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    Billabong "Still Water Rescue" Craft You've seen them on the news.... SES Flood and Swift Water Rescue Team Volunteers admiring the raging waters of the Billabong during extreme flood times... Now thrill with admiration for the new Billabong Still Water Rescue Craft (BSWRC) ! It's mounted on the back fence ready to launch into the Billabong and rescue fool-hardy fishermen trying to snaffle the GPGs. (Not to mention anyone e.g. Bill Fishy) Grover
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    Auto Siphons

    Here is a photo of an auto siphon to create a flushing filter. This is an overhead filter using a 200L barrel but it could be in a sump and doesn't need to be as big. The inside pipes before media is added - very simple. Water comes in through the 90mm pipe at top. The water level rises and falls inside the filter to create a wave tank. The media used can be anything that doesn't float. The photo below is rapid seeding of hydroton clay balls. No fish, just a heap of ammonia. If you want to boost other (hetrotrophic) microbes for bio film production you can add sugar as well. Power head circulating flow through an aged sponge filter. This is the end result below. As I didn't want to waste the energy of pumped water up to the barrel, I decided to add a moving bed bedside the flushing barrel as well. A moving bed of K1 is a bio film filter. Often confused with a fluidised bed filter. Happy to asnswer any questions but please google first as there is plenty of better explanations online elsewhere. Simplistically, having the media circulate to the surface allows fish waste and oxygen to the bacterial colonies. There is 16500 LPH of pumped water flowing through the moving bed barrel so the air pump is not necessary but it's a good safeguard against power failure if your air pump is backed up. This is energy wasteful so I was going to replace this with a normally closed solenoid tap to drain out. During a power outage the solenoid fails open so all the water drains out. However after some thought, I decided to drill a permanent 4mm hole. When the pump runs, there is plenty of water. If the power fails, the barrel will slowly drain allowing air to get in. No moving parts to fail. Saved $12 on a solenid tap. I have removed the air pump now. After the moving bed, the water gravity drains into the flushing filter. The flushing filter will re-oxygenate the water and provide additonal bio and mechanical filtration. Instead of having the media move (like a moving bed filter) the water level rises and falls so oxygen and fish waste are brought to the media in a different way. Photo of inside the moving bed filter below. The thinner pipe on right (40mm) is incoming pumped water which goes to the bottom of barrel and points back up to stir. The left thick pipe is 90mm stormwater as an overflow drain. It has lots of slits to stop K1 escaping and a T at top to let air out.
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    Anyone got l number fry

    @johnbetta What about MAD Aquarium?
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    Good news Grover65K! Normally the water would be getting greener and darker with the longer day lengths and stronger intensity sun so it's most definitely improving. Wait to see if this improvement continues but I was also thinking you could boost the effectiveness of your UV by putting them in parallel with a much higher water flow. The trick is to put the water through the UV system faster than the green water can reproduce in the pool so 30,000 LPH - 40,000 LPH during the day (solar panels). Would be easy to plumb up your existing 4 UV filters similar to this link below. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Mariculture-Fish-Breeding-UV-Filter-for_60301616516.html So high collective flow rate but individually low enough flow for effective kill cycle. I will be building a 600 - 800 watt UV system similar for myself in the next few months to kill white spot (without chemicals). I priced single unit UV systems and couldn't find one below AUD$10K so I will join 10 smaller (75 watt) units myself.
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    Finely something

    Last week my blood parrot was laying eggs as normal (about every 2 weeks) any I've been in hospital for 5 days got up this morning to find this mum and dad are in the video VID_20201106_162546.mp4 VID_20201112_111926.mp4
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    The Billabong cover is up! And many, many straps have been employed to hold it down!! Grover (typing on his silly mobile phone keyboard)
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Babies have been released, it just so happened to be the morning I'm going away for five days, I'll ask for them to be to feed them a tiny amount each day.
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    Busy Saturday... If you are following Grover on Instagram, then you've seen some of today's excitement already ! INSTAGRAM: giantpinkgourami The blue cover has come off. Although the GPGs weren't too pleased and they all took off in the other direction! But "Knobbly Headed One" who looks very much a male of the gourami species, chased them away again from the Elephant Ear island, so Grover rummaged around in the back shed to find these. And of course they required a degree of fixing to ensure the ceramic sinkers underneath didn't fall off. This was accomplished with new UV resistant Zip ties. In addition there was a trip to one of Grover's more esoteric LFS - Whitworth's Marine! This was to buy 'Motor Safety Cables', aka coated stainless steel rope with a loop and a spring-link end. These usually stop your tinnie's outboard from plunging 30m straight down when you are tinkering with the bits holding it to the stern of your boat. But in the case of the Billabong, they are used to keep the islands in place and also sit things (like these baskets) on the side ledge without losing them 3m down! As a bonus find, the 2nd island appeared from under the blue cover. Sadly all the plants look somewhat spindly and etiolated. With a bit of Qld sun, they should spring back to life. Now is the time to float the 3rd island back into the water - possibly some waterlilies might survive so they will be given a test-run. Lastly, another trip to a different LFS (Bunnings) for a 350W sump pump as the Aquael pump finally ground to a halt and threw an electrical hissy fit and tripped the circuit breaker. Bunnings Newstead has moved - just lucky it was visible from the Whitworth's store. This afternoon's effort was digging the old strainer/mesh out of the scoria, building a new one from a spare laundry basket, and then carefully (!@%!<{!^=^!!%&*@) fitting the new one in place, and piling the scoria back around it. Done! (Oh... and replacing one of the UV bulbs in the Blagdon UVs - only $65 ea ) And tonight? Tonight Grover leans on the pool fence and watches GPGs lazily cruise around the Billabong in the moonlight Alright... so it's not moonlight, just your standard pool floodlight, but we are trying to set a mood here thanx! Grover (Tomorrow the weekend will be back to normal - giving the matala sheets in the 'BBB' {Big Blue Barrels} their fortnightly clean & rinse) (Breaking News: "G for George" the Grey Giant Gourami {aka GGG} has been seen and confirmed as alive & kicking - we are still waiting for photographic proof. He is the 'Loch Ness Monster' of the Billabong)
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    heater time!

