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    next Fish Auction

    Our next Fish Auction is on at Springwood Road State School. It is on the 23rd October 2021. Fish in from 2.00pm AUCTION STARTS AT 5.00PM
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    Got someone looking for....

    Planet Catfish doesn't even have an image of a L222 in their Cat-elog. That pretty much sums it up for me.
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    Any member of ANGFA on here?

    They are here but have all gone native…..
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    E.O ><  Odins Fish 2


    haha u english good me like baz !
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    Cast nets and hoop nets like the ones used for hardiheads are illegal in tidal waters Any legal traps must be taggedwith your id or thefisheries will lighten yourcontents of your wallet
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    E.O ><  Odins Fish 2


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    L134, L222, longfin common and albino BN's They'd like breeders or young adult sized fish. If you've got some or know of someone wanting to move some, please connect. Thank you!
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    Keepin' Aquatics

    WTB gold ocellatus

    I'm still asking for you too mate! Let's hope we hear some good news soon @Donstorana
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    Summer Tubbing

    Have outdoor pond. 150ltre. Guppies, blue eyes, rainbows , threadfins . Guppies breeding like mad
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    Like the little traps with the holes at each end?
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    Keepin' Aquatics

    WTB gold ocellatus

    This got juicy awfully quick!
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    I'd be down to finding some Rhads! I remember seeing something about Bribie Island having some good spots for them! and they had some next level colours!
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    Keepin' Aquatics

    Advice on BNs

    @tdj5 I'll be your friend This made me smile! Thank you!
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    Odd find

    I found it quite weird coming up with this malawi eybiter skeleton for sale doing some reading on the eyebiters.
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    next Fish Auction

    as far as i know, it was at the last one a couple months or so ago
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    Hi All. Thank you again for your' help with this and my apologies to Aquaholic99 and Grubs for not replying until now. I didn't even consider raising mozzie larvae to be illegal, however that makes perfect sense. I'm just finding and pipetting them out of puddles and the such. Not raising or setting anything up specific for this. Adding sand to dishes with the bloodworms definitely sounds like it worth and try and I've been meaning to try that. I have managed to get a colony of brine shrimp up to adultish size and the particularly fussy pipefish is now eating brine shrimp., which is great. Thanks Grubs for posting the photo of the pipefish you had. Good looking fish and I'm sorry to hear they didn't make it. I have a bit of a border about the top of my tank and never have it too full, however I will keep this in mind. I ended up getting a 2ft tank off Gumtree and have that going for the brine shrimp. Feeding them spirulina. It's going well and the halfbeaks really like the brine shrimp as well. Takes a little bit longer than I had expected to get them up to adult size, however hopefully from now I can keep the colony going. In Qld. I'm a little bit worried it may get a bit too hot in Summer, however we'll see how that goes. Thanks again everyone.
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    Still Got a Technical Issues... But in a positive note Grover has Goldfish to go... Send me a PM. Just remember that @johnbettaand @crusty76 are 1st and 2nd in line. Mr Betta for being enthusiatic (way too enthusiastic :-) And Crusty for lending Grover his casting net ! Cheers, Grover
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    Frog Pond doing its job

    I think @raycam01_au may have fallen into the frog pond or eaten by one of the moray eels?? Been very quiet of late.......
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    next Fish Auction

    Ok, u can have the apistos, rams might be a different story or l numbers
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    E.O ><  Odins Fish 2


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    New 1000L goldfish pond

    All good john, the tank will be lightly stocked and I'm avoiding the more fancy goldfish as their not pond hardy, and it gets petty cold here.
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    Selling 5 x 2 x 2 tank and stand

    I'm in gatton for the weekend and the internet shit
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    New 1000L goldfish pond

    Slight change of plans. I saw a calico goldfish that I liked, it just happened to be a Fantail not a Shubunkin, so this guy has come home with me, and I also decided I could get a black more and have an additional color in the tank. So new plan is, 1 x solid orange comet 1 x white, with red head comet 1 x calico fantail 1 x black more 1 x long fined yellow comet (yet to buy) 1 x golden eel tailed catfish (yet to buy) Here's todays additions,
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    WTB gold ocellatus

    I'll have some soon if you wanna wait abit, that and I have some Black Occy fry (Lamprologus Speciosus) currently.
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    WTB: 7 Bar Frontosa

    I have a pair for sale if interested $250
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    I always look for areas where its slow moving, some rocks or trees for coverage for the fish and just watch the water, you'll usually see them too (that's cause I go creek hopping)
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    WTB gold ocellatus

    No nothing yet unfortunately back in Bundaberg now but may be looking at getting some freighted in from interstate or I’ll keep looking down SEQ
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    @Laggle .... the dude didn't really mention, just there was a good variety. I've never been there so can speak from experience.
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    i am keen on this all so great question mate
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    next Fish Auction

    Hands off . Peter fords rainbow fish.
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    Message sent @johnbetta
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    beautiful looking tank mate, good luck with the sale
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    New to site and collecting rainbow fish

    Hi and welcome to the forum
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    Yeah big fine indeed using a cast net in freshwater. Please use legal methods for trapping.
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    Good luck with the sale mate!
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    Hi and welcome to the site
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    Keepin' Aquatics

