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    Gang valve question

    Howdy all, Would anyone know where to get a 4 way or more gangvalve that has outlets that suit 3/8" weighted tubing? All I can find are ones that suit 4 mm tubing. Cheers
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    Super Red Monkey in OZ

    Do we have these guys here? Are they just Flowerhorn x Red Devils? Pretty cool if you like that kind of thing.
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    Ob peacock colony

    2 boys 23 girls most have mouthfulls at the moment $250
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    Red eyed Red swords

    Hey Gingerbeer I picked up some albino koi swordtails from Pet City when they were new and they weren't very hardy. Thanks for the offer of these guys but am going in a similar direction with Albino Dragon Blood Peacocks(as seen in my other posts) I might grow out a big batch of these guys and try and get the reddest males I can, my male is from a different source than my females and they all seem pretty hardy. Good luck with your breeding, you could specifically ask Natfish for a couple of Lyretail females, mixing your genes up a bit while your incorporating the lyretail gene.
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    Fantail Guppys For Sale

    Hi John ph 0430216343 Cheers Butch
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    Ob peacock colony

    Sorry mate need them all gone
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