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    QLDAF change of rules

    I am just bumping this up again. As we go in to lockdown again in QLD, NSW is in a never ending cycle of lockdowns, and Victoria seems to be getting some freedom it is time to remind ourselves this is not over. QLDAF supports all local fish stores and there staff. Thanks to the stores we get new fish, quality fish, new products, and new information. During lockdowns these businesses have to consider there business and people end up not being able to work. QLDAF support our hobby, sponsors and all LFS stores. Any store is invited to be involved. Use you business name as a identifier so we know who you are. Please post pictures or stock lists. Feel free to post when you have something new. i am not sure if going to buy a new fish is considered essential, but buying feeds and medicine certainly is, and stores are considered essential businesses and open for you. Please respect the rules on masks. They are a health directive and the staff having to enforce the rules did not make the rules. The rules are there to keep everyone safe and get out of lockdown ASAP.
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    gday all, my son is heading toowoomba way next weekend, hes asked if i could put the word out as hes looking for some young Fronnies, cheers
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    Challenger 1966

    Any bosmarni rainbows in Brisbane region. Or other rainbows.
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    Bristlenose keeps dying.

    Hi Kat, sounds tricky. The tank is quite small, and certainly full with those fish you've mentioned. But a (single) bristlenose should still be OK. They do scrape wood and other surfaces in addition to any food you give them. So my guess would be they are eating something toxic off a surface in the tank. Where did you get the wood (in particular)? Is there anything else in there that might not be 100% fish safe? Did you clean anything with chemicals before putting it in the tank? Cheers
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Just an update,So sold a few of these guys, making room for females and more smaller ones to grow more.There is a massive size difference between the smallest and the largest.Here is my biggest boy raised from my breeding, cool fella,
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    Tandanus Babies

    Came across these guys in my searches, I would love to be able to breed the color morphs of these guys.
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    Tandanus Babies

    @hamishh34 there are so so so so many questions I have about your reply, I just dont know where to start
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Found 2 babies in the adult tank, must have left the mum early.
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Back from bris and all good, counted 20 bubs that I could see, hoping there's another 20 or more in hiding. Female also molted and is visibly larger (see below), successfully re-introduced to the original cray tank with the male. Still have 1 female left holding eggs in the baby tank so more bubs to come.
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Current pic of the second female to lay, a bit behind the first. Couldn't help myself, had fold up aquaculture tanks packed away in the garage from when I used to breed. Just goota sell my gym to make up for the space I'm taking. Here's the two females just released into the big tank, And the tank its self,
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    Blue endlers

    From my blue endlers, I noticedone with no black. Have thrown back over a blonde. What do you think? Original on left, result on right.
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