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    @billfish For smaller plants/moss I use an aquarium safe superglue gel, one that has an active constituent of Cyanoacrylate. It basically becomes inert when moist or wet on the wood/rock which does a good job attaching the plant. Also make sure it’s a superglue gel, I recently purchased some from Bunnings.For larger plants I use fishing line and remove once attached. The above options have worked for me. Cheers Chris
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    Crusty, I bought a couple of small magnets in an electronics store a while ago. No reason, really, just wanted them for the novelty, because they are so ridiculously powerful! They're only about the size of a five cent piece but thicker. They're so strong that when they stick together it's almost impossible to separate them. You have to try to slide them off, and even that's a job! I'm thinking, with magnets that strong, you could make a little "carrier" for them, like a little flat box to hold them, so that you can clean a larger area. The external magnet would have to have some kind of "holder" as well. Just a thought.
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    have u thought about using an old fashioned class cleaner it has a handel on it u can get one from the age of aquariums
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    I have 2 x chocolate common plecos that kept my 8x2x2 spotless. I have been told that they produce a huge bio load though
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