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  2. raycam01_au

    K1 Media in a marine tank

    waste of time not needed at all
  3. gingerbeer

    K1 Media in a marine tank

    My thinking is biological filter is biological filter. I can’t see why not.
  4. I have a couple extra angelicus that i would be interested in trading for other less common synos. will be a few weeks be for i catch them to sort.
  5. I had 3 of these and all are now SOLD
  6. DFishkeeper

    Joanjohnsonae @ 5cm unsexed

    Joanjohnsonae juveniles are SOLD and going to Sydney next week. Its a shame as there aren't many around nowadays and I had hoped somebody local would buy them and get them breeding Anyway, I have more fry coming through, so if anyone local is keen, shoot me a PM
  7. Melanochromis parallelus juveniles are SOLD and going to Sydney next week. Its a shame, I had hoped somebody local would take them and breed them as there aren't many around nowadays Anyway, I have more fry coming through, so if anyone local is interested, shoot me a PM
  8. Last week
  9. butch50

    New here just saying hello

    Hi Mitch , Welcome to the forum and good luck with your shrimp tank Cheers Butch
  10. 1 large male and three Girls for sale . Had for three seasons and are confirmed breeders. Will also throw in a few other mature Rainbows(M.Synergos and a Dawson river Splendida Male) and a Large flying fox. Need to clear tank for Rhads Display . $225, Phil 0415185932
  11. Hi guys, just getting my marine tank set up. I was wondering. I have a ton of K1 media which I have never used. My question is, can I use it in my marine tank ? if I add a strainer to my intake, could I use it my weir ? Thanks in advance, Phil
  12. Hi, Happy Easter everyone! I'm looking to start a white tile bottom fish tank and was wondering if anyone could recommend me a type that they have been using? A link from Bunnings would be appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Melanochromis parallelus are a less common Malawi mbuna. Pictures show juvenile/female colouration and a male that has finished turning blue. I have 20 available at around 5cm, sold unsexed for 10 for $120.00 or the 20 for $200.00. Pickup from Palm Beach on the Gold Coast or will consider shipping airport to airport if buying the 20. Contact by PM if interested.
  14. DFishkeeper

    Joanjohnsonae @ 5cm unsexed

    Original 20 sold, but have been going through my growout tanks this week and now have another 20 available
  15. Agreed, didn't pay much attention to this chart before, but it has Angels & Bettas RED - works perfectly well, should be GREEN. Angels & Discus are RED - should be ORANGE at worst. It also suggest you can keep plants with Africans - well, I'm giving it a go, and it's bloody hard work!!
  16. Have what you want but just watch them
  17. I think this chart is crap. According to this you can keep angels with barbs ( they will actually eat the angel's fins) but shouldn't keep them with south american cichlids. You can keep angels with quite a lot of south american cichlids. This chart is not even close to reality. I suggest you look for fish you like and then do a more detailed research to see if they are compatible. I keep angels along with geophagus, sterbai corys and whiptail cats. No problems here at all.
  18. chickadee

    What fish can I have with angelfish?

    I have White PLatimum Angels and Diamond tetras the Sheen on Both look great together. ...
  19. $1200 for both guys. Anyone?? I have Ocean Free Arowana Stabilizer to clam them down for the move.
  20. Thanks @shane_meredith easy to deal with, hope the fish settled in well. More still available, all sizes. Thanks Chris
  21. gingerbeer

    2 x 4 foots

    having figured where the wood goes, now the fun part. Waiting for it to get waterlogged.
  22. Hi, I am new here and have to say that it is a nice and interesting forum with useful information. Nice to be part of it.
  23. Sorry guys, I no longer keep any of the Protomelas spilonotus "Tanzania", something had to go a while back and I elected to move them on and concentrate on my Otopahrynx lithobates
  24. Hi @DanielJ send a PM TO @DFishkeeper Doug is who I obtained my original colony from, excellent quality fish
  25. Craigo

    Cichlid identification

    That is definitely Protomelas Spilonatus ‘Tanzania’ he needs some love. awesome fish, very rewarding to own but be careful with only one girl, they can get pretty damn rough with others.
  26. 6CM for $10 each 7CM for $12 each 8CM for $13 each Bags of 1 X 8CM, 2 X 7CM & 2 X 6CM for $45 per Bag Photo shows contents of I mixed bag Smaller sizes also available. Pickup Munruben or Browns Plains Plenty of Albino's L/F to be put up separately also
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