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    200 strong kigoma juviniles

    F1 frontosa kigoma pumping out Taken with my olympus flash on.No filter.
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    Gday from FNQ

    @Wizza88 Welcome back. Great to see another Tang lover on the forums. Will send a PM. @BigPete86 thanks for the tag mate.
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    Gday from FNQ

    @Mitch.0 is another tang breeder
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    My new setup!

    most tetras that are torpedo shaped and some rasboras are easy to sex... males are thinner and smaller females are less streamlined.......wonder what the wife would say if we were game enough to tell her she is less streamlined
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    4fter Bolivian Ram, Purple Spotted Gudgeon tank unfinished. Slightly oversized with triple paned ends, 260L I think but will calculate properly when I finish it off this week. More caves and plants to go in, also 3 paradise fish in there that were in a pond. Not sure if they'll stay there or go back in the pond yet
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    Been checking out 5 ft Aquariums

    I noticed that aquaone tank comes with a canister which is great because built in filters don't really do the job on a tank that size. I have a 5ft aqua nova that originaly had built in filters but have now been replaced with a canister.
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    Those non standard connections are a trap. Maybe you could use a DEKs connector? Multiple diameters available and some able to step up or down pipe sizes. https://www.bunnings.com.au/our-range/bathroom-plumbing/plumbing/pipe-fittings/flexible-couplings
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    Challenger 1966

    Aqua green are great people to deal with and have a great story. They work with our native people in areas they collect from and give back to the custodians of the land. Plus they are mad keen hobbyists with some real cool stuff
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    Hello All. Great to meet you.

    Hi, My name is Peter. I'm looking to start a new chapter in Aquarium Keeping. Been doing a lot of research and have discovered lots of very informative YouTubes although everything I've watched is based on the U.S. market. Looking to get more info on our local suppliers plus tips and tricks. Ultimately, I'm looking to set up a planted tropical Aquarium of around 4" x 2" x 2" to feature in our entry. Will be wanting advice to schooling community fish ( small ) and maybe if practical, an Angel to draw peoples attention. I was an Admin of a dog forum a number of years ago, Also a registered breeder of Japanese Spitz ( Dogs Qld ) ( ANKC ) but now no longer involved in breeding due to my health and the very long hours needed to look after puppies during their first weeks of life. This is a time of my life I treasure as nothing compares to the joys of watching pups grow from birth to the time they leave for their new lives. It was also the saddest time when the time came for the pups to leave. Thankfully, I still have owners who still keep in touch and I can say for certain, a pup never forgets its breeder. Look forward to reading the boards. Cheers!
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    200 strong kigoma juviniles

    2nd alpha male, he would like to be the boss. I think he has more colour than the boss, the girls like him..... Photo shoot on my Olympus no filter, just straight of the flash.
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    Heater Update... Huge vote of thanx to Scotty today (of All Spa Repairs - down Beenleigh way). By the way, Scotty needs a supply of funny jokes from his customer to get his maximum work ethic happening ha ha! The EvoHeat Force i-9 is installed And the temperature is gradually rising again - Only 23.5degC today - decided that I should raise the temperature gently for the GPGs over 2-3 days, so they have a chance to adjust. The eventual aim is to get the Billabong up to 26degC. Most of the internet web sites quote 20-30degC as a temperature range; but being tropical giants, I feel that 26degC and above gives them a better outlook on life Grover, (might go for a swim when it does hit 26!)
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    big thanks to fishking for the fish

    Was that the flowerhorn you got? any pics?
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    Cheers Dave, good to meet you. Fish are excellent, settled in nicely.
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    Sail fin Pleco 18cm

    great price
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    My Aquarium build update

    1. You'll need at least 500W of heating, I would get 2 heaters, of 250W each. Heaters are cheap, and this setup is much safer, if one heater breaks. Either in the "on" or the "off" position. 2. Depends more on the fish you want to keep. Based on what you've said about the fish, UV is not at all necessary. 3. Any canister filter with at least 1400, 1500 lph flow rate should do, in addition to your HOB. Note that the canister filters are a much bigger pain in the a*s to clean, but you only need to clean them much less often than HOB. Cleaning my canister filters is my least favourite aspect of fishkeeping, not for the sludge and muck I find, but the business of opening and closing the canisters without leaks. I've got both AquaOne and Fluval canister filters, and one brand is just SOOO much easier to maintain...
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    Gold Apistogramma Macmasteri

    i cannot reveal all as I have a golden rule that no Macmasters, hongsloi, cacatoides or aggies will set foot in my house. The red tefe look nice and I was tempted. I choose some fish I think should be more common in the hobby, and one of the above banned fish.
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    Dumbo mosaic guppys

    Trios for $15 or 2 trios for $25 Fish will be bagged for easy transaction and transport Pick up sunnybank hills
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    Gold Apistogramma Macmasteri

    Thanks to this thread I got a couple of pairs coming from David. Fish Forums are bad influences.
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    Gday from FNQ

    Thanks mate. Mine all got sold when I divorced and sold everything to move north. I miss some of the species I had and have not seen anyone selling or even keeping a few of the variants I had. It’s a shame what they can make us do mate
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    Gold Apistogramma Macmasteri

