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    My baby red Sevs are finally looking for new homes 3cm - 3.5cm just starting to get some colour. Added some pics of their quality parents to show how great they look $50 each. 0451788181
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    Stand, 8 2foot tanks. some other tanks included. Conditions 1. as is condition. some tanks leak. stand has rust 2. not for resale. you agree to keep for 12 months. if you sell half the resale value goes to a charity of my choice. 3. you lift it all. I will stand and watch. 4. you will do a thread on qldaf about your new setup and what you did with it. 5. I reserve the right to choose who it goes to.
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    Haven't posted for quite a while. Have seen various discussions on windows in IBC's etc. Just thought I would post a couple of pics of my solution to windows in halved IBC's that I breed natives in. Glass - yes glass - from an old p/copier platten and 12 mm aluminium rhs - simple as that. You could use other glass or acrylic but the method straightens out those pesky ripples in the IBC HDPE sides and seals very well. Next is to do a 600 x 900 (using suitable glass or PC) to do a whole side of a complete IBC using this method. Will post sometime in the future.
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    For sale, 10 only rare South American Caquetaia Spectabilis. 4 to 5cms. $180 each. Can ship at buyers expense. Located Queensland.
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    I am selling my 8x5 complete with sump, pump, plumbing, rocks, substrate and more. Please call for more details everything only six months old. $4000 neg 0401239700 gold coast
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    Now to my conditions. 1. You clean and reseal all tanks. 2. You cut the rust out, repair and repaint the stand in black (satin) finish not gloss or matte. 3. You will deliver it and set it up and if I feel generous I might give you a glass of tap water. 4. I will also want it fully plumbed and a suitable sized sump, media, also a decent return filter. 5. I almost forgot you will also supply, substrate, plants, Snow white shrimp, Crystal reds. 6. I will sell it any time I like and donate the proceeds to the charity of mf my choice, Wandering Warriors and Soldier On. If you can meet my conditions I'll be happy to take the system.................. Edit: You can keep the broken Lighthouse Lol. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seriously though I'm surprised no one has taken it yet .
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    FS 1x Massive Blower - should be good for 1 million tanks plus for at least three - four days consecutive running - or far more with energy storage. FREE> Pick up ASAP - Airlie Beach. Model Number :DEBBIE. PICK UP ASAP - we want it gone!
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    For the sake of being repetitive, try @JWoods, @wallygerm or even @fishking. For all other Frontosa see @lloydashton or type Frontosa in the search bar and go through the many pages of results. Enjoy.
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    I would use an air driven sponge filter - very established (a food source in itself) and try either live baby brine shrimp or vinegar eel. Live food is instinctively recognised and more easily consumed. If baby brine are too large then infusoria culture slow dripped over gentle air stone. Elodea (plant) creates areas fry can hang out near food and the micro life on the plant itself is useful. If dripping infusoria, keep using the same constant place as fish learn where to sit to catch food. Feeding very small fry isn't hard but there is a steep learning curve. Read up on how to feed rainbow fish fry as most of that is directly transferable. Most issues come from over feeding so you need to watch their bellies. Once you have a few eating, the others copy. This can be useful teaching the next spawn by adding some experienced fish in, especially if you weaning onto dead foods.
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    FISH FOR SALE Frontosa Karema F1 4cms 10 for $350 Frontosa Karema F1 6 - 7cms 10 for $450 Frontosa Bulombora F1 4cms $50ea or 10 for $400 Frontosa Bulombora F1 6 - 7cms 10 avail. for $500 Frontosa Kalolo 4 - 5cms F1 $45ea or 10 for $400 Frontosa Kavala 4cms F1 $45ea or 10 for $350 Ventralis Kambwimba F1 fry 4cms $45ea or 10 for $350 Neolamprologus Brevis sunspot. 5 - 6cms $25ea Tropheus Kasanga F1 fry 4cms 10 for $350 Frontosa Kavala Wild Caught breeding colony 3 Male 7 Female. 15 - 17cms $2400 Frontosa Mikula Wild Caught colony 2 Male 4 Female. 15 - 20cms $2400 Shipping available airport to airport. PM me for details, shipping prices or pics. There are pics of most fish on my facebook page.(Lloyd Ashton Frontosa) Pick up from Augstine heights IGA carpark. Will have the below also available in the coming month or so. Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis F1 fry Chalinochromis Ndohboi F1 fry Cyprichromis Leptosoma Mpulungu Frontosa Kabogo F1 fry Tropheus Nkonde F1 fry
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    Thanx to Cyclone Debbie... Really appreciate the water change, but did you have to flood the backyard as well? There's one! I just hope the GPGs are too fat to fit thru the pool fencing :-) Grover (getting wet, but getting a great water change for the Billabong)
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    Dropped into @The Tech Denon the way home today to collect some food, sponges and 40 Cardinal Tetras and 3 Mystery snails, got home Acclimatized them and away we go
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    Beefheart for discus..... miss all the dramas about this topic. Can I start. Discus don't eat cows! No farmers have to contend with a viscious pack of discus hunting and taking down there stock at night just to tear out the heart.....
