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    Appreciation of The Tech Den

    I want to say a big thanks to the team at The Tech Den. We live at Deagon 30-40 min drive to TD, but still choose to go there over the LFS. We were put on to them by the guy we purchased our second hand tank from. They have helped me (a complete beginner) set up my tank from scratch. I always go in with my little book of questions and get great honest advice that doesn’t always involve them trying to sell me something. The team are always happy to talk me through things, help with stocking advice, plant advice and I even called up today as I have had a sick fish and once again got useful advice over the phone. I cant speak highly enough of these guys and I’m always passing their details on to others. Well worth the drive regards Layla
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    CO2 Reactors/Diffusers in large tanks

    I found with a 4ft tank that having a CO2 outlet at one end wasn’t enough. Pearling was only going on for two thirds of tank. Added CO2 outlet at other end and doing a lot better. I’ve been happy with the CO2 probe cutoff as well. Much safer on fish but still managed to gas a few.
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    CO2 Reactors/Diffusers in large tanks

    I make my own from PVC pipe. 700 litre tank. Bigger is not always better - the trick IMO is to have some turbulence where the water goes into the reactor to help dissolve the CO2. ie strong filter pump and don't make the inlet too big in diameter so the water squirts in. e.g. for my big tank I first used a 40cm length of 90mm pipe with end caps to make the reactor body with 3/4 (20mm) inlet and outlets and the water moved too slowly so would not dissolve all the CO2. I chopped the top off the reactor and put in a 50mm->90mm reducer so the inlet of the reactor is narrower (ie the whole reactor is pear shaped) and I glued a small piece of 13mm pipe into the inlet hole to make a bit of a "jet". So now the water squirts into the narrow top of the reactor with a lot of turbulence, but the larger bottom section slows the water down and traps any bubbles. Works well. The DIY "cerges" using clear water filter chambers are also great because you can see what is going on - but again good flow/turbulence is the key.
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    Dedicated "Full Tank Shot" Thread

    My 6x2x2 discus tank
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    CO2 Reactors/Diffusers in large tanks

    There are two widely used DIY reactor designs, the rex grigg and the cerges reactor They'll both run around $50 to build, its generally accepted that the rex grigg design is better for maintaining flow while the cerges is easier to assemble
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    Just back from a whirlwind 8 days in America, saw some amazing fish and met some amazing people, the day before we left we lost power in storms and had the generator running all night to keep the tanks going all good from there, checked all the parameters etc. First day in America I was contacted by a employee who lives near me saying there was a massive storm rolling in and they were out of power, we had set up the fish to go the 9 days without intervention but obviously being a million miles away put some fear into us, storms continued all week we were in the states and now we were starting to worry. we arrived home yesterday morning to find all the fish 100% perfect, water parameters were amazing, Peppermints had a batch of fry lol. water changes today and then move the plates into the Display tank this afternoon setup for success
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    I need to have a look at the joining process @ex0h No talking offtopic in this thread - and for clarity Donald Trump will not be allowed to join the forum or off topic section without proving he has a tank in the Whitehouse.
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