    My fire golds aren't shy at all but I have 7 pygmy corys and 18 rasbora maculata in with them, 6-8 of those mac ras are gonna go in with the Apistos and red lizards as dithers to help them feel more at home Ahh ok, I knew true viejita were rare all over but now I know it's happening overseas too it makes more sense, 2+2... fair enough Ohhh yeah, I could talk fish all day, couple mates even know scientific names of a few fish despite never owning a fish tank. I bore them to tears sometimes I bet. * me all excited* "I got a new pair of fish coming, they're ... and they like ..., they're from ... and never been in Aus before" *mate sips beer* "yeah cool bro, so..." XD poor blokes
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    Gday from FNQ

    Forgot about Mitch.0, @presto maybe too? I remember selling them some Paracyprichromis Nigripinnis I think it was, maybe some Eretmodus and comps too, my Sumbu shell comps maybe went to Mitch, can't remember it was ages ago when I sold up my Tangs and bailed for a bit. I think Mitch was next in line for my Kiriza Black Microleps too when I left for a bit but Julie got them from memory. Sold a bunch of fish I'll likely never see again bloody women and the dumb things we do for them xD
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    Gold Apistogramma Macmasteri

    Yeah I flicked them a message and he said to move over to the FB page as that will usually tell me when they come in next before the website. As I imagine its a little more difficult to update a website than post on FB. Sounds like hes good to deal with. I do like stores that will show you the fish before they're shipped, its always makes me nervous wondering what quality I will be receiving. The red backs stood out to me as well, cant blame you for picking them out. I dont usually like the look of Agassizzi but those ones were nice. They should thrive with all that live food you have ready for them. I was hoping to feed macmasteri a decent supply of cherry shrimp to see if that acts as a more natural colour enhancer. Like feeding carrots to a canary the red lizards are cool, their reds really help brighten any tank. Propbably helps the apistos explore the tank more as well if you have some other fish. Are your other apistos quite shy? Its not just Aus that theyre the same. The states and Europe also have this problem. Veijita is quite rare in all countries with very few pairs collected from discussions with some apisto guys. They said no veijita have ever been here. As they look quite similar its just a way for stores/breeders to sell the same fish as two species. Macmasteri 'gold' is often sold as veijita 'gold' in America as well which triggers a few of the die hards haha. So for the veijita is just a lack of imports as they are quite rare all over the world and hard to capture in the wild so therefore theres extremely limited stock in the global hobby. But agree with you on hybrids/breeding poor quality animals thus creating schools of poor quality fry to be distributed into the trade. I used to keep ps flavus and had to move on my colony, a few years later I have looked for them and not seen any nice yellow and dark barred animals since. Same with Afra Hara, was offered a decent group 10 years ago and have kicked myself ever since for saying no. Americans like you mentioned are a whole other story. I know of a few red tiger motas in Aus and for some reason someone was breeding red tiger mota x dovii and those hybrids have been popping up and people are thinking they own motas now. Same with multifasciatus x dovii and a recent hobbyist breeding jags x dovii. These animals are being distributed by petshops regularly and it wont be long until it becomes quite difficult to locate the pure higher quality animals. Now not every hobbyist should be experted to be a guru or try saving a species. But it does disappoint me when i see a few of the so called big breeders breeding poor quality animals and selling their fry. One pair of festae being bred currently is potentially one of the worst examples of the fish and now their babies will be everywhere haha. To leave it all on a good note, trimacs are back! Wow that was a good way to easily be sidetracked. I have a feeling we could rant on this topic for a while over some beers
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    Betta display tank wanted

    Hi and welcome to the site
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    WTB 007 , 134,046, juviniles

    Hi as above putting it out there ,see if anyone has some juviniles. Cash awaiting. Pm me if you might have some. Or I will have to ship. Thanks jas
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    free big portion of frogbit

    @Merkinater was looking for some earlier this week.try him
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    WTB - L134 Female

    Brandon on gumtree sent me a message on gumtree he has 1m 3f L134 for sale ,he wanted $1600 a bit pricey for me. That was yesterday, he is under pleco caves for sale north lakes. Jas
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    Saturday update... The BBB filters have been cleaned, the CST has been de-sludged, and 3 bags of scoria have been washed and added to the BBF. What else have I done? Broke out the technology - the "UWBC" - UnderWater Bullet Camera, and went videoing in the Billabong depths. The water still looks a little hazy from the camera's point of view, but I wanted to see the GPGs in action! So here 'tis... GPG UW Billabong23 The Billabong with slo-mo action as Grover has worked out how to use the Windows 10 technology. Still the same goldfish and the same Giant Pink Gouramis, although this guy didn't want to be filmed - watch him disappear! Cheers, Grover (he's fixed the dodgy connections for the Blagdon UVC's now he has to put them back together)
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    Cichlid food?

