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    Wtb o/s bristlenoses Brisbane area

    Wtb o/s bristlenoses Brisbane area any size
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    I agree with the Salvini. One of my favourite species but I won’t keep them unless new blood comes in as many are either lacking of colour, as well as the fact pretty much all have mouth deformities. Attached is photos of the Festae pair that I used to have. Can’t find a photo of the male from a better angel at the moment though. Second photo is of the female in a friends tank. I am the same as you. I am happy to invest more money in wild caught species compared to domestically spawned as many species have been inbred, and cross bred sometimes you don’t know what you are actually getting. With the H. Temporalis so far I have noticed that the wild caught are much more aggressive then domestically raised especially with conspecies. They are very protective of the fry and still have the spawn with them. I am tempted to pull a small amount of them but don’t want to disturb them too much as it is only their first spawn. If so I’d only pull a very small percentage so they still have majority of the spawn with them to continue learning and to strengthen their pair bond
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