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    FS: Corydoras Green Laser CW009

    Very healthy, locally bred and tank raised Corydoras Green Laser CW009. Size: TL ~2.5cm - 3cm 6 for $180 10 for $250 Pick up can be arranged from Herston or Birkdale, or add $25 for express post in foam box.
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    Above and Beyond

    @jc12 I’ve recently sustained an injury which has rendered me unable to drive for 3 months. I recently got in touch with JC and enquired about his Green Laser Cory’s which led me purchase 6 (terrific quality) fish. Given my inability to drive, I rely heavily on my wife and therefore pickup was organised to fit in with her schedule over a weekend. Following our messaging JC kindly offered to drop the fish off on his way home from work which is greatly appreciated and goes above and beyond a nice gesture. It’s great to see some lovely people in the hobby and on this website, who go out of their way to help another person! Thanks again JC the fish have settled in well, I highly recommend the quality of fish. I will stay in touch and be sure to ask you alot of questions! Thanks Again, Chris
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    Hi all Just wanted to post my diy effort of rebuilding a stand. I had a store mdf stand as part of the aqua one package. My filter must have leaked as I noticed that the mdf was swelling. I panicked and immediately broke down the tank and moved the fish to my second tank. It had 500kg of weight on it and I didn't want to be cleaning that up. I managed to salvage the doors, top and side panel. I followed the online guides and built a new internal frame from structural pine. Recladded the frame with the salvaged panels. I think it looks the same so mission accomplished. Cost about $120 for timber and paint. Let me know your thoughts.
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    sick cichlids

    everything is perfect, water is fine, and the specialists have checked, you can close the thread now
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    L046 eggs (very small batches)

    There is a big difference between over feeding and increased feeding. Your tank stability shouldn't change with heavy feeding but your maintenance probably will. Live black worm might be an option depending on your substrate. Keeping a smaller tank volume is a lot more effort than a bigger tank volume in my experience. Does the female lay more eggs at breeding? Perhaps it's a problem of fertility? or a problem of incubation? Or perhaps just enjoy 2 or 3 babies per batch? Successful fish keeping is mostly problem solving but perseverence helps
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    @billfish For smaller plants/moss I use an aquarium safe superglue gel, one that has an active constituent of Cyanoacrylate. It basically becomes inert when moist or wet on the wood/rock which does a good job attaching the plant. Also make sure it’s a superglue gel, I recently purchased some from Bunnings.For larger plants I use fishing line and remove once attached. The above options have worked for me. Cheers Chris
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    Staff tip of the day.

    With the warmer water comes an increase in life, some of which can cause issues for your fish. The dreaded flex is likely the most feared, as if it reproduces out of control it can wipe a tank in a very short time. Known by many names as a result of its many symptoms, it can be a very confusing disease to diagnose and treat. I highly reccomend taking the time to read through this link https://fishlab.com/columnaris/ Its important to know when to turn the heater up or down while treating sick fish. Whitespot turn up Columnaris turn down. Your 2 most likely disease encounters, know thy enemy!
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    new baby

    1 year on. <
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    Show us your ferals

    Not good that there’s so many getting about won’t be to far in the future that there won’t be anything native left with so many irresponsible/couldn’t give a damn about anything people sad that my kids are growing up thinking freaks are normal fish
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    Show us your ferals

    They are ferals they are damaging to our natives they need to be removed - 2 fish is barely a start . Your ignorance is no less appalling than the fish being killed , If they go into somebody's tank either them or they're offspring could wind up back in our waterways . They have not as yet been declared noxious , but I believe they will in the not too distant future . Then it will be mandatory to kill them immediately on capture . Shame to kill such nice fish but it needs to be done .
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    Thanx @Slipshodman & @the cichlid kid The first half of 2019 is going to see a refurbishment of the entire Billabong filtration system (when the Cetus Sieve arrives... hint hint @ageofaquariums) The Bog Bed Filter (BBF) will finally get a load of scoria, and together with the Cetus Sieve, this will hopefully make a difference to the "Kermit" green colour. Here's a memory from South Africa that I'm aiming for... Doreen Falls, on what I think is the Mhlonhlo Creek flowing into the uMlambonja River. Cathedral Peak and Didima Camp Map Cheers, Grover (the water from the top of the Drakensberg range was clear, clean, and cool)
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    OK... So now it's New Year's Eve and I'm stuck in Melbourne for work. Best I can do is watch the fireworks from the balcony of the B&B, then go touring Melbourne aquarium stores on 01-Jan. From Williamstown Aquarium to the Coburg shop and any inbetween :- )) (except they'll probably be closed - uurgles) We'll see who's open and if they have any baby GPGs ha ha.! If they do, I'd have to stuff them in my Qantas carry-on bags. Cheers, and Happy Fishy New Year Grover
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    marine on cf

