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    QLDAF Members are Amazing

    To ALL the QLDAFers who have followed the trials and tribulations of the Giant Pink Gouramis From the solitary GPG "Tiddles" who arrived in October 2009 to the 20+ inhabitants of January 2018 Living in assorted accommodation - Originally, the "Top Pool" - a 10ft 'Bestway' splasher pool with a blow-up ring approx. 4,000 litres, then the interim "GPG Lake" - a 4.5m diameter metal-walled above ground pool - approx. 13,000 litres, and finally, the "GPG Billabong" - 26ft (9m x 5m) pebblecrete swimming pool - approx. 40,000 litres. I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the 100,000 views across all 5 threads. The fact that so many people out there are intrigued, amused, or just bewildered by, the GPG adventures is very motivating - thank you ! Cheers, and Happy New Year in 2018 ! ! Grover
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    Facebook Fails

    I like to give second chances Steve I prefer to focus on the good of something rather than the fails of something else Facebook like many other platforms is not the failure, its peoples inability to use common sense, there are some excellent facebook sites out there with a multitude of brilliant minds. its an interesting little conversation though
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    Quick Billabong update... The spray bar came adrift yesterday arvo - ha ha ! I'd just pushed the white PVC pipe into the 40mm ag-pipe joiner and figured that friction would hold them there! FAIL ! No photo's as it was just embarrassing - still the zipties with the hooks from Bunnings saved the spray arm from plummeting 6ft down into the green; so this time I used PVC cement and those arms aren't getting a second chance to fall off. Also, a big shout out to @aquaholic99 for his recent advice and encouragement. I visited AoA {@ageofaquariums} just now and purchased two Blagdon 36w UVC Replacement Lamp Tubes, and am re-plumbing the Big Blue Barrel filters to mount the UVC units for some active duty over the next few months. Will let everyone know if I start to see GPGs again (and not just at the surface blowing bubbles and kisses at me!) Cheers, Grover
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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    GPG Christmas Present Over the last few days I’ve been puzzling about what to get the GPGs as a Christmas present (in reality, a present for Grover!). And St Nicholas has made a late delivery! No, not a Cetus Sieve, or a Pentair Aquatic-Eco Radial Flow Settler 60, or an Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy 320 (with lid). Although if anybody has a spare of these lying around – call me! No longer are spray bars restricted to the realm of inside aquaria – the Billabong is now proudly sporting an adjustable, 1200mm long, 50mm diameter spray bar powered by an Aquael AquaJet PFN 15,000 garden pond pump. For the technical purists, I used Guyco ag pipe fittings and 50mm PVC pipe with about a dozen 6.5mm diam. holes drilled along the length. All thanx to http://www.koiphen.com/forums/ and Reece Plumbing, plus a small Bunnings contribution (which ensures that the whole exercise doesn’t disappear down into the 6ft depths). Here is the original startup - obviously it's in “fountain mode” … Then I realized I had made it adjustable – (one of those serendipitous constructions that you didn’t plan) … And finally, “churn the surface” mode … Cheers, from the Billabong Grover (now to throw $$$ at it to get the water less green!)
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    Umbee fan


    Growing some more Caquetaia Umbriferum out for sale if anyone is interested. Pic’s of 3 week old fry and parents attached. Looking for a large display fish look no further !
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    If you like your wild Discus they arrived today, we have a few in stock at the moment and before you say....I was hoping you had Heckels - Tuesday....
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    angle fish

    Yer i remember that raycam I saw sum that were really really inbred and they were 180o and they swam backwards Just sayin is all
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    angle fish

    i used to breed 90degree Angle fish, but after a few years of inbreeding, a fair proportion were 45degree\65degree I think warmer water may help
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    angle fish

    Any pics? It could be a hybrid and maybe its an angle and not an angel?
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    Hi @wadedidit Actually, they're not too bad - I did score a bunch of spare cash 3years ago and put 6kW of solar panels on the roof. Of course, the elec companys pay peanuts for any electricity you send to the grid , so instead I try to use all I generate during the day on the fish - either on the filters all year round or on the heat exchange pump during Winter. In the future, the carport roof is 6m x 18m so I could probably squeeze at least another 6kW on it. I'll have to wait for the price to drop a bit more, then buy a Tesla 2 battery pack ;-) Cheers, Grover ( ~~~~~~ bzzzzztt, bzzzzztt ~~~~~~~ )
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    The Tech Den

