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    Longfin city

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    Some of the gang just saying "hi" after an enormous meal of blackworms. A very short video. Loach.mp4
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    Dedicated "Full Tank Shot" Thread

    pulled the old 8ft out of retirement ( retired due to lack of funds) gave the stand a lick of paint and sand a clean will fill with fish one day (only took four coats as two year olds are very similar to bugs around wet paint..)
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    Setting up a planter after a few years out of the hobby. Looking for lotus,aponogeton variety’s. Madagascan lace plant. Really most plants that are a bit different to the normal shop stuff. Am located Northside Brisbane but will travel for the right stuff.
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    Looking for Australian bass for sale

    Hi and welcome to the forum have a look on gumtree there's someone up here on the Sunshine Coast that's sells them or Google can be your friend
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    I got red and green lotus from MAD aquarium. Think they are about. Madagascar there is a fairly regular seller in NSW, I have bought and managed to kill them successfully. Aponogeton generally are common.
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    When To Water Change

    I used to live at Clontarf for a 100yrs, used to do 50-80% water change every week for my discus never missed a beat
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    Hi @aquaholic99, Yes, the water is absolutely clear. I rummaged around in the deep end (6ft down) and found various bits of the Aquael pump which had fallen off years ago. Managed to fish them out, and made sure the sump pump was sitting in an upright position to power the Cetus Sieve. The other end of the Billabong is only 2-3ft deep, so it's the shallow end. But that's where I set the Elephant Ear islands. Also, the blue cover is helping keep the temperature up to 22degC and I don't want to expose open water to the atmosphere and give the GPGs cold chills When I get a spare moment from the current contract work, I'll drop the underwater camera in just before I feed the monsters. And honestly, I've given up counting them! ! Ahhh... the crayfish.... Well, I think the kookaburras snaffled all the large ones I brought home from Wallangarra. When I was at Red Dragon, I bought x10 tiddly ones and dropped them in the Sludge Bin. The idea was to prevent them escaping (and getting eaten), and hopefully acclimatize them to the warm water of the Billabong. I can then transfer them into the Bog Bed Filter. Hi @Grubs I'm just very grateful that the GPGs are vegetarians! Otherwise I'd be getting nibbled every time I go wading in the Billabong! Or I'd end up on the local news - "Man Devoured by Pet Fish", with the byline underneath... "Faithful Border Collie Attempts Rescue (but fails as doesn't have opposable thumbs)". Next-door neighbour quoted as saying "I heard the splash, and the screaming, but just thought it was kids playing in the wading pools." "There wasn't much left when the paramedics arrived." "Really gruesome!" Cheers, Gruesome Grover (brought to you from the "Le Grand Guignol" in Paris)
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    WTB adult longfin bristlenose

    WTB Common, albino or calico longfin adults or sub adults only brisbane Southside preferred but will travel for the right fish.
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    gday all, my son is heading toowoomba way next weekend, hes asked if i could put the word out as hes looking for some young Fronnies, cheers
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    Bristlenose keeps dying.

    jusr out of curiosity what are the ammonia,nitrites and nitrate reading, ? and temp and ph ammonia is more toxic at higher ph and temp as the unionised has a more toxic presence. unionised ammonia is the toxic form
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    Challenger 1966

    Any bosmarni rainbows in Brisbane region. Or other rainbows.
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Just an update,So sold a few of these guys, making room for females and more smaller ones to grow more.There is a massive size difference between the smallest and the largest.Here is my biggest boy raised from my breeding, cool fella,
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    Northside New Tank Builder Required

    my first 2 by Dennisson were a 1m cube and a 4x4x2
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    Northside New Tank Builder Required

    Hi John, Yes that is him!
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    Would this be Dennison Seeto?
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    Amazon Sword Plant

    Thanks everybody for the replies.At least I know what it is doing now and there is no worries.
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    Cichlids lwanda colony

    Aulonocara lwanda colony 1x stunner male approx 15cm 5x large females From Quality breeding lines, NO holds price firm. $400 Jimboomba 4280 (msg 0432278177)
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    Acrylic tank

    Most large signwriters will make acrylic tanks. Choose one that has large amounts of acrylic in house so you don't pay for custom orders/cutting etc. It is going to help if you know exactly what you want - flame polished, rounded edges, bracing locations, holes etc. If you are after a large tank (3m+) I would import a fabricated acrylic tank from China. Shipping containers can handle 12m lengths.
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    Indoor guppy pond - Hi!

