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  2. I'm very interested in this experiment also. In particular the impact on nitrogen removal, so I hope you find some results there Mick! The climbing ivy is also interesting - and something Her Ladyship will appreciate more, seeing as the tanks are in the living room! Anything that can reduce the water changes is a good thing in my book.
  3. Thanks Ancalimon. Yes the truttaceus was the one in particular I was looking at. I have 6 ft tanks, and thinking a small group would look nice in my planted tank. I came across these looking for larger fish that will go well in planted tanks. Yes I'm in SEQ - just on the edge of Brisbane. I paid attention to the conservation status (and didn't suggest the barred galaxias fuscus for that reason), but couldn't find any information on water parameters. I did see they occur naturally along the southern edge of the continent and Tasmania - but was hopeful they could tolerate our weather! My tanks sit at 27 in summer without the heaters on. I suppose they're difficult or impossible to breed in an aquarium also, as it involves a marine stage. Anyway - thanks for the reply. Any other suggestions for larger fish (native or non-native) that are safe in planted tanks? Something at least the size of Discus or Angelfish, not necessarily round in shape? Cheers
  4. @Blake91- thanks for the business Blake was nice to meet you mate. Hope the drive back went fine. All the best with the fish. All 5cm fish - SOLD Cheers Chris
  5. Im chasing a bulk buy in blue dolphins. Either 20plus fry or a large colony. Even after sinlge lone dolphins if ya have any cheers.
  6. I wouldn't recommend any Galaxias unless you have a chiller added to your tank, assuming you live in SEQ. There are Galaxias native to Qld namely the Galaxias olidus (Mountain Galaxias) and Galaxias maculatus (common galaxias). You find both in the upland cooler streams towards Toowoomba, although olidus is in the Condamine system, while maculatus hangs out in the Gold Coast upper catchments (although, I have never actually caught any myself). maculatus is actually spread around the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans being amphidromous. I assume that Spotted Galaxias are Galaxias truttaceus, and if they are, they are a truly gorgeous fish - which I saw my very first live ones at the 2019 ANGFA Convention in Melbourne. But those guys do prefer it being below 25 degC all the time. Just be aware that this is one of the larger Galaxiads (for Australia, NZ ones get bigger) and will grow up to 12". There are some ANGFA members in Victoria who keep them, but they aren't very common in the hobby.
  7. Hi mate, more into the shy timid stuff like aulonocara Brevendis, Kandesee etc.
  8. Thanks @snorock, your aquarium looks great! I’ve finally managed to build myself something quite similar with a tank I bought second hand. I had a school of pacific blue eyes For a few years that were unfortunately wiped out by disease after I finally bought some more to add to their numbers... very sad! Now I’ve finally restocked my tank after many tears, you can see my first two empire gudgeons in front adapting after a few days of their new home Thanks for the inspo! Liam
  9. I am thinking once we reach 100 members on the facebook we should vote for a moderator of the page. We probably lost the page as I cannot be bothered to police Facebook rules. To make sure we do not loose it again we probably need someone who gives a s^$%!
  10. The majority weren't crazy vibrant. ID say only about 15-20% were ones that could work as display males from memory. There were a couple i really wanted but was smart enough to realise i didnt have the tank space. Still a bunch of drab looking ones that still had red colour but not bright or consistent across body which visually I assumed female. I would say sizes were from 6-9cm in size. Was hard for me to tell with coloured animals as I havent used/experienced enhancers before. But would still say that there was a chance they were. But a few of the males I would have still taken the chance on.
