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    Hi Winston, no longer having a big fishroom will definately decrease my stress levels as well as the strain on my dodgy old knees and back As far as my favourite memories about the hobby, these are my top few memories : (i) ~ I really enjoyed the personal contact and camaraderie in the hobby in pre-internet days, particularly the 1980's and 1990's when attending fish club meetings and auctions was the only way to meet experienced breeders and obtain information and hard to get fish. Most weekends I had lots of visitors who I enjoyed showing around my garage fishroom and talking about fishkeeping and breeding. Unfortunately the advent of the internet and facebook has changed the hobby and people in general, and in the last 12 years or so I found myself no longer willing to entertain strangers in my fishroom and home. (ii) I can't remember the exact date but a few months after the restrictions on importing Frontosa were lifted I managed to buy one of the very first imported wild caught groups of Ikola frontosa. I bought 7 young fish at around 12cm or so from Bay Fish and ended up with a nice colony of 2m 5f. After only having access to Burundi and Kigoma variants in Australia prior to this, the Ikola were a stunning contrast and were my favourite fish for many years. (iii) Around 20 years or so ago I managed to obtain an adult breeding colony 1m 3f of cuckoo catfish (Synodontis multipunctatus) at a time when they were quite scarce and expensive in Australia. I was fascinated by their breeding method and bred them in good numbers for quite a few years with a variety of hosts and never got sick of them, they have remained one of my favourite fish right to the end. (iv) In 2007/2008 my children finished school and became relatively independant, so I was able to get my wife's support to build a 12 x 4 metre shed in the backyard to setup as a dedicated breeding room. My old fishroom in the garage had evolved over the years and was made up of piecemeal racking systems and tanks, including some home made tanks. It was a dream come true for me to be able to design and build a purpose built fishroom from scratch and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole exercise. When I built the fishroom I planned to be using it well into my 70's, but the universe has different ideas, at least I got 12 great years out of it. Cheers, Doug
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    Auto Siphons

    Here is a photo of an auto siphon to create a flushing filter. This is an overhead filter using a 200L barrel but it could be in a sump and doesn't need to be as big. The inside pipes before media is added - very simple. Water comes in through the 90mm pipe at top. The water level rises and falls inside the filter to create a wave tank. The media used can be anything that doesn't float. The photo below is rapid seeding of hydroton clay balls. No fish, just a heap of ammonia. If you want to boost other (hetrotrophic) microbes for bio film production you can add sugar as well. Power head circulating flow through an aged sponge filter. This is the end result below. As I didn't want to waste the energy of pumped water up to the barrel, I decided to add a moving bed bedside the flushing barrel as well. A moving bed of K1 is a bio film filter. Often confused with a fluidised bed filter. Happy to asnswer any questions but please google first as there is plenty of better explanations online elsewhere. Simplistically, having the media circulate to the surface allows fish waste and oxygen to the bacterial colonies. There is 16500 LPH of pumped water flowing through the moving bed barrel so the air pump is not necessary but it's a good safeguard against power failure if your air pump is backed up. This is energy wasteful so I was going to replace this with a normally closed solenoid tap to drain out. During a power outage the solenoid fails open so all the water drains out. However after some thought, I decided to drill a permanent 4mm hole. When the pump runs, there is plenty of water. If the power fails, the barrel will slowly drain allowing air to get in. No moving parts to fail. Saved $12 on a solenid tap. I have removed the air pump now. After the moving bed, the water gravity drains into the flushing filter. The flushing filter will re-oxygenate the water and provide additonal bio and mechanical filtration. Instead of having the media move (like a moving bed filter) the water level rises and falls so oxygen and fish waste are brought to the media in a different way. Photo of inside the moving bed filter below. The thinner pipe on right (40mm) is incoming pumped water which goes to the bottom of barrel and points back up to stir. The left thick pipe is 90mm stormwater as an overflow drain. It has lots of slits to stop K1 escaping and a T at top to let air out.
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    Above and Beyond