    I have no idea why I didn't do an outdoor pond when I was up there years ago, maybe a bit harder for renters. Now I have some portable aquaculture tanks they would do the job but it's just crayfish outdoors over winter where I live at the moment. I have kept and breed guppies outdoors here during the warmer months though. There were two good LFS in Townsville when I was there, not sure about now though. Here's the portable aquaculture tanks I was talking about, would do a wicked indoor planted pond but has mainly been used for breeding, they are 1000L full, but usually keep it a bit lower. Also checkout these guys, The Guppy Palace | Nano Tanks Aquarium (nanotanksaustralia.com.au)
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    i tried counting them but there was these bloody big pink things in the way
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    WTB Endlers male

    Hi guys. looking to buy different colours/varieties of endler males in the gold coast region. cheers!
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    2min & 12seconds of slightly more interesting footage! For those of you with a short attention span...here's 37seconds worth - just for you to play "Count the GPGs" (every child wins a prize! ...but not you @aquaholic99 !) July-2021-37sec.mp4 or visit Grover's YouTube channel for the full video from this morning - https://youtu.be/9YnfMTRsUz4 Grover will be back to respond to @billfish, @Grubs, and @hamishh34 as soon as he gets some time away from work. All chatty comments and suggestions are welcome! Hamish's idea of an inside pool is actually brilliant - that's how it all started. Grover used to rent a Queenslander house with a large concreted garage area surrounded by slats. It was a great place for an 8ft pool. Although, the police cars drove past verrry slowly when the plant flood light was on. Maybe I was growing something other than GPGs and Oscars in with the Giant Amazon Swords ? Grover (What's he doing working still? Why hasn't he retired and dedicated his life {and backyard} to breeding giant pink gouramis for all of QLDAF??)
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    Breeding Method

    https://youtu.be/gJzwdPjteho sharing this method hoping that it might help..cheers! FullSizeRender.mov
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    When To Water Change

    cool it sounds like your doing well with your tank
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    bloody goldfish photobombing as usual
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    When To Water Change

    I'm using tap water. Our tap water on the Redcliffe Peninsular comes out at about 21°C and unfortunately currently contains about 20.00ppm nitrites, this varies depending upon where they source water from. I treat my entire tank with prime when doing a WC which binds the nitrites and within 6 hours the nitrites have been removed by the filter bacteria and read 0.00ppm. My tank temperature is 28°C so not sure if I should be heating the new water to get it to 28°C or if 15% WC at 21°C would render that necessary? I'm doing a WC later today, 5 days have passed since my last WC and nitrates currently read 5.00ppm so nitrates seem to be increasing very slowly. Update; completed a 15% WC, directly from tap, dosed with prime and temperature of tank moved from 28°C to 27°C, all is well.
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    Wanted large styrofoam sheets

    Thanks for replys guys il check them out
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    When To Water Change

    Thanks for the guidance, I visited a very knowledgeable member of this forum today and was advised that with such low nitrate levels I could safely perform 2 x +/-10% water changes per week. He advised that when my discus fish get larger I would have to ramp the %age up. That advice sounds good to me, a 10% water change is easily manageable.
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    very nice your on to a winner there and the guy u got it from is a top bloke to deal with cheers john
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    When To Water Change

    i do water changes 3 times a week and my fish are all going great u can get away with one water change a week but more is better
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    FS: Tropheus Kasanga Red Rainbow

    All good as much as I LOVE RR i really dont have the space and there are other things on my wish list i kinda need to leave space for incase they turn up..
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    Yes there is, when you log onto the site there are 3 tabs near the top of the page, just click on browse and then keep tabing down and you will see livestock etc tabs.
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    Woody Point Discus Keeper

