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    Only downside is balancing the air pressure across the tanks as the lines to the tanks are different lengths but i just run a airline tap on each one at the tank to get the pressure i want the open line at the splitter at the pump i have faced back under the pump at the intake to try and help avoid dust getting it clogged up as it is under the house, upside i cant here the pump running at all
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    I set up my air lines using I think it was 20mm clear hose which was running off LP100 or larger air pumps. Hose hooked onto pump with radiator clamp and using black polly 90 deg bends or ends which were secured using zip ties rather then the black polly clips, I thought less air would escape. Used 4mm irrigation barbs pushed into the plastic hose and they gave a good seal also, there are 2 types of barbs , one with a sharp ends and one with just push points. Used a pair of pointy nose pliers to get the barbs through the hose. Used standard 4mm air line just pushed onto the barbs and then airlines into sponge filters and used airline control valves . If interested I have attached a photo of airline fittings I would sell and there are more around I would top up the box.
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    I have one large pump under my house (LP 200 i think) which i run black irrigation tube, (the flex 4mm, same size as normal airline) to 8 different tanks all over my house, and a couple of lines into ponds outside I split it at the pump and have one line fully open to allow any back pressure to get out I use normal airline for the last section that actually goes into the tank though as i don't know if over time the black tube would leech anything into the water
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