    @jc12 I’ve recently sustained an injury which has rendered me unable to drive for 3 months. I recently got in touch with JC and enquired about his Green Laser Cory’s which led me purchase 6 (terrific quality) fish. Given my inability to drive, I rely heavily on my wife and therefore pickup was organised to fit in with her schedule over a weekend. Following our messaging JC kindly offered to drop the fish off on his way home from work which is greatly appreciated and goes above and beyond a nice gesture. It’s great to see some lovely people in the hobby and on this website, who go out of their way to help another person! Thanks again JC the fish have settled in well, I highly recommend the quality of fish. I will stay in touch and be sure to ask you alot of questions! Thanks Again, Chris
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    Hi all Just wanted to post my diy effort of rebuilding a stand. I had a store mdf stand as part of the aqua one package. My filter must have leaked as I noticed that the mdf was swelling. I panicked and immediately broke down the tank and moved the fish to my second tank. It had 500kg of weight on it and I didn't want to be cleaning that up. I managed to salvage the doors, top and side panel. I followed the online guides and built a new internal frame from structural pine. Recladded the frame with the salvaged panels. I think it looks the same so mission accomplished. Cost about $120 for timber and paint. Let me know your thoughts.
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    sick cichlids

    everything is perfect, water is fine, and the specialists have checked, you can close the thread now
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    Hi and welcome to the site
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    heater time!

    Most heat is lost through the top of the tank so make sure you have full cover lids. One of my sheds is not room heated so I put sheets of 15mm polystyrene on top of the glass lids and throw a plastic sheet over the whole rack. I see lots of condensation and the air feels warm underneath so I am sure it works. At least that's what I tell myself. I get scary power bills. You can use a light beam thermometer gun if you want to find heat leakages on tanks or fish rooms. Good for annoying the neighbours cats too.
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    Thanx again @aquaholic99 Today I tried sieving 1 bag as dry, and thought... "I'm never going to survive sieving the other 37!" Tomorrow I will dress in my daggiest old 'dog-walking' clothes and attempt "wet" sieving. Look for the red-mud coloured guy walking a russet-coloured Border Collie tomorrow afternoon
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    Oh... Look.... New ducks on the Billabong Courtesy of Bunnings ha ha! Grover (note the plastic chains to stop the plastic birds from escaping)
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    L046 eggs (very small batches)

    There is a big difference between over feeding and increased feeding. Your tank stability shouldn't change with heavy feeding but your maintenance probably will. Live black worm might be an option depending on your substrate. Keeping a smaller tank volume is a lot more effort than a bigger tank volume in my experience. Does the female lay more eggs at breeding? Perhaps it's a problem of fertility? or a problem of incubation? Or perhaps just enjoy 2 or 3 babies per batch? Successful fish keeping is mostly problem solving but perseverence helps
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    @billfish For smaller plants/moss I use an aquarium safe superglue gel, one that has an active constituent of Cyanoacrylate. It basically becomes inert when moist or wet on the wood/rock which does a good job attaching the plant. Also make sure it’s a superglue gel, I recently purchased some from Bunnings.For larger plants I use fishing line and remove once attached. The above options have worked for me. Cheers Chris
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    Staff tip of the day.

    With the warmer water comes an increase in life, some of which can cause issues for your fish. The dreaded flex is likely the most feared, as if it reproduces out of control it can wipe a tank in a very short time. Known by many names as a result of its many symptoms, it can be a very confusing disease to diagnose and treat. I highly reccomend taking the time to read through this link https://fishlab.com/columnaris/ Its important to know when to turn the heater up or down while treating sick fish. Whitespot turn up Columnaris turn down. Your 2 most likely disease encounters, know thy enemy!
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    1 year on. <
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    Show us your ferals

    Not good that there’s so many getting about won’t be to far in the future that there won’t be anything native left with so many irresponsible/couldn’t give a damn about anything people sad that my kids are growing up thinking freaks are normal fish
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    Show us your ferals

