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  2. Hi and welcome to the site
  3. Has anyone found a reliable auto feeder? If so how many feeds and how long can it be programmed for? cheers
  4. HI all. I used to have a tank about 20 years ago and have rekindled my passion lately! I'll be starting up a 76cm tank soon and excited to try my hand at a low tech aquscaping tank. I use to keep clown loaches, various tetras, angels and pearl gouramis - will probably choose a selection of those guys again for this tank! Any pointers would be appreciated! so much to read online, but nothing beats real life experience looking forward to being a part of the community.
  5. Hi all I am looking for some 2ft tanks or smaller Please contact me if you can help Phone or text 0428921106 Thanks Gordon
  6. yes they are avalible,you can contact me on 0415 392020 , thanks
  7. Welcome to the forum mate. Keeping anything at the moment?
  8. Hi All. Just started in this hobby and hope to learn a bunch from seasoned hobbyist.
  9. hi can u sex them cheers john
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  11. Yeah I think the xanthic situation we have is unique so it's hard to really know what is going to happen with the genetics of these guys...I bought a group of 5 adults and I never had a sight issue or ever saw it with fry produced and the previous owner also never had an issue so I can't comment on that occurring My female who produced a lot of fry ended up totally yellow from the xanthic genes and never had any health issues...this is why I think the xanthic genes may not make the stock as weak as we think in our unique Australian situation ...these guys are isolated and the xanthic gene is so heavily featured with the original stock we had.. it would be 'normal' in a sense for this type of fish we have now...but it's just what I saw with my group and I can't speak for others or what may have happened with other fish.... Sorry but had to show you the Synspilum I have from Andrew (Labyrinth) because I know what you mean with the sad stuff you see passed off with shops and that's the worst because that's who people trust the most in this hobby but unfortunately some have no idea...the Synspilum below is lucky to be a year old and already looks great..it's also the runt of the group Also chucked in a shot or two of mumma multi as she was "transforming" .. miss her (was sold when I closed my little fishroom down) and she was a great fish
  12. Did you have the xanthic pair for a few years? I was curious to whether it was some other genetics within the fish that were causing blindness or types of lighting used etc that may have damaged particular specimens eyes. As yours is the first pair I have heard of not dying early. Like I said earlier, I am a big fan of a lot of mutations but didnt want to breed xanthic if it was 'lethal' but very good news if yours were fine! Inbreeding emphasizes both good and bad genetics so if blindness was a separate gene now appearing more due to lack of diversity it wouldnt surprise me either. I have just reread what I said on veija. I mean hybridizing not inbreeding -.- my apologies. I have defiantly seen some nice ones around periodically. I am just not a big fan of a lot of people who advertise them as a certain species when they dont look like they should. Making it very unlikely that they're pure. The common excuse is theres no new stock. Although thats true, quality specimens can be found if people take more time to look. Have heard nothing but great things about labyrintth. I look forward to getting some of their stock in the near future. Just a shame that theyre in sydney and i cant look myself. I have heard they care about pure and quality animals a priority. I will always support a shop like that.
  13. Need to move a few of the fish from my frontosa tank, so these dudes gotta go. Ill aim to upload some pics later. The 2 clown loaches would be around 9-12cm - good size and health. $30 for both. I havent sexed the Leleupi, but Im fairly sure its 2m 2f judging by size and colour. They are nice and fat, and would be between 6-10cm. $40 for the 4. Pickup Little Mountain, Sunshine Coast.
  14. PM sent and any of the little Caudo's left? Cheers mate
  15. Smith's aquarium currently has a good batch of multifasciatus in stock Foskett96 I never found any of my xanthic guys going blind (I had none go blind including my main breeding pair ) and I actually think the xanthic genetics have morphed or mutated being so significant in such a small group and then regularly featured in the fishes DNA so I wasn't aware of the blind effects being caused or at least not with the fish I was working with or produced And have to second what was just said with some good Veija still out there Hamish just have to go with good sources..I grabbed some Synspilum from Labyrinth a little while back and you can definitely see the difference in genetics with well sourced fish coming through Andrew (he really knows his fish and is well aware of the duds getting around)...
  16. Hi Doug, Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm going to write a book about the Australian fish keeping scene when I retire and get some time. Not a fish keeping book, but a book for fish keepers. So a collection of personal experiences from different perspectives. Not going to be a best seller but a lot of people have amazing stories that would be sad to lose. So most likely I will be in touch.
  17. Hey all, i am wanting to buy some breeding tanks 600mm or smaller phone or text 0428921106 Thanks Gordon
  18. I think reducing nitrate (and water change) would interest everyone. I'm told the next world war will be over water shortages. The best way to monitor improvement would be to have a similar tank running without any plants alongside this one for measured comparison. But if the difference is large enough, you may still be able to compare this tank to last year's memory for tank maintenance? I have tried denitrators in the past but never measured nitrate. The simplest was finding a 500M roll of black 4mm irrigation polytube I previously bought for constant drip water changes. I put a very slow flow of water through this roll which went back into the sump. In theory the oxygen would strip out and de-nitrification would occur. I used this for 2 - 3 years until I needed the polytube for a fish room expansion. Don't really know if it made much difference.
  19. hello and welcome what types of shrimp are u after here is two people on here that can help u pandapete or butch all u have to do is privete message them on here cheers john
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