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    synspilium breeding pair

    for sale breeding pair of synspilium 20cm and 22cm currenntly have a large batch of fry. 120.00 shipping ... contact for price 0452232782
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    Dennison is on his way, few mates from work will be here around 1330 and away we go Well it came, we lifted and put into place and WOW is all I can say Sarah is well pleased
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    New Tank Background

    Ordered a jewel aquarium poster background as well as some poster fix to help out. Here's the new look, And here's the previous poster (notice the light and dark blotches? That's what the poster fix helps with). And just a pic to show it bare backed after the move. Tell me what you think about the new look.
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    synspilium breeding pair

    Best to get animals you want to keep rather than if they breed and sell well. That way you're not disappointed when you dont make money or you cant sell fry as quickly as you thought.
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    Looks like a good yabbying creek to me.
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    QLD Cichlid Group Auction.

    I hear it is happening 17 April. Someone for QCG may like to share details.
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    amazing your so very lucky
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    plumbing done, need to clean out a sump from a Donor tank and then in the next couple of weeks fill her up and give her a test run
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    FS: Amazon Frog Bit

    My goldfish have either stopped eating the Frog Bit or the recent weather conditions have made it grow very fast - Large plants are $1ea - Smaller ones cheaper - Deals on Bulk buys I have a recovery pond (once the goldies eat the leaves off the plant, it goes here to regrow ) that is getting crowded, they arent as vibrant green or as big as the others so I will do a small snack bag full for $10. Pickup from Redbank Plains, 4301. Can Express Post for extra $$. Thanks Tim
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    synspilium breeding pair

    I've seen these guys just wished I had a bigger tank my 4x2 ant big enough ant @johnbetta when you have a good breeding pair yes
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    Gang valve question

    Howdy all, Would anyone know where to get a 4 way or more gangvalve that has outlets that suit 3/8" weighted tubing? All I can find are ones that suit 4 mm tubing. Cheers
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    Wtb - guppies

    Anyone selling guppies on the Sunshine Coast?
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    5cm $20ea shipping contact store
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    I'm Back

    Hi every one. I'm getting back into the fish game after a extended absence. just brought a house and looking to start a pond project in the near future only have one tank in storage at the moment. looking forward to documenting its progress here and diving into the world of natives and aquatic plants again. who knows may even set up that monster ray tank I have been dreaming of forever. Still a sucker for my American cichlids though.
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    Super Red Monkey in OZ

    I found this mate - if you can find one, maybe you could be the ONE!
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    Red eyed Red swords

    Hey Gingerbeer I picked up some albino koi swordtails from Pet City when they were new and they weren't very hardy. Thanks for the offer of these guys but am going in a similar direction with Albino Dragon Blood Peacocks(as seen in my other posts) I might grow out a big batch of these guys and try and get the reddest males I can, my male is from a different source than my females and they all seem pretty hardy. Good luck with your breeding, you could specifically ask Natfish for a couple of Lyretail females, mixing your genes up a bit while your incorporating the lyretail gene.
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    Fantail Guppys For Sale

    Hi John ph 0430216343 Cheers Butch
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    Snowflake Eel

    wicked vid very cool
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    Snowflake Eel

    little snow flake
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    QLD Cichlid Group Auction.

    hey mate do u know what types of fish people will be bring please
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    Red eyed Red swords

    Nice, there's some great examples online of red eyed red swords. I wonder how the livefish ones are? I have brought from them but only really stock that doesn't vary in quality like some selectively bred fish. I would of brought my own Blood Red Highfin Swordtails from natfish months ago but they were out of stock and couldn't give me a re-stock date. If you check them out they have Blood Red Lyretail Swordtails instead now, I think the color was slightly better in the Highfins but you don't know what these fish have been feed on and any variance between individuals.
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    New Tank Background

    Thanks john it was this one or plain black. I really like the look of the solid textured rock ones that go inside the tank and I happy that this one looks quite similar. I'm glade I like it as I had to shell out overseas shipping as although it was listed on several Australian aquarium suppliers none were in stock.
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    What am I?

    I was thinking a knife and suspected clown knife fish. The head looks very knifey
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    Wtb: Blue Dolphins

    i just pmed u about a place to try and u could pm fishking on here kev may be able to help u out
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    Wtb: Blue Dolphins

    Wtb: Blue Dolphins If you have some your willing to sell or know of anyone please send us a message or text me. thanks James 0404914447
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    Dressing the set.