    Use whatever filtration you want it’s only freshwater with salt in it. I use under gravel filter with air pump on the one I have now with my shrimp in it and have for years. All depends on how much work and water changes you’re willing to do
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    Techno Update Well... the videos are a hit (sortof). The most recent ones have "surged" into double figures... Number 17 has scored 36 views The GPGs are stars! Oh well - YouTube fame is not what floats my boat anyway Still only 2 subscribers... Click here --> Video Grover <-- Click here
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    4x3x2 Reefy tank

    sex is best when salty
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    Discus set up

    @raycam01_au as you are getting out of Discus and going into marine I'm doing the opposite @johnbetta I've kicked your Oscars out off the 6ft and put them in to another tank the wife not happy as that's number 4 back up and running I'm down on the gold Coast tonight so I can pick up my new fish (Discus) so this is going to be there new home
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    hi all! minibun here :)

    Hi and welcome to the forum Cheers Butch
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    Angles laying eggs

    Yeah they aren't going to last long in that tank at least I know that I've got a pair will see what happens next time (might be time for another tank)
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    8 ft Amazon Community

    Thanks for the feedback Okay, I'll continue to do my research. Ideally, I'm looking for something along these lines: https://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/fishkeeping-answers/articles/Discover discus!?rq=discus This tank is actually going to be very lightly planted. I've had 3 heavily planted tanks in a row, so this one is going to be a bit closer to an 'authentic' amazon setting, with sand and few submersed plants. I'm still going to retain a few amazon swords, but that about it. Maybe something floating if I go with the hatchet fish as well. Here are some pics from the past few weeks, showing the progression from the early chaos to something I'm quite pleased with now. First morning after the fill, interesting light coming through a window in the garage. First evening, with the Kessils just sitting on the tank either side of the existing fitting. Shelf constructed for hanging lights, routing power and storing a few odds and ends (food, test kits etc) Some more morning light, now that the water and surface have cleared up (other than tannin). After a series of daily water changes the water was looking pretty good Unfortunately the 'picture frame' that the builder put around the niche doesn't quite hide below the substrate line or the brace along the top edge. I've temporarily run some black tape along the top edge to remove the bright light sneaking through there, but I guess I'll redo the framing around the tank with something a bit wider one day when I'm feelin enthusiastic... How the tank is looking this evening, after the addition of some more 'debris', and some ore tannin... I'm really enjoying watching the different behaviour of each species in this tank. I guess it's partly down to the size, hopefully also the naturalism, but everyone seems to have settled in really well The pygmy corydoras are loving having some nice fine sand to sift through, the lemon tetra are enjoying the swimming from end to end and battling the current from the FX6 outlet, the cardinals are extremely considered in their activities by comparison. They don't so much school as waft in roughly the same direction as each other. They also seem quite happy to peck along the bottom with the corydoras or sneak in and out of the debris.
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    Hi Chris, good to meet you too. Fingers crossed for your L134s breeding again soon. More than happy to chat anytime. Cheers Gary
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    why didn't I do this sooner

    If budget permits, you can also use two independent systems which come on half as often to give the same overall result. So if/when one fails, the other will continue at half what you require until you notice. Twice the cost and one could argue this would double that chance of something going wrong. Clever design is the key. Send me a PM if you like. Happy to bounce ideas.
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    Can someone identify please

    they are gambusia habrocky moscito fish wild guppy
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    $30 2 x Adult Caudopunctatus M/F Text 0403511517 if interested. Cheers Mitch
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    I believe there is a QFAS auction this weekend. QLDAF has a long standing commitment to support the clubs of QLD. Unfortunately we seem to lack a commitment from the clubs to tell people about the events. All they need to do is post here or on QLDAF Facebook to let people know. For the.recent QLD Cichlids Group event we made the posts an annoucment On our facebook page to maximise the exposure so people knew or maybe these are now secret events. Beats me! if you are selling what are you selling, especially Apistogramma - I need more.
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    Rc Merker

    Some of our growing discus

    Hi guys it’s been ages since I’ve been on this forum, some may remember that I used to be under the username Rex82. These are some of our discus growing out :)
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    caboolture auction date

    i ve already posted this but this is just to bump it back up
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    I have White PLatimum Angels and Diamond tetras the Sheen on Both look great together. ...
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    Need Help Coosing Frontosa!!

    never a crap day, more so another beautiful adventure, you need to smile more
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    Need Help Coosing Frontosa!!

    @raycam01_au where we looking for old post's 2008 that's a old one
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    G'day, what's this fish?

