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    lol Ray, I can just see your wheels turning and Sarah's eyes flashing Sad as it is after so long, I know I'm making the right call at the right time mate
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    Corona’s affect on the hobby

    I just hope the whole lockdown thing will bring a bit of life back to this forum. That alone will do wonders for the hobby. I"m a bit isolated up her and learnt most of the basics through this site. Would be great to see it busy again. Brendan
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    I'm 65yo now and have been keeping and breeding fish for a very long time. For a combination of health, financial and family reasons I have decided to close down and sell off my fishroom many years sooner than I had planned. This is a very large breeding room that fills a 12 x 4 metre shed to the roof, all tanks and equipment are in good condition and room is currently running. All tanks and equipment will be available for removal towards the end of the year. Located Gold Coast, Qld. At this initial stage I am looking for interest on the whole setup. If I need to split it to sell I will look at that later in the year. Anybody who has serious interest in the whole setup can contact me via PM to discuss and obtain further photos and details. Cheers, Doug
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    Thanks mate, I enjoyed showing my fishroom to yourself and other good people in that time when we were game to let people into our homes and fishrooms. Different world nowadays I'm afraid, not many people have been inside my fishroom in the last 10 years or so. Cheers, Doug
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