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    water proofing started and meter box with battery set up install and ready to go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FS: Vieja Argentea breeding group (1m/3f) PRICE: $1600 (ono) PICKUP: Narangba - Delivery possible for a fee. Not keen on shipping though. Also included is a beautiful female Salvini who helps keep the peace (see in video link below). https://player.vimeo.com/video/195001944
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    I failed to update this post, but here it is over a year later.
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    Last couple of days progress Finished all the water proofing added Plastic Pallet in place so I can stack my pot plants in the hopefully will put the glass viewing panel in place tomorrow and tiles have been ordered for water feature should get tiles done in the week at some point..
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    My frontosa Moba tank with Aquadecor background.
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    WH&S Alert! ... Number One daughter has pinged me for leaving a potentially harmful construction in the way of an excitable Border Collie! You'll be pleased to know that no expense was spared in fixing this issue tonight (in fact no money at all was spent on fixing it!). Note the way it fits carefully over the extending ropes and shows a ground-hugging form :-) cheers, Grover
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    Hey everyone, My name is Caleb, and I am 25 years old. I personally have taken a love to aquascaping and easily ran out of room in my apartment. I live in the Brisbane CBD and I'm interested in helping others in the hobby. This can be from: - Aquascaping display tanks from the ground up - Supplying plants/livestock - Maintenance - to simple wisdom on algae/plant growth I've acquired from others and experience over time. Simply put, if I could grow gills and swim in aquariums, I would. Every day I just want to talk about the hobby. The tanks I have created personally in the attached image are 1 + 5 (left to right) and I would love to attempt to replicate/create some world class scapes. We can all dream big, and we can take that journey together. Feel free to contact me at anytime. Thanks, Caleb P.S. Please contact me if this is breaching any forum rules (mods)
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    Dropped into @The Tech Denon the way home today to collect some food, sponges and 40 Cardinal Tetras and 3 Mystery snails, got home Acclimatized them and away we go
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    @aquaholic99 I think in the days of the internet, personal interactions are certainly declining...... so I thought I've sat back for long enough and read all of Winstons amazing replies to all the posts on the forum over the years. Just wanted to say thanks for the effort and detail you go to in replying to topics. Our hobby we all love would be infinitely greater if we all had 25% of the knowledge you have! Cheers, Jason
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    Well got the fish home yesterday afternoon after a lovely 4 hour trip, settled them in late afternoon and man are they nice, here is a crap video I got this morning just to show them
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    'ello 'ello! Thanx for the long memory you guys have! I'd actually forgotten my order of 5kg Koi Balance until I ran out of alternate pellets a fortnight ago. As you can tell, 20+ Giant Pink Gouramis in the Billabong go through a serious amount of food in a short time. Very appreciative of your great service. Cheers, Grover
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    The drawing plans made on Sketch Up, and amount of wood worked out from the plans. The timber purchases and being measured twice before cutting. Up to the doors and hinges, then mounting Lighting Work in progress
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    The idea that an animal has to have evolved eating a particular food in order to digest it is overly simplistic. When in the evolution of pigs, chickens or even dogs did they eat a large volume of ocean fish? Yet in all these species fish meal is used as a very important feed ingredient to boost protein intake, it's even fed to sheep because the amino acid profile is very good for making wool. None of these species suffer catastrophic health impacts from its inclusion. All animals, including fish have capacity to digest a wide diversity of feed ingredients because ultimately what makes up those ingredients I.e. amino acids, fatty acids and carbohydrates is broadly very similar regardless of what it looks like. Both protein and fat (the main components of beef heart) are very easy to digest and absorb, fibre is the only ingredient animal vary widely in their ability to digest. I mean, by that logic are you comfortable feeding the wheat flour that NLS contains to discus which are a largely carnivorous fish and heaven forbid would never have encountered a field of wheat in the wild. The idea that a 'natural diet' is inherently better is also poorly supported, look at the expected life expectancy of any wild vs domestic animal and you'll notice that by-in large the domestic animal lives far longer and a primary driver behind that is improved diets. The diet of wild animals is rarely ideal its driven purely by what they can find to eat and is not actually a balanced diet. I bet if you have dogs or cats, their diet doesn't well reflect what they would eat in the wild, yet a formulated dog pellet is a much healthier and wiser option but contains ingredients they would never ordinarily eat. I agree with you that a good quality pellet like NLS is probably the best staple diet around for fish but reject the premise that beef heart is a problem simply because its not 'natural' - the discus grow well on it because they can readily digest it. That's about the best evidence to support it there is, and yes you would never feed beef heart to a silver dollar but that just goes back to first principles nutrition.
