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    grown man buying toys

    well I'm not sure what I'm doing but I had to buy one of these seeing as I keep some.
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    New Member with New Idea!

    Hi Guys, I am new to the hobby and the site. I started to get interested in aquariums recently and being somewhat 'handy', I decided to have a crack at a unique aquarium build. I ended up building an aquarium from a full size wine barrel and putting a perspex porthole in the front for viewing. I'd love to get some feedback from you guys on your thoughts and potential issues going forward just please keep in mind that I am a builder/cabinet maker/creator and not a seasoned aquarium enthusiast. I just had an idea and wanted to get into the hobby. I wouldn't mind making a few of these for people either, if there was some interest. Thanks in advance. (First and last images are of the tank empty) Aaron
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    Electric Yellow Legal Import?

    Well, I have just seen a video of some 8 - 9cm imported electric yellows currently in a tank in Melbourne. To be honest, I found them very disappointing and there is no way I will be obtaining any to use as breeding stock, in my humble opinion my own strain are far better quality, both in colouration and body shape. I do not know where the ones in the video were imported from, but I am assuming Asia. My understanding is that electric yellows are not collected wild from the lake and exported nowadays. Presumably importers therefore will have the option of importing quality German stock or cheap stock from Asia, much like with Cyrtocara moori (aka blue dolphins) which have been an allowable import for many years. In my personal experience the German blue dolphins are far better quality than the cheap Asian ones and I assume this will also be the case with electric yellows. So I'm expecting there may be the odd small import of the quality German lines which will sell at a premium, probably mainly to serious breeders. But I expect the bulk of imports will be cheap Asian stock by major wholesalers which while admittedly bringing some new blood into the country, I do not expect to add any appreciable quality to current stocks.
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    Goldie Removal - part 2 Many thanx to @crusty76 for his visit with his family today! The Billabong has fewer goldies than yesterday - Hooray! Here's the live action shots (as also seen 5 min ago on Instagram & FB). Insta-fish Face-fish On QLDAF you get the longer story than the Insta's and FBers. Crusty arrived this morning with the full kit, and a 9ft circular throw net (weighted with sinkers around the circumference). Grover's role was to entice the goldies with splashing and food, then stand back. Crusty's first mumbled comments as he was about to throw? "Hope I don't catch a gourami"... (famous first words...) Once Nelson was out of the net, we discovered about 20 decent sized goldies had stuck around in the net. Well done!! Grover now has a chance to practice his 'casting' technique on the lawn first, then on the goldies. So, drop me a PM if you'd like some, and it looks like I might just be abke to deliver now. Cheers, Grover (The Dog did help, by mostly getting underfoot just as the net was being thrown!) https://www.instagram.com/giantpinkgourami/ Wow! I have 5 followers now! You can still get in early :-)
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    Hi all Just wanted to post my diy effort of rebuilding a stand. I had a store mdf stand as part of the aqua one package. My filter must have leaked as I noticed that the mdf was swelling. I panicked and immediately broke down the tank and moved the fish to my second tank. It had 500kg of weight on it and I didn't want to be cleaning that up. I managed to salvage the doors, top and side panel. I followed the online guides and built a new internal frame from structural pine. Recladded the frame with the salvaged panels. I think it looks the same so mission accomplished. Cost about $120 for timber and paint. Let me know your thoughts.
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    How Many Goldfish in the Billabong? Not really sure Mick! About this many... Or if you want to count them in the video... GPG UW Billabong21 Cheers, Grover (Ha! The Insta-fish hordes are flocking to Instagram - I have 6 followers! Does that make me an "Influencer" yet??)
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    Goldie Removal - part 1 Set up a wading pool for all the goldies I expect to catch - caught The Dog instead! Ha ha! Grover
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    Show us your ferals

