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    Fs L134 Colonyx9

    Size 7-8 cm 2 years old Brought them at 3cm for $130 each Fed repashy 4females 5 males Price $2700 neg No seperating Fat as have been trapping,no spawn yet. I have lost interest in plecos Reply via private messaging if you are serious. Advertised on gummy as well more pics on there. Thanks jas
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    Michelle Indoors

    Indoor guppy pond - Hi!

    Hello all, I thought I would just drop a couple of pics of where my little project is at. Still got some fibre glassing to do, put a stand in for the water fall (not a brick!) and painting but it gives you an idea. I have a nice little corner for this to go in the lounge room with tree ferns, birds nest ferns etc. to give it that rainforest vibe. 20210720_131544.mp4
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    Northside New Tank Builder Required

    dennisson has built 5 or 6 of my larger tanks over the years...only reason i didnt mention him is hes southside his tanks are freekin awesome and i would not go anywhere else for anything out of standard small tanks, his finishes are spot on , would definately be one of the most respected big tank builders in qld
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    Would this be Dennison Seeto?
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    Indoor guppy pond - Hi!

    I have no idea why I didn't do an outdoor pond when I was up there years ago, maybe a bit harder for renters. Now I have some portable aquaculture tanks they would do the job but it's just crayfish outdoors over winter where I live at the moment. I have kept and breed guppies outdoors here during the warmer months though. There were two good LFS in Townsville when I was there, not sure about now though. Here's the portable aquaculture tanks I was talking about, would do a wicked indoor planted pond but has mainly been used for breeding, they are 1000L full, but usually keep it a bit lower. Also checkout these guys, The Guppy Palace | Nano Tanks Aquarium (nanotanksaustralia.com.au)
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