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    @Grover65k i asked one of the guys i know as it turns out its the emblem from an xa falcon 500 hardtop superbird
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    Stringy faeces?

    No worries, sorry if that's a lil daunting for a first time fish keeper but honestly if he/she is acting ok, swimming fine, eating at least once a day, then stressing and fiddling with the tank like adding meds or salt unnecessarily can cause problems that were never there by adding more stress to the fish. Not sure where you live or the store you go to but depending on your LFS or the store, they may just tell you to dump this and that in just to sell you stuff and make money. There are a lot of good pet stores and LFS (Local Fish Stores) but there are also a lot that just wanna sell you crap. I used to play dumb at new stores when I was moving a lot. Been keeping fish since 9yrs old, breeding since 11, but I'd walk in and ask "new aquarist" questions and play dumb just to see what they'd try and sell me and in doing so figure out if they cared about the fish or just the next sale. Just be wary if they try to send you out the door with a bunch of meds. Personally I think it's too early to poison the lil guy with no definite symptoms and only the stringy poo to go on I find that a lot of the time when they're cared for properly, fish's immune systems can deal with the smaller problems on their own without meds. Rescued more than a few from rough conditions in my time and yes, some needed meds and specific treatment but for the most part, minor things where the fish is showing no real symptoms or health issues are best fought by the fish imo Rams are usually fairly confident little fish but it will take a week or so to settle in. Not sure on the size of your tank but a small school of dithers will help with confidence if your tank can handle a few extra small fish's bioload. Pygmy rasbora (rasbora maculata) are very small yet they're cute and "dumb" for lack of a better word. They don't hide (provided in a school of 5-6 minimum) and therefore the ram sees the tiny fish out swimming and thinks everything must be safe as the tiny fish aren't getting munched... Dither fish work wonders for a lot of cichlids and larger fish whether it be just confidence to swim in the open so you get to see them more or even as much as lowering their overall stress levels in a new environment by way of them knowing there's obviously no predators to hide from.
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    @Grover65k Looks like an old Ford Performance Racing eagle but for the life of me Google will not help me find it to confirm , dam google here is a couple of newer ones so i think you're on the money for 70's/80's ford falcon
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    Before people misunderstand my comment on the discus - I've seen some spectacular discus tanks, very impressive. But they just don't work for me. They seem to get sick and drop dead for no reason. Even though they are Her Ladyship's favourites, I'm switching to something that suits me better, will not require so much work to maintain.
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    Rainbow Stiphodon looks like a cool fish. Never heard of it before. Too bad you didn't get that one, but maybe another time. Smaller tanks are certainly easier to move - a 6ft tank (just the glass) weighs over 100kg as I'm sure you know. Here's my tanks at the moment. Photos are full tank shots taken about 2 weeks ago. Mixed Malawi, Planted discus/tetra moving to Rainbows, and the central/south american mild-mannered ones. I'm actually most happy with the third tank at present - nicest group of fish, with some that grow large. I'm considering changing the Malawi tank to a group of larger Haps, potentially just one or two species. There's quite a lot of fish I'll have to move on if I decide to go down that road. The planted tank has 6 different species of rainbows at the moment, but still young, so not obvious. Eventually I hope to make this a fully rainbow tank, once the last discus die off (shouldn't take too long...) and I find a better home for the tetras. There could be 12-15 different species of rainbows, depending on what I can find. Originally I planned to add some PSG later, once the rainbows were at size, but I've seen too many videos on YouTube of PSG eating adult sized rainbows!!
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