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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Weekend Work in the Billabong... Sorry folks - no goldfish catching What did happen was that the Winter pool cover fully disappeared, and the Summer shade cover went up. The EPS pallets are now safely roped up under the tin roof of the carport - providing a small degree of insulation for the multiple cars underneath. The blue cover is waiting for Daughter No1 (or #2 or #3) to return so I have some assistance in folding it up to shove in the shed. How difficult was the shade cover construction?, you ask? Well !! 1) Read instructions, then throw them away. Every thing is colour-coordinated - not very helpful if you're colour-blind or at least colour-impaired. 2) Work out what goes where on the basis of geometry that you learnt in high school. E.g. the short, curvy bits go in the middle, leaving the long bits that probably go on the long-sides. 3) Now take the shade cover and attach with UV-resistant cable zip ties. Lean the result on the pool fence. 4) Manhandle the resulting 5m x 5m thingie single-handedly into position over the pool - remembering to attach legs to it before doing this step. Optional: Swear words, manual struggles, and dropping the whole cover thingie on your head are optional extras - please insert your choice of bad language at this point. TA DA ! One completed shade cover over the Billabong to stop the GPGs from getting a sun-tan and to prevent predation by low-flying pelicans. Grover (goldfish catching re-scheduled for Daughter #1's return)
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    Redlands to Close

    The forum is a seperate entity and discussion. The forum certainly depends upon all sponsors for both their financial contribution and sharing of new products and techniques for the hobby. Without regular paying involved sponsors the forum would be in serious trouble. This thread is about the closing of Redlands. This store and Russ have been great friends and contributors to the aquarium and pet hobby, QLDAF and many individuals. I encourage everyone with time to drop in and thank Russ and the staff for all they have done. Many will not recognise that Russ deliberately placed the forum in the hands of hobbyists to run, and his only instruction was value the contribution of clubs. There were many rumours spread at the time about his plans, but the truth is that we were allowed to run the forum for the hobby, and Redlands and Russ stepped back to ensure no appearance of favouritism. Personally I do say thanks guys. The long history of Christmas specials, the Bay trip, the exclusive QLDAF specials will be a big loss for the forum. Any visit to the store was a pleasure. Thanks for the ongoing support and best wishes to all the staff for the next step. Let us know how you are doing. . GET INTO THE STORE. SAY THANKS FOR QLDAF, AND GRAB A BARGAIN! Thanks, Steve
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    Billabong Mark 2 ??? Fear not! The Giant Pink Gouramis are safe in their swimming pool - this Clarke Rubber $29 purchase is a temporary holding pen for whatever goldfish I can catch with my new wonder net - the "PROTABLE FOLDED FISHING NET" Grover (stay tuned for the goldfish removal exercise...)
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    I've seen what has happened in the last 50 years Mark my word...we are on a slippery slope.....lots of minorities with loud voices....squeaky hinges that get the oil....public servants that justify their job by reducing your enjoyment and treating everyone like the biggest idiot amongst us....because that's the easiest thing to do....all that happens is we get more and more and more rules....that smart people don't need and the idiots ignore I used to own semi automatic weapons.....didn't kill anybody with them....was trained by the Army how to use them....doesn't matter, can't own one now Slowly it will change.....eventually imports will be stopped altogether, then breeding in the back yard will be banned.... The "Do Gooders" will keep whinging IMO there are too many idiots...that talk crap...that tend to get the majority of the media's time 50 years time fish tanks will be a hologram....no one will be allowed to keep "real" fish Luckily I will be long gone!.... End of Rant!
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    Wild caught list????