    @sharknado who really cares if they killed them, probably better than taking them home and putting them in a tank and bringing a disease in and wiping out who knows how many fish theyre not natives so they have no place in our waterways cos thats exactly what we wanna do ..shout someone down cos they are getting rid of ferals in the creek,,,are you kidding its shit like that that will stop people culling carp,mosquito fish,talapia and even theold sword tails and guppies that are everywhere...pull ylur head out of your rear end , theyre doing our natives a favour and maybe they dont have somewhere to put them thats it rake a couple of kids over the coals for it...hope it makes u feel like a big man pearl cichlids have an established population in the wild and that only means 1 thing for our natives....they gotta fight harder to survive i suppose that you would rather see the kids in front of the playstation instad of being outside anything that hinders the onslaught of feral fish on our native population is bloody alright by me these kids need praise not ridicule..
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    Show us your ferals

    Some more Pearls, this time from Lake Wivenhoe. The kids caught these just after dark at the Kipper creek access point a couple of nights ago. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Does your boss hate u? Whyalla ......only thing to see there is the main road out..and the steel smelter...unless youre a fisherman then the best place to be is 10 km out to sea.............been there,seen it, didnt think much of it....left
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    Automatic Fish Feeders... (for the Billabong???) Yes ! I think I've solved the problem of how to feed Giant Pink Gouramis (GPGs) for at least a week, while I gallivant all over Australia for an IT project (alright - so it's only South Australia as a destination, and even then it's the exciting, tourist-catchy town of... Whyalla ! ) The answer came to me (as most do) in the disguise of a problem. Sometime ago I reported that one of the islands had tried to turn turtle, but only got half-way and was lying on its side with the Elephant Ear leaves in the water. Inspiration strikes!!! The GPGs happily munched off most of the leaves over the next month or so - here is how it looks now. And, you can see that it is still very attractive to a hungry gourami! The plant root systems are embedded in the island structure, so if I get it floating flat again the plants should recover. Now for the bright idea - I have a second island with plants standing tall and proud. So, before I leave for sunny Adelaide (and the Wilds of Whyalla) tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to tip the island on its side and let the GPGs hoe into the plants while I'm away. Daughter #1 is busy and my niece can be a bit erratic in the feeding dept. at times. Ta Da ! = Automatic Fish Feeder for Giant Pink Gouramis (AFFGPG) Remember cobbers! You saw it here first! Grover (OK... now hit those Thanks, Ha Ha, Like, or even Confused icons... we need to up the ratings please :-) EDIT: Thank you crusty (Numero One supporter of GPGs); everyone just thinks the GPGs are clickbait... ha ha!
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    Motoro Pups

    Was pretty excited to witness my ray have pups for the first time and thought I'd share a vid and pic. Motoro Birth 4 Boys & 2 Girls in total
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    Free predator marine fish

    Free saltwater fish, collect this Sunday 13th only (pickup Paradise Point): 2 female eppaluette sharks (45-50cm) large Lionfish Coronation cod (20cm) Porcupine puffer (10cm) Val. Puffer (5cm) Snowflake eel (xlarge) Zebra eel (large)
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    GPG Spot-lighting at Night (Part 1) Went for a wander with the torch last night, and see who I found floating next to a filter outlet - Yes! "G for George" in all his his grey glory ! He seems happy enough, but is extremely shy during the day. Grover (fish hunting by torch-light again later in the week)
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    grown man buying toys

    arrived today very happy with it. heres one of mine for comparison.
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    New Member with New Idea!

    Hi all, It is waterproofed with a pond sealer and yes I heated and curved the perspex myself. That was a mission but next time will be a tonne easier. I have a vacuum for press that i ended up using to heat the perspex until it was pliable, then i shaped to suit. I don't have fish in it atm as i tried to aquascape it (unsuccessfully) and have just removed all of the crap in it to go back to a simple setup. I will however probably screw a piece of driftwood with an Anubis on it to the side for a little flare. I have a number of guppies (which have just had around 25 fry) which i will most likely put in there. I also used some devils ivy for a little aquaponic setup to help with maintenance which is running from one of these. I also have one of these air bubble filters Some more images from the build............
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    Black shark

