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    WTF is it with PICS

    If someone can't be bothered taking pics - I wouldn't even consider buying their fish. Doesn't have to be pics of actual fingerlings for sale - but at least parents or fish same bloodline but older. Find this a bizarre thread. There are more crap fish out there than good - why wouldn't any discerning buyer want photos??!
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    I just got my first Teewah ( not sure of Spelling ) ck Rhad fry of the season , only 12 but it is a start . I lost nearly all of my fish a year or so ago but it looks like everything is going ok again . Cloudiness in pics is NLS fry powder as I did not have a Microworm culture up and ready producing enough for the fry . newly hatched , here is a pic !
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    My pond build

    Got the glass installed had a bit of trouble but all worked out in the end! Filter, pumps all in and tested. Solar wired up and tested just need to waterproof Around glass and it's ready for water! I just got to finished tiles tomorrow hopefully Solar will be going on roof of house at some point Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Eh man

    6000L steel/ply tank

    Finally started my monster tank it will hold 6000L,12ftx6ftx3ftwith the back,sides and base will be done in ply and fibreglass and a glass face pannel across the whole face.theres enough room underneath to put 6x2x2 x4,two of those tanks will be a sumps for filtration. ive still got a lot of welding to do but the stand should be finished by next week when I get some spare time.its hard to get good pics as its so big.still more steel to go in to support the ply and extra legs too. ill update with pics along the way,
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    8x5 garage display build

    Tank coming along nicely!
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    My pond build

    Few photos from yesterday and this arvo Got some fake looking rocks! And 120kg of river rocks but need to go get some more.. Need to go get couple more fake rocks Just need to buy some larger driftwood/ log/ roots and it's ready to go!! Will be filling up Sunday comeing up!! [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Mad Caleb

    Beginner Gone 5Ft Pro!

    I failed to update this post, but here it is over a year later.
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    Bicolour/MG Halfmoon betta spawn

    After 5 years or so out of fish the bug has bit yet again. I mean what else am I going to spend my money on? haha. Getting back into the bettas, and purchased a pair of my favourite colour (blue/orange bicolour aka mustard gas) from Blue Mountain Bettas. Introduced them about a week or so ago, and the spawning went great. Especially for their first time. Took about 24hrs from introduction until spawning. Would say there are at least 100 fry. Courting Hatching after 24 hrs Approx 1 week old. Feeding on vinegar eels and microworms.
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    Timber and Stone

    My little nano's and Jc's mischlings... It's true, this crystal addiction is hard to kick...
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    Eric A

    Finally - My Christmas Present

    I promised myself last year I'd get a bigger tank for myself for christmas. Typically things got in the way so I had to put it off a little bit. I originally wanted a 4x2x2 but the tank wouldn't fit where I wanted it to, and I wasn't confident having one upstairs, a bit too much weight for my liking. So browsing gumtree I had a few criteria. It needed to be 3 foot, had to have a closed in cabinet, and at least 18" deep. This one popped up in the next suburb over and after going for a look, took it home. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was G.J Maher tank and stand. The stand was originally a stained timber cabinet, that the previous owner had somewhat butchered with a half done black paint job. It was just matt black spray paint, horrible stuff. I started trying to sand it back but the paint just stuck to all sandpaper. I had to paint strip the black off first and then sand the varnish down. Was a hell of a lot of effort to do so, only want to ever do that once lol. The girlfriend and I decided to paint it white with black hardware. The room it's in is our study and it's all white furniture. Today I got the last of the gloss white paint on it, and moved it inside. And painted the back of the tank and moved it inside also. Got it filled today and under test. At the moment I'm using the filter it came with which is some eBay jobbie, but I'm really not liking, I will likely get a Fluval for it. I've got fluval on the other tank and I love them. Over the next few afternoons I'll finish off the doors and hood and set that up. I've ordered some new lids for the tank through G.James glass at narangba, and they should also be ready this week sometime. I've got some wood I had been collecting floating in the tank at the moment, two mini stump looking pieces and nice Y branch. The substrate is just the supplied white sand, which the seller tells me is Stradbroke Island sand. Not sure how true that is as I couldn't find any more, but it looks real nice. I'd love to get just a bit more to top it up but I won't be devastated if I can't. Anyway, enough of my poorly constructed sentences, here's some photos As I bought it (tank backwards on stand mind you) The back/front This was after scraping the old white wall paint off the back of the tank. Just used a regular flat razor for this. This was after one application of paint stripper on that end, so you can imagine how many times I had to do that.. Remember, always rinse your substrate, whether it's new from a store or bought from someone. You never know. Next to the computer, to make sure I always do my work while there... I just used some Dulux black enamel for the back of the tank. I did it on my last tank and was happy with the coverage and depth so did it again. This was just after the last coat, and from the other side there was no sun coming through, even though it was in direct sun. So that's the new project tank. I already have fish for it on the way, which will go in the other tank while this one gets ready. I'm super excited for the new acquisition, it's a type of fish I haven't kept in nearly 7-8 years. And there will also be another fish in here that I've never kept before, somewhat seen, or at least was, as the holy grail of freshwater fish keeping. That's all I will share for now, you'll just need to keep watch to see what happens
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    QLDAF need to change this