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    Tropheus Moliro Red Generation: F1 Wild Caught colony imported by Grant Parkes Qty Available: 30 Size: 5cm Price: $25ea Tropheus Bulu Pt Kirschfleck Generation: F1 Wild Caught colony imported by Grant Parkes Qty Available: 60 Size: 3cm Price: $30ea Tropheus Bulombora Generation:F1 Wild Caught colony imported by Ravi Qty:30 Size:3cm Price:$25ea Tropheus Lufubu Generation:F1/F2 Wild Caught colony imported by Ravi Colony consists of 18WC + 8F1 from different bloodline Qty Available: 40 Size: 3cm Price: $20ea Tropheus Chipimbi Red Qty Available: 25 Size: 3cm Price: $20ea Shipping available Aus Wide 0409848884
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    Ohhh... I Love It When A Plan Comes Together ! (Don't bother clicking on the picture, try the link below here instead :-) Courtesy of Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith Yes! Success! This morning saw the pallets get placed over the fence into Billabong territory, then carefully placed on the ropes (err... actually chucked in the general direction of the ropes because I couldn't reach that far). A small amount of shuffling and poking saw them drop into place. As Daughter Number 1 would say... "Yay!" Angling the pallets off the two ropes worked perfectly, and gives a huge amount of breathing space for the GPGs yet should keep the (expensive!) warm air above the water to keep the water warm. Well... that's the plan Stan! And, here is the final setup with the blue pool cover in place and no spots where the water can puddle and cause major sagging and general disarray. The cover fits neatly to within a few cms of either long edge, so any rain should eventually go in the Billabong rather than stay on the cover. Now. Where's our Brissie winter rains???? Cheers, Grover (Billabong temperature is sitting on 20degC and hopefully should go back up from there)
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    Collected these rocks from a local river ,cleaned them with a brush in warm water and they've now been in the tank for 6 weeks give or take .the green algae first appeared a couple of weeks ago and is covering about 6 rocks in the tank .The algae itself is about 5 /6 mm long and waves in the current ,looks pretty cool .Ive never seen any of the fish eat it ,yellow labs and bristlenose ,but it doesn't seem to be hurting anything .I assume the algae has survived in the pores of the rock and is finding conditions in the tank to its liking. Hopefully it won't get to be a problem for me ,at the moment I think it's pretty cool .opinions anyone ?
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    Here is cheap shot , Going to buy a Good camera soon
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    i use a blend of the 3 and woodie for the BN's n @The Tech Den is a sexy place @StoneyI thought I set those videos on private whooooops
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    I will have to remember to get the guys to pop two bags in the box from now on - here I am thinking you guys would share... Next time your in you'll have to pop a handful in your pocket to keep up.
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    Hi all - apologies for the lack of updates. I have been kinda busy with work and family (lucky I have a techy, low maintenance fish room that almost looks after itself). The room is going fantastic. Most tanks are now full with various Tropheus species, the auto-water changes are working without fail, the fish are breeding well (a testament to weekly 40% water changes) and I'm finding that I'm needing to squeeze in a few more fry tanks to accommodate varying fry stages. All in all a capital investment on technology that I do not regret. Room is not fully complete and I'm not sure it ever will be (like most fish rooms I'd imagine). Still some wiring and Led lighting to tidy up and a few more GPO's to install and then I can finally sheet the outer walls with ply. To date the inner fibro and copious amounts of bulk insulation keep everything at a pleasant 25 (even when it is 45 outside). No promises, but I'll try upload some recent photos or a video once I have a chance to clean the room up a little and get the appropriate amount of free time. Cheers once again for the positive comments. Jacob
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    I cannot say enough good things about these guys, super helpful and fountains of knowledge. They will have my custom for years to come!
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    The mentos really do seal the deal. My mrs was mad at how much I spent until I gave her that packet of mentos. Made it all better
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    Dropped in today for the first time to pickup some substrate, ended up with much more than that! Great products and help from the guys, shall be back soon!
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    @Monks and @Shanzy For being outside in an ibc in the middle of winter they are looking nice
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    Picked up a 3" gj maher tank for a price too good to pass up. But it was a cherry red stain... which wouldn't work in the house. And I needed it a bit taller. Got some cut to size pine and added some skirting boards from the big green shed. A few coats of paint, a lot of sanding to remove my crappy paint job then a few more coats of paint. Remived the old old background and replaced with a really thin fibreglass one. 3 foot led lights I bought from this forum. 300 w jäger heater runs a bit hot, So is set at 20 degrees. Eheim 2218 doing the job. I ran it for a few weeks on another tank to get the bacteria going. New substrate was a mix of Amazonia and aquasoil I think. Planted with crypts from my old tank, some lilaeopsis and a bunch of val. the goldvine wouldn't sink- so I screwed acrylic sheet to the bottom and buried it under the substrate.