    We need a politician that's a fish keeper
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    Auction this weekend

    Just go On many occasions ive come home with unexpected surprises,much to to dissapointment of the minister for war and finances.The kids love it, where else can you buy livebearers for a gold coin .that keeps the missus happy cos the colourful fish are upstairs...she has no idea really Everyone needs to support these clubs and auctions Once theyre gone.. we will all be saying it and it will be too late and we will all be paying chain store retailers prices for everything The sellers at these auctions could just sell to the wholesalers or local lfs but they realise the importance of giving back to the hobby (as well as making some cash of course) water and electricity arent so cheap anymore.so come on guys and girls crack open that jar of coins and get to the auctions. Remember we will not only be losing some cheap fish but some rarer types aswell...And worse of all the 100s of combinedyears of accumulated knowledge these clubs/auctions/breeders have OR You can go on facebook and get some real knowledge....ha i got that out with out falling on the floor laughing.with fish bred for pure numbers in mind and no knowledge or care as to what the quality is ..just $$$$$$$$$$ And yes before anyone gwts up me for running down facebook sales ,i have got fish off there and wont be doing it again..there might be some decent stuff out there but not in my experience The government and all their import bans and biosecurity laws , some of which i find a bit misguided and perplexing are doing enough to reduce breeds of fish available too .so not putting your hand in that wallet and keeping some of the more interesting fish in the hobby will inevitably be the hobbies down fall.the hobby wont die but who wants to just see a tank of electric yellows or angels or guppies..all nice to look at but a bit boring when thats all you can get
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    Uaru juveniles

    Next lot of juvies ready for new homes Size 4cm+ $40each or $35each for 5 or more
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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Take 2 on Goldfish Catching... If you grew up with Road Runner cartoons, then you'll know that Wile E. Coyote had a great supplier - ACME Corporation! I too, have a great supplier - eBay ! After the slightly abject failure with the Protable Folded Fishing Net Small Fish Shrimp Minnow Crab Baits Cast Mesh Net My next Wile E. Coyote purchase is... 12 Holes Square Foldable Fisho larger with...ing Trap Cast Net Nylon Stainless Closed Shrimp Net Wonder Net I read the blurb, and how could I not be swayed by such magnificent persuasive literacy and features ?? Features: Square design with twelve enters. With six solid steel bars, make the net stay strong. Zipper design makes it be more easier to take out what you caught. Can be folded,convenient to carry and easy to use. Wow! 12 "enters", oh - the net "stay strong", and a zipper ! And wait, there's more... ! For a simple person like me, yes! yes! I need release from complex installation problems, please. Grover (sending his Paypal $$$ off into the ether)
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    But there are other ways to fund raise. Suggestion 1 is a $10 entry charge to view the billabong. On top of that is a $5 plate of food/fruit purchase from you so guests can hand feed those pink oddities. $25 gets them a snorkel and $50 allows them to snorkel while you take their photo. Suggestion 2 is a $5 per catch & keep your own goldfish. An additional $5 entitles guests to 10 L of murky green water. Perfect for cycling new tanks and first live feeds for new born fish. Suggestion 3 is much simpler. Advertise & market for free home for any and all pink gourami nationwise that have out grown their tanks.
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    Yes - I just copied the post over from - MAFA where the draw was done. Hopefully some of the blog posts on the start up can be copied across to here too for everyone to see. So we have a STAND OUT winner for the CADE giveaway!!! Rex Reefington! CONGRATULATIONS! Your entry "Eat, Sleep, Reef Repeat" absolutely nailed it! We can't wait to see your first updates on the new nano reef tank. The package includes: • CADE PR400 tank with the latest CADE lighting system! • Substrate of your choice. • Real Reef Rock. • Dr Tim's One & Only live bacteria to get your cycle in full swing. • A years Supply of Seachem salt (2x 20.2kg buckets) • A Tunze Controllable 6040 Nanostream Wave pump. • Range of nSalifert test kits. • A years supply of Ocean Nutrition and Polyp Lab aquarium foods. • $200 worth of live stock from The Tech Den once your aquarium is ready to handle stock. Over $2100.00 worth!!! Here's to the sponsors for making this happen! The Tech Den Aquascape Design Aquadepot Imports Aqua Blue Distribution Cairns Marine Addicted2Fish Premier Pet (Bay Fish) THANK YOU!
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    Yer making me flash back to the second episode of The Orville, Rod! Personally I have always tried to breed and raise far more than I ever killed. I prefer the term farmer, to keeper
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    WC Chaitika frontosa

    Hi frankthedolphintrainer, unfortunately I have wedding expenses to pay for. however things the mrs has said I can swap are magic beans golden goose sweedish made penis enlarger
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    WTB: Guppies!