    I took my black shark out of my pond during maintenance to get a measurement and take a few pics and noticed lots of reddish scales on it. Is this a normal thing with age or is something wrong with it?
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    2 foot tank - scraped biotype

    And fish are in the tank.
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    Sleepy cod

    Got two of these guys at 5 cm a year and half a ago and this fella killed his mate and took all the food after putting him in a outdoor pond with an adult macleay river turtle I forgot about him until early this year my adult turtle started behaving differently not coming up for for her afternoon dinner and so forth after a bit of fishing I pulled this fella out stuck him in a four foot tank and he is now a family favourite who loves fresh prawns cheers
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    Cetus Sieve Update... Well? The good news is I'm still keen to get to the pumbing exercise. The bad news is you're going to have to wait for while. As this is new technology (along with the BBF- Bog Bed Filter), I 've decided to wait for Winter. The cover will go on (for warmth) and the bioload of algae drops off remarkably. So my guess is that this would be the best time to rebuild the Billabong filter system. Also, in reference to the personal note above, I'm somewhat busy dismantling my life. The nieces and nephews along with Daughter #1, have scored quite a collection of artwork and family history, and I'm just getting started. In the aquarium front, Crusty has scored a variety of equipment as well as the goldfish. And as soon as I master net-casting, there will be more goldies up for free give-away - stay tuned. You are warned that I have a range of things planned to implement the new concept of "1 Life / 5 Years", so apologies in advance if I tend to mix some of this with the GPG updates. Truth be told, you are not going to get one without the other. I will endeavour to stay on the fishy-straight-and-narrow, so just feed me out a bit more fishing line along the way. Bonus artwork tonight is one of my Mum's art drawings from the family history files. Cheers, Grover (you've been where I am, and you know what it's like)
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    New stand build

    Hey mate so far so good, this was taken a few weeks ago, the doors were not thick enough for the hidden hinges so i had to be creative with making it work. Not far off being painted in 2 pack white, once its dry I have some metal angle to put on the edges and maybe a couple of door handles.. I will post some pics as soon as its done, cheers
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    is that sand? if it is you might need to do some reading into anaerobic bacteria I'd recommend aqua soil, Ive always had better results using aqua soils. in a thriving planted tank gravel vacs are not possible, you'll expose the roots. pretty much the best you can do is siphon off the crud accumulating on the surface
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    G'day, what's this fish?

    see attached document - pretty good rundown of all the fish you'll find around your area. let me know what you catch! NQDT Freshwater Fishes of the Burdekin Dry Tropics 2010.pdf
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    G'day, what's this fish?

    there is an established feral population of 3 spot blue gourami in the Ross River,Lower Burdekin River ,Sheepstation Creek.....maybe its one of them
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    Show us your ferals

    Not good that there’s so many getting about won’t be to far in the future that there won’t be anything native left with so many irresponsible/couldn’t give a damn about anything people sad that my kids are growing up thinking freaks are normal fish
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    Show us your ferals

    They are ferals they are damaging to our natives they need to be removed - 2 fish is barely a start . Your ignorance is no less appalling than the fish being killed , If they go into somebody's tank either them or they're offspring could wind up back in our waterways . They have not as yet been declared noxious , but I believe they will in the not too distant future . Then it will be mandatory to kill them immediately on capture . Shame to kill such nice fish but it needs to be done .
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    Dedicated "Full Tank Shot" Thread

    4x1.5x1.5 Planted PNG Natives Tank
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    My Calico S/f fry ( 1st batch)

    Fist batch 3 weeks old counted about 70 beautiful orange. 1m 3f thanks for looking.
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    Gonna do some collecting...