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    One thing that's the common denominator with every person that's against beefheart, no first hand experience to back up their arguement.... id like to compare it to one of my favourite sayings.... lotto gives you 1 in 2million chance of not having to go to work the next day.... beer gives me 1in 5 chance of not going to work... you play your game and I'll play mine.
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    Blocks and core filled, front left out for glass viewing panel Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got the boxing done and concrete poured Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi all, joined up to share and gain knowledge of native fish keeping. I hope to breed some Purple Spotted Gudgeons and Rainbows. Attached pic of what I hope are 2 male and one female, Cheers, John
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    Low light plants available: Taiwan moss: $10 Flame moss: $7.50 Weeping moss: $12.50 Mini-fissiden rock A: $55 Mini-fissiden frag plug B: $25 Trident fern: $15 Bolbitis fern: $10-15 Cheaper if buying a few Pick up from Sunnybank Hills 4109 Express postage available for $10.50 PM or preferably text 0435 158 916 Thanks
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    New fry rack starting to take shape this weekend:
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    I would just get one species if your after a display, not a collection. Although the most common, the surinamensis have the best finnage/colour / behaviour IMO for what your doing. Or heckelli...
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    Been back breeding for 4 months after a long break, have quite a few growing up and thought I might share some pics of what the work has produced so far
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    Congrats with the sale, Brad. Someone got themselves a great deal. As yours now have sold, hope you don't mind if I link the parents up for sale as well:
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    I have a few different types growing at the moment..... just remember it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission lol
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    @scottnoidea If you are looking at discus, Possibly drop @Rc Merker a line, by the looks of it he has it down pat!
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    Thats not algae! Thats a baby fern haha Thats how they grow. from little brown spots you find on the under side of the leaves, they soon form or produce little plantlings. Once theyre a good size, just pinch them off and grow them out.
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    Refering to your comment about how long is piece of string. It is the distant from 1 end to the center times 2. Sent from my SM-G925I using Tapatalk
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    OK @crusty76 :-) Just wait, and I'll eBay order a bait net for goldfish catching ASAP. Then test run it with tasty food in the middle. As per @OFRC's comment, you haven't got a hungry Peacock Bass hiding in the pond have you ??? LOL 's funny, but in amongst the plain golds are some nice multi-coloured ones with patches of colour - must be throwbacks to the original shubunkins I used as "test" fish approx. 3 years ago. Will PM you when ready to roll - I can lend you a bunch of 20 litre containers... Returnable next year ! Ha ha! Grover PS: @FatSalvatore thanx! I never thought about them - this is why I like QLDAF ! Always have different and better ideas than my brain cells can trot out! Next time I see some in the council throw-out days I'll rescue them and give them a run. Whilst the EPS Pallets will be buoyant in their own right; I suspect the kiddie pools will float with air in them, but may sag somewhat if they get fully submersed or lose their air bubble. It's still worth trying because they'll have nicely rounded tops (under the cover) which will stop the rain from pooling. Ta
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    It's getting thicker and longer and spreads to the sand a bit between cleaning ,I do like the look of it but it's a bit messy ,the fish including bristlenose and mbuna don't eat it much though which is a shame . It doesn't grow on the glass or the driftwood at all ,overall I still like it !
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    as above 2 lots of 5 x2 x18 high tanks on two teir 40mm steel stands FREE FREE FREE MUST- pick up yourselves NO NO NO- photo's FIRST in best dressed ALSO MUST -take free 1000 ltr fishsafe ibc NO NO NO - stupid questions, ONLY APPLY if you can come and get them asap NO NO NO - holdsies I will only answer pm's if you read and follow all of the above, sorry to sound like an ars##ole BUT THESE ARE FREE and i don't want to be arsed around PICK UP IS AT CABARITA BEACH (look it up ) GOOD LUCK
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    @ageofaquariums tanks are new. Absolute bargain. At that price why would you risk buying used tanks?
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    Day 15 update, tank is running to perfection, plates coming in another week or so
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    Big shout out to AOA once again. Great service on the weekend sorting out the pump. Happy I could get all the goodies in one shop.
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    I'm pretty lucky that AOA is just down the road from me. Amazing customer service, excellent product knowledge and advice.