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  1. Today
  2. Grainsburger

    FS - Tropheus Moliro Colony - F2

    Clontarf. Happy to discuss delivery within brisbane area
  3. kingofkings

    For Sale L333 4 - 5 CM ALL SOLD

    Any available
  4. 2 free 4 x 2 x 2 ft tanks pick up coomera you will need 2 people to move them thanks
  5. slr5000

    Red Sea Marine Salt

    This still for sale ?
  6. slr5000

    wtb L number breeding caves

  7. slr5000

    wtb L number breeding caves

    I have some
  8. Anyone selling Marine fish or corals
  9. ashley595

    Filter medium

    Still got this? Where is pick up from please
  10. Yesterday
  11. QldMick

    G'day All

    hello and welcome. have bigger tanks too but I also have a 42cmx15cmx30cm fighter tank, with 1 fighter 3 cardinal tetras and a khuli loach. what size tanks do you have?
  12. QldMick

    Electric Yellow Legal Import?

    wasn't guessing on them adding more fish but who knows. I don't like us getting in assorted peacocks so im not that excited about imported yellows.
  13. What do you have jb?
  14. devilsmane

    1x peacock cichlid for free

    Rochedale south .
  15. What do you have man?
  16. more than I thought! I would grab some if I had a big enough pond for them. they wouldn't be cheap at your lfs, heres someone charging $30 each for 18cm comets. https://www.windsorfishhatchery.com.au/goldfish-comet-red-longtails-18cm-red2-price-is-one-fish/ .
  17. Where are they located
  18. Chances

    FS - Tropheus Moliro Colony - F2

    Where are they located
  19. I heard a rumour they have been added. Does anyone know the truth? Has it jumped to April 1st and I missed a couple of months? What will this mean to the hobby? Will more fish be added?
  20. Anything in particular you were after or just seeing what is around? I'm in Northlakes
  21. next auction date???????? someones gotta know.......it should be qfas auction nothing is listed on qfas website more than 7 days notice would be nice whatever happened to it being posted in the announcement section
  22. look in the livestock trader section
  23. Hi Steve, if you go to the "Bristlenose & catfish breeders Australia" facebook page and check out the comments in a post from Dave Lewin Feb 10th. asking about L129s. I have put some pics of the sub adults and a short video. Cheers, Tony
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