    Most heat is lost through the top of the tank so make sure you have full cover lids. One of my sheds is not room heated so I put sheets of 15mm polystyrene on top of the glass lids and throw a plastic sheet over the whole rack. I see lots of condensation and the air feels warm underneath so I am sure it works. At least that's what I tell myself. I get scary power bills. You can use a light beam thermometer gun if you want to find heat leakages on tanks or fish rooms. Good for annoying the neighbours cats too.
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    Peppermint Bristlenose for sale below sizes available: - 3cms - $15 each or 10 for $130 - 5cms - $20 each *Pickup Camp Hill *Please bring bucket
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    New Trachyphyllia

    New piece we have just put into the reef, looks freaking amazing
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    torf pellets are just pelletised peat moss ,peat is used to help soften and lower ph of water, as well as a spawning matter for some fish.
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    Seems I am 2 hrs late to the party
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    How long does it take for the bottle to clear? The billabong is essentially one large settlement tank so if you could keep the fish from stirring up the bottom or use a network of drain pipes to pick up the sludge directly off the bottom then your pool would clear quite nicely and hopefully quickly. If you want some electronic wizardry then have a look at this instead - https://www.pondalgaesolutions.com/ultrasonicalgaecontrol.html
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    Severum tank ...add angelfish ?

    Agree with both the previous comments. In terms of other fish to add - I like the Rainbow Cichlids (Herotilapia multispinosa) I have with my severums. They stay small, nice colour, and they sort of school. Otherwise perhaps one of the larger tetras, like Colombian?
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Found 2 babies in the adult tank, must have left the mum early.
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    Just a Teaser for the Weekend... Photo of the monster poised over the Black Billabong this week. Spooky! Grover
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    Almost Full Moon for a GFG... And "G For George" finally comes out to play - Hooray! Grover has figured that he has 18 (or 19) GPGs, and 1 (one) special GFG - "G For George" Grover also discovers why George is so elusive. Whilst leaping around the Billabong edges with camera in one hand, and torch in the other, it was discovered that George (otherwise herein also known as "GFG") likes to hide behind the pool ladder steps! With his colour, he's a perfect match for the green/grey sidewalls of the pool and, Who looks behind pool ladder steps anyway? Here are the best photos from tonight's montage. His head has a small lump and is not really white - the camera flash has washed out most of his grey head. This one's out of focus (he was way too close to the camera!), but shows his 5 - 6 cm wide head Now Grover can go back to worrying about the GPGs: feeding, plumbing, and encouraging any and all possible breeding activities. One of the Elephant Ears was sacrificed this morning. Sliced up and the leaves chopped off and the remains sprinkled in the Billabong to provide nesting materials. Cheers, Grover ( )
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    Hello from a new member

    Hello all, names Aaron. Been keeping fish for over 15 years though it has turned into a more serious hobby in the past few years. Cherry shrimp, Snails, Bristlenose plecos and live bearing fish are what im currently keeping and have so many cherry shrimp and bristlenose thanks to the insane breeding speed. I've added a photo of my longfin x common bristlenose baby catching a ride on a Rabbit snail.. enjoy!
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    Mine just got delivered to my door I paid him the other 70% of my $4000 order. But he said they are a bit small and you can't see them yet but they will get bigger in time.
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    Hi @Tegan11 First thing is, How big is the tank? how many fish are in the tank ? What is the filtration used on the tank ? What is your water change schedule ? when you do a water change how do you treat your new water before adding to the tank ? How do you clean the filtration and how often Hole in the head is usually caused by poor water conditions so something is very wrong in your balance of your set up right now (actually most diseases are) Best thing to do while answering these questions in probably a 30% water change every day (make sure you treat the new water before adding, I use Seacham Prime, but you need to remove the chlorine before you add the new water ) , don't mess with PH or additives, stable PH is more important than trying to get the perfect PH so whatever your town water is just leave the PH as is Answer the questions above and hopefully we can help further Fish keeping can be tricky at times but we are here to help Cheers
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    Gday from FNQ

