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    LONG READ, A few minutes your time: So this is something that was already touched on in an old thread by a member called OFRC over two years ago now, I came across it searching the forum and it got me thinking, it’s no secret that the aesthetic quality, purity, and overall vigour of many different species of American cichlids is declining because of poor breeding practice among other things, OFRC Tried to get the conversation started regarding improving large American cichlid genetics, by selectively breeding only the best possible examples one can find of a chosen species and culling all but the best fry to continue forward with breeding. I think what may have derailed the thread a little was the mention of introducing feral blood, in hopes to add some of that wild vigour back into the bloodlines. While it’s a valid point, it would only really be applicable to the South Americans that we know cannot hybridise with each other, (assumed purity) and that uncertainty veers from the whole point of the exercise, with that being said I would like to ask.. (You’ve Come This Far Keep Reading).... Who is/has been selectively breeding Americans in an attempt to preserve genetics for the future generations to enjoy? With the borders all but closed, the long term future of quality American cichlids is in our hands, Quality fish are still around, and by no means am I trying to slander anyone breeding without purpose or a goal other than reproduction, the rabbit hole goes deep, and many choose the blue pill over the red, and that’s totally fine, some don’t know any better, some don’t care, to each their own, this thread (hopefully) is for the hobbyists that are a little more invested in fish keeping, those that want perfect fish, think long term, will our kids have the pleasure of keeping cichlids like we have? that arnt deformed, hybrid, unhealthy versions of their once glorious selves? Ellioti’s among others seem to nearly all have spinal defects, So this is more a call to arms, who is out there actively working away on breeding projects for the greater good? And not for the dollar, I know there are many chipping away as we speak, some longer than others have been alive, what are your goals? for those that may chime in I believe these 5 points should be touched on Here goes.... I’ll start Chosen Species: Salvinis End goal: To bring back prominent contrasting bright yellow and black, red colouration on the lower half of both males and females Reasoning: IMO most salvinis are flushed of their true colour and the red is absent a lot of the time Method: Waiting to find male I deem to be worthy which will be crossed to my best female, and line bred from there, A lot of culls, crossing different filial generations back to each other, observing the results and moving forward Progress: Not off the ground yet, just beginning, time will tell look forward to hearing from fellow members that are on a similar path (please exist), include any pictures, I hope that we can make this thread a common ground for members to share their breeding experiences and progression towards higher quality, non adulterised American cichlid bloodlines. Not just a species specific thread. “Ask not what your cichlids can do for you, but what you can do for your cichlids” Max,
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    stevo w moba

    brought a bargain today

    jodybrought this tank 6x2x2 tank just brought the live stock total give away
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    new baby

    just picked a mangrove jack yesterday and am really happy with the little bugger. got a fork tailed catfish and eel tailed catfish as tank mates. cheers mick
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    We have a bunch of gear going super cheap - just $3 - caves, feeders, sponges and a heap of other items too.... https://www.thetechden.com.au/3_or_Less_Bargains_s/2472.htm
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    Holy shitballs BAtman we bought this beautiful 4x3x2ft Marine tank today, minus the livestock, but a beautiful tank, stand, pumps, fittings, and heaps of goodies
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    Fire Red Shrimp

    Fire red shrimp $5 EACH Min size: 10mm Located in Wakerley Postage to most locations available for $20 Postage is via australia post and is double kordon bagged in polystyrene box.
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    FS Discus Red Turquoise juvies

    Young healthy juvies 5-6cms. Pick-up at Upper Mt Gravatt. $35ea or 5 for $150 Ph 0408 837179 Cheers, Shaun
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    FS Zebra Plecos L046

    Hi all, I have some juvenile zebra plecos (L046) for sale. Quantity: 12 Size: 4.5 - 5.7cm Price: $500 each Sex: Unknown Location: Chermside, north Brisbane Shipping: via Qantas Freight Contact: pm or 0417 610065
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    See @Richo72 and @jc12 ads. Plenty of peps going around.
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    No thanks Donny, one of you is enuff matey.... ☺
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    Yep thats a feral guppy alright. Cross it into any of the fancy girls from a lfs and you should get some wild crosses that are very pretty AND tough. Just beware, feral guppys are almost always infected with something, whether its flukes, velvet or a bacterial infection. Quarantine and a multicure style prophalactic treatment is highly reccomended before adding them in with other fish you care about.
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    4 Sale. Cheap 4 footer 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 (122 x 45 x45) fish tank. Black painted timber hood. 3 sides painted black. Holds water/ no leaks. In average condition. Contents of tank not included. Item located in wakerley brisbane. $75
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    red BN

    Super Red Bristlenose in Aus.

    Comparison of a lemon BN and a red fed on same food
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    Breeding Tank Sponges

    I have 2 x XY360's in each of my 4 ft tanks and used 2 x XY360's in a 6 ft when I had it. I've used both the coarse (high flow) and fine (not high flow) and both work well. My preference is for the fine mesh (not high flow). No particular reason but I felt the fine mesh seems more robust and found the coarse mesh rough on the hands when washing and there is the chance that very small fry could get caught in the larger (high flow) mesh. I wash the filters monthly and found when I washed the fine mesh they released more gunk, indicating they may work better. These are only my opinions based on my observations and not backed by any science. thanks Vic
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    In store special on Algae Shrimp - 400-500 available. What about $29.50 for 10?? No - how about we take 10% off for buying 10 or more?? $26.53 How about the 10% off for being a QLDAF Member?? $23.88 OK...buy 10 and we will throw in another 10 Now that is a good deal....only while stocks last. https://www.thetechden.com.au/NQ_Algae_Shrimp_Pick_Up_In_Store_Only_p/algae-shrimp.htm
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    Wtb Africans sunny coast

