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    Diy hang on refugium for under $20

    Thought I'd share the hob refugium I knocked up yesterday/ this afternoon. I have been trying to work out where I could grow some macro for nitrate reduction and somewhere for the pod population to expand. Space is fairly tight in my sump and cabinet as you can see in the photos and my wife would not approve of an external refugium so I decided to build one to fit in the little space that I have left in the cabinet between the sump and chiller. I was inspired by the CPR aquafuge but was not willing to part with a few hundred dollars to get one from the states. So, using some old acrylic shelves that I picked up from my wife's work when they were doing a store change, a few tools and a tube of weldon acrylic glue from my favourite reef shop the total build cost came to $17.10 This is what I came up with. First picture is the cabinet Second and third are just after gluing Third and fourth are after I filed, sanded and polished the edges and leak tested. Last pictures are finished with tank side painted black to prevent unwanted algea growth in the sump.
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    Matt White

    Pleco,Discus,Shrimp PHOTOS

    Hi Everyone a few pics of some of my Fish and Shrimp, Not the best Photographer!!! Have a nice pic of Whiptail just can't find it!
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    Andrew Soh CV 2017.pdf Andrew will be speaking at the Queensland Cichlid Group meeting on the tenth of March at 8.00pm. The address for is the Bar Jai hall is 178 Alexandra road Clayfield . As you will see from his CV Andrew is an internationally known discus expert based in Singapore He will be speaking on Selecting The Best Discus and Discus Diseases and Treatment. There will be no charge for the talk but bring along some cash for a raffle or two on the night. Bill Smith QCG President/Life Member
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    Divided tank materials

    then use these with the Perspex sheet (3mm is a good thickness) http://www.thetechden.com.au/Aquarium_Divider_p/ar37.htm
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    But of course your fish willnot be happy and lead a stressful life If you love them as your pet, care for them in a love way
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