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    Sleepy cod

    Got two of these guys at 5 cm a year and half a ago and this fella killed his mate and took all the food after putting him in a outdoor pond with an adult macleay river turtle I forgot about him until early this year my adult turtle started behaving differently not coming up for for her afternoon dinner and so forth after a bit of fishing I pulled this fella out stuck him in a four foot tank and he is now a family favourite who loves fresh prawns cheers
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    2 foot tank - scraped biotype

    Well. Since the fire we have been planning and debating and pricing and seeing prices change. The bigger tanks are coming but this is a 2 foot tank and tank number one. Have a single species planned that is a neglected beauty and a challenge. Got some leaves in to soften the pH. Will post more as we progress. Other tanks to follow.
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    New here just saying hello

    Hey guys new to this forum well not really I took a break from fish and shrimp for about 2 years now just getting back into it again so looking for advice and help when I run into trouble haha.
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    What fish can I have with angelfish?

    I think this chart is crap. According to this you can keep angels with barbs ( they will actually eat the angel's fins) but shouldn't keep them with south american cichlids. You can keep angels with quite a lot of south american cichlids. This chart is not even close to reality. I suggest you look for fish you like and then do a more detailed research to see if they are compatible. I keep angels along with geophagus, sterbai corys and whiptail cats. No problems here at all.
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    WTB Protomelas Spilonotus Tanzania

    Sorry guys, I no longer keep any of the Protomelas spilonotus "Tanzania", something had to go a while back and I elected to move them on and concentrate on my Otopharynx lithobates
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    New here just saying hello

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    New here just saying hello

    Hi and welcome back to the site
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    New here just saying hello

    cool good luck with the restart .
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    It is definitely not healthy , could be dead . keep an eye on them and see what happens in a week or so .
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    Notes from Synney... Wandered around the Harbour, and missed Brisbane warmth. Back to the GPGs on Friday. Grover
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    General hardness

    The snail shells would explain the reason for high hardness level. Bear in mind there are different minerals which together determine outcome of TOTAL hardness. In your case it sounds like shells are contributing to increasing calcium hardness and therefore raising total hardness. You said your fish are all doing well, so as mentioned many times before, concentrate more on stability in your water chemistry. Perhaps remove shells and clay s lo wl y over time if you're that keen to lower hardness level.
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    General hardness

    Have you tested the water you use for water changes? I imagine it would test as very low hardness, but worth checking all the same. If indeed the rainwater you use for water changes is very low in hardness, then the minerals must be added to the water after it gets in the tank. Various things like holey rock, certain sands, clay etc can all leach minerals into water. Of course if you have lots of stuff in the tank, it can be hard to pin down exactly what is causing it. You can test the hardness immediately before, and immediately after a water change, you should see a change. Then over time (hours, days) the levels may creep up again. So you not only want to remove the minerals from the water, but also remove the source of the minerals from the tank.
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    Winter Prep... (Take #2) There was something slightly wrong with the last photo above... It came to me this morning that the cover was un-naturally flat. In my hurry to get everything done on the weekend - I had forgotten these - I had forgotten to tuck these under the ropes in the center of the Billabong to hold the poly pallets further out of the water and give the GPGs a lot more breathing space. So... With the final result mid-morning today looking much better! Grover (Anybody have any spare marbles for Grover who is losing his?)
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    For Sale... $50 ONO Now surplus to the requirements of the Billabong, one only "Garden Frame / Pool Cover / Dinosaur Skeleton" as seen in the tall stories of the GPGs. Made from quality Bunning's plastic electrical conduit - I used two slightly different sizes, so the ribs slide into locating lengths on the base. it's easy to put together, and has plastic "T" pieces with stainless steel bolts. Comes apart into reasonable lengths for transport. Total dimensions = 9m long x 5m wide x approx. 1.5m tall (same as the Billabong). I figure it would probably make a good garden bed cover if you had some bird-netting to stretch over it. Failing that, put Christmas lights on it, and pretend it's a humpback whale surfacing on your lawn, or a flying saucer that just landed. In addition, bring a large white bucket and you'll get a dozen free large Garden pond goldfish - carefully selected (in other words they just happened to get caught by me practising with Crusty's cast net). Send me a PM. Cheers, Grover PS: You need to take the frame as well as the free goldfish... Ha!
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    Winter Preparation... This week is another exciting (?!) trip to Sydney for work, so I'm leaving the GPGs in the capable hands of a new house-mate. She's been trained in the tricky art of de-frosting peas & beans, as well as tearing lettuce heads apart with her bare hands. I'm confident the fish will survive; just hope the Dog likes her at feeding time. Seeing as how my time with the Billabong is going to be somewhat curtailed by work trips and a trip to down-town Gunnedah, I thought it best to get motivated this week with the Billabong cover. Otherwise, nothing will happen until May - and by then the poor GPGs will be swimming in 10degC water - not a good look. Here's the action photos... Getting the poly pallets out of the roof of the carport, and stringing the ropes... Poly pallets in, and wrestling with the blue cover... Final result: the poly pallets sitting on the ropes provide breathable air-pockets for the gouramis. The blue cover holds the heat in and keeps the water temperature up as the outside temp drops. Cheers, Grover (PS: the Dinosaur skeleton is still for sale - Grover is open to offers !) Dry Goods: Garden Frame / Pool Cover / Dinosaur Skeleton
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    better than copper
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    For Sale L397 4.5 - 5 cm

    Hey Carl just saying thanks again for L numbers I got from u they r all looking awesome 387s look really good so r 144s and long fins cheers again awesome bloke
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    I think you need so many post to start a main topic but I think there's some subject that you can post into
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    Clean-up Mode... In the run-down (?) to Winter, I've decided to clean-up the yard as well as re-doing the filtration. Dry Goods: Garden Frame / Pool Cover / Dinosaur Skeleton Cheers, Grover ( What! a Garden Frame / Pool Cover / Dinosaur Skeleton ? )
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    MOSS Fissidens Fontanus (Phoenix Moss)

    Sorry mate all out for now
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    2.6KG co2 cylinder - empty

    This post is months old ! you could try ebay see if the $89 keg king cylinders are still available , just search "co2 cylinder" on ebay search
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    Marimo moss

    Yep, its says they are sold or was it you who brought them ?
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    Electric Yellow Legal Import?

    this on fb
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    Help me find this person

    Yes mate, can you PM me your number
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    Help me find this person

    hey Stuart you looking for me