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    Hello From Perth :)

    Thanks guys.
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    We have noticed a big increase in planted aquarium customers, as well as a big increase in their skill level. Some really top level tanks around the local scene that were just not here before. Low tech, high tech and crazy gimmick setups. The forums still have lots of planted action happening, but you cant deny the juggernaut that the Liverpool Creek FB page has become. They all feed off each other, and we all benefit
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    I would have thought planted tanks are growing in popularity. I'm giving it a shot (not a great shot I have to admit).
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    I think the current trend is marine and planted. Possibly as options available have changed.
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    nice plates and rams, and pepps and things
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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Take 2 on Goldfish Catching... If you grew up with Road Runner cartoons, then you'll know that Wile E. Coyote had a great supplier - ACME Corporation! I too, have a great supplier - eBay ! After the slightly abject failure with the Protable Folded Fishing Net Small Fish Shrimp Minnow Crab Baits Cast Mesh Net My next Wile E. Coyote purchase is... 12 Holes Square Foldable Fisho larger with...ing Trap Cast Net Nylon Stainless Closed Shrimp Net Wonder Net I read the blurb, and how could I not be swayed by such magnificent persuasive literacy and features ?? Features: Square design with twelve enters. With six solid steel bars, make the net stay strong. Zipper design makes it be more easier to take out what you caught. Can be folded,convenient to carry and easy to use. Wow! 12 "enters", oh - the net "stay strong", and a zipper ! And wait, there's more... ! For a simple person like me, yes! yes! I need release from complex installation problems, please. Grover (sending his Paypal $$$ off into the ether)
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    Is this site owned or has ever been owned by Redlands Pet Centre or affiliates ? I'm just curious that's all.
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    Very smart move from Russ, and honorable as well. He really does think of the Hobby, as alot of forums like this don't seem to have the long jeopardy due to funding and interest I think this forum is hear for the long run, I have been part of the Qldaf clan for 7 years maybe longer known as travsfish before the move, one the unlucky people that couldn't bring name with me due problematic email address Keep up the good work everyone as i have had many questions to ask over the years and i,m sure we all have Just good to know someone has our back Thanks for the quick replies too Cheers Trav
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