    How good are rhads! Coochins and some from north of tin can bay. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Ha ha! That's awesome! Can you just run over there and get me some free samples? About 4-5 kilograms would do nicely
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    Thanx @Slipshodman & @the cichlid kid The first half of 2019 is going to see a refurbishment of the entire Billabong filtration system (when the Cetus Sieve arrives... hint hint @ageofaquariums) The Bog Bed Filter (BBF) will finally get a load of scoria, and together with the Cetus Sieve, this will hopefully make a difference to the "Kermit" green colour. Here's a memory from South Africa that I'm aiming for... Doreen Falls, on what I think is the Mhlonhlo Creek flowing into the uMlambonja River. Cathedral Peak and Didima Camp Map Cheers, Grover (the water from the top of the Drakensberg range was clear, clean, and cool)
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    Diy sponge media

    personally Freddy i wouldn't risk something from a cheapo shop, you have no idea what chemicals lie within. A lot of sponges etc have antibacterials which will not be very good for your fish The sites sponsors have pretty good prices, i would suggest just buying from them either online or in store (you get 10% off being a QLDAF member)
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    Breeding Knife fish.

    There use to be a couple of guys on here that did it i think @pandapete was one of them but not 100 percent sure Heres what i know as i contemplated it a few years ago when i had knives between 20 and 30 cm Ph between 6 and 7 Soft water You have to simulate a wet season ..so 25 %water changes daily Bloody lge tank 400 lt min for a breeding pair.. Need marbles .stones and plants to stop them eating all the eggs Fry should be removed because thw parents are carnivores and we all know what that means Tank should be placed in a dark spot and not have a lot of human traffic Knives are succeptable to water perameters changing so maintaining ph ,hardness ect is a necessity Temp around 27 High oxygen levels so plenty of sponge filters to keep the water moving and clean Heaps of meaty and live foods to condition them ....finding a pair is one thing,,,getting a compatable pair is another ball game all together ...anyone feel free to add tl this or correct what ive said.....im only running off an old farts memory
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    Technicalities in the Billabong... The GPGs are all fine, but the old swimming pool pump has had a coronary while I was away in Melbourne - oh dear! And the spare pump? - the Davey Silensor which I've had in a box for 4 years waiting for just this occasion ??? Of course! The fittings to the pipe work are different from the dead Onga!! Aaaaarrgghh!! Off to my plumbing shop - Reece Plumbing tomorrow. Grover (Grrrrrrrrr........) Stop Press: Change of plans! Can't be bothered with re-doing the plumbing, so have ordered online a new Onga PPP 1.0hp for a straight-forward swap-out/swap-in exercise. Much easier on my plumbing skills
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    Water Quality

