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    Love seeing these guys!

    A pair of latz that i like to check out at this site! These anemone fish i collected some years back, it could be 8 yeas by now, anyway they were very small juvs when i got them so as an experiment sort of i found an obsure spot where no one would look and got a nice anem so they could get a life in it and each year i look maybe twice a year at this site i chose to see how they are going. looks like the big one is getting ready to lay very soon, big and fat, lol. they are invaluable to this and any other site down current by seeding these areas with off spring. Latz, being an aus endemic anemones fish, they are valuable to collectors for the over seas market, i use to collect thousands my self back in the days when i was a comercial collector , but these guys, they have a very safe life here and the anem has done well, it has split three times so they have the gardeners cottage, a grany falt and more, lol
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    Scamming scum at it again

    i sell to whoever I want to, if I dont like someone, I dont sell to them can only get scammed if you let someone do it to you
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    Scamming scum at it again

    So how are we supposed to advertise our fish for sale? I don't talk to many people in the hobby outside of the forum or FB. Certainly not enough people to sell to.
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    Scamming scum at it again

    Here you go Darren this should fix you right up
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    Love ya work Grover. As for #1 daughter, I've had my brother fishing in a 4fter with a 13ft surf rod. Quite interesting to walk in on at 2am.
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    Life in - North Pine Dam/Lake Samsonvale just north of Brisbane, the Lungfish population seems to be thriving https://youtu.be/Vlr-Vcjbz8A
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