    You could bring back the breeders register. It was a good way for a breeder to build up a profile over time including feedback from other forum members.
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    New to Fish

    Hi Adam. Don't worry about your pH at the moment. You have a couple of weeks to learn and understand about pH. And what fish can be kept in normal Brisbane tap water. Cycling a tank is not so straight forward to explain. Sometimes people new to the hobby don't follow as it involves a little bit of science. You can google "New Tank Syndrome" for a more in depth explanation. Basically, fish poo, and the poo breaks down producing ammonia. Ammonia is poisonous to fish. 99% of new fish deaths are caused by new fish tanks being set up and the ammonia from fish poo kills the fish in the first 2 weeks. But there is a bacteria that grows in your filter that will "eat" the ammonia and convert it in to nitrites. Nitrites are also poisonous to fish, but need to be in higher concentrations. There is also a bacteria that also lives in the filter that "eats" nitrites, and turns nitrites in to nitrates. Nitrates are less poisonous, and need to be in much higher concentrations to kill fish. We do water changes to lower the concentration of nitrates in the water and keep our fish alive. Now it takes time for these good bacteria to grow in a filter, which we call cycling a tank. If you "cycle" a tank right, it usually takes 4 to 5 weeks. But if you do water changes while a tank cycles, it takes longer. Cycling a tank is all about patience. You can cycle a tank with out putting fish in there. You can use pure ammonia, or you can use a cheap flake fish food, and "feed" the tank (and the bacteria). While you cycle the tank, do some research. Find a good fish shop (LFS). A good LFS will be patient with you. But most importantly, they will tell you if the fish you want to keep together are unsuitable for your tank size, and are not a good mix of fish. They won't try and pressure you in to a sale. It's sad. but many fish shops are more interested in watching their bottom line and making a sale, than making sure you are doing things right. Most believe it is your responsibility to research the fish you want to buy to make sure the fish are suitable for your tap water, and to make sure the fish you buy are suitable to be kept together.
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    Thanks to NONE

    Recently purchased around $500 worth of fish from @none. Got them shipped to nearest town with fastway as i live rural (about 1hr away from fastway). Best packaging of live fish i have seen. All fish arrived in great condition. Great bunch of stock, good colours even in some of the younger fish. Purchased 10 display males (along with many other fish) all to the size or larger than advertised. One 10cm+ fish was probably 15cm. All fish went into the same 6ft community tank and are all doing well (alive). Will definitely be purchasing from again (with in the next few weeks actually).
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    Yay @clickme, Great music fanfare for the giant gouramis!! THUNDERSTRUCK certainly suits them - especially when I scare them whilst they're feeding. The big boys turn and slap the water and swirl away. Ahh... I'm still eternally hopeful in the baby department, but I know I own too many GPGs LOL! Also, found a really interesting photo on this website The Age Of Aquariums - Greetings From Thailand One photo in particular shows baby GPGs swimming with a parent giant gourami - amazing stuff. I had never read about that facet of behaviour anywhere else on the web! Quote - "2. This is a smaller Gourami in our lake. We have quite a few of these. If you look closely, you will see an orange bubble near its head, thats its fry. They protect them for about 2 weeks then the fry are left to defend for themselves. They stay in the ball, taken it turns, centre ones rise for air, they then return to the outside of the ball, then the next centre ones rise, they then return to the outside of the ball. This is done many times...Very clever. " Sorry for the cr*ppy photos - best I could do to enlarge the original! Grover (he hasn't got the heart to sell any GPGs - guess he'll just feed them until they are absolute MONSTER size )
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    GPG Nest Building... Not so fast! It's "GPG Nest Building" by hard-working Indonesian people so that Munk Pty Ltd can import 'Rattan Antique Grey Round Open Weave Baskets' in the 46cm x 46cm x 35cm size with a Net Weight of 1.10kg especially for people (like Grover) who are trying to breed Giant Pink Gouramis (aka GPGs). In addition, you'll need to visit Whitