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    Age of Aquariums

    Yeah got the shock of my life, dropped by last Saturday to a locked gate. Very sad and a blow to the industry. Gonna miss the lads. I think its a Brisbane thing, I was in Sydney last October and couldn't get over the size and quality of the shops. QLD is in recession as far as I am concerned, as a business owner, its tough out there. Its little wonder with the idiots we have in charge at the moment.
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    Age of Aquariums

    As someone who grew up in South East Asia and recently moved here, I will give my perspective of the aquarium hobby in Australia. Fish here are extremely expensive thanks to import fees and such. Equipment is expensive too. A $5 betta fish back home is $35 here. With Australia having so many restrictions and banned species, the aquarium hobby especially for freshwater is not that much fun as you cannot get all the cool varieties you see on the internet/Youtube. I wanted a few pea puffers awhile back but learnt that they're banned here. Lots of limiting factors here towards hobbyists. You cannot even get a simple good trio of guppies without paying upwards of 40 bucks.
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