  11. Thank you QLDMick. They do have some natives I’m interested in, but don’t have any Caradina Typus listed.
  12. They pride themselves in high quality, pure breed fish. The owner is a good friend of mine and I wouldn’t trust anyone more when it comes to cichlids. They spawn a lot of cichlids in house to not need to rely on wholesalers and many of times the customer can see the parents so they know they are getting quality. My Festae fry a lot of the time ended up in the filter which was heart breaking and at one point the male festae wasn’t happy about it so he took it out on the female. She thankfully did not die though and they spawned many times afterwards. That was the only time I had a male bash a female thankfully. I try to aquascape my tanks like the fishes natural environment. The IAL are a little messy so I have a love hate relationship with them, but ever since I have begun using Rooibos tea that allowA me to keep the Blackwater without requiring as many leaves. Thank you mate! What is your Instagram?Do you post fish on your Instagram? Would love to see the species you keep! Feel free to shoot me a message on there if you want to chat or are interested in any fry or anything! I have found the wild Temporalis to be different from the domestics we have had here for a long time. Their faces are only just starting to round out much later compared to a domestic, they also have no green colour to them. They have been completely fine with the Wavrini, Altums and now also my wild discus. They weren’t so much territorial before spawning except with conspecies. They have always display high conspecies aggression much higher then the domestics we have. The remaining Temporalis I had I passed on to a friend to hopefully get another pair. Once mine laid eggs they became too aggressive to them. They are very defensive of their spawn but they are no where near as aggressive compared to other species compared to their own.
  13. If research is done into what triggers the change/ what causes the adverse affects on the fish from it, I would be super interested into reading it. As well as seeing the post of the Multifasciatus that turned back to original colouring before turning xanthic again. I am super excited for the rare species I have coming in a few weeks. It has been on the top of my bucket list for a long time as I was ready to give up. I feel pretty lucky given the species I have had the opportunity to keep. Although I don’t think luck plays a part as the people/ connections you have. Labyrinth aquarium has pure Vieja species in stock. I believe at the moment off the top of my head the have melanurum ‘Belize’ and maculicauda but the maculicauda aren’t for sale. Not sure if you are looking for Vieja ahaha
  14. Hello everyone. I'm looking to get Hillstream Loach / Butterfly Loach - maybe like 2 or 3 Celestial Pearl Danio - maybe like 5-8 Cherry Shrimp - say like 6-10 Would be super grateful for any help to source these little guys. Thank you, sending you all many blessings of gratitude!
  15. If I knew they were there I would of popped in last time I was up. Could you tell males and females? or they look color fed of what?
  16. hey mate. take a look at, https://www.aquagreen.com.au/catalog.html
  17. It might be hard to see in photos but the roots have started to form. That's 5 days in water.
  18. Shame about the male but might still be an opportunity to snap up some of the offspring once a few pairs have been chosen. I really like the fact that they dont just rely on wholesalers but understand quality and are breeding them themselves! Not finding them in the filter wool is a good sign! I did not enjoy finding mine in the media the poor buggers haha. Brine shrimp twice a day will have em huge in no time! Their colours already look insane for their size.. they should do nothing but improve with time as well. Your biotype would help them look as natural as possible. Love the way you have set it up. Always keen on photos so on insta or the forum keep us updated. I like to think they're purposely feeding their young when they flush food out from their gill covers. Makes me think of them as very caring beings. Having wild caught would just be very cool watching the most natural behavior possible. Bringing something exciting to the forum at a needed time. How have you found their behavior with other tank inhabitants (not their own species)? Were they more territorial before breeding started or lived peaceful enough to not concern you? What are your plans with the remaining H. Temporalis?
  19. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone knows someone that has caridina typus the Australian Amano shrimp for sale or knows where I could get some. I’m based in Sydney so if it’s not in my state, something that could be posted would be highly appreciated.
