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QLDAF - Sponsors, Clubs & Societies -- Enquiries sponsorship@qldaf.com


  1. Sponsor Sanctum

    An area where Sponsors update their specials and provide any other information QLDAF members may need. Stickied "Appreciation" threads where you can leave your feedback for our Sponsors are a fantastic way for members to spread the love.

  2. ANGFA

    Australia New Guinea Fishes Association. Here is a dedicated forum for a ANGFA members

  3. Betta Australis

    Dedicated Forum for Australian community of Betta fanatics based in Brisbane. We are the Australian chapter of the IBC (international Betta Congress) in Australia. Our club is open to anyone who loves bettas - the mighty Siamese Fighting Fish.

  4. QCG Queensland Cichlid Group

    A Dedicated Forum for QCG Queensland Cichlid Group Inc and its members

  5. QAH Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists

    A Dedicated Area for all those who are or are wanting to be apart of the QAH Queensland Aquarium Hobbyist Inc