed to find another Oztrail Festival 15 to build the new BSS for this Summer. Here is the frame under construction – Then, the careful draping of a shade sail (previously bought at Bunnings as usual ! ) – Tensioning of the sail thanx to to UV-proof electrical zip ties (x44) – And the final top frame finished – Now Grover needs to rustle up some friends to “walk” the top frame over the pool fence, attach the legs, and then drop into the water. He’s learnt a lesson from today’s (Sun 25-Oct, Brisbane) mini-summer storm that the tie-down attachments need to be rock-solid and immovable else the BSS will take-off for the blue skies and land at Brisbane Airport (without any landing clearance by the airport tower whatsoever!). The intent is to reduce some of the solar input currently producing green water, and yet still let rain through so that the water bill remains manageable. Cheers, Grover (yes, he's done all this before and the job went well, but it almost went pear-shaped in this afternoon's storm !)
  14. Yer kev used to buy my icebergs in my user pic.
  15. we have too many Wrasses believe me i would pull the trigger on some shrimps hahaha I hassle Sarah all the times about shrimps lol
  16. Been hassling Ray for ages, about time lol we will go see him soon,
  17. yes they have its kevs brother who now owns it
  18. Just a heads up Exotic Fish Connections has reopened, nice shop and looking good. Just near the Rocklea markets, Great to visit them again, know plenty about fish.
  19. Sarah does love her Goni's How good do they look, the colours are eye popping, just using the filters she bought me to kill the blue light, nearly spot on
  20. Hi guys after any cheap tanks of any size, just mainly for breeding and sorting, don't need to look great. I am in Redland so anywhere around Northside to Gold Coast would be great. Cheers,
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