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    QLDAF Future

    I seventh the motion ! Been the most informative site for me since before i had any grey hair..... But more importantly the most entertaining..... Where else would i have found out that convicts are mouthbrooders and peppermints are so called because they lay green eggs...
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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    A Real Update :-) Yes, you've all been very patient with Grover while he is distracted. It's also a "good thing" that she has been patient with me too :- )) The recent cold snap in Brissie galvanised me into action to cover the Billabong. Didn't even stop to pull down the Summer cover - just got the polyfoam pallets out onto the guy ropes then dragged the blue cover on! The GPGs were impressed at my speed! It was late afternoon sunlight when I started, but obviously dark at the finish ha! Grover (now to fire up the heat exchanger on the old pool pump)
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    I knew the discuss tank was doomed after you got a taste of saltwater! Haha
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    gold severan pair

    Could also possibly be two girls? $70 each now lol
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    4ft tank build

    Big reds colours are coming back preety quick after being in holding tank, he hasnt stoped doing laps in the new tank
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    yeah sorry guys this went pretty quickly, as per the price. unfortunately I dont have anymore for sale.
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    Blue Dream Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi)

    Nice Dark Blue colour unsexed juvies for sale at 5mm to 1cm in size Pic 1 ..Pair male lighter colour female darker and a baby Pic 2-4 ..pics of the young for sale 5 for $65 or 10 for $100 No Postage Sorry Pickup Only from Gold Coast Biggera Waters Please message or email for pickup details if interested any Questions please ask cheers Thank You Darren
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    FS - Adult Peppermint Trio

    Sold and picked up. Sorry @johnbetta. I cannot wait for 4 months as I need the tank space. Cheers.
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    September at caboolture Theyre listed on the qfas website
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    Pair of Oscars

    Have a pair of red Oscars about 30 cm $50 for the 2 or swap for some other fish
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    QLDAF Future

    Sad that these are the most active topics
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    Decent heater that will last!!!

    The big difference is the schegos actually go it. Not just claim it. I’d like to see a cheapy maintain my tanks at 28 degrees in our house like the schegos do.
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    QLDAF Future

    I thought peppermints was because of the taste?!
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    QLDAF Future

    Noooooooo.. ....cmon guys lets lot let this library go the way of so many forums ,into the google oblivion,only memories remain of some good forums from days gone... Politics ruin so many good things from running of clubs to countries economies I just hope that thigs get back on track sooner rather than later Ive made some good friends on here ,some of them life long i hope and learned all quite a bit ..had a few good bitches about human stupidity...and watched on as @grover built the billabong from hell please dont let facebook be the place where knowledge is obtained...it will be a sad day if it is @gingerbeer ...keep fighting the good fight
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    Discus what Discus hahahahahaah Ricordia in full swing more to come
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    If your located on the gold coast i will buy her. Let me know please
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    10 Silver dollars

    Gone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    QLDAF Future

    i hope this all gets fixed this forum is really great dont want to loose it
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    QLDAF Future

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    Nice Red Guppies for sale

    Some nice red guppies ! Your choice of males or females. Pick up from Yatala pies or near Beenleigh. Minimum of 10 for $30 0407831090
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    Just glad to see you didnt skimp on the rics. RIC POWER!
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    TDS Meter

    I use a tds meter everyday at work. Trust me we have tried a lot of them, and the cheap ones are shit. This one is the most reliable that we have found and doesnt go out of calibration frequently. Hope whatever you require it for justifies the cost though....
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    Consider making amino's one of those 4. They are a total game changer when it comes to colouration and polyp size IMHO.
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    Malawi cichlids for sale

