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    Corona’s affect on the hobby

    It's a bit hard breeding fish when your trying to make them keep a safe distance from each other. Don't even get me started on them washing their fins. Better chance training them to crap up the same end of the tank and I think we all know how well that would go down. Someone offered me a trade last night on a gum tree ad. Pleco for toilet paper swap...... I sh!t you not.
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    New Plant

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    Oh... Look.... New ducks on the Billabong Courtesy of Bunnings ha ha! Grover (note the plastic chains to stop the plastic birds from escaping)
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    Good Evening Gentlemen That's you @Pepperbris and @wadedidit I do appreciate that there are the silent readers coming along on the GPG ride, although it's best if I just keep puddling along and don't remember that the Billabong posts are heading for 130,000 views in total... FYI - Daughter #1 has a partner and is living/farming on 67 acres near Gympie. She has a fish tank with a GNF, but says it needs a clean before you see any photos. She also has a number of dams that they want to stock with Redclaw yabbies and possibly Silver Perch, so I think the fishy-bug has been successfully passed on.. I'll be back in Brisvegas with time to clean the filters before flinging off to Synney again next week. Discovered last week that the local greengrocer had giant cos-type lettuce. Tall, long-leaved ones like spinach, but actually lettuce. He sold me a box of slightly droopy ones that had started wilting in his cold room for $10 (I've been buying Icebergs at $4 ea); the gouramis just smash them as I sprinkle leaves on the surface. No wonder the goldfish suffer the odd casualty on occasion, as the GPG just ram the lettuce and swirl back under with a huge splash. Ha! It only LOOKS like a video, but it does show some v.happy GPGs. Cheers from Grover still stuck in Sydney
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    L397 juvies *SOLD*

    x12 3.5-3.9cm $25ea x10 4-4.9cm $30ea (Min buy of 2). When looking to buy any catfish/plecos , it is best to buy above 3cm as anything below this size has a low survival rate. Some of you may be lucky but it’s not worth the risk and the money. At the 3cm plus mark they are more stronger in terms of adjusting to their new environment. Breeding plecos is my hobby, a lot of time and effort goes into them, and I am happy to offer any advice on their care upon request. Fed a mix of algae wafers, zuchinni, meat pellets (1-2 times a week), and occasionally carrot, watermelon. (They also must have driftwood in their tank). Please bring a bucket for transport
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    Ha ha! Rumours of Grover's demise have been greatly exaggerated He's currently in Sydney, for a few weeks of work, and has left the GPGs in the care of a new housemate. Fully detailed instructions about feeding peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, and the tearing apart of lettuces with your bare hands were provided. Also, the fishy filters were cleaned and water plant islands reviewed. New housemate looks to be a very reliable lady and is not fazed by giant monsters in the Billabong, nor by The Dog. Actually The Dog quite approves of her if the tail-wagging is any guide. Grover has been a good procrastinator lately. He's decided that re-building the Big Box Filter can wait til Easter. Taking some work leave then to do the plumbing job properly ( = expensively). Thanx for the vote of confidence, I only write this because I know there's at least 6 people who read it !! Cheers, Grover (We want less about him and more about the fish )
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    copper sulfate based chems will destroy the snail population, but thousands of snails might pollute the wated any plants you buy you can copper bath them before placing in your tank, or salt bath them if the tank isnt being used at the moment , boil the substrate , that should destroy the eggs too after buying new plants i usually place a lettuce leaf in an old fish food container over night small enough that fish cant get in and eat the leaf, and pull it out before lights on in the morning ,you will soon collect heaps of them some times its just easier to ditch all the substrate and start again any driftwood maybe heavy dose a drum with salt and soak it seachem make a copper based remedy that will also destroy the eggs loaches do an ok job but all except the largest have a bit of a hard time cracking mts shells
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    Granit Bay

    Tiger Endlers For Sale

    starter colonies (5 males and 5 females) for $40
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    Hi everyone, I have a Frontosa, Clown Loach, Hongi, Crimson Tide for sale as i am re-doing my tank to a planted tank. I dont really have any set prices so all reasonable offers considered. I am selling the fish which will go towards my next project. Location is Cannon Hill. Please feel free to text 0431 909 266.
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    Cleaning out the pond

    damselfly larvae
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    Corona’s affect on the hobby

    We are in strange times. I have told my team that we are in this for at least 6 months, maybe more. Certainly not less. I think it is a matter of time before imports dry up. Is anyone gearing up to breed quality fish to keep the hobby going through the next 6-12 months. Interested in your thoughts.
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    spangled perch free warwick

    let him go. just saw smaller spangled perch at aquabird toowoomba for $28 each.
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    Corona’s affect on the hobby

    I hope it was triple ply
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    this is the 3rd lot of egg, previous 2 weren't fertile (went white). i thought it was because the koi was the male and wasn't old enough but now im pretty sure the koi is a female as i saw her layin eggs and looks like the female in illustrated pic attached. the platinum looks to have male genitalia but seems to either to not be up to the task or another female. should i separate them and try different partners or am i just being impatient?
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    Im after female dumbo hmpk

    I brought one a few months ago from pet city, they had a tank of fancy female fighters like dumbo and koi for $30 something each.
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    Fish for sale

    @Arcady Hi and welcome to the site. I'm pretty sure you need to have 5 posts before the classifieds section becomes visible.
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    @Grover65k if your daughter wants silver perch and red claw, try Australian native fish enterprises theyre located at Kallangur, just make sure that the perch and redclaw are within their natural area ,apparently theres fines for not obeying these rules their website gibes you an approximate stocking rate for all live stock into dams
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    Lake tanganyika

    Ive got the following fish available Xenotilapia Boulangeri 3-4cm $25ea Xenotilapia Boulangeri 12-14cm subadults $25 available only Tanganyikan killifish 5-6cm $15ea callochromis stappersii 10-13cm Nicely coloured 3 available $15 males for display Callochromis macrops 10-13cm Nicely colours 3 available $15e males for display Altolamprologus comp chiteka gold 4cm $25ea Very orange calico bristlenose 3-5cm $10ea Xenotilapia bathyphilus kekese 4-5cm $25ea Mob 0401979525
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    I do believe there are quite a few silent followers. Always awesome to catch up on your adventures. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Its official The Billabong has gone green for summer, photo to come. So Grover is back to whale-watching as the GPGs surface to gulp air. Grover (Author of "How Green Was My Billabong")
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