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  2. GPG Spot-lighting at Night (Part 1) Went for a wander with the torch last night, and see who I found floating next to a filter outlet - Yes! "G for George" in all his his grey glory ! He seems happy enough, but is extremely shy during the day. Grover (fish hunting by torch-light again later in the week)
  3. Hello, I have 4 x Kasanga Red Rainbow fry. The adult colony is from Jim's stock. they are 3-4 sih cm most of them on the 4cm side looking at $60 for the lot.
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  5. QldMick

    WTB: Longfin Bristlenose

  6. RedDragonDiscus

    Queensland Clubs Meeting Nights

    Please update all auctions/meetings for this year
  7. RedDragonDiscus

    6ft tanks - sumps

    6ft x2ft x2ft probably about 5 $100 2 of the 6x2x2 come with bioballs filled trickle filter, 1 comes with sand filter. 1has sand filter, others come with fittings seen, or they don't have to. Better pics on fb page. 6x18widex2ft $100 (no xtras.) 300wt jager heaters $25 8ftx2x1 $75 coral display type. 4ftx3ftx12-15 high $100 8ftx1x1 $75 10mm all around, split into 2 sections or 4. Drilled top and bottom of the divider and plumbed one end. Good system setup. 30+tanks. All have been sitting under gumtrees, so may need a bit of a clean. Txt 0497166618 Pics won't load sorry
  8. Looking for some longfins preferably over 5cm, albino, common or marble. PM me know if you have any for sale. I have rainbows, paradise fish, mouthbrooders, peps, alb bn, shrimp, salvini for swaps too if interested. Cheers, Cam
  9. Robo-Gourami Wanted... Saw this today - Robotic Fish and thought the GPGs could give robo-fish "What For" in the Billabong. Grover (on the hunt for fishie technological advances) Another article in "WIRED" has this quote (ha ha) - "Thus the fluid energizes the fish. But it also acts as a traditional hydraulic fluid, in that it transmits force in the tail and pectoral fins. When the pumps push the fluid to the fins, they bend back and forth to propel the robot. The pectoral fins work in the same way to steer the fish left and right.This doesn’t move the robot particularly quickly, mind you: The fish can cover about one and a half body lengths per minute. “It would definitely get eaten if it were in the ocean,” says Shepherd."
  10. goodwin626


    Hi all, Pick up Pacific Pines on the Gold Coast. Looking for $20 Dm me for contact details. I have a large portion of vallisneria available, it was the background of a 6x2.5 tank Thanks Jacob
  11. Hi all, I have the following fish for sale, pick up Pacific Pines on the Gold Coast. Looking for $70 ono. Dm me for contact details All sizes are approximate 19 tiger barbs 40mm 9 moss green tiger barbs 40mm 8 5 banded barbs 30mm 1 golden barb 40mm 2 clown loaches 60mm There are a few nipped fins but nothing major. They are all to go together. Would add instant color to a new tank. Well underpriced compared to the shops. Thanks Jacob
  12. QldMick

    FS Albino Sailfin Plecos

    I would love one but I cant get their, I'm in Warwick. good luck with sale.
  13. Two healthy albino sailfin plecos 25cm - $45. 20cm - $40. Both $80 Pickup North Lakes
  14. Some nice peppies for sale 3-4cm 5 for $50 5cm+ 3 for $50 Pickup from Windaroo 0407831090
  15. 3x 50-50 male leo x motoro 18-25 cm $450 each plus shipping 8B391B97-68D7-47BE-9CC5-2FC5B588DA47.MOV
  16. RedDragonDiscus

    Tanks to be resealed

    3 tanks $50 ono 3x18x18 4x18x18 4x18x (15 or 18) The 2nd 4x18x18 will be good for display. The 3x18x18 a good breeder. The 3rd 4x18x (15 or 18) will be good as a reptile /terrarium. Need gone asap Txt 0497166618 Pickup only in clayfield
  17. RedDragonDiscus

    how to rebuild your tank

    I have 3 tanks if anyone wants a project. $50 ono 3x18x18, 4x15x15 (or? 4x18x18 but really dirty) and a 4x18x18. Need gone asap
  18. Display male is on hold pending pickup. 20 fry still available, finally got around to catching out fry and measuring them, all 20 are genuine 5 - 6cm
  19. Last week
  20. My very first batch of Placidochromis phenochilus mdoka white lips fry are now available at 4 - 5cm as well as one stunning young 16cm display male around 2 years old. Fry are $35.00 each with 20 available and display male is $100.00. My breeding colony were purchased as 4 - 5cm fry from Smith's aquarium in October 2017. Pickup from Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. Can ship airport to airport with Virgin Freight at buyers cost and risk. Contact by PM.
  21. Cichlidchic

    African Cichlids For Sale

    Heya just wondering if you have any rainbows left? Where abouts on the Northside are you??
  22. tdj5

    Angel fish

    Hi how much are they thanks
  23. 1 x Blue Diamond, 1 x yellow Checker, 1x red Turquoise, 1 yellow Marlboro 5 to 6cm 1x 8 cm Yellow Pigeon All red checkers on hold. Due to down sizing I have no option but to sell my discus. Send me an offer no reasonable offer will be refuse will do a great deal if take all 5. P/U only at Everton Park
  24. Closing down tank 1 proven pair Koi angel lay every 2 to 3 weeks approximately 14 to 16cm, 4 X 6cm x 8cm Koi, 2 x white marble 6 to 8 cm 2 platinum 6 to 8cm, 2x Albino platinum. They all very healthy had them since young. Will do a great deal if take everything. Pick up only at Everton Park.
  25. Change of plan decided to let go my rare Albino Silver Arowana around 30cm. Prefect specimen of the dragon fish! No drop eyes, perfect fins and shape very healthy and pellets trained. Will consider any reasonable offer. Pick up only at Everton Park. Genuine buyer only no time waster please! Can provide more photos and videos if interested.
  26. 3 x Discus approximately 6-7cm in size, nice vibrant colours and ready for new homes. Only selling due to change of plans with the hobby. Pick up only or can deliver around Pine Rivers area.
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