    Probably flushed out of someone's tank in the floods.
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    Show us your ferals

    good work Novice. there was one caught in warwick, part of the murray darling basin, glade they haven't found any tilapia here yet.
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    Festivum are a good companion species Keyholes are a very placid species
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    Angels and Discus

    I have seen it done
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    Greeting QLDAF folks, I’m new here!

    hi and welcome
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    4x3x2 Reefy tank

    Had to buy 2 Orange and 1 more marbled OMFG
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    Hi all, I will preface this post, I am a complete newb who is keen to learn and I spending a lot of time understanding how to manage and grow a good community of fish. Eventually I want to have a marine tank (would be a new tank of course!), but I feel this is the first logical step in the knowledge progression. I have recently been setting up a new 5ft tank that has been cycled and I have started to build up the community. This is a tank that isn't just for my appreciation but my entire family. My 3 boys, wife and I have really come to enjoy our small gold & catfish tank so much so we went and added this second one. We quite enjoy the more colorful varieties of freshwater. I have become quite fond (and so has my family) of the Kribensis Cichlid from seeing them in a local fish store and pictures. I have been doing quite a bit of research about them so I have some questions about making this tank work with them. But first I will endeavor to give some background on current status of the tank. Currently we have the following fish & Filtering 3x Albino Corydora's 2x Albino bristlenoses 3x Platy's 1x Eheim 2217 canister filter (1000l/ph) 1x SunSun 2000l/ph canister filter (backup) 1x AquaOne 990 AirPump At least 8 different ornaments & places which would be considered a place for the Kribs to hide, potentially adding some more to create a layered tank so the bottom dwellers (kribs & catfish) can have their space and territories (Kribs), Some ornaments will be quite tall to allow the upper layers to have areas to swim through, including taller fake plants. No live plants, lots of fake plastic plants and want to avoid getting live plants for the moment at least. I am looking to add more dither type fish over the next two weeks in order to prepare for the arrival of the Kribs which my local pet store says would arrive in around 3 weeks time. The plan is to add this week another 6 Platy's (exactly a week after adding the last 3, plus 1 bristlenose). Then next week 6 danios or Tetras. From my understanding the Kribs and other fish do well with having these higher level dither fish. 1. Would I be able to add in 6 Kribs, and if so what should be the sex ratio. 2. My eldest son really likes the cloan loaches, would I be able to add one or 2 of them, from what I have read due to the size they grow they don't seem to bothered by the kribs protectivness when they lay eggs. I think it is just the corydora's which I will have to sell or give away because they may have a problem. 3. After the Kribs, I would like to add another batch of community fish either guppies or more tetra's, would this be too many fish? Thanks in advance for any advice and help, apologies for the length of the post and if I have failed to provide any important information.
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    Hi'ya All! *New*

    your very welcome mate any questions feel free to ask cheers john
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    New 8ft Front foyer tank

    Great dimensions on that tank. I love a wide shallow. Would like one like that for freshwater plants. is that a divider I can see half way down or just a reflection on the glass?
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    Discus set up

    I will put pictures up when we get back home the lady we are getting them from going overseas and can't get anyone to look after them
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    Aquarium sand

    No, it’s super clean. No rinse at all.
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    New 8ft Front foyer tank

    yeah not feeling the love right now, but the excitement of plumbing wins out, so cutting pvc commences soon lol,
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    Well what a fun day we had today, set up the 4ft Q tank, and then swung a deal on 30-40kilos of liverock, and bought a nice sump and 12000ltr dc pump, couple of wavemakers, and some tangs 4 tangs to be precise nice happy here we go again
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    Umm... It's been over a month since I last posted an update - my bad (still distracted). Anyway, the Billabong is sitting nicely on 20degC so the GPGs are happy. The green algae has all been killed by lack of sunlight and and the 4 monster UVC units running full-bore all day. Which reminds me that I must send down the underwater camera for another video - the water is clear - just need some morning sunlight. Will wait til the gouramis are very hungry, then try videoing them. Also in my defence, work keeps sending me around the countryside, Winter is Brissie is cold (anything under 20degC is freezing!), and the days are too short. You're going to have to wait for Spring Cheers, Grover (that's his excuse and he's sticking to it - you'll get clobbered with a knobkierie if you beg to differ...)
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    Delapool's 150 gallon tank

    Latest tank shot (little messy). Starting to prune everything except the swords pretty regularly now. The bolbitis seems to be getting a little more height so just trying to tame it from spreading too much and burying the crypts. Did a graph of PAR decline and it came out at about 5% bulb decay per month. Since that was on all of three readings, did another PAR reading today and it spiked back up so I give up. I need a little selfie stick or something so I can set the PAR meter at a set distance under water but parked for moment. Just looking at pictures it seems to have filled in more. I've noticed the catfish starting to have to bash their way through the plants so think it is getting pretty well filled out at substrate. 15th July 5th June 14th May. 4th April.
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    Does everyone use air pumps

    @Slipshodman. Hi, the pics below is about the best I have on my phone as a friend of mine wanted to see the same. The advantage is that I can move fish between 4 tanks without any issues, share 1 heater for all 4 and can still isolate if required. The sponge filter moves the water to the next tank and the white U-bends allow the flow back. The U-bend is filled with water and as one side increases it flows through to the tank to ensure same level of water.
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    Apistogramma Picture Thread

    Killi; Ivanacara Adoketa
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