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    OEBT Exotic Shrimp 100% Albino Eyes Easy Care and Prolific Clean water is essential, PH 6.4-7.6, Temperature 20-26 Grade 1 (first photo, example) $350 for 10 Grade 2 (second photo, example) $500 for 10 Grade 3 (third photo, example) $800 for 10 Grade MAX (darkest from per batch) $1000 for 8 (all unsexed juveniles) Shipping within Australia, Live on Arrival Guaranteed. All shrimps are dispatched on Monday.
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    Welcome to the site @chaubii! If you haven't already check this out
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    Thanks for the info I got the eggs in a bucket at my parents place in Taree NSW Im feeding them crickets and meelworms but I have about 20-25 and there eating more than me.The other half excepted out of the shed I will get in contact with the frog site.I must admite even thought Im 50 now it was still rewarding to see them go from egg to frog
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    Bump - feel free to make an offer. For six pack of stubbies I will help move the polystyrene.
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    Currents breeding 25 African species. Need to sell some off due to time constraints. All adults all breeding correct breeding ratios First to go - Venustus 15 to 22cm 10 fish $150 Livingstonii 10 to 20 cm 8 fish $130 Polystigma 14 to 22cm 10 fish $200 Fusco 15 to 20 cm 10 fish $250 Eureka reds 13cm 8 fish $100 Sunshine peacocks 15cm 8 fish $100 Flamebacks 10cm 35 fish $375 Crimson tides 12 cm 7 fish $70 Electric blues 10 to 15cm 20 fish $200 Kadango 13 to 20 cm 5 fish $120 Electric yellows 8cm 12 fish $100 Pick up Collingwood park. Fish are not on display for general viewing. Must to pre organised best to text or call after 4pm 0423445833 Cheers
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    I took a few more photos the other night! Hope you all enjoy!
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    Hope they're all good Grover. Had some issues with my pond over flowing due to blocked storm water drain and had to chase guppies across the tiles and out of the swimming pool. Would be a different game chasing down GPG's.
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    Price drop $3500 keen to get my reef tank underway so I need this gone. The pvc and fittings alone on this thing cost me over $500! Very neatly built setup! Tank sump and media 12000lph pump 140kg of coral substrate huge centrepiece of driftwood eheim heater jap matt and sponge all rocks for scape My loss is your gain, it cost me a lot more to set this thing up!
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    You could add some mystery snails as a clean up crew... ? And if any die well.. then... you have extra shells!
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    I think the neighbours would get upset with the noise. Keep yourself safe.
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    Breeding pair red severum $1000 If interested please pm I can text pics serious buyers only Make your money back in first batch only for experience breeders
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    @Nazegoreng wanted a few little pepps in the Discus tank, so we caught 3 this morning out of the breeding tank, the breeding tank sits at around PH 4.5-5 main tank after all the rain sits at around Ph7
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    Bit of a change up, some new holey rock and all frontosa tank!
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    They'll be $200 each in a few months when people start to get bored of them.
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    Goodluck with sale! Might have more bites from a dedicated shrimp forum/page.
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    It covered the surface again and will need a clean up. If someone wants some frogbits, you can have most of it - just leave me a handful to grow out again. Same rule - just need to clean up mess after taking them.
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    It's not uncommon. Perfectly normal and even found in wild caught frontosa from the research I have done. It's only that people prefer the perfect bars. Sent from my HTC_0PKX2 using Tapatalk
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    little water change today, the super blood eagles were great little parents up to wriggler stage, then unfortunately as expected they got picked off by the vast numbers of hungry little mouths in the tank. Our aim was not to breed straight up, this was a lucky break, we now have the eruption and super red flirting, in a few months we will set up a few nice little breeding tanks and get the breeding done properly.
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    Well got the fish home yesterday afternoon after a lovely 4 hour trip, settled them in late afternoon and man are they nice, here is a crap video I got this morning just to show them
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    I suspect the difference between osmosis and osmoregulation has been mis-interperated or misunderstood. Freshwater fish are hypertonic so they fight to keep salts within their body. Most of what has been quoted applies more to saltwater fish and this may simply be a mis understanding however there are still some significant errors. Resistance to medications is a very real issue though so again, the more choice in treatments available, the better.