    Yes, .25ppm for Ammonia is too high. This should essentially be zero on any liquid test kit. The nitrates are also very high, but I'd be more concerned about the ammonia. What you need to do to fix the ammonia will automatically fix the nitrate anyway. Fish can get used to non-ideal conditions, but I would NOT be happy with your numbers. Definitely do a 50% water change ASAP, and then probably another 50% within a day or two. Also measure the ammonia and nitrate in your tap water, these should come out "low". If ammonia or nitrate are "very high" in your tap water, then you may have other issues. If Ammonia in the aquarium is not (close to) zero, there is a problem with your cycle. I would not add any chemicals - in my experience this just gets you more problems down the road. After two 50% water changes, measure the levels again. Nitrate should be down to around 25ppm (if your reading of 100pm is accurate and your tap water has typical levels of nitrate - i.e. very low), which is acceptable (my tanks run up to 40ppm approx before I do water changes). The important one is ammonia, which should be down to around 0.10 ppm. This won't come down to the same degree as nitrate, because there is a non-zero level of ammonia in the tap water, especially after adding the dechlorinator which frees up ammonia from the chloramine. In the short term, 0.10 for ammonia is tolerable, but you really want to get your bacterial filtration working properly again which should reduce this number. So monitor the ammonia level (in particular) and if it rises, your cycle is not ready, so you may need more water changes to avoid putting your fish in danger. Once the tank is stable, both ammonia and nitrite should be essentially zero on any liquid test, and they should stay on zero, thanks to the bacteriological action. The nitrate will slowly build up over time, and when it gets high (my definition: 40ppm or thereabouts) then a partial water change is the only way to export the nitrate. For reference, my tap water measures about 0.09 to 0.10 ppm in ammonia (using a Seneye meter) once I add the dechlorinator and let it sit for a while. My tanks though have ammonia at 0.02 or lower. (The Seneye meter is much more accurate than the liquid tests, unfortunately it only does ammonia and pH). The tanks are lower than tap water because the bacterial filtration brings it down.
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    Gotta Love Google ! Found this - with a bit of luck I can clear out (and give away) a bunch of Goldies !! Hmm... Now how do I persuade the Border Collie to hold the other end of the net and run it thru the Billabong with me ??? Grover (Temporarily puzzled... and head-less... and it looks like one of his legs has been eaten by the Border Collie !! )
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    Thought so... All the places I went were closed :- ( So instead, I went for a drive in the countryside and ended up at Mount Macedon - visiting the Remembrance Cross. My Grandfather was at Gallipoli from February 1915 for a number of months (he survived that, and then got sent to Passchendaele, Flanders, and Ypres in France). He made it back to Australia OK, otherwise I wouldn't be here now :- ) Anyway, the Mount Macedon Memorial Cross commemorates those who gave their lives in the 1914 – 1918 War so it was worth the visit to remember Grandad Charlie B there. Daughter Number #1 reports the GPGs are all happy - I'm still planning / wondering how to net out the bl**dy goldfish which seem to be taking over. Ha! That's a job for when I get back to Brissie. Have to re-appear at Melbourne work tomorrow and be somewhat productive. Cheers, Grover
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    OK... So now it's New Year's Eve and I'm stuck in Melbourne for work. Best I can do is watch the fireworks from the balcony of the B&B, then go touring Melbourne aquarium stores on 01-Jan. From Williamstown Aquarium to the Coburg shop and any inbetween :- )) (except they'll probably be closed - uurgles) We'll see who's open and if they have any baby GPGs ha ha.! If they do, I'd have to stuff them in my Qantas carry-on bags. Cheers, and Happy Fishy New Year Grover
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    1m, 2f = $120 approx: 9-11cm more pics on request selling more fish as I want to change to discus call / sms 0401 824 054
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    South American fry for sale

    Getting out of breeding so these must go. Amazonarum 4-5cm $10 each Geophagus Brachybranchus (not crossed)7cm $9 each or 10 for $80 Geophagus 'orange heads' 5cm $12 each or 10 for $100 Geophagus Pindare 4- 5cm $18 each Have bulk lots available. Discounted again if you take all. Pickup Strathpine
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    Hi from the Redlands!!

    Hi and welcome to the site
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    New here just saying hello

    Hey guys new to this forum well not really I took a break from fish and shrimp for about 2 years now just getting back into it again so looking for advice and help when I run into trouble haha.
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    It is definitely not healthy , could be dead . keep an eye on them and see what happens in a week or so .
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    150 W metal halide? 2ft?

    i didnt it found me, and there's not much going on so I thought i would answer it
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    Rescuing the Elephant Ears This morning I found that the Elephant Ears had been well and truly munched by the GPGs. So, I've hooked the island up to the side of the pool to stop it lying on its side. This should let the plants recover and grow new leaves. Grover (I really need to throw more lettuce leaves in the Billabong)
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    Need an aquarium for my Son

    I am looking for a tank for a turtle for my son, I don't have a lot and am hoping that there maybe some stuff some of you don't want that is cheap or not wanted. He will be so stoked and I appreciate any help very much. Thank you, Katie
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    Thanks john, I'm planning on adding weekly liquid fertiliser. I have a vacuum already so will keep up my maintenance routine and do spot cleans when needed
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    G'day, what's this fish?

    Probably flushed out of someone's tank in the floods.
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    Feeding Bullrout

    probably not much help but my uncle used to feed his garden worms. heres a page on bullrout breeding I just found http://www.aquablueseafoods.com.au/other-bullrouts.shtml
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