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    Hey guys, Hope everyone's safe and well and looking for a passionate male Lepidiolamprologus elongatus. I have 2 girls looking for love (and fighting about it ) and hope someone has a spare male I could buy (possibly swap for something of interest as well if interested) to add to the mix. Located on the Gold Coast but happy to travel and get some essential food on the way plus keep contact minimal
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    these guys came today. just getting used to artificial plants as these would eat the real ones i had in there.
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    As you already have the acrylic panels and you want light in, I would screw in an aluminium U channel at top and bottom to make sliding rails. I thinkyou can get single or double rails depending on how you want to slide panels. Allow gap - room to lift the panels out when needed. The acrylic will bend with time and letting light in may cause an algae issue. Could try plastic channel but aluminium will withstand rough treatment much better.
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    Thanks mate Unfortunately what ever it was progressed so quickly overnight the growth swelled so large it blocked his whole mouth and he was dead this morning
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