    New here bender16

    Hey @Bender16 - Nice to chat mate! and welcome back to the hobby! Rams are such nice fish! If you've ever got any questions or stories to share, we're all here to help and listen
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    Oh bless, sorry to hear mate. Do you intend on getting a new friend to continue?
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    Cichlid Hunter

    WTB Cyprichromis leptosoma

    Hi @JB Been out for about 4 years and now more settled wanting to setup again. Nice you have some Kitumba fry soon. Will you just add that to current group you have? Yeah, thinking about going to Smiths, one of my fav fish shops in Brisbane. Let me know if any of your friends have any, that would be good and should be cheaper than retail. Cheers, Scott
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    Cichlid Hunter

    WTB Cyprichromis leptosoma

    Thanks John, I will message some of the users. At this stage I don't want to pay retail, as very expensive, but if I struggle to find any will more than likely go do a fish shop crawl. Cheers Scott
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    YOUR welcome JB and thank u as it is you have helped me alot as well in more ways than u know
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    neolamprologus calliurus

    Has been a long long long time since I kept shell and cave dwelling fish. Possibly decades so my memory might be off but I do remember being impatient at the slow spawning rate and low numbers of fry produced. With a big range in sizes (different batches) once there were enough fish to catch out so more effort to sell too. As one would expect with cave fish, the eggs are light sensitive. I tried artificially hatching and robbing fry early but even a slight disturbance of tank or caves/shells would delay spawning for weeks until they got confident again. It's impossible to put things back exactly how they were even if you are careful. After a bit of trial & error; what worked best for me was racking 3 foot tanks end on which gave them privacy to spawn at the back. They still hang out at the front for food so any absence is a good indicator of nesting. I used a false bottom in tanks, higher at back - sloping down about 25 degrees towards the front with a sharp vertical drop 20cm away from the front. Shells/rocks/caves etc perched up on the slope. Once every 6 weeks I would drip siphon the water level down over 2 days forcing all the fish to leave their caves, head down the slope and collecting in the 20cm pocket becoming easy to scoop out and sort. This way no caves were disturbed, brood fish would gladly return to nests when water was refilled. This doubled the number of fish I could produce but it was still a pain - requiring many more tanks running to get reasonable number of fish.
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    American cichlid stocking ideas

    I think you're on the right track there. Also, the key word in your earlier post is "theoretically". You'll still need to monitor the progress, and there can always be a "problem fish", almost any species. If you still have at least one fish in the tank, the tank will be well cycled, so you can just bung them all in there together. Let them sort out territory in one go. They should all be small when you start, and then there is less likely to be problems with space. They'll grow up well together. Adding one big fish to an established tank can be troublesome, if they get bothered by the newcomer invading territories and such.
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    Hillstream Loach

    I used to have them. Unfortunately lost them due to a bad water change after the real estate sent a guy out to replace the pump in the rain water tank and neglected to mention he added chemicals to the rain water tank. I was absolutely devastated as they had bred for me several times, I even had an albino sewellia colony. Would definitely be interested to know if anyone still has these as they were among my top 5 favourite fish
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    Collecting Legality

    When i replied, I wanted to articulate the same thoughts but couldn't quite think of putting it so eloquently. Hahaha
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    Collecting Legality

    Possession limits of 20 for most small natives in qld. Check the Fisheries regs list for more specifics. But you don't need to take 20, i grabbed just 3 rhads out of Cooloothin creek near Boreen point last summer, they bred and now have heaps.
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    should be fine mate. 5mm each side is not much at all.
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    If you can get a pine board cut to the same size as tank ( try bunnings) put that down than foam on top should be sweet!
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    breeding pure endlers.

    Yeah I wouldn't bother putting the girl in a hatchery if that's what you are planning to do.
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    QLDAF Future

    So here is where we are. Many will be aware of the issues that are occurring at Aquaholics. I became aware as to the fact there were issues coming and stepped back in as Admin to attempt to insulate the forum from the dispute. We removed the Senior Mod Steve Brookes to insure no appearance of preference due to his involvement with Nigel on Fishbreeders. We could not tell Steve why. Sorry Steve! We have strived to keep the dispute away from QLDAF and avoid gossip. We have closed posts to ensure QLDAF is not dragged into any ongoing turmoil. We have a number of potential sponsors who I have been talking too and moving slowly (maybe stringing along). I cannot sign a new sponsor and ask for a commitment when the forum is under this cloud. I apologise to those good folks. It appears the efforts have failed. The QLDAF forum software account has been suspended and we are several updates behind leaving the forum susceptible to malware. The forum server has been turned off intermittently for some reason, and now we are facing new issues. QLDAF is a historic site and built on hobbyists information over many years. It still has value to the hobby and hobbyists. It belongs at least in part to the hobbyists of Queensland. So @jesse at @aquaholics. Being as your actions seem to indicate no interest in the ongoing future of this historic library, I ask you to hand your share of the forum over before the forum is dead. In return I promise I will: 1. Negotiate with the other claimants of ownership to establish an ongoing structure if possible. 2. Ensure that the position of Admin and Moderators is voted on by the member of QLDAF on a 12 month cycle by the end of the next financial year (June 2019). 3. The position of Admin along with other claimants of ownership become the custodians of QLDAF as a management group. 4. If required by yourself I will not stand again as ADMIN.
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