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    No need to apologies at all, I appreciate a detailed response I am not giving up. I am currently going to grow the group out and see how they turn out. Due to import laws Australia seems to constantly be in positions of losing pure strains from the hobby. Take the speices in the Vieja (or paraneetroplus idk they change them all the time) so many of them have been cross breed as people don't know what they have or they are intentionally attempting to spawn hybrids. I have some pretty exciting growouts happening for me at the moment with my wild caught Hypselecara Temporalis pair, wild caught wavrini (although from what I have read getting a female is near impossible), the Parachromis Multifasciatus and now also a group of 6 Parachromis Dovii which were a birthday present from a close friend. I have read that it will take them quite a while to out grow a 6x2x2 so by the time they have I plan to have a larger tank or I know people with larger tanks to move them on too. P. Dovii has been a bucket list fish for me as long as I can remember. My last group of P. Multifasciatus turned xanthic at around 12cm which was quite early on. I guess in hindsight I guess that saved me from growing them for many years for it to happen then. I have always tried to find info on what could trigger then to turn later on or earlier in life, but I think no one knows. Here is a video of them in the growout tank. They are in there with some Melanotaenia Duboulayi as dithers. It is fascinating to see the dominate in the group when they are displaying dominance and flash the tradition adult colouration. I did need to remove the driftwood and divide the tank in half as while the 6 P. Dovii are still small they will growout in here as well. I didn't want to risk just chucking them in there with the P. Multifasciatus and coming home to a massacre ahaha. I am not the greatest photographer so I think that coupled with the setting on the radion light has washed out some of the fish and made them look white.
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