    @Mitch.0 is another tang breeder
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    My new setup!

    most tetras that are torpedo shaped and some rasboras are easy to sex... males are thinner and smaller females are less streamlined.......wonder what the wife would say if we were game enough to tell her she is less streamlined
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    Been checking out 5 ft Aquariums

    I noticed that aquaone tank comes with a canister which is great because built in filters don't really do the job on a tank that size. I have a 5ft aqua nova that originaly had built in filters but have now been replaced with a canister.
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    Those non standard connections are a trap. Maybe you could use a DEKs connector? Multiple diameters available and some able to step up or down pipe sizes. https://www.bunnings.com.au/our-range/bathroom-plumbing/plumbing/pipe-fittings/flexible-couplings
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    Hello All. Great to meet you.

    Hi, My name is Peter. I'm looking to start a new chapter in Aquarium Keeping. Been doing a lot of research and have discovered lots of very informative YouTubes although everything I've watched is based on the U.S. market. Looking to get more info on our local suppliers plus tips and tricks. Ultimately, I'm looking to set up a planted tropical Aquarium of around 4" x 2" x 2" to feature in our entry. Will be wanting advice to schooling community fish ( small ) and maybe if practical, an Angel to draw peoples attention. I was an Admin of a dog forum a number of years ago, Also a registered breeder of Japanese Spitz ( Dogs Qld ) ( ANKC ) but now no longer involved in breeding due to my health and the very long hours needed to look after puppies during their first weeks of life. This is a time of my life I treasure as nothing compares to the joys of watching pups grow from birth to the time they leave for their new lives. It was also the saddest time when the time came for the pups to leave. Thankfully, I still have owners who still keep in touch and I can say for certain, a pup never forgets its breeder. Look forward to reading the boards. Cheers!
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    Please add me to the list.....I've spawned Dario dario....;)
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    Hi and welcome to the site
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    Thanx again @aquaholic99 Today I tried sieving 1 bag as dry, and thought... "I'm never going to survive sieving the other 37!" Tomorrow I will dress in my daggiest old 'dog-walking' clothes and attempt "wet" sieving. Look for the red-mud coloured guy walking a russet-coloured Border Collie tomorrow afternoon
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    Oh... Look.... New ducks on the Billabong Courtesy of Bunnings ha ha! Grover (note the plastic chains to stop the plastic birds from escaping)
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    Hello :)

    Hi and welcome to the site what fish are you going to keep
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Bubs growing up, keeping one male for display for myself and will move the others on. Here's the biggest of the bubs I pulled out to have his own display tank to grow up in. Another molt or two and he should be around full color as the juvies start off dull. Here's the big boy, obviously likes his food.
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    Edible Pandans - Update The 6 Pandans arrived and have acclimatized to the Bog Bed Filter. The Water Iris have doubled or tripled in size. The Giant Amazon Sword plants are doing their thing - sending out flower sprays which form tiny vegetative plantlets at their ends. The plants are thriving, but the wildlife is missing. Specifically, Grover misses his "bop" frogs ! They used to live in a side pool, until one day he used too much chlorinated city water to refill the wading pool. Now... no more little 'bops' or 'tocs' in the dead of night. Most people want less of these noisy amphibians, so if you have any to go to a good home (i.e. the "BBF") please send a PM. Cheers, Grover ( ribbit ribbit )
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    Discus Pair.

    thanks mate, I did send Sony a message to his mobile number
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    Can you ship me 2 to brisbane Australia, Cause that is where the people on this website live. Send me your bank details. Cheers.
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    Quarantine process

