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    Finely something

    Last week my blood parrot was laying eggs as normal (about every 2 weeks) any I've been in hospital for 5 days got up this morning to find this mum and dad are in the video VID_20201106_162546.mp4 VID_20201112_111926.mp4
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    Villis a

    3 tier 6x2.5wx2h.

    Needing to re home my 3 tier 6x2.5x2 rack. Top two tanks are plumbed into the bottom which is divided into sump and sections for fry. Very regretful to move it on but moving houses and just can’t make space. Reason I am giving it away for free is because it was given to me for free from another member on here. Would love it gone by next weekend. Regards Andrew
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    I would consider getting some True SAE into that tank to deal with the BBA. They will eat it.
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    How often do you feed the fish? Once every day SPARINGLY is enough. Every second day is better.. Sometimes it helps to change the brand of food. Do you fertilise the few plants? Don’t! Most of the time problems like yours are caused by oversupply of nutrients.Using rainwater is fine (I use nothing else), no need to add anything. I would throw in some inexpensive, fast growing plants (something you can throw out later) to starve out the bba. It may take awhile, but you’ll get there. Since you had this tank for a year without problems, think back about what changed. And: waterchanges, at least 20% every fortnight are a must.
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    Finely something

    I'm OK it's hard to to do anything with 1 arm (I still have a picc line for the meds in the other arm)
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