    No worries Kev, These images are just to satisfy @Kingo
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    The Tech Den

    Get this into ya.........

    Bugger, I don't know if you will see again a opportunity like this, and just to name a few - Cardinal Tetras for $2.25 Rummynose Tetra $1.92 L-Number Catfish from $17.48 Rare Argentea from $45.00 Psitticus Hoplarchus True Parrots that would be 10cm or bigger of $29.97 Clown Loaches $7.97 Black Venezuela Corys $12.48
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    Wild caught list????

    They don't have time to take care of fish, because they are too busy taking care of themselves [emoji12]
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    Wild caught list????

    I think we need a fish keeper who is a politician.
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    WTB: Guppies!

    Hello, I've got some fancy guppies that have been raised in a pond and survived the winter without heater or filter (just loads of frogbit and hornwort which you can take some of too) they are my own special strain and the males are stunning. $2ea
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    Timber and Stone

    My little nano's and Jc's mischlings... It's true, this crystal addiction is hard to kick...
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    Advice please

    Adding some pics Her ...Him.. and the 6x2x2 with Mr Pleco
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    Auction this weekend

    7 sellers and lots of bargains - even did PASS INS which hasn't been done for EVER. Royal whiptail females 15cm+ $20ea!!! Longfin bristlenose $5ea!! So many bargains and all done by 8.30pm If you don't go to auctions you really need to!! All auctions are organised and put on by varying clubs QLD, the clubs have monthly meetings and are a great way to pick up insider tips for spawning and keeping difficult species in the hobby - if you consider yourself a true hobbyist join a club!!
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    We have noticed a big increase in planted aquarium customers, as well as a big increase in their skill level. Some really top level tanks around the local scene that were just not here before. Low tech, high tech and crazy gimmick setups. The forums still have lots of planted action happening, but you cant deny the juggernaut that the Liverpool Creek FB page has become. They all feed off each other, and we all benefit
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    Free 5 ft aquarium filter etc and fish

    Free. Aquarium with canister filter, heater, light etc (no stand). Includes fish, one large angel fish, two clown loach, two Siamese flying fox, one Pakistani loach and two large blue claw yabbies. We are moving to a retirement village and will have no room for the aquarium. Need gone ASAP
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    nice plates and rams, and pepps and things
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    Redlands to Close

    Possible change of business model to an online retailer. Less overhead expenses.
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    Redlands to Close

    End of an era. The hobby is going to miss you Rus!
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    Marine Noob!

    It looks like your doing well with your tank. Everyone always wants to stock the tank as soon as possible, but bear in mind in takes a few months for the tank to "settle" properly. Putting to much in to soon will lead to problems, especially when your adding corals. I have had marines for over 20 years and sadly I have reduced to only 1 marine tank mostly because prices have skyrocketed and also salt leeching is a big problem if you don't keep on top of it. I have had 1 wall replaced that was badly damaged by salt and when the last marine is finished that wall will have to be replaced also. My few fish that are left are truly "pensioners",, my yellow tang is over 20 years at least. I got it when Holland Park shop was operated many years ago. The female clown died 'recently so only the male now , and he came from Aquariums in Paradise" when Barry and Laurie were operating at the gold coast. I wish you success and hope you do really well,,, but do it slowly,,, take care.
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    Timber and Stone

    Had my first caridina juvies drop a few days ago. Stoked to see a few TB's hatched in there. Been a wee learning curve from just regular RCS, but glad I took the plunge!
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    The el' cheapo chinese algae eater (CAE) is probably the best in the biz, but it can get a bit chasey as it gets bigger.
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    Yep, both sodium and calcium bentonite will work. Better if you can mix up with ionized water first tho.
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    Why a marine Nano

    Shots of my marine. This Is a nano done to keep things simple. Shows the possible. Ignore the algaem unless you have tips to remove. Seve
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    Is it possible to have an ethical hobby?

