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    Forsale is a large breeding colony of Electic Yellow Cichlids (Labidochromis caeruleus) which has 12-13 fish (2 Males and 10-11 Females). These are big fish spanning from 9-14cm with great colour showing bright yellow bodies and dark black fins. Very very productive breeding colony and have hundreds of fry to show for it. There are currently 3-4 females with mouthfuls of fry and if someone buys them soon they can have the mouthfuls as well. Last time I stripped females I was getting 30-50 fry per mouthful so you'll be able to make your money back straight away. These guys would also be great in a display tank which is what I currently have them in. Price: $170 Also forsale: - The 6ft tank they are currently in, can do a deal on both
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    Shipping available nation wide threw Star Trek courier, 28$ juveniles are 20$ each. Bred by me. The Texas King. Thailand blood. Photos of parents I cannot attach for some reason. Please contact me on 0468963259
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    Outdoor fish pond

    I think a pond liner from ebay or Bunnings would be the cheapest for something new. you can also post an add in the dry goods trader for a pond and grab one second hand.