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    4x2x2 stocking

    Hi @Aussie_JDWho ever told you this combination of fish would work in any type of setup should take a good look at them selves. They are all predators and will eventually destroy each other except the Bn's which may or may not survive. Good luck with you setup.
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    4x2x2 stocking

    Goldspot might be a bit better, depending where you look they max out 30-35cm while sailfins hit 45-50cm.
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    WTB:L397 female

    Looking for female @6cm+ to add to my colony,pm me,must be Brisbane Northside
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    Just wanting to say hi - looking for a good local forum around fish keeping.
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    The QCG auction is back on

    I haven’t heard anything yet.
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    WTB Apistos

    I am breeding apistogramma cacatuoides - will have juvies available in a few weeks
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    WTB: longfin white cloud minnow

    cheers mate will do! they are just up the road!
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    Hi and welcome to the site
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    4x2x2 stocking

    oscars grow at a crazy rate, so eventually them bristlenose will fit in its mouth, and oscars will try and eat anything that will fit in its mouth, and as the bristlenose have nasty spines the chances are it will get lodged in its throat, which in turn ,COULD kill both of them, im not sure how fast jd s and green terrors grow, oscars can be pretty laid back withcother tank mates til the day something flicks a switch then chaos takes over make sure you have plenty of hiding places for the fish,both at this stage and as they grow
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    Am now a saltwater fish keeper!

    And the new coral, picked up from pet city on the weekend. This guy was fluro blue and green at the shop, this doesn't show up with both the white and blue light on which I have for the majority of the day, looks super cool between 7-9 at night with only the blue light on. Didn't glue these guys to the liverock, might see how they go first, or maybe it would be handy to be able to move them around.
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    Sexing bristlenose

    Also a males nose from the tip to between the eyes will be soft and squishy, while a females will be hard.
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    Am now a saltwater fish keeper!

    Nice I forgot about the Oscars. In relation to pics, mine are usually to big to load, I make a copy of the pic, right click to edit, then crop the pic then save and the pic will be a smaller file. Then I just drag to where it says and all good. I'm always checking out the oscars and goldies at the pet shop but I know I don't have space for them. I'm not into endlers but I like the big ear guppies, they look cool from above too. I was at exotic fish connections the other day and liked the albino koi guppies they had in.
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    WTB Apistos

    Yeah, happy to go to my LFS, just thought if anyone was keeping/breeding in something close to local conditions, it's always worth a look.
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    Northside New Tank Builder Required

    my first 2 by Dennisson were a 1m cube and a 4x4x2
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    Hello there

    Welcome to the forum mate, nice tank. Good move using Protozin for your ich because almost any other treatment would've knocked your loaches for 6 (most ppl learn that lesson the hard way >x<). Any Q's or probs don't hesitate to ask or start a thread as there's plenty of very knowledgeable ppl on here that can help. Happy fish keeping
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