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  2. red empress young colony,, Cichlids aus strain (last pic is dad) Approx 7-9cm 20x fish,, males colouring up few females with first mouthfull.. no holds.... $200 Jimboomba msg 0432278177
  3. exciting times, this little female is gunna explode soon Dad is excited
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi mate I was after $60.00 but i am negotiable, sorry been a while since I have been on the site.
  6. Hi mate Haven't been on the site for a while, I was looking for $45.00 for the Synspilum and $60..00 for the Freddy, but I am negotiable. Cheers
  7. $150 both tanks and stand $80 stand $40 4ft $30 2ft
  8. Last week
  9. Looking to see if anyone has any lge Air pumps not being used. E.g. resun lp100 and can send it up to me in Gladstone.
  10. Hi all, am moving and have to sell my cichlid tank asap. Whats included: Fish - approx 20+ electric yellows - breeding (juvenile to display size) and the three big guys in the photo about 15-20cms (Electric blue hap, Red zebra and Frontosa) tank + hood (4ft x 1.5ft x 2ft high approx incl hood - 120cm x 47cm x 53cm)). Bit old so a bit scratched up. light under the hood (self made 4x waterproof LED strips with driver/remote) gravel + rocks 2x air pumps (dual and quad outlet) Otto internal filter (not in tank but can include) all left over food, chemicals and GH test kit NOT included: Cabinet/stand, Eheim internal and canister filters and heater are NOT included. Pick up only from Kenmore Hills 4069. Please bring your own buckets etc to transport. $300 or best offer. Please text me on 0404 196 055. Thanks.
  11. no...be the first ive missed in 4 years daughter finishes work at 8 and the wife is trying to be human at sandstone point tavern at the concert....how dare she try to get a life
  12. On the topic of trawler nets, does anyone have friends in the prawn fishing industry? When a net gets tangled, snagged or ripped up, they often cut out the damaged section if there are too many holes to repair and the unwanted net waste goes into the industrial waste bins beside the docks. A few years ago I scored two caged trailers full but I'm in need of more. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me whenever a bin gets netting either on Sunny Coast, Gold Coast or Northern NSW. The netting makes fantastic bio media as you can crush it down as little or as much as you need. Light weight and easy to pull out one handed to rinse clean. It can be used submerged like hanging brushes for settling chambers or packed tight as static media for mechanical. If used for wet /dry trickle, the water runs nicely along the twisted strands.
  13. after about about 5 yrs not in use. i set the old tank back up and have moved it out to the shed. its cycling atm have got 2 plants and 2 platties in there. pics to come
  14. Wondering if anyone knows where bob goggins aka GEOKING has gone?
  15. Available today need gone Stand $100 4ft $50 2ft $40
  16. @billfishare you going to next one
  17. @billfishtry to deliver bread in the rain how's all your fish going
  18. @tdj5 thats why im a bricklayer, we dissolve if we get wet
  19. #5 Is a Mel. McCullochi - skull creek variant. I dont think you will get much for these but your local aquarium shop should take them (free) so people don't release unwanted fish into waterways.
  20. as far as i know all are auctions, i just took the photo at the caboolture auction when it was stuck up on the screen
  21. Counted five bright green frogs, that's FIVE repeat F - I - V E, five big fat green frogs around my turtle pond recently. Just hope the carpet snakes stay away. And the creek along my back boundary has swollen up to become a river. I saw a smashed up spa bath floating past so I roped it off and dragged it out. I'd gestimate about $300 worth 40mm & 50mm fittings I can reuse. Check valves, barrel unions, venturi's, ribbed hoses, taps etc. HGIT !!
  22. Supposing the pump pipe outlet has 18mm Outside Diameter (OD) but you wanted to attach this to a pipe with 30 mm OD. You would step up the Outside Diameter of your 18mm pump pipe to 30mm so it's easy to connect these together with a flexible hose. So you visit Bunnings but the only hose to fit your 18mm pump pipe is a standard 19mm silicone tube. This has a wall thickness of 2mm. It will fit over your pump pipe but it would never fit onto the 30mm pipe at the other end, even if you soaked that end in boiling water and stretched it with a pair of pliers stuck down the inside and opened wide up. However it does have 2mm wall thickness so stick it on but only use a 3 or 4 cm length. Now your pump pipe has an OD of 22mm because this hose has added 2mm on each side. Then you drive back to Bunnings to buy some 22mm hose which also has a 2mm wall thickness. So step this up exactly the same to get an OD of 26mm. And repeat and repeat. There are different brands of silicone hose which have much thicker walls but not from Bunnings. And dont be afraid to use different hoses. Garden hose, braid hose, etc. Also you don't need to use complete hose diameters if you will be using a hose clamp. So rather than buying multiple diameter hoses, just cut the side wall so you get a C shaped piece to wrap around. You will have to trim the lengths of these C pieces to get a snug fit but it's much easier to do than it sounds. Alternatively if you befriend the local hardware store, they are happy to give out 4cm lengths of different hose sizes so you can "trial fit" things. This is exactly the same principle used with rigid PVC pipe adapters. If you heat gun a PVC pipe, it will get very soft and can be expanded to much wider diameters but do join your air pump with flexible hose coupling even if you use a rigid PVC main ring line as the flexible hose join will reduce pump vibration transfer to your main air line and reduce the noise.
  23. Are any of them Market Days or all auctions
  24. twin 4ft aquarium light with tubes, protection cover broken in parts. $25. coral pieces/dead live rock, have used these in both salt water and african tanks.30cm ruler for reference.14 larger pieces $5ea.8 smaller pieces $2ea. limestone rocks hand picked, perfect for african tanks. $5ea. clay pot hide. large size, cut to create cave style. have used with both bass, yellow belly and adult frontosa.$5. hollow wood lengths, had others of these in my tank for 2 years. provides a good hide for fish.$5ea purple gravel $5 silk aquarium plants 4 x $5eabell ornament/hide $5$25 last pic
  25. Hi I want 2 fresh water crabs, I am going to put them in a aquarium with yabbies so not sure if they can co-exist but willing to try it.... So if you have any crab for sale I would like to know please
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