    Venustus Red zebra Blue dolphin Fusco Marble peacock Electric yellows Redfin kadanga 4-5 cm 6each pickup jimboomba or sunnybank Pm any interest
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    New little 3 doser just about to be setup, Alk, Mag and Cal will be on the list, we have a 4 slave coming soon, this will handle the vodka and a few other goodies
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    Hi guys Ive been experimenting with levels of filtration in my little 2ft tank. I’ve had it set up for 3 years now, it’s currently stocked with 9 raspbora and a bristlenose and some shrimp. Sand and gravel substrate, led light, no co2. Reasonably planted with needle-java fern, s. repens, s.porto velho, monte-carlo, some ricia, and a couple of crypts. A bit of copper-leaf which is struggling to survive. The java fern is probably the fastest growing plant followed by the repens. I started with a couple of internal filters 2x200l/h, so had heaps of water changeover. I’d stuffed the filters full of matrix and sponge so as to get lots of bio action. I’ve noticed that the plant growth had stalled. I remembered reading that plants use ammonia more easily than nitrate and wondered whether the bacteria filters were competing with the plants for nutrients. I reduced down to one filter and noticed improved plant growth. Then I removed the matrix and got better growth still. Finally I replaced the sponge with floss which I replace weekly/fortnightly. So I have no bio-filter. No doubt there would be some bacteria on the tank and gravel surfaces utilising the nitrite-nitrate cycle, but the filter is now purely mechanical filtration. Plant growth is definitely improved, fish look great and the floss is giving me crystal clear water. Tank looks better than ever! Counterintuitively, I’ve found Nitrates are half what they were (now consistently 10ppm rather than 20+). The plants must be mopping up the ammonia more efficiently so it never gets into the nitrite-nitrate cycle. I thought this was interesting and would share. It’s fun to try things, even if it goes against the current conventional thinking, in this case that more bio-filter is better. steve
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    Sick Salvini

    Thanks @ozmo I will try and get my hands on some IAL tomorrow and seperate her from the others, yea you certainly are hard pressed to find a stauncher cichlid pound for pound, my smallest female was beating up both my Cubans when I first got them, and the male was probably 10 times her size in weight, it got to the point shortly after introduction where she had to be removed, it was too hard to watch, they just have a mega chip on the shoulder, relentless and underrated at times
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    Sick Salvini

    That looks like stress IMO. Salvini are pound for pound the nastiest little assasins in the Central American scene. I reckon they also have the “death stare” down to a science. If you can seperate her she should come back pretty quick. IAL help with healing and lowering stress also. Hope that helps somewhat.
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    Sparkling Gouramis

    Anyone kept these before or currently has them? Saw them online and thought they looked pretty interesting so i ordered a few for my planted tank. Only thing is that i heard they are notorious shrimp hunters. Can anyone second this? If they are i am afraid of the well being of the glass shrimp currently inhabiting the tank.
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    Sparkling Gouramis

    Beautiful fish. Love the torpedo body shape too
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    Brisbane aquarium shops.

    Smiths aquarium at deagon. They have a lot of cichlids
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    Royal Whiptails

    @pandapete don't know if he still has any
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    That was a good deal !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    4ft tank build

    Picked up a new 4ftx450x510 tank, Got a cheap complete 4ft sumped tank setup too refurbish all the bits for my new tank, so far extended & sanded the stand back to give it the "old" new look Will b a display breeding tank.
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    4ft tank build

    Great job mate looks neat
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    How to treat Hexamita

    I am certainly no expert in fish medication, but if memory serves me correctly, white stringy poo = flagellates. Flagellates are i think a bacterial infection in the intestinal tract and the white stringy poo is actually the fishies stomach lining? Best course of action would be to isolate affected fish into a seperate tank, treat with metronidazole soaked into the food, and cross your fingers. Extremely contageous to other fish and important to suck up bottom of tank and white poo's regularly. I often didnt even bother attempting treatment and just dispatched affected fish quickly to stop spreading to others.
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    heater for 6ft

    Jager 300w will do the job. I've got a Jager 300w on a 630L aquarium set @ 29deg and it holds it at that higher temp. Wouldn't need it that high for africans. Also assuming that Gladstone's min temps would be a couple of degrees warmer than down here in Brisbane so the difference between room temp and required aquarium temp would be less.
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    here is our guy, they are heaps fun
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    plecos for sale

    got some pleco for sale minimum 2 buy gold spot 6-7 cm $15 each sailfin 5cm $15 each adult 104 $50 each 114 cactus pleco 4-5cm $600 selling for a friend pickup jimboomba or sunnybank text any interest 0422023148
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    FS - Peppermint Bristlenose

    Sent you a PM.
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    4ft tank build

    German red
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    Malawi cichlids for sale

    do you still have some blue dolphins?
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    Ply wood fish tank build

    Just thought I'd bump this up for anyone who wants to build a plywood tank.
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    True parrots for sale

    4cm true parrots 20 dollars each Pickup jimboomba or sunnybank Text 0422023248 or pm
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    we are going to put white clouds in the 6x3, want something different