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    Well, LB, I finally put it in the tank and added new water. Also got some floss for the filter, and it's filtering away merrily. Looks alright at the moment.
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    Strange white rocks.

    it all depends on what fish you are putting in the tank if it is coral or another calcium based rock like texas holey rock it can and will raise your ph and hardness of your water,,,,exactly what you want if you are keeping cichlids if youre not and are going down the softer acidic water loving fish its not for you holey rock ,obviously in larger quantities has the potential to raise and buffer your water to about 8 .2 if not getting cichlids you really want an inert rock which doesnt leach anything ,as with all river sands/rocks/pebbles that are what most substrates are made from you can test it by putting it in a bucket and just covering it with water check ph and hardness of water before putting rocks in, leave it for a week then test the water if the ph and hardness doesnt change all is good if it does and you dont want ph to go in that direction , put the rock at the front door, leave it there for about 3 weeks ,must be out of direct sunlight so cover it up , after 3 weeks check carefully that the rock hasnt changed at all and hasnt started to soften or crumble... Then after 3 weeks throw it at the first person that comes to your door selling electricity plans, solar panels or religion or wanting you to donate to some 5th world country soft items dont deter anybody Or you could chech if the rock is calcium based the easy way just get some white vinegar and pour a little on the rock. if it fizzes its calcium based, if it doesnt its not and can be used in any non cichlid tank
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