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    Goldfish are underrated.

    It's hard to argue how good a white fish is against a black background! Can't wait for this baby to grow into a deeper body and longer fins. Such a pretty and underrated fishy. Looks great in the living room!
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    Hey all, recently moved and delving into the hobby a bit more, started the fish room under the new house and have about 12 ponds out back. I've got the bug again so i'm starting to upload videos again like i used to, have a looky if you like your Natives n such Cam Also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PrecisionAquaticz/
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    SPRING Has Sprung! OK! So, its actually been wet & drizzly today (and I'm warming myself up with a plate of fried Haloumi cheese - Lime & Parsley flavoured!). But progress has been made! The blue Winter cover has been peeled back into a shapeless mass - just waiting for me to fold it neatly and stack it away. The polystyrene pallets are in the carport and will be hoisted back up into the rafters tomorrow. And finally, the GPGs are highly visible during their ramblings around the Billabong. They have shown themselves to be very shy, and I had to hide behind the polystyrene bits to take candid photos... The best I could do as they surfaced and swam around was to count 15; I'm sure there's more :-) Stay Farcebooked, Instagrummed, and Twitter-fied; and you won't see any of the unfolding story of Spring / Summer! Updates only available on QLDAF ! Regards, Grover (Might even go for a swim tomorrow if it turns sunny! I noticed one of the giant terracotta pleco caves is 5ft down rather than sitting on the ledge. GPGs are too strong for their own good!)
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    Show us your ferals

    I don't mind doing a bit of nocturnal dip netting. I "dispatched" a pair of Pearl Cichlids last night from Twin bridges, Brisbane River near Fernvale. Its my local, I only live just up the road. I'm used to seeing the tillys but these are the first Pearls I have managed to nail. I guess they were on a nest. Cheers, Dave. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Last Update from Cape Town... "They're fish Jim, but not as we know them!" Cheers, Grover (Next stop, Drakensberg Mountains)
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    marine on cf

    @Craigoit's not the first marine tank I have had its about the 5th it's the first one on cf all the rest where sumped the the wife got pissed with the nose from the over flow
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    GPG Feeding Time... This morning's feeding frenzy ! Grover
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    Apistogramma Picture Thread

    Some of my current Apistos.. Got more species, but they wont sit still!.. These are mostly the males from my pairs.. Borelli Opals Macmasteri "Super Reds" with fry Bitaeniata Agassizzii "Gold Fire Red" Baenschi "Inka 50" That will do for now... Will throw more species up later..
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    4x3x2 Reefy tank

    4x3x2 coming along like a boss
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    Dying fish new tank

    another amazing thing is why people do not do any research themselves before buying fish and tanks etc, takes 2 seconds these days to find out all the info they need.......... little bit of ownership goes along way
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    Dying fish new tank

    Still amazes me to this day that customers buying and setting up new tanks are not sold a basic ammonia/nitrite/nitrate test kit as a compulsory purchase with the tank....... Or even keeping any fish at all at any stage without one...... shit that doesnt make sense ,it makes me a bit angry when shit doesnt make any sense.... it's just dumb weird shit
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    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg Tank

    Geos growing out in another tank, nearly big enough for the Ray tank, colours are POPPING
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    marine on cf

    Yes, I did thin this quite a few years ago just to see if it was possible. I had no issues whatsoever. Like anything be patient with the cycle. I used live rock with aqua one wave makers & a HOB aqua one protein skimmer. No issues, I just got bored with SW Give it a crack
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    marine on cf

    In the last marine tank I had I did one about every 2 to 3 weeks and used nsw
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    No, I think two species is good. I'll end up with rummynose and black neons. With serpae though - they can be a bit nippy towards other fish. With a large school, might be OK, but definitely something to watch. You don't want them going after the apisto fins.
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    Hi @wadedidit, It'll be OK. @crusty76 has a plan to use a cast net in December for "Goldie Removal". Why December? Grover is going to be away in deepest, darkest South Africa for the rest of November... and he won't be paddling around the creeks like @billfish does in Oz ! Why not? Let's see now... there's Amoebic dysentery Cholera Cryptosporidium Giardia intestinalis not to forget - Schistosomiasis and there's Dracunculiasis, also called Guinea-worm disease (GWD) plus a host of other nasties. So, no! Grover won't be wading around the freshwater creeks of Africa dip-netting for exotic tropical fish any time this month! If you're lucky, you might get an O/S update - you'll have to wait and see if I find Wi-Fi in the jungle. Totsiens, Grover (Grover goes native and learns basic Afrikaans to survive in RSA)
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    Islands Turning Turtle in the Stream... There you have it! You go away for a quiet but enjoyable birthday weekend and come home to find your biggest island has turned on its side - nearly capsized the whole way over. The result? A smorgasbord of veggie leaves for some hungry GPGs - "Not Happy, Jan !!!!" You should be able to pick out the odd leaf stem with no leaf in the photo above. All courtesy of the ravenous giant gouramis looking for a little variety in their diet Still, I'm lucky the whole thing didn't go A over T and finish upside down. Ha! Regards, Grover (GPGs "1", Grover's Islands "2.5") He's still just marginally ahead at the moment.
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    Apistogramma are a small fish, but do well in a large tank. You can get the full behaviour. One of my favourite setups was a four foot tank with A cacatoides in it. 2 M 4 F. 1 male was dominant and had three girls going and would go and visit each in turn. The other M had one girl. The behaviour was fascinating. General rule 1 square foot per female. Steve
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    Scuba Steve

    8ft reef project

    Not too sure yet. Ive still got to build a hood to suit the new setup, as well as sort the lighting and get the big girl cycling with some live rock. Im trying to not look at fish too much at the moment so there is no chance of jumping the gun haha. But your right, the tangs are dang sexy
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    Scuba Steve

    8ft reef project

    Now that sounds like a plan. There will either be pics of a near new tank... or pics of a drunk bum, asleep on the patio. Or both
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    Discus set up

    Thay are doing good @raycam01_au has helped me with some things got some worming stuff where to get it from