    Peppermints definitely lose their white spots/stripes after about a year. I used to have these, sold them last year. The little ones are adorable, but the adults are almost indistinguishable from common bristle nose. Unless you're breeding them and getting a constant stream of babies, your wife will be disappointed.
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    ?blue-green algae in brackish tank

    @raycam01_au assume still too much light with it running for 7 hours with two flouro's.
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    some more timber i have milled, yet to utilise
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    Woody Point Discus Keeper

    Hi John, Welcome to the forums. Any plans on where you are going to purchase your discus from? Cheers, Jason
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    Weekend update... Well, it's really weather for frogs ! And the Billabong work has slowed down accordingly. However, the Billabong temperature was sitting at 20degC a few days ago - it's now back up to 22degC, and heading upwards. No, the new MPV is not yet installed. Instead Grover attended a YouTube session run by the MSOE. What's "MSOE" you ask? and here's the result. followed by... Those rubber flange-thingies work a treat, but you need to reef the clamps up extra-tight. And the sand filter is temporarily bypassed So, the pool pump and heat exchanger have been doing 12 hour shifts to get the temperature back up In other news, the Bog Bed Filter plants are flowering. Granted, they're not huge but they are still a success in Grover's book. Grover (GPG pictures coming next...)
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    Guianacara geayi fs

    Pictures of this fish never seem to do them justice.
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    Tandanus Babies

    Came across these guys in my searches, I would love to be able to breed the color morphs of these guys.
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    Tandanus Babies

    @hamishh34 there are so so so so many questions I have about your reply, I just dont know where to start
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Found 2 babies in the adult tank, must have left the mum early.
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Back from bris and all good, counted 20 bubs that I could see, hoping there's another 20 or more in hiding. Female also molted and is visibly larger (see below), successfully re-introduced to the original cray tank with the male. Still have 1 female left holding eggs in the baby tank so more bubs to come.
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Current pic of the second female to lay, a bit behind the first. Couldn't help myself, had fold up aquaculture tanks packed away in the garage from when I used to breed. Just goota sell my gym to make up for the space I'm taking. Here's the two females just released into the big tank, And the tank its self,
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    800L Native back up and running

    @gingerbeer here's a native thread to be moved
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    Blue endlers

    From my blue endlers, I noticedone with no black. Have thrown back over a blonde. What do you think? Original on left, result on right.
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    Sometimes extreme temp does it, or a cross (eg devil X Vieja synspilum) Depends on the species. Livebearers its often a random mutation. The sick ones can be disease or malnutrition.
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    peat moss ?

    G'day wallygerm, Both peat moss and IAL are good for helping to acidify water and lower PH, but they will only do half the job if you are not diluting the dissolved solids that are present in Brisbane tap water. The dissolved minerals in Brisbane tap water are what cause the high PH and buffering capacity of the water. If you do not add rain water or RO water to your tanks, you will have a bounce back effect. Moss or IAL will temporarily lower the PH a small amount, but then the PH will bounce back up. You need to dilute the dissolved minerals with water that does contain any minerals, or only in lower concentrations. Here are some good articles to read. Practical Water Chemistry GH, KH, and pH for the Advanced Hobbyist Softening Aquarium Water A lot of us soft water fish keepers use rain water mixed with tap water in conjunction with Sphagnum moss or IAL. At the momment I am mixxing 2/3rds rain water to 1/3rd tap water. Brisbane water currently has a high PH around 8ph.
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    First Aid Box for fish!!!

    i bet half the fish related deaths are due to inexperience and the cocktails of medication omg, i hopes u guy's with all these meds dont mix them, or understand what u can n cant mix at least, some of these meds are strong n have side effects, i like goby post about dosage etc, primary reason for sickness 9 times outta 10 is poor housekeeping, some dont like to admit it, but if people actually got off their butts and did some research abot water, and proper fishkeeping, i think you would find alot less deaths and less stress on both the fish and the aquarist alike. prevention is far better then the cure, if you start to understand both your fish and housekeeping, and put solid routines in place tis happy days this is by no means a dig at anybody, but a generic post to assist everybloody
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    True........ but i have to admit I prefer the seperate taps as its easier to prime. Well easier for me anyway, kinda set in my ways as far as priming technique goes.
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