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    When To Water Change

    Sorry, if this question has been asked before, I'm sure it has, but I can't find an answer through the search. I wish to determine at what point I should perform a water change in my predominantly discus 6x2x2 tank. I'm running my tank with 15 x 5-7cm discus plus 6 x sterbai corydoras and 3 x L333 plecos, my tank is heavily planted. I performed a 50% water change 3 days ago and tested the water a few hours later, nitrates read 5.00ppm. Now three days later nitrates have not changed and continue at 5.00ppm, possibly a bit lower, if that is possible. Ammonia and nitrites are, of course 0.00ppm.There is not a heavy build up of fish poop on the substrate. I have been feeding regularly to stimulate growth. I am certainly not against water changing, I have a pretty efficient regime that takes about 30-45 minutes and being retired have no problems performing it. However I certainly don't want to do a water change for the sake of doing a water change. Please could I have some advice. Thanks John
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    Thanks to @challenger1966 for the fish, all settling in well, Flagfin has some wicked color on him and he should enjoy the large tank when all setup, blue tang is chilling in another tank
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    very nice your on to a winner there and the guy u got it from is a top bloke to deal with cheers john
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    i think it's fair to say Macgyver is an outdated term. An update to MACGROVER is in order .
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    Hi @stefan.jsp, You must be in cahoots with @QldMick ! Grover agrees.... he's been very tempted to make use of 18m x 3m of roof on the 'extended' carport (another 6m added since the Google satellite flew past!). At the moment he's toying with the idea of throwing extra solar panels up there and adding a battery. The heat exchanger unit is running 6hrs/day and is keeping the Billabong at 22degC without too much trouble. If Grover had more solar panels (in addition to the 6kW sitting on the main house roof) , then he could run the pool pump and exchanger up to 12 hours a day. As you've already noticed, Grover's plumbing skills are not up there in the gold-standard plumbing league. The potential for watery excitement on the carport roof (and the potential for Grover to fall off) may sadly preclude Grover from taking advantage of the Gumtree offer Grover (just hanging out for Winter to end and Summer to return)
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    FS: Tropheus Kasanga Red Rainbow

    @aqc247 Can't sneak anything past you
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    Hi @aquaholic99, Yes, the water is absolutely clear. I rummaged around in the deep end (6ft down) and found various bits of the Aquael pump which had fallen off years ago. Managed to fish them out, and made sure the sump pump was sitting in an upright position to power the Cetus Sieve. The other end of the Billabong is only 2-3ft deep, so it's the shallow end. But that's where I set the Elephant Ear islands. Also, the blue cover is helping keep the temperature up to 22degC and I don't want to expose open water to the atmosphere and give the GPGs cold chills When I get a spare moment from the current contract work, I'll drop the underwater camera in just before I feed the monsters. And honestly, I've given up counting them! ! Ahhh... the crayfish.... Well, I think the kookaburras snaffled all the large ones I brought home from Wallangarra. When I was at Red Dragon, I bought x10 tiddly ones and dropped them in the Sludge Bin. The idea was to prevent them escaping (and getting eaten), and hopefully acclimatize them to the warm water of the Billabong. I can then transfer them into the Bog Bed Filter. Hi @Grubs I'm just very grateful that the GPGs are vegetarians! Otherwise I'd be getting nibbled every time I go wading in the Billabong! Or I'd end up on the local news - "Man Devoured by Pet Fish", with the byline underneath... "Faithful Border Collie Attempts Rescue (but fails as doesn't have opposable thumbs)". Next-door neighbour quoted as saying "I heard the splash, and the screaming, but just thought it was kids playing in the wading pools." "There wasn't much left when the paramedics arrived." "Really gruesome!" Cheers, Gruesome Grover (brought to you from the "Le Grand Guignol" in Paris)
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    Sunlight Phenos

    Ok day one of 1m 6f separated from the other fish in half a 5ft. Will see if they start to breed now. Moved on one male and keeping 2 extra spare for now. The dominant and most marbled male is on the right (he is not lighter than the other 2 as it looks in the pic), he's easy to spot as he has a spot on his right eye.
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    Festae aka red terror pair

    Festae aka red terror gone!!!
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    Sometimes extreme temp does it, or a cross (eg devil X Vieja synspilum) Depends on the species. Livebearers its often a random mutation. The sick ones can be disease or malnutrition.
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    balloon/jellybean variants

    Strongly disagree with the above statement.
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    First Aid Box for fish!!!

    i bet half the fish related deaths are due to inexperience and the cocktails of medication omg, i hopes u guy's with all these meds dont mix them, or understand what u can n cant mix at least, some of these meds are strong n have side effects, i like goby post about dosage etc, primary reason for sickness 9 times outta 10 is poor housekeeping, some dont like to admit it, but if people actually got off their butts and did some research abot water, and proper fishkeeping, i think you would find alot less deaths and less stress on both the fish and the aquarist alike. prevention is far better then the cure, if you start to understand both your fish and housekeeping, and put solid routines in place tis happy days this is by no means a dig at anybody, but a generic post to assist everybloody
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