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    As I have posted here before I have been shutting down and selling almost all of my tanks . My daughter has scored a few ( 18 x 30 inch on 3 tier stands and a 2 tier 3x18x18 ) most of the the rest have been or are being sold . That said I have decided to keep 4 tanks , 2 x 24x18x24 display tanks with triple kessel leds on one and double fluval leds on the other and a 2 tier 4x18x20 setup with fluval leds on one and kessils on the other and grow plants ( guppies or platies or whatever as tank fillers ) that is the limit of what I can take care of . I have been keeping (breeding) fish for over 50 years I just can not keep up with the workload anymore . It has been an interesting journey and I have met a lot of people along the way , I have had a snake bite while catching rainbows , been sliced by glass , spiked by catfish and all sorts but it still has been ( mostly fun ) to those on here , enjoy the voyage it has the potential of being a long and interesting one . The pic below is my last active tank , overgrown and a little neglected but it's all i have up at present.
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