    A friend was making his own cory food from agar, spirulina and cricket flour .... of course I had to eat a bit of cricket flour. My only complaint was that for human consumption in really needed to be ground a little finer but otherwise the taste was fine. Can we ethically raise billions of crickets... free range crickets?
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    Natives gasping at surface

    So...just to wrap up this post. After a series of daily water changes with salt, cleaning out all my sponge filters, vacuming the crap out of the gravel a few times, uping the temp a few degrees and reducing feeding schedule...i think ive stablized the tank and I havent lost a fish in over a week. So thank you guys for the support and im glad i didnt end up using meds in the end. I think you guys nailed it with the bacterial build up and the addition of the new fish tipped it over into the kill zone, which led to the respiratory infections.
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    Wanderings through the Burnett Region... Took the weekend off and went up to Kingaroy for some R&R. During a Sunday drive I found one of the native fish hatcheries we have in Qld. Freshwater Fish Stocking Didn't have time to visit, but I'd love to throw some silver perch hatchlings in the Billabong to take out the goldfish... Ha! No Murray Cod - as I figure they are apex predators and would take out the Giant Gouramis ! Bit further up the road was the Bjelke-Petersen Dam, with Lake Barambah, so of course had to have a quick squiz. This was the most interesting bit, as the dam is currently just under 18% full. A few water skiers and boaters were puddling around, but they looked along way down the slope from Yallakool Tourist Park where the long-weekend campers were. Grover (on fish safari in the great SE of Qld)
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    How can keeping fish possibly be ethical? * Removing wild fish into captivity - even if some survive .... ??? * Mass producing captive fish just to live out their lives in a glass box ... ??? The most common cause of death for aquarium fish is actually over feeding. Not that food has anything to do with ethics. And removing feral /noxious fish to allow native fish to live .... who are we to say one fish species is better than another? The more fish (and other pets) we keep, the less ethical we are. I'm aware of this and continue to keep many hundreds of fish.
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    Trio of milomo vc10s

    Quality Breeding trio of milomo vc 10 1 male approx 15cm great color 2 females approx 13cm (One has mouthful now) $80 May trade for Chaitika frontosa or kipili frontosa Or long finned bn Bray park.
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    Best Tropheus pics

    Breeding colony F1 Ikola, on my new camera, not my phone.
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    Survival rates of fry bread in captivity are often orders of magnitude greater than in the wild... is that cruel? Slow roasting culls with a magnifying glass in the sun would be cruel, feeding culls to a predatory fish is life. My fish have not complained once about the lack of predators, diseases, and parasites. Maybe its like being on a cruise ship - limited space but luxurious, entertaining and with an open tab at the bar.
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    Cycling New Tank

    As soon as your ammonia and nitrite drops and stabilises to 0 (and nitrate rising) it's pretty much good to go. Try not to let your nitrates build up higher than it is now though as you probably already know . But yeah waiting doesn't hurt to ensure that everything is stable... try not to add too many fish at once.
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    Because new = bling. Just like it always has in the hobby
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    Yes! The poly-tarp one just disintegrated in what seemed like nothing-flat time. This is a 5m x 5m shade sail from Bunnings - your Friendly Giant Gourami Aquarium Hardware Store ( = GPG LFS) Cheers, Grover
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    For every hobbyist that knows what they are doing....there is a dozen who don't have a clue and another dozen who think they know what they are doing Lots of fish die from the importing process, then while they wait at wholesaler.....and many retailers put way too much salt/chemicals in with their fish and then suck their clients into doing the same!! Good chance when you buy fish from a shop it has been overdosed with chemicals....and can die from the shock of being put in clean water! Hate to think how many bettas die prematurely....tank not being cycled, overfed, no heating....hard tap water + all the commercial additives they get conned into buying The Hobby is cruel....individual hobbyist may have it all together....but you are only a very, very small part of the Hobby
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    ....You can't....lots of fish die for the hobby to survive...
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    fancy guppies

    This is the best I could do took me a while to get these lol
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    Action Stations ! ! ! Look what arrived in the mail today! Obviously a rough trip thru the postal system - with a gaffer-taped repair job. Now how do I work this? No, that can't be right. Oh, hang on the rod thingies slide independently.... Yes, that's better. Roll on the weekend! Grover (on the hunt for goldfish tomorrow)
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    Brought him from a guy that had two (from the aussie native Facebook page) my sleepy is in 110% perfect condition
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    Cycling New Tank

    Yeah that suprised me also... meaning the beneficial bacteria is established Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk