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    Anyone got l number fry

    i would not recommend going to mad aquariums as there is a member on this forum who says he works there go at your own risk if u want to get ripped off
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    cool and your welcome i thought that was what u would do i wasnt trying to be nasty or any thing i know alot of people who have big fish in tanks that are way to small for them and that boils my blood but u sound like a smart fish keeper who wants the best for your fish
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    Saratoga growth rate? and feedng?

    Well just had a failed attempt to add him to the 6ft. The jungle perch tried to beat him up, I gave it 10-15 minutes but he's back in the 5ft now recovering, I'm hoping he's ok. Measured him just before I added him back to the 5ft and he's now 22cm which is great and he's noticeable growing fast now that he's into his food more. Next attempt might be with a divider, or just wait until he's 30cm+, we'll see.
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    Anyone got l number fry

    @johnbetta What about MAD Aquarium?
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    The Only thing Shady about you Ray Is when you're standing in the shade
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    Sarah bought a new tank

    Both the eel tank (super jealous of) and this reef one are incredible. Really want to take the plunge into marine after seeing it. Most be nice to sit and watch.
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