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  1. Yesterday
  2. 30-40 red forest jewls $2 each must take what’s there 5-6cm some bigger pm me pick up flagstone
  3. Also - if the exit point of the hose is significantly lower than the (descending) water level in the tank, it will also go faster. A siphon is sucked through proportional to the height difference between inflow and outflow. Doesn't matter how high the hose reaches in between - although this will have an impact on how easy/difficult it is to get the siphon started. What's a "big tank" for you? My tanks are 600 L, and they drain by 30% (the size of my water changes) in about 12 minutes using a pretty small diameter hose. This gives me time to suction the gravel/sand as well - too fast, and you can't clean the surface of the substrate.
  4. A bigger diameter hose. I think mine is 25 or 32mm from bunnings, drains my tanks in no time. Either that or attach a pump to your existing hose, i vote the first option.
  5. i dont know if this has been covered i have a big tank and i want to see what people use to do wateer changers i use a house but it feels like there you be a quicker way with using pvp pipe or some thing like that thank you
  6. 2 big males available, atleast 2 years old. Will swap for other males of interest or $30 for the two. Pick up Rothwell
  7. Pair of L333, white variant. Approx. 3 years old. Cant confirm sexes, however i have seen one fanning in its cave. $180 pick up Rothwell
  8. Pair of Sajica, approx. 2 years old. Had a few spawns in the community tank, however the eggs never made it. $75, pick up Rothwell
  9. Last week
  10. I have 2 clown loaches around 10-12 cm for $30 for both. 4 adult Leleupi, I think 2m 2f, have been showing a lot of breeding behavior, but tank is to crowded. $40 for the 4 pickup is Little Mountain, 4551.
  11. I have about 140 Snails to sell, $2 each or 5 for $8. Message me on 0457711075
  12. Your welcome! And likewise. It was a pleasure meeting you also Jono! Glad to hear it made her day!
  13. Thanks for the BN Carl. My daughter was over the moon! Lovely fish from a lovely bloke. Thanks again :-)
  14. QldMick

    dry live rock

    14kg dried liverock $30. can take to forest lake next month.
  15. Fishinwater

    loads of crypts

    Any more available any time soon
  16. Fishinwater

    Large portions needle leaf java fern

    Interested in some
  17. Fishinwater

    Aquarium Plants

    Where is pickup
  18. Wanting to find someone that has or knows someone that can help me out with some (Micropoecilia picta) I've been searching everywhere for a while now and can't find any.. please help..
  19. lude_man

    4ft tanks

    Some still available
  20. hey @gingerbeer arent the leichardti,pearl and jardini just Australian saratoga,wheather they can be imported back into the country if they are isnt the point of the question,just curious about the species
  21. Slipshodman

    why not to release aquarium fish

    Just crazy I think we all know it but when you see it ... Just Crazy
  22. I have been breeding albino longfins for many years. You will often get a few shortfins. Only longfins will throw longfin babies. No gene that makes shortfin offspring breed longfins. Even a combination of shortfin and longfin parents will result in shortfins.
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