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    Collecting Legality

    You don't need a licence in QLD to collect natives(provided you are not fishing in an impoundment body of water i.e a resouivor . If you use traps (box traps) you need to treat em like crab pots, they need a float and a waterproof plastic card on it with your name address and phone number. You cannot use opera house traps, seine nets, or Chinese minnow lift out traps. You can also use dip nets on a handle. There are bag limits for natives as stated 20 of one species. You cannot fish in national parks, but you can fish in state forests, council nature reserves and any old creek. The only natives you cannot collect are the protected ones, so in South East Queensland that means Lung Fish, Pygmy Pearch and Honey Blue Eyes. Dubies are fair game as are Rhads and Pacific Blue eyes. So inksummary as long as you are not in a national Park, chasing Honey Blueeyes or using a prohibited net, you are doing nothing wrong. Especially somewhere as buggered as Bulimba creek. Suggest you join ANGFA and go on a field trip with the crew, they will teach you how to catch natives legally and more importantly how to get you catch home in one piece (its a lot harder than just catching them, putting them in a bucket and taking them home). As far as Old Mate with the official polo shirt is concerned, he was speaking out his ring.
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    Deeg used to own him many years ago he would be fairly old by now. happy new Grover! good to see ya back! hope your well.
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    What’s this fish?

    This is a flag cichlid, probably mesonauta insignias or festivus. Cichlid from South America.
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    Hi @billfish, Looks like one Gummie bear is obviously tired of tyre-kickers ha! I think I remember paying about $150 each for half a dozen or so littlies back around 2010 - price has obviously gone up a tad. Mind you, I did also see Brisbane's "Holey" GPG on there as well (but dating back to Nov last year) - maybe I should add him/her to the Billabong. But it would be a big responsibility as he's (?) been around town for quite a few years now. And is reasonably famous !! Cheers, Grover
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    Bl**dy Expensive GPG Even I can't afford this one! Grover (he's back !)
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    wtb firefin comps and golden comps

    I’ve got Altolamprologus comp chiteka yellow and Altolamprologus comp gold face muzi available. Fry size 4cm can ship
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    Only downside is balancing the air pressure across the tanks as the lines to the tanks are different lengths but i just run a airline tap on each one at the tank to get the pressure i want the open line at the splitter at the pump i have faced back under the pump at the intake to try and help avoid dust getting it clogged up as it is under the house, upside i cant here the pump running at all
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    I set up my air lines using I think it was 20mm clear hose which was running off LP100 or larger air pumps. Hose hooked onto pump with radiator clamp and using black polly 90 deg bends or ends which were secured using zip ties rather then the black polly clips, I thought less air would escape. Used 4mm irrigation barbs pushed into the plastic hose and they gave a good seal also, there are 2 types of barbs , one with a sharp ends and one with just push points. Used a pair of pointy nose pliers to get the barbs through the hose. Used standard 4mm air line just pushed onto the barbs and then airlines into sponge filters and used airline control valves . If interested I have attached a photo of airline fittings I would sell and there are more around I would top up the box.
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    I have one large pump under my house (LP 200 i think) which i run black irrigation tube, (the flex 4mm, same size as normal airline) to 8 different tanks all over my house, and a couple of lines into ponds outside I split it at the pump and have one line fully open to allow any back pressure to get out I use normal airline for the last section that actually goes into the tank though as i don't know if over time the black tube would leech anything into the water
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    Express post or pickup from East Brisbane by appointment. Please PM for details.
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    I have had this Tropheus ikola colony for a little while now....Picked them up from a friend looking to get into marine set ups. They were sourced from Jim's stock in Sydney. They are constantly breeding, with 15 -20 odd fry in there with them at them moment (hard to get pics as they hide in the rocks). Colony is approx 50 strong. I run and FX6, 2 wave makers and 2 air stones, which seems to keep the water on point. They are fed on Ocean Nutrition cichlid veggie pellets which keep them happy.
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    FS: Corydoras Green Laser CW009

    These are beautiful fish guys, I bought some the other day....so happy with them
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    Collecting Legality

    When i replied, I wanted to articulate the same thoughts but couldn't quite think of putting it so eloquently. Hahaha
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    Collecting Legality

    Just as a final formality I did check with Fisheries QLD and they confirmed there are no restrictions on fishing here and confirmed the 20 bag limit for rainbow fish. He also suggested if old mate shows up next time to record his name and the company and report them back to Fisheries Department.
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    African fry.

    I'll try and find out for you , either latter on today or tomorrow.
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    wtb firefin comps and golden comps

    Hi guys I got Afew gold head comps at 4-5cm Not sure on price as don’t know going rate I’m at Eaton’s hill
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    why didn't I do this sooner

    hi all, in the last year I have been running aquaponics. I recommend anyone to give it a go, just feed the fish and add some nutrients. I even dump all my water change water into the system. it's got goldfish in the black ibc with bn and guppies in the white/sump ibc. I've mostly grown green leafy Vegetables but I'm experimenting with cucumber, tomatoes and capsicum to name a few. anyway, time for pics. cheers mick
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    Apricot Paradise Fish FS

    We have a limited number of Apricot Paradise Fish for sale, great for ponds all year around, will breed when spring hits. Pairs - 2 Available at $30 per pair, adult fish ready to breed given the right space. Singles - 8 available at $10ea or take all 8 for $60, all adult fish All wormed and ready for ponds, eating a variety of live foods, pellets & flakes. Pickup Slacks Creek or can deliver for $. No shipping. Cheers, Cam
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    Aquarium salt Vs other salts

    For artemia, any salt will do but and for most fish keepers even a terrible hatch rate is sufficient. However to get the optimal hatch rate, the best conditions will depend on the strain of artemia. Temp, light & pH being more important than salinity. I use a weak seawater salinity as this re-hydrates the cyst faster so artemia hatches faster so artemia spend less time struggling to get out and have more nutrition (egg reserves) and are smaller. For bigger fish fry like cichlids, the artemia size or strain won't matter. Growing artemia is a waste of time IMO as larger shrimp are mostly water unless you are growing to breed. I also decapsulate the cysts so I can feed the unhatched cysts too. If breeding, I recommend using a circular tank with very slow circulation and a flat baffle in center so they don't pile up im middle and crush. Childs shallow wading pool is perfect. The colonies will crash so set up two. Feeding the artemia consistently is a tricky art that I find challenging.
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    Small Garden Pond

    Welcome back! Long time no see, Mariano on here has experience with ponds - Cheers, Shaun
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    Age of Aquariums

    For those who have not noticed Age of Aquariums has closed there doors. It was somewhat quietly done without a big fanfare. What is the future for the hobby like? We are losing a lot of good stores and lots of good breeders.
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