    Thinking in theatrical terms, I was wondering what sort of "stage setting" an Oscar likes to live in. I'm not being facetious here. I'm just about at the stage of thinking about what to put, in terms of rocks, wood, plants, in a tank that will suit the habits of an Oscar. Do they like privacy; do they like to have a clear view of their surroundings; do they like "safe places" etc etc.. From past experience, arranging a tank environment can turn into a crazy-making exercise in trial and error, with error predominating. This time, I want it to go right the first time. I'm thinking sparse grass plants, with maybe one large rock and a couple of small stones. The minimalist look. So, can anyone suggest the best way to arrange these few elements to create a comfortable environment for one small Oscar? Or do they like a dense, busy, crowded space? Thanks for any tips. Jim.
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    What am I?

    spiney eel
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    Dressing the set.

    Seems like Oscars are frustrated landscapers, Jason. Maybe I'll put a little toy bulldozer in with him. But it does sound like they're happier in environments that aren't "fussy". Maybe I'll just have sand, and a circle of small, flat stones, like a Druid circle. Be interesting to see what he does with it... Thanks for the tips.
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    Dressing the set.

    Ah! Never thought of that, John. Thanks.
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    old, new member

    Hi and welcome to the site and back to the hobby
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    new but not new

    hey all. just getting back into the hobby so i thought i would jump back on here, i was right into breeding cichlids when i was younger but went away from the hobby. In the process of setting up a 6x2x2 tank for a Saratoga, always dreamt of having one!
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    Frog Pond doing its job

    easy, it looks great
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    Frog Pond doing its job

    amazing looks so very cool and nice your lucky mate please keep the vids coming as they rock
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    Frog Pond doing its job

    They are awesome little fellas
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    hey mr @Grover65k do you know if any of them plecos you chucked in the billabong have bred ?
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    Hey everyone I am chasing some gold comp or black/white calvis pairs if anyone has some I am on the Gold Coast cheers
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    CRAYFISH Alert! Australia has somewhat of an obsession with "BIG" things... Now this giant crayfish probably WON'T fit in the Billabong Thanx to Wikipedia! Reference: By &lt;a href=&quot;//commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:BrisbanePom&amp;amp;action=edit&amp;amp;redlink=1&quot; class=&quot;new&quot; title=&quot;User:BrisbanePom (page does not exist)&quot;&gt;BrisbanePom&lt;/a&gt; - &lt;span class=&quot;int-own-work&quot; lang=&quot;en&quot;&gt;Own work&lt;/span&gt;, <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0" title="Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>, <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=44837891">Link</a> Also Reference: By BrisbanePom - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=44837891 Cheers, Grover
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    Ahh... Good thought @crusty76 but the rim of the BBF is about 15cm higher that the scoria. And any that manage to wander into the downpipe to the Billabong will get munched by hungry gouramis. They are a bit of an experiment. As the water floods and recedes in the bed, I don't know whether they will like the constant need to hide under the pipes and frogbit to stay wet. There are a dozen or so distributed into the temporary pools as back-ups. Cheers, Grover
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    Anti Flood

    Okay, my reply is 9 years late but better late than never. A very simple flood alert can be made from a house smoke alarm. The alarm already has the 110dB siren, battery holder and connections. Just soldier 2 wires across the TEST bridge button. Dangle the other end of wires into tank at the fill level and when the water reaches this spot the electrical circuit is completed. EDIT - My water level alarm finally died after 15 years of faithful service. I went down to Bunnings and was shocked at the prices for new,smoke detectors. And the newer models use particle detectors. However, I found a water alert for $13 which is still $10 more than what I wanted but it's easily adapted in a similar fashion. Has anyone got a water tap controller & app on their phone?
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    Wont they escape grover?
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    Frog Pond doing its job

    great video looking good
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    GPG Feeding Frenzy This morning's feeding time in the Billabong - no commentary, just photos! Cheers, Grover
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    Friendly reminder if doing a water change

    With the current influx of water into our dams it is standard practise for treatment plants to increase the levels of chlorine into our water supply. Went to fill a bucket with tap water tonight and smelt like a pool as it was coming out. So I would just like to put a reminder out to all that plan on doing a water.change from the tap to double, triple or quadruple their dose of dechlorinator. Its only a small cost to play it safe, I dont want to see posts about ammonia spikes etc all because you forgot about this known fact. Hope this helps some lives of fishes Ron
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    Rosy barbs outdoors

    I have done it many a time with no real losses, although my ponds were larger. My main casualties were caused by high summer temperatures causes oxygen problems when ponds were heavily over stocked in Summer. Don.
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    Would you subtract that from the 5kg, or add 5kg to it? I would work out the salinity and then test it on one clown in a bucket. Better to lose one, than lose them all. That said clowns are a river fish. A tasty river fish. Firm white oily flesh aside, they are found from the headwaters right down to where it first starts getting a bit tidal....... so they can handle a bit more salt than people usually expect. Probably more optimal to salt up an IBC and move the toga into it for a while though. Unless this salt level is going to be a longterm thing. In which case I would be more worried about your filtration microbes than your loaches. Brackish biofiltration takes longer to mature than marine..........
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    Ob peacock colony

    Sorry mate need them all gone
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