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    Help with loosing fry

    The more data you can provide the more accurate we can be in our help Going off pictures alone, the redness does appear to bacterial..... but the fluff does appear to be Saprolegnia. So either you have a secondary fungal infection on top of an external bacterial infection...... or more likely you have an opportunistic fungal knocking off the weakest of your fry. This sort of situation, if the water tests results have no smoking guns is a situation where the use of meth blue can be very helpful indeed. Usually we use methylene blue with eggs to stop fungus, but it can also be used with fry. I had a similar problem with Umbie fry a while back and meth blue saved the day. Not sure if you have same problem, but might be worth a google. If the water quality is not great, then likely to be fungal (Saprolegnia). If the water quality is great, then more likely to be bacterial (Columnaris). Bacterials are difficult to treat in warm weather, high pH and heavily stocked tanks. Step one to take when you have a columnaris case with fish like yours is to add Aquarium Salt. Minimum dose 1 tablespoon per 20L
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    The Tech Den


    They would have to be Adults as the post is is from 2014
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    Help with loosing fry

    Hi just checked nitrite , nitrate and ammonia all are good food = sera brand of San , flora and vipan once a day also to add I have others grow out tanks that are not displaying any problems also on the attachment one of the fry has a swollen bottom as if they can't poo trying to get better shots thanks
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    Help with loosing fry

    can you supply some details on tank , filtration, food, etc sort of looks bacterial
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    Search funtion

    Hello, I haven't been on QLDAF in years Is there a way to search within categories like the dry goods trader? or only searching the entire website? Is there a planted tank or aquascaping area? I can't seem to find it Thanks in advance
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    Help with loosing fry

    Hi thanks for the input much appreciated Tank size 3 x 2 x 20in temp 26 2 x spong filters ( air sponge ) water change 40% every 3 days ( half tape water half rain water) using a 3 stage water filter on the tape water i will test the parameters shortly thanks
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    Help with loosing fry

    What are your parameters? I am not sure but it could be some sort of nitrite poisoning?
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    Help with loosing fry

    mate u should pm the age of aquirums on here on donny from aoa they are your best bet
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    Love seeing these guys!

    A pair of latz that i like to check out at this site! These anemone fish i collected some years back, it could be 8 yeas by now, anyway they were very small juvs when i got them so as an experiment sort of i found an obsure spot where no one would look and got a nice anem so they could get a life in it and each year i look maybe twice a year at this site i chose to see how they are going. looks like the big one is getting ready to lay very soon, big and fat, lol. they are invaluable to this and any other site down current by seeding these areas with off spring. Latz, being an aus endemic anemones fish, they are valuable to collectors for the over seas market, i use to collect thousands my self back in the days when i was a comercial collector , but these guys, they have a very safe life here and the anem has done well, it has split three times so they have the gardeners cottage, a grany falt and more, lol
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    Hi, I love keeping fish (Africans) but circumstances has force the below sale: Set Up Two 4x2x2 tank with lids Custom Fish Metal Stand ( houses two 4x2x2 on the bottom and can house a 8 feet 9 inch tank on top) Originally I was going to place custom tank (8 feet 9 inch x 2 feet x 3 feet) on top but as mentioned I am moving. The set up has been moved outside under carport. I live in the South Brisbane Area. Pick up only. I wish to sell the lot as a set as I don't want the trouble of selling bits and pieces. (Warning: The Stand is long about 270 cm) Those interested please replay. First come first served. I am negotiable. Kind Regards, CaveOut
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