    Question about sponsors

    I joined QLDAF 9 years ago as hobbyist and then as a sponsor and also as a moderator. I have not been here the longest. In that time I have seen QLDAF change in many many ways, I liked the nights of live chat and doing the rounds of LFS. I have met many many good people on here. Things change. People come, people go and a lot take a break and come back. One thing I have leaned - go with the flow. Enjoy it for what it is, enjoy the community. Don't look at things to seriously. Its not the sponsors that make QLDAF (we just pay for it) its the members that make QLDAF. You will make a lot of friends here that last a long long time - they are the things to concentrate on...don't worry about the incidentals, they are not important.
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    The 2018 QLDAF Challenge

    These sound fantastic ! Just wondering if you can deliver?
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    Hi @wadedidit, Yes, the Oscars are still cruising around with the giant gouramis. I was expecting them to clean out the baby goldfish, but instead the goldfish are getting massive as well (hang in there @crusty76, a bunch of them'll be heading your way this year for sure). Interestingly, the Oscars seem to inhabit the edge of the pool, usually cruising around in pairs. They only swim in the central area if there is food available; maybe they like the comfort of the pool sides?? I did lose one or two over last year - so I'm really not sure how many I have - hopefully if/when the water clears I'll be able to count them. I've seen at least 3 at once, but I'm sure there's more in there somewhere. And, the Plecostomus are still demolishing the zucchinis I sink to the bottom, so while they aren't visible, they are definitely down there. Regards, Grover Final UVC Plumbing update... As of 11.13am, Friday 5th January 2018 the UVCs are "up and running". To all our valued readers, come back in 2 weeks time !
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    It's not going to help now because you've fixed it, but Philmac make a universal adaptor to suit varying OD pipe. They're called a universal transition coupling, here's a link incase someone else needs it. You can get them from Reece. http://www.philmac.com.au/Products/Pipe-Fittings http://www.philmac.com.au/product/media/wysiwyg/PDF/Pipe_Fittings/Universal_Transition_Couplings/Phimac_3G_UTC_Product_Brochure.pdf
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    Banned Member for Racist Messages

    Oh hi Kevin bro! Hope u been well mate! Unfortunately only rx7s I have left are in my memory and video clips. Off topic yes, had a series 6 and series 8 fd3s. Not rx8. Brap Brap braaaaaaaaaap! It's either rx7 or fish can't have both bro. Not when fuel cost 300 pw.
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    Banned Member for Racist Messages

    Sorry off topic.. You have an RX7? o: *drools*
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    Facebook Fails

    Only way to avoid all the craziness is to stay of social media as much as you can, and don’t sell fish. And enjoy time with family and friends and pets. And Facebook we don’t have that in our family my real friends come and visit or vice versa.......
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    Facebook Fails

    No wonder they have trouble identifying fish, the book broke their glasses and got a concussion
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    Hi again, An update from the BBC --> Crocodile found walking Melbourne street on Christmas Day Apparently in Victoria, pet owners in Victoria are allowed to keep crocodiles up to 2.5m in length. Anybody know what the Qld rules are ??? Grover (truth be told, the GPGs would probably not appreciate a snappy, top-end predator, fish-eating vertebrate as a potential Billabong inhabitant) Update: Just found this - it's a LOL thread-ful of info! https://www.aussiepythons.com/forum/threads/crocodiles-in-qld.218249/
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    Merry Christmas All

    Thanks all for another great year. Some challenges at the end and coming in the new year. To all members, mods and sponsors, thanks for your support. Hope you all have a great Christmas. Thanks, Steve
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    Merry Christmas All

    and merry christmas to you have a good and safe day
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    Thanx @HaydnRex Must be time for me to give myself a late Christmas present. LOL Grover
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    Fish for Sale

    On the home page go down to classifieds. Chose what category fits the description of what fish your wanting to sell and post add in there
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    Identifying julidochromis please

    Marleri I think. Judging by the yellowish on the fins.
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    Big trouble in little filter town

    Check Impeller(fan unit that pumps water).....could be shaft is worn or broken May just need a new shaft/impeller
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    Question about sponsors

    Great question. We currently have 4 sponsors listed above who are the folks we thank for keeping the forum free to use. We have had a number of approaches over the last few months about sponsorship. We have deliberately held off until we got past Christmas. There are a number of things going on for a number of people at the moment. The new year is now upon us and things are becoming clearer. Watch out for future announcements. While we have a Facebook page, future announcements will be made on the forum first obviously. Thanks, Steve
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    Aquarium Salts - Homemade

