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  2. Could you let me know what improvements you make Mackayman so I can look at them before I silicon the baffles in cheers.
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  4. Morning, As the title suggests I’m looking to buy a large school of tetras (40+) to compliment angels and tapajos in a 6x2x2.5, thinking possibly ember or lemon but would like to see what’s available first. Thank you Jacob
  5. What sort of improvement would you do mate am interested in people’s opinions.
  6. my mangrove jacks been sick, color off, lethargic, not eating lately, I noticed his eyes had patches that were a little cloudy tonight and did some reading and low ph was said to be one of the causes. I tested my ph and it was 6! so 7 30 tonight I did a 50% water change, cleaned the canister filter and added dead liverock to the filter and tank, hoping to raise the ph. I'm gonna test the ph again tomorrow. hopefully he will recover as he is a real pet.
  7. # 3. But could do with a heap of improvements in my humble opinion.
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  9. Which one of these designs would be the best for a 3Ft sump for a 4 x 2 x 2 tank.
  10. 3 tier 2x15x12 (LxWxH) Steel stand Sponge for each tank & diy media bottle plus lids for each Asking $180 No lights sorry Pick up flagstone 4280
  11. Hi kehw. Got a pic of the crushed coral?
  12. Selling a Yellow Melon approximately 8-9cm with vibrant colour, 1 x 5-6cm discus, both sex unknown. Selling due to change of plans in the hobby. Both are healthy with big appetites. Pick up only Pine Rivers area. Take both for $100.
  13. 1m, 2f = $120 approx: 9-11cm more pics on request selling more fish as I want to change to discus call / sms 0401 824 054
  14. (2m,1f) $120 female approx: 9cm males approx: 12-14cm more pics on request more fish for sale, as I want to change to discus call / sms 0401 824 054
  15. Ki Kaida, Did you end up getting rid of everything? Cheers, Jason
  16. @Kaida What a shame I came back from the gold Coast on Friday if I had known you were going to give away the fish I would off got the lion fish
  17. Black Belt Cichlid, Paraneetroplus maculicauda approx. 26 -28cm no hybrid, true blood from KEV. more pics on request other fish for sale also, changing tank to discus. call / sms 0401 824 054
  18. as per title $150 negotiable 20cm+ KK parrot, male selling as I want to change to discus. other fish in pic for sale also. more pics on request call / sms only on 0401 824 054
  19. Aquaclear 110 hang over filter in good working condition, excess to my needs and no longer being used. Pick up only Pine Rivers area.
  20. 3 x red shoulder (rotkeil) severums approximately 5-6cm in size, sex unkown. Only selling due to change of plans in the hobby. These fish are hard to get. Pick up only Pine Rivers area.
  21. 1x male awesome pink gene dragonblood 12-13cm $40.... 4x big fat ob peacock females $50 for all 4... ($75 the lot) constant breeders
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