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    Red eyed Red swords

    So I ordered 6 and when the bag arrive 4 were alive. 2 were DOA. Livefish have promptly promised a refund in line with their policy. I know previously Red eyed reds came in and Pet City got some and lost the lot. They seem sensitive. I have one boy, one who may be bi, and maybe two girls. One in particular is stressed and shimmying. Debating giving them a multicure type treatment, as I often think a treatment does more bad than good. Concentrating on good feeds, good water. Th colour is fantastic in these fish as the red really pops due to the albino gene. @QldMick I saw the Blood red lyretails on line. I am not sure of the genetics of these. Look good. i need more tanks. @johnbetta If i get fry after I have enough for me I will throw some your and Micks way. The girls seem more stressed than the boys so at the moment I am doubtful. If I lose the girls I will be hunting an albino female and try that cross.
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    Newbie and need Help :)

    I tend to agree with the general view.... the scape is good. The substrate wood and rocks work really well. The fish mix is wrong IMO, as others have said. Jack Dempsey are named after a boxer due to their aggressive nature- great fish but not for a community. Recommend going to Aquarium Central and telling Nigel I sent you. He will fix you up and give you some good advice. Steve
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    Tall tank

    755mm high by 350mm wide by 250 deep tank made of of acrylic comes with stand holds 127 ltrs no leakes , if the photos is still up it still available . No lids $40 Pick up from chermside
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    Bettas in Brisbane?

    Jodi, AKA fishchicks is the Betta Queen in my view. She has a facebook page.
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    Would you subtract that from the 5kg, or add 5kg to it? I would work out the salinity and then test it on one clown in a bucket. Better to lose one, than lose them all. That said clowns are a river fish. A tasty river fish. Firm white oily flesh aside, they are found from the headwaters right down to where it first starts getting a bit tidal....... so they can handle a bit more salt than people usually expect. Probably more optimal to salt up an IBC and move the toga into it for a while though. Unless this salt level is going to be a longterm thing. In which case I would be more worried about your filtration microbes than your loaches. Brackish biofiltration takes longer to mature than marine..........
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