    Hi I have some here for free if you want they are lombardi
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    wish I had kept my breeding pairs of clowns but o well I got good money for them the hole setup is some there up near you
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    Some women will make you do that [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Quality young vent sexed electric yellows available, males 8cm, females 6.5 to 7cm, $12.00 each. Pickup only from Palm Beach on the Gold Coast. Pictures taken for me by a happy buyer. Contact by PM.
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    welcome back what are you planning on playing around with this time? Cheers, Doug
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    for the love of god
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    I’m scared!
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    Done! Had to sign a form to say I would not attempt to pat my fish, and if I did it was my own fault - or something like that.
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    Thank you from Bundaberg

    Just wanted to thank everyone that came through with fish and tanks yesterday. Too many people to mention everyone but I will mention a few. Thank you Rod for the Rhoadesii they are beautiful, Jason the Brachybranchus Fry have settled in nicely. Steven, I'm loving the albino Polystigmas and can't wait for the first mouthfuls. Richard, your help last night loading up the last tank and stand on the trailer was awesome. I am pleased to say that all fish and tanks made it back to Bundaberg without any problems at all. We got back home at 2.30am and now the fun begins of unloading the trailer
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    That would also suffocate the fish, I think. An update: The 0.2mg/mL solution has so far only seemed to anger the MTS. After a week there were still snails going about their business and perhaps at worst, slightly inconvenienced by the presence of copper. So I added another 20mL of the 1g/L solution. It so far hasn't appeared to bother the fish at all, and the remaining plants are anubias which would probably grow in fuming HCL. Another week or so later and there were still snails moving around like they normally would, presumably in pure defiance. If they had middle fingers, I'm sure they would have them extended on a full time basis. I've added another 20 mL to the tank now bringing it to a total of 96mL 0.096 * 1 g = 96mg, into 220L or 0.43mg/mL. I don't think I'll add more than that, but rather let this slow burn now for a few weeks. If that fails, then I suppose the tank now belongs the to snails forever. Hail our new overlords.
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    Not so native guppy population

    good lil feeders
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    Any L014 or L190’s out there?

    Thanks for the reply mate, wow even more pricey than I anticipated, a lot of salvinis indeed haha, better start saving ...
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    sick discus swim bladder ?

    o'k guy's just a update on my fish he's is swimming upright now and is recovering well
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    ATTENTION: Americans need you!!!!!!

    Hit the nail on the head @joller colour isn’t necessarily quality by any means, and as far as measuring vigor etc without growing out the progeny for years, and even going as far as putting them through a range of different conditions to see if any weaknesses/ defects show up, how does one truely know the “quality” of said progency, firemouths are definitely one of the species that are seldom as good as wild caught examples seen in old school books, wild caught Americans would be the dream, but alas these days but a dream it is, the only hope is to start with the best fish we can find as do our best to make improvements, It’s definitely an ambitious goal but hey someone has to try, cheers for stopping in Max,
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    Duncan frags looking amazing
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    spilorincus colony f/s

    I bought these of Kev years ago at 4cm. They grew to be beautiful fish in a display i had back then. pics dont do them justice
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    Thanks for having me

    Hi hi! I have a 20+ tank home setup, breeding Endlers (Leopard, Panda, Ginga Rubra and Blonde,) a large turtle tank, trying our hand at breeding Spotted Blue Eyes at the moment. Love lots of different things. Enjoy heading out and collecting native fish when I can - love all different rainbowfish and Gourami. Anyone got any good trapping spots around Everton Park?
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    Bat fish

    they are awesome, shame they dont stay like that
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    Wtb two 6x2x2 or 8ft

    Are you after drilled tanks for sumps
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    Hi and welcome to the site
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    6x2x2 + stand & hood

    Still available? Doing a Brisbane trip soon to pick up some fish and chasing another tank or 2
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    WTB 100L/h nano wave maker

    Does anyone have a really small wave maker like 100L/H FOR SALE
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    Sump questions

    I wouldnt contemplate such a cheap brand. U have alot of water to control and need to turn it over a min of 5 times per/hr. Thats a min. You dont want to work anywhere near the pumps capacity. A 4000 lt pump is a max load per/hr you wont need a controller for that. I would look at a pump that can do 11-12,000 lt per/hr and control the flow to match your tank output. This wont over work your pump and it will last a lot longer and save a bit of power too. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    One more..
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    Here is our setup
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    Diana Walsted...dirt???

    I have played with soils a little. I am by no means an expert. I find doing a scape I tend to change my mind a lot. I will set up the hardscape about 4 or 5 times minimum. Then planting I will decide that I am not happy with a plant and move it. This is where some techniques don’t work for me. The biggest issue with these soil methods is that a change in scape becomes a mess very quickly. I am of the view that the modern soil substrate you can get such as eco complete are a better option, due to the ability to change my mind. Maybe if I was a better aquascaper I may have a different view. Steve
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    very cool looks great
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    Hide your wife, hide your kids..

    Cheers guys Doug: Probably the same as back in the day.. Some sort of American.. Will start with just a pair and see how long it takes before I go silly and deck out the garage again.. LOL Thinking of something a little less common tho... Argentea, Umbriferum, Friedrichsthalii etc... See what comes up
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    Hide your wife, hide your kids..

    hi and welcome back to the site
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    I am told that I resemble Lionfish 0 interesting but ugly.... I just hear cute.
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    spilorincus colony f/s

    Yep thats them ! Beautiful big fish !
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    i have a 5x2x2.5 here in the fish room I'm trying not to set it up as marine again and put a lion fish or a trigger in love them fish and the tangs
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    Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.

    The last auction wasnt very well advertised either.. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    I know of 1 colony of Altifrons in the country. He is trying to breed them, but they are pretty old so not much hope.