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  2. Anyone selling 7cm + L number plecos ? Pairs ? Colonys ? Thanks
  3. Wanted shrimp culls 50-100 shrimp for feeders/cleaners Brisbane area
  4. Robbo Thanks mate there nice and fat looking like they need some male attention lol actually did a swap 2 for 2 so makes my colony a nice size and suited him perfect to so worked out well
  5. the temp should kill them...otherwise you could try fenbenzadole or panacur as a last resort but they might nuke your bio in your filter most the time planaria and hydra are in tanks because of over feeding, cutting down the excess food or even missing a day or 2 in between feeds wont hurt your fish but will hurt the hydra numbers
  6. What happens if I can't gravel vac the whole tank due to being heavily planted..? @billfish
  7. ok so you can add mollies or three spot gourami....the other option would be to remove all fish and snails and raise the tank temp to above 40 deg for about 3 hrs and then do a gravel clean .that should wipe most of them out......just remember to drop the temp nack down before reintroducing the fish back in....
  8. At the bottem of your post your making you see, Drag files here to attach, or choose files... next to a paper clip. try using that.
  9. Nice @Stevefishall the best, hope she breeds for you Cheers Chris
  10. Thanks Robbo (Chris) for passing the 134s from danfishy they turned out to be very nice females mate thanks again
  11. yes mate its a srd male flowerhorn un sure how to upload pics all so got a pair of panda endlers so very happy
  12. Hey everyone I have noticed some worm like things my tank, which after hours of research come to find they are just Detritus worms. However in looking into my tank with open eyes, I noticed these other critters, which appear to be hydra. I have been syphoning them out, but no doubt there are many I am not seeing. Has anyone experience with Hydra? What is the best method of extermination? I have heard of things like no planaria/hydra killer, but that also will kill snails and I would have to remove them for months (I have some nerite snails... That I think are dope!) And only have one tank, do no new home for the snails. Is there maybe a fish that would save the day, or am I best off using the pill of no planrina? Or.... Thank you for anyone's time and advice. With many blessings and gratitude Jonce
  13. Cheers Dave, good to meet you. Fish are excellent, settled in nicely.
  14. big thank u to fishking thank u kev for being on time on friday and thank u for the fish cheers john
  15. sorry mate wasnt trying to be mean or put words in your mouth sorry
  16. Yesterday
  17. Have an opened bag of Dymax Base Soil. its a 9L bag with about 5L left in it. Opened but new (not used). $30 PM or 0417 610065 Pick up Chermside.
  18. bloody @johnbettaputting words in my mouth......beer or steak only .i find it hard to chew words......but yeh welcome and dont be afraid to ask questions someone here should have the answers
  19. your welcome i am sure billfish would all so like to say your welcome
  20. hello and welcome i agree with billfish remove them
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