    They are ferals they are damaging to our natives they need to be removed - 2 fish is barely a start . Your ignorance is no less appalling than the fish being killed , If they go into somebody's tank either them or they're offspring could wind up back in our waterways . They have not as yet been declared noxious , but I believe they will in the not too distant future . Then it will be mandatory to kill them immediately on capture . Shame to kill such nice fish but it needs to be done .
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    Thanx @Slipshodman & @the cichlid kid The first half of 2019 is going to see a refurbishment of the entire Billabong filtration system (when the Cetus Sieve arrives... hint hint @ageofaquariums) The Bog Bed Filter (BBF) will finally get a load of scoria, and together with the Cetus Sieve, this will hopefully make a difference to the "Kermit" green colour. Here's a memory from South Africa that I'm aiming for... Doreen Falls, on what I think is the Mhlonhlo Creek flowing into the uMlambonja River. Cathedral Peak and Didima Camp Map Cheers, Grover (the water from the top of the Drakensberg range was clear, clean, and cool)
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    OK... So now it's New Year's Eve and I'm stuck in Melbourne for work. Best I can do is watch the fireworks from the balcony of the B&B, then go touring Melbourne aquarium stores on 01-Jan. From Williamstown Aquarium to the Coburg shop and any inbetween :- )) (except they'll probably be closed - uurgles) We'll see who's open and if they have any baby GPGs ha ha.! If they do, I'd have to stuff them in my Qantas carry-on bags. Cheers, and Happy Fishy New Year Grover
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    marine on cf

    Use whatever filtration you want it’s only freshwater with salt in it. I use under gravel filter with air pump on the one I have now with my shrimp in it and have for years. All depends on how much work and water changes you’re willing to do
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    Techno Update Well... the videos are a hit (sortof). The most recent ones have "surged" into double figures... Number 17 has scored 36 views The GPGs are stars! Oh well - YouTube fame is not what floats my boat anyway Still only 2 subscribers... Click here --> Video Grover <-- Click here
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    hi all! minibun here :)

    Hi and welcome to the forum Cheers Butch
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    New member (betta lover)

    hello and welcome wicked betta really nice cheers john
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    Please add me to the list.....I've spawned Dario dario....;)
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    Back into fish after 6 years

    Hi and welcome back to the hobby and site
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    Feeling special haha

    How do I view live stock trader that is mentioned? I'm new here, obviously haahha. Looking to stock my Cichlid tank at little better
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    Feeling special haha

    u need 5 posts or more to get the hole forum so keep posting then u will get it cheers john
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    albino dragon blood quality

    yer its really only the mbuna that graze on algae. im gonna be checking out a few stores in bris to see if i can find some albino dragon bloods.
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    Fat fish

    I have seen vodka dosing but not beer dosing. Look at the little beer bellies.
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    Age of Aquariums

    we are on the increase, Sarah just got a lovely trio of smaragdina and a Pair Mahachai, Stingrays just got pups, setting up a 4x4x2 furcifer\ventralis\cyprichromis tank shortly, there are still heaps of good breeders hiding away in their little hooooooooouses, and whilst some of the more exotic fish are hard to come by there still seems to be a good variety to choose from sad about the shops closing down
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    why didn't I do this sooner

    i know someone that had jade perch/barcoo grunter and redclaw, the red claw didn't really grow much but they did breed, the fish grew but weren't nice compared to the fish we catch ourselves and eat.
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    Hi @billfish No, no baby plecostomus... Even though they had terracotta pipes and huge plastic pipes as well. Here they are - out of the Billabong temporarily while I vacuumed up grunge and muck from the bottom of the pool. The pipes are approx. 30cm diameter and maybe 1.5m long, and attached to floating chains which then attach to the floating ducks! Cheers, Grover
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    spangled perch free warwick

    let him go. just saw smaller spangled perch at aquabird toowoomba for $28 each.
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    Good good, your daughter still live with you? I remember you trying to induct her into the hobby.
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    Can someone identify please

    they are gambusia habrocky moscito fish wild guppy
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    Staff tip of the day.

    good info thanks mate
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    Pics of my pond. It’s a 2500L. Hard to get a good photo of the fish until I pull them out. I have 2 x chocolate plecos 45 cm 2 x sailfin plecos 30 cm dovii pair 20cm+ sub male dovii 15cm 2 jags 1x 20cm 1x 10cm 1x synspillum 25cm plus 2 x white kreft river turtles i have a Gold saum riv male and will be picking up a female this weekend to start breeding them as well
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    Best Tropheus pics

    Can we have some one of best Tropheus pictures that people have taken. I will start. Name:Yungu Green ( Congo) Generation:F1 thanx jas
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    G'day, what's this fish?