    Hi, I know I've been posting a lot about concerns to do with my fish lately, but I think I'm finally relaxed. I was just wondering; I picked up this bottom feeder food the other day for my dwarf cichlid (german blue ram) because apparently they're more nutritious than flakes. She has been eating them, and I have also seen my neon tetras picking at them as well. Just asking if this food is alright for cichlids or is it mainly for cliche 'bottom feeders' like catfish?
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    WTB: albino bristlenose

    What price?
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    wtb cheap anubias

    try @bluebelle
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    Your right Jason, it is hard for us to try and convince people ^ that dog sh i t smells and looks as pretty as roses ^ but some people have the knack for it, and I guess , that's where some of the different strains come into play.
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    Challenger 1966

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    Been checking out 5 ft Aquariums

    LOL , Yes. The fact that it has a cannister filter included is a plus for me. I've had a few small hobby tanks with the built in filter in the lid in the past, and all had failed before 12 months.
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    Another Question......

    Thank you. Sand like gravel is noted ! Pity about the Angels. I found some Black Angels at Loganholme. They look absolutely stunning !
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    Gav 61

    Wtb. L144 OR SUPER RED

    Yeah sue is limited at the moment.
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    Wanted Geos and the like

    Hey Craigo Thanks for your reply mate but i think im all sorted, will get back to you if it doesnt work out
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    Challenger 1966

    Coolnwynpin creek
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    the only plan worth having is to wake up tomorrow this side of the turf, the rest just keeps u on your toes
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    After a lot of editing time, the vid is now viewable @goldenswimmers @JB @Tang3 Quite a murky dive that one with lots of floaties The Lamprologine cichlids of Lake Tanganyika, Africa are some of the top predatory cichlids in the lake. Other cichlid species take advantage of this by hanging out amongst the predators and their brood to seek protection, since the predatory Lamprologine does not hunt during this period. A clever cichlid adaptation. (Ref. Konings (2015), Wantanabe (2000), Ochi & Yanagasawa (1996)). https://youtu.be/KhEyG00zxgg
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    Hi @aquaholic99 Appreciate your thoughts & experience With a little luck the Brisbane minimum temperature should be on its way back up. I'll try setting the heat pump for 23/24 and monitor the behaviour of the GPGs. I've been a tad worried as the food gets eaten, but they don't want to be seen (either by day or night) which is somewhat unusual. Cheers, Grover
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    Help. Should I buy this ?

    I have brought over 50 tanks from darren never had an issue at all.i get all my electrical from the techden. Good luck.
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    Tank pics and a few questions

    Chloramine will degrade much like chlorine but over 3 - 4 days if left to age. All the traditional dechlorination processes still apply as it's still chlorine with a more stable bond. So carbon, aging, off gassing, pressure, sodium thiosulphate, ascorbic acid etc. The ammonia freed up is not worth worrying about but a great marketing tool for the anxious. It's extremely easy to test for chlorine. Drop a DPD 1 (palin) swim pool tablet into a clear jar of water. If there is any pink coloration, chlorine still exists. If clear then it's all gone. Don't buy the chlorine test kit, just the tablets as you don't care what level of chlorine if it's not zero. A pack of 50 tablets is about $6 from memory. Rain water is almost always very soft and acidic which is terrible for maintaining nitrification bacteria. You can add some coral chunks in your fish tank or into the rain tank.
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    waiting for a reply

    This site was the bomb 15 years ago absolutely fully sick!! There are still inthusius out there. Look on Instagram if you love the hobby,as well. Since the importing stopped ,it slowly died. I have never stopped still have 6 big tanks and still breeding.Will never stop. Pitty
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    Hello All. Great to meet you.

    hello and welcome
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    Hello All. Great to meet you.

    Hi and welcome to the site
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    WTB Sulawesi rabbit snails

    They are only illegal to own if declared noxious. Gar for example in QLD or more recently Jaguar Cichlids. Theres many exotics that are not on the allowable import list but can still be kept and bred in Australia if already here. Its a bit of a loophole. Red tail/giraffe/moonlight catfish, pea puffers and black nastys etc are illegally brought here but once bred can be distributed as they are not declared noxious pests.
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    My Oscars

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    Jacob's High Tech Fish Room Build

    A few minor updates: A few new 5x2x20" tanks arrived over the weekend and I was able to get the first one plumbed in and filled. I went with a slightly different side sump design this time around and it is my favourite design to date. I think I'll be sticking with it for all future tanks. the big advantage is that should a holding female spit in the tank, all the fry get sucked into the side filter and can be retrieved with ease :-) I also managed to get my fishroom "control centre" set up. From here I can input and test all the programming for my Neptune APEX which is the heart of automated water changes for each tank. As per the initial design intent for this room, the high tech part is aimed at making ongoing maintenance as low effort as possible. Next step - Introducing a few more Tropheus colonies :-)
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    My Sajica Convict hybrids

    Oh by the way on my Rainbowfish keeping, I keep my breeding bows seperated by catchment as species. I would never keep Rhadinocentrus from two different creeks in the same tank/pond. That is a given and the basic first rule of keeping Rhads.
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    Betta display tank wanted

    The example you showed is for sale. You may have to arrange transport though. https://www.amazingamazon.com.au/betta-display-tanks.html
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