    Our new little male clown 3 weeks in our Q tank, now into his tub, he will stay in the tub for 2-3 days, then swap into a clean tub, and repeat this for approx 3 weeks, then into the main tank
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    Honeycomb and white eyed Morays

    we used to keep snakes so very similar, been hit a few times, always fun
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    Continuing the plant theme... Yesterday Grover rescued some tiny plantlets from the flower stalks of his Giant Amazon Sword plants. They are now resident in the Bog Bed Filter and look reasonably happy. As they are semi-emergent plants that can grow under and above the water line they should do OK. Grover (pottering around the aquatic garden)
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    Hi there

    hi mate how are u
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    Technical Stuff… Thanx @aquaholic99 – your “brief posts” pack more info than my rambling photo essays Q1) Biological filtration! I think I have the mechanical filtration covered with the Big Blue Barrels and the Cetus Sieve, so based on the fact that I am throwing vast amounts of vegetarian food into the Billabong, I’d have to lean toward biological and nitrate removal. Q2) 2ndy objectives? Just a few cherry tomato bushes – these have been self-seeding and sprouting near the BBBs for years now. Q3) Bypassing during Winter? Probably not – I’ll buy more solar panels if needed. After in-depth reading of your notes and some aquaponic websites, I think it would be best to “flood & drain” multiple times during the day. When the bed was built, I had them install a 90mm hole (in the base), surrounded by a 160mm ring. In the photo below, the 90mm hole has a vertical piece about 4cm high (showing some blue plumbers tape wrapped around it). This piece of pipe has some weep holes in it because I didn’t want water standing in the bed and providing a breeding ground for mozzies. The 90mm hole connects to 90mm pipe that runs straight back into the Billabong. Outside of that is the 160mm ring which is about 2cm high. I originally thought to use a piece of 160mm pipe with slots cut in it to act as a final filter to stop the scoria heading back to the Billabong. The doubled-up laundry basket is doing a good job so far of holding back the scoria. Total depth of the scoria is 22cm (I really thought it was deeper than that!). And currently there is no fail-safe emergency overflow back to the pool. Yes, Grover realises that this is a “bad” idea, and that the Bog Bed Filter could end up looking like this… The emergency overflow will be installed ASAP ! What size is the pump/flow rate? The Ryobi Sump Pump powering the Cetus Sieve is a 750W one capable of 17,000litre/hour – I appreciate this may be ‘power overkill’, but the excitable GPGs make a very big mess of Elephant Ear and Iris plants when they get going. And the sludge continues to be sucked out and separated, so I'll leave it be for the moment. The Aquael Pump is a large one, so let's be generous and say it’s 4,000litre/hour. It does have a variable control, so it can be dialled down or up as required. So, in summary, Grover considers that going straight to cyclic "flood & drain" is his best option. Bell siphon or auto "U" Siphon ? Cheers, Grover ( able to leap tall technical explanations in a single logical bound ! )
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    Well done Grover, that's been a mammoth effort to wash all of the scoria! it will be great once its running. hope your well mate
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    My Aquarium build update

    1. You'll need at least 500W of heating, I would get 2 heaters, of 250W each. Heaters are cheap, and this setup is much safer, if one heater breaks. Either in the "on" or the "off" position. 2. Depends more on the fish you want to keep. Based on what you've said about the fish, UV is not at all necessary. 3. Any canister filter with at least 1400, 1500 lph flow rate should do, in addition to your HOB. Note that the canister filters are a much bigger pain in the a*s to clean, but you only need to clean them much less often than HOB. Cleaning my canister filters is my least favourite aspect of fishkeeping, not for the sludge and muck I find, but the business of opening and closing the canisters without leaks. I've got both AquaOne and Fluval canister filters, and one brand is just SOOO much easier to maintain...
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    why didn't I do this sooner

    i know someone that had jade perch/barcoo grunter and redclaw, the red claw didn't really grow much but they did breed, the fish grew but weren't nice compared to the fish we catch ourselves and eat.
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    Hi @billfish No, no baby plecostomus... Even though they had terracotta pipes and huge plastic pipes as well. Here they are - out of the Billabong temporarily while I vacuumed up grunge and muck from the bottom of the pool. The pipes are approx. 30cm diameter and maybe 1.5m long, and attached to floating chains which then attach to the floating ducks! Cheers, Grover
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    Worming African Cichlids

    I use Kusuri wormer to worm new fish on the way in the door, never had a problem with L#, Discus, African Cichlids, Cichlid Fry, Tetras, Corydoras etc. A lot of people use it and continue to use it monthly as the manufacturer suggests. I just use it during quarantine, I don't know why you would need to continue use unless you were feeding live/frozen foods? I do worry that helminths will become resistant to this anti parasitic through constant use?
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    New tank Tmba

    .... initially you will be only needing to test for ammonia, this should peak after about 2 weeks, then you will see it drop off as Nitrite starts to rise, approx a further 2 weeks will see nitrite drop off as nitrate rises, once this occurs and ammonia and nitrites are zero, do a partial water change to reduce the nitates and your tank is cycled!!....The Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle
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    My Sajica Convict hybrids

    Oh by the way on my Rainbowfish keeping, I keep my breeding bows seperated by catchment as species. I would never keep Rhadinocentrus from two different creeks in the same tank/pond. That is a given and the basic first rule of keeping Rhads.
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    I've seen bnaby scats down at the Royal queensland yaght squadron that were red.
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