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    Pterophyllum Altum Display

    Some more updated photos taken approx 3.5 weeks after being setup. Move the extra 3 Wild Caught Pterophyllum Altum, Rio Orinoco our of quarantine and into the tank, their fins came in damaged, as well as them picking on each other in quarantine but they are healing up. Male and Female Apistogramma Agassizii ‘Tefe’ Finally, a full tank shot.
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    Video Evidence... Again this morning Grover saw GPGs swanning around under the Elephant Ears. This male was seen leaving at a great rate of knots (he is at the end of the 2nd video). Today's post brings you two videos (below are links to YouTube): GPG UW Billabong25 (a) GPG UW Billabong25 (b) Cheers, Grover (now to get the underwater camera operating and see what's happening under there...)
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    Challenger 1966

    i was at aquarama stafford today and i spied some sml ones in a tank marked common bristlenose
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