  20. I am not sure. I believe that different species have different reactions to certain genes. Say albino reptiles for example. Some take decades to be established (olives/spotted pythons) as they either die early or struggle breeding etc where the albino darwin python was more vigorous and took less work due to being overall a more healthy animal. Sorry for the constant reptile examples ha. Multifasciatus just seem to be one of the few xanthic animals that I have seen where the gene seems to be lethal longterm. Other examples like the one you mentioned don't seem to have anywhere near the same problems. I also thought that like albinos, xanthic animals eyes would be stripped of melanin and then become either damaged during the stripping process or become hypersensitive like albino animals. Having very poor vision when born and becoming blind as they age due to lighting/or natural deterioration etc. It also may have something to do with the condensed gene pool exacerbating the problem. Hard to tell when there is no outcrossing possible. Although years ago, I thought @Daharkazangel mentioned something about her male or female freddy fading and then developing natural colouration to some degree then fading again. So I may actually be wrong on that point as I cant seem to find it on the forum but it could have been on a FB group also. Oh I assumed since you got the Dovii that your bday must have already been. My bad! Look forward to seeing some more rare critters coming your way! The hobby has changed drastically. Not as many dedicated to preserving species etc. Its really cool being able to follow what youre doing. Has provided me much needed motivation. I wont even own any of the common Veija due to inbreeding. A few claim to have purebred ones but when they don't look anything like they typically should, paying $50-100 per fry is just taking the piss.
  21. Placidochromis phenochilus mdoka "white lips" Fry available at 5 - 6cm $25.00 each or 10 for $220 Pickup only from Palm Beach, Gold Coast, Qld Will be waiting bagged individually with oxygen for pickup Contact by PM
  22. That is interesting to read thank you for that. I wonder what could be the definitive cause and what can cause the swapping back and forth, I don’t think I have seen that in multifasciatus. Thank you for the happy birthday. My birthday is on the 1st of June so not belated yet! I might have another Rare species coming in a few weeks so if so I will consider That a belated birthday present to justify it >.< other then that I am gunning for some more fry tanks. Thank you mate! I am trying to accumulate a collection of high quality fish to get their fry out there in Australia given by the amount of deformed/ hybrid fish out there, as well as the import restrictions it has made things very hard in this country
  23. What is though that causes xanthic Multifasciatus to go blind, but with xanthic managuensis do not go blind? I personally am a fan of naturally occurring colour forms (not that xanthochromism isn’t a naturally occurring thing) That female and male Multifasciatus look really nice. I am organising to get another bath from a source in Melbourne to replace the Growouts with deformities in my first batch. I am hoping for the best so far as this is truely a beautiful species and is one of my favourite in the Parachromis genus
  24. Hi Winston, no longer having a big fishroom will definately decrease my stress levels as well as the strain on my dodgy old knees and back As far as my favourite memories about the hobby, these are my top few memories : (i) ~ I really enjoyed the personal contact and camaraderie in the hobby in pre-internet days, particularly the 1980's and 1990's when attending fish club meetings and auctions was the only way to meet experienced breeders and obtain information and hard to get fish. Most weekends I had lots of visitors who I enjoyed showing around my garage fishroom and talking about fishkeeping and breeding. Unfortunately the advent of the internet and facebook has changed the hobby and people in general, and in the last 12 years or so I found myself no longer willing to entertain strangers in my fishroom and home. (ii) I can't remember the exact date but a few months after the restrictions on importing Frontosa were lifted I managed to buy one of the very first imported wild caught groups of Ikola frontosa. I bought 7 young fish at around 12cm or so from Bay Fish and ended up with a nice colony of 2m 5f. After only having access to Burundi and Kigoma variants in Australia prior to this, the Ikola were a stunning contrast and were my favourite fish for many years. (iii) Around 20 years or so ago I managed to obtain an adult breeding colony 1m 3f of cuckoo catfish (Synodontis multipunctatus) at a time when they were quite scarce and expensive in Australia. I was fascinated by their breeding method and bred them in good numbers for quite a few years with a variety of hosts and never got sick of them, they have remained one of my favourite fish right to the end. (iv) In 2007/2008 my children finished school and became relatively independant, so I was able to get my wife's support to build a 12 x 4 metre shed in the backyard to setup as a dedicated breeding room. My old fishroom in the garage had evolved over the years and was made up of piecemeal racking systems and tanks, including some home made tanks. It was a dream come true for me to be able to design and build a purpose built fishroom from scratch and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole exercise. When I built the fishroom I planned to be using it well into my 70's, but the universe has different ideas, at least I got 12 great years out of it. Cheers, Doug
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