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    you might need two hands to lift your wood @raycam01_au
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    And now for my next trick... I've decided that I want a placoderm. Anybody know where you can get one? Apparently they became extinct at the end of the Devonian-Hangenberg event about 360 million years ago, but it's not too late is it? Placodermi List of Placodermi Genera https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/48/DunkleosteusSannoble.JPG?download Maybe I'll settle for a Murray Cod instead ! Grover (always thinking ahead to the next "big" fish... LOL ) EDIT: Ooops! No Murray Cods for the Billabong - a top predator will try to take out everthing else!
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    Hey guys looking at bringing some of these nice big rare Tanganyikan predators up from Sydney and just seeing if anyone was interested in adding to the order as there are a few left in the group available and we both save on shipping costs this way $50 each(around 6cm mark) and just PM me if interested
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    Breeding colony of H. Oxyrhynchus available for sale. This is a very rare and stunning African Cichlid that you won’t find in Aquarium shops. In addition to being rare and colourful, another great aspect is that they don’t get as big and show less aggression than many other bigger “Haps”. The male has spectacular blue, green and red metallic colours. The photo in the ad is of this male a few months back. He is even bigger and more stunning now! Regretful sale, but I now need the tank to focus on my big Buccochromis Rhoadesii. 1 male and 5 females, which is a great ratio. Established breeders with plenty of breeding left in them. Please note that the male has a bit of damage to one eye from a previous fight with a VC10, but it doesn’t affect him at all. 2 females currently holding, but they will be stripped prior to sale. These are big, majestic fish at about 160-240mm (16-24cm): $350 for the 6. As always, fish will be caught and ready when you arrive at the agreed time. It's pick up only, no shipping. No holds unless paid for. Please CALL or TEXT me on 0408 823 989 if you want to come buy these awesome fish. If you also want some of the 15 other types of African Cichlids available, please see the top post on my Facebook page "Fintastic Cichlids" for details.
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    Count the Gouramis... I think there's 8 in the photo, along with two dodgy ducklings...
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    The loc line was $49 AUD to my door. Yeah the tech dens is not long enough for what I was after, same with guppys. Only place in Aus that had what I was after was fanta sea aquariums, they had the double inlet style but wanted $48 plus delivery. They are getting there own imported in which is alot cheaper than $48 but didn't have a time frame. I always shop local when I can but unfortunately had to hit up ebay for these. Yeah I have read good reviews on the MML and the 3ft deep is a challenge for any off the shelf light. It is getting set up this weekend. So more photos of the move to come this Saturday. Also getting some black acrylic made up through Dennison to stick on the front of the wiers to hide the plumbing.
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    Cheers Ray. Unfortunately it's a struggle to sell a big system as I've been down this track before so hopefully this one will sell quicker then the last one I sold lol
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    Problems with Too Many Goldfish in Your Billabong ? You Need a Culling Machine ! Thanx to a little known time-warp, "Spencer Gifts" in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA can help if you live in 1954 still ! "Fish is favorite dish!" Only $4.95 (postage paid), and 5 days delivery (probably by "WrongWay" Couriers!). Ignore the Donkeys! cheers, Grover
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    End of Season... The weather is still balmy and sunny, but a few mornings ago there was a chill in the air, so I think this year's breeding effort has gone tootling past... Mind you - there was the excitement of seeing a nest built in the papyrus plant; which gives me hope for the future And I now know to get the papyrus plants going in large pots, find lots of elephant ear plant offcuts, and not worry about filtration so much. The iris plants will have to be retired to the Bog Bed Filter (when I get a round tuit and sort it out). Those irises in the Billabong sortof faded and then the GPGs just dismembered them - I was left to fish out floaty bits and pieces and attempt to save the root stock in a kiddy swimming pool. In regard to next year, I've already spotted a creek with a large expanse of elephant ears beside an industrial estate where no-one is going to miss a trailer load! So, while the sun is still shining, I'd better start preparing for cool 10degC nights. Cheers, Grover
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    Your problem isn't pH....it's low Total Dissolved Solids Your tank water would be almost pure water...and not many fish can accept pure water....most soft water fish also have tannins in water too Just happens that Low TDS water tends to be acidic I'd add 50% treated tap water.....to raise TDS (conductivity) Most fish from LFS are in treated tap water.....Medium TDS.... If you put fish kept in treated tap water into water with very low TDS they can suffer from osmotic shock(kidneys can't handle rapid change from Hard water to very soft water).....it may not kill them but may make the susceptible to other diseases Some fish Love low TDS....some don't...however .all fish coming from a LFS will need careful acclimatization to a Low TDS tank....even ones that like it Going from Hard water to Soft isn't as big a problem as the other away round