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    my tanks

    thought I would post up a couple of picks of my tanks. I have a 3ft community tank and a small maybe 10 litre red cherry shrimp tank. I did have a fair amount of shrimp in the tank but i recently lost a few while i was away on holidays. The inhabitants of the community tank is a bi interesting. a couple of fish that wouldn't normally be put together but they are all living and getting along fine. pretty happy I'm not sure what the plants are that i have. the fish love taring them out of the substrate though. and eating them :/ i'm currently looking for some sort of ground covering plant to put in various places in both tanks. i use a biopro 800lph external canister filter to service both tanks and the fishy tank has a fluval aquasky led light with remote. The community tank holds 2 dwarf gouramis 4 yellow honey gouramis 2 red honey gouramis 3 black widow tetras 3 rummy nose tetras 9 neon tetras 2 serpais 3 lamp eye tetras 2 white clouds 2 platies 1 bristle nose catfish
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    Any good LFS?

    Smiths aquarium
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    Shrimp Rack time!

    1300??? wow. bit steep haha. stand looks the goods!
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    Texas Cichlid - Breeding

    get another tank set up to move the fry into and MTS starts ............ more tanks, more tanks, more tanks
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    this is what I was looking for, had to take the pic myself. all labidochromis caeruleus. cheers mick
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    Need advice Tanks to big for stands

    When space is tight, I deliberately overhang tanks off the rack to improve the access into the tank and reduce the number/cost of PVC pipe fittings. On 90 x 45 x 45 tanks with 6mm glass/base, I overhang the tank by 75mm regularly. Some old photos I have dug up below.
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