    Probably flushed out of someone's tank in the floods.
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    Show us your ferals

    good work Novice. there was one caught in warwick, part of the murray darling basin, glade they haven't found any tilapia here yet.
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    @wadedidit My opinion is you're right with the Sev's and Discus , too big or Angles to aggressive I like your idea of the Apistogramma, i think them and Angles would be a great combination
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    Angels and Discus

    I have seen it done
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    Hi and welcome to the site what fish do you keep
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    Hi all, I will preface this post, I am a complete newb who is keen to learn and I spending a lot of time understanding how to manage and grow a good community of fish. Eventually I want to have a marine tank (would be a new tank of course!), but I feel this is the first logical step in the knowledge progression. I have recently been setting up a new 5ft tank that has been cycled and I have started to build up the community. This is a tank that isn't just for my appreciation but my entire family. My 3 boys, wife and I have really come to enjoy our small gold & catfish tank so much so we went and added this second one. We quite enjoy the more colorful varieties of freshwater. I have become quite fond (and so has my family) of the Kribensis Cichlid from seeing them in a local fish store and pictures. I have been doing quite a bit of research about them so I have some questions about making this tank work with them. But first I will endeavor to give some background on current status of the tank. Currently we have the following fish & Filtering 3x Albino Corydora's 2x Albino bristlenoses 3x Platy's 1x Eheim 2217 canister filter (1000l/ph) 1x SunSun 2000l/ph canister filter (backup) 1x AquaOne 990 AirPump At least 8 different ornaments & places which would be considered a place for the Kribs to hide, potentially adding some more to create a layered tank so the bottom dwellers (kribs & catfish) can have their space and territories (Kribs), Some ornaments will be quite tall to allow the upper layers to have areas to swim through, including taller fake plants. No live plants, lots of fake plastic plants and want to avoid getting live plants for the moment at least. I am looking to add more dither type fish over the next two weeks in order to prepare for the arrival of the Kribs which my local pet store says would arrive in around 3 weeks time. The plan is to add this week another 6 Platy's (exactly a week after adding the last 3, plus 1 bristlenose). Then next week 6 danios or Tetras. From my understanding the Kribs and other fish do well with having these higher level dither fish. 1. Would I be able to add in 6 Kribs, and if so what should be the sex ratio. 2. My eldest son really likes the cloan loaches, would I be able to add one or 2 of them, from what I have read due to the size they grow they don't seem to bothered by the kribs protectivness when they lay eggs. I think it is just the corydora's which I will have to sell or give away because they may have a problem. 3. After the Kribs, I would like to add another batch of community fish either guppies or more tetra's, would this be too many fish? Thanks in advance for any advice and help, apologies for the length of the post and if I have failed to provide any important information.
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    Hi everyone

    Hello, I am relatively new to the aquarium hobby (kids wanted fish) but I have become very interested in the aquascaping side of things. I'm reading widely but thought I should join a local group for contacts and advice. Thanks, Jesse
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    4x3x2 Reefy tank

    define lots of work, salt v freshwater, freshwater is a walk in the park, Depends also on what you want to achieve in Salt, its definitely a challenge and if your not onto your testing and parameters it could get nasty Test kits we use Salifert and Hanna I like Salifert
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    Discus set up

    @raycam01_au about worming the discus what did you use and where did you get it from iv looked on tech den site
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    Sick of it

    I just tried to google Brown Stains? Lol.
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    Quarantine wild caught feeder fish

    Big risks feeding wild feeder fish. We have all done it and know the consequences if things go wrong. I would suggest setting up a feeder breeding tank. Guppys, endlers, swordyz, mollys, gudgeons, what ever you like. Some people even breed americans or africans to use as feeders for bigger fish. Never have to worry about disease and losing your prized fish. I will never use wild feeders again after a bad experience. You learn from your mistakes and you can also learn from other peoples mistakes. Wild feeders will only cause you troubles. Maybe not the straight away but it will eventually. They are not free when you look at the consequences and will probably end up costing you more money. Good luck.
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    Apistogramma Picture Thread

    Killi; Ivanacara Adoketa
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