    I am a fan of a mixed product and use Seachem. The mix most use is: 1 part KCl (potassium chloride, a salt alternative) 1 part CaCl2 (Calcium Chloride, pool hardener) 3 parts NaHCO3 (Sodium bicarbonate, baking Skoda) 3 parts MgSO4 (Magnesium Sulphate, Epsom salts) You can do an analysis and see this hits the chemistry of Lake Tang pretty well.
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    WTB: Orange Head Tapajos

    Techden had some yesterday mate. Breeding size good quality.
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    New member Shrimp and exotic

    Hi Mate and welcome to the forum What fish are you keeping at the moment Cheers Butch
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    For Sale Assorted Fantail Guppys

    Thanks mony and Peter Hope the guppys and dragon blood breed well for you Hope to see you soon And thanks stoney Cheers Butch
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    Looking for Rainbows and Rhads

    Rainbowfish Australia group on FB
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    G'day @wadedidit, You'll be wanting one of those "The Year In Review" TV specials eh? Let me work on a potted history on the weekend - I'm still struggling with the plumbing today! And yes, survived the floods. Just quietly, I think the 20+ GPGs are too big to fit thru the pool fencing now, and the water came to within about 6 inchs height of the pool edge. Cheers, Grover
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    Hey grover , dunno if im on the wrong path or not but could you use silicon radiator hose and clamp it over the fitting and get rid of the green thingy altogether yuo can get it in 57 or 63 mm i.d. think they are about 150 mm long with a 90 degree bend in it......and maybe a 60 to 40 mm reducer at the other end Gates make the hoses im thinking of and you should use the special silicone clamps that are designed for silicone they also make a reducing sleeve so the 63 mm hose may come back to 60 mm or there abouts
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    Banned Member for Racist Messages

    The idiocy that is so called racism itself is stupid.whearher you believe in rhe bible or evolution we all have 1 point of origin so we are all related even in the smallest way so our dna is the same as hitler, kim jong, mussolini,donald trump,einstein and 100000 other prominant people since the beginning of time Personally i thing being called a racist is just another way to categorise someone. Differences are purely evolutionary and geographic believe they call it multi culturalism not multi racism Theres only 1 race and we all belong to it.....the human race You probably will dissagree and thats your perogative. But that is my opinion As an australian with german .italian and aboriginal heritage flowing thru my veins i believe every nationality has good and bad its just the morons that stand out and make life hard for others to gain an equal footing I dont care if youre green ,blue, purple or what if youre an idiot ,youre an idiot...end of story
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    Billabong UVC Plumbing ... (part 2) After we "went to press" with yesterday's post, a 4th bright idea bubbled to the surface (in amongst the green algae water!). Seeing as today is a public holiday and I need Reece Plumbing Pty Ltd, you'll all have to wait until tomorrow. Cheers, Grover (inspired every day by Wile E. Coyote)
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    Banned Member for Racist Messages

    Unadulterated ignorance or racist i know which i think Either way the 1 year punishment isnt enough ..most the thinking has been entrenched in their way of life for generations leading up to theirs
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    white or black sand

    I prefer no gravel. It makes maintenance easier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rock pool fish

    Yep its a damsel (not gonna be as pretty when it grows up) and a convict tang. You really need to pump the food into the tang if you want it to live. Make sure its eating, and eating well
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    Rock pool fish

    The kids came back from the rock pools today with these I've tried to look them up with no idea what they are
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    Banned Member for Racist Messages

    I was tempted. I do support second chances but.
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    Banned Member for Racist Messages

    why just for a year, once a Naughty boy always a Naughty Boy do it permanently, leopards never change their spots.
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    Moving 4’ system to 6’

    i change my fish and fish tanks around all the time the old media is enough as your live stock is Oscar and a pleco so it should be all good you could give the stones a quick wash
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    Rock pool fish

    yep a lot beater pic than mine
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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    They mail express to Victoria so Queensland shouldn't be a problem. You can only keep it until it's 60cm long and then you would have to return. Could be a good way to cut down on goldfish.
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    SOLD Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    My pond build

    water proofing started and meter box with battery set up install and ready to go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Floating Driftwood

    I have a piece of string, 28 inches long. I can cut it to any desired length.
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    People looking for freebies !

    The reason they can afford the Apple phone and the upmarket ute is because they get a lot of free stuff.