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    Bristlenose keeps dying.

    @QldMickgum tree wood is brilliant, never used green wood just aged stuff, its the leaves that leach eucalyptus oil that can cause turmoil, hence why ive never used anything that isnt aged/seasoned/dry..dont know if the oil would be in the timber of green wood
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    Bristlenose keeps dying.

    as John who owns Tech Den is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to plecos and has bred lots of different ones i seriously doubt he would sell wood that will kill your fish, and if it was leaching poison all of fish would be floating , i have bought gold vine, mopani, and other wood from there over the years and not had a problem, and as he is a sponsor on here , and has been active on other forums he would have been called out if others have had the same problem
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    FS L201 adults x 5

    Group is 2 males and 2 females and 1 unknown. This is half of my breeding colony, other half sold. $1500 for the group. Original colony has bred. Serious buyers only, no time wasters, no swaps. Preference given to local pick-up Cheers, Shaun
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    lawsi and breeding auratus

    have 3 lawsi around 7cm $30 few spare dragon blood males all over 8cm showing nice colours $15 each all sold 4 auratus 2 male 2 female starting to breed 7cm+ $50
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    Wow... Weekend What Was... It started with the usual. Cleaning the Sludge Filter (the Cetus Sieve) ! It does a great job, but it's up against a Billabong-full of Giant Gouramis and a gazillion goldfish. Things are going to get mucky! Moving on to the checking the Bog Bed Filter - tick The Giant Amazon Swords are multiplying, and the Water Hyssops (Bacopa amplexicaulis) are creeping everywhere. Sadly, the tropical waterlily (Nymphaea colorata) has been overwhelmed by the iris and pandans. Grover can't even find any remains Then lastly, fish food shopping Mask on, and off to Woolies. Honest! It was essential shopping - you don't want the GPGs to starve do you?? Cheers, Grover
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    Hi @johnbetta, Keep an eye on these GPG posts - when the weather warms up enough Grover will catch a variety of goldies and have them in an 8ft pool to make it easier to "Catch & Go". There are some quite pretty ones - full orange with a white face, some shubunkin colours, and then an assortment of short and long-tail ones. And Grover needs to buy one of these first - Cheers, Grover
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    Bristlenose keeps dying.

    What kind of wafers are they. I don't feed mine wafers anymore and the have been happy and breeding for 2 years
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    Bristlenose keeps dying.

    have someone test for copper.
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    Bristlenose keeps dying.

    For years I've used suitable shaped gum tree pieces I found when chopping fire wood, usually pieces I found with holes in them. Never had a problem. I feel for you KAT as when albino bristlenose were new I paid $30 each for half a dozen fry from a breeder, I lost every single one. Your parameters you tested are perfect, my nitrates are always way higher yet I get good growth and breeding. I would suggest buying a larger adult male and see how he goes compared to the smaller ones I assume you've had in the past.
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    laurie walter

    Bristlenose keeps dying.

    what type of wood have you used , bristle nose use wood as a digestive supplement and aid they use the wood fiber as roughage just as birds use shell grit a lot of wood sold by aquarium shops is imported which means it is fumigated and treated with formaldehyde for fungus and pests the trace remnants kill the digestive bacteria and even though the fish is eating it cant extract nutrients due to no active digestive bacteria this can kill fish in 2 ways 1 the food decays in the digestive tract and becomes toxic or 2 the fish starves to death we have bred bristle nose cats for years and we get all our wood of the ground in the bush when allowed , soak in water for a week with a weight to hold it down and use it in your aquarium any bacteria it still has on it is beneficial yours Laurie and Judy if you need more info email lauriewalter.2570@gmail.com been keeping fish since 1963
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    WTB: Blue Neos

    hey mate your best bet is to pm fishking for them kev can get in alot of hard to find fish cheers john
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    WTB Longfin Lemon Blue Eyes L144

    your very welcome mate
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    My dwarf grass grows OK next to the Lotus, biggest issue is light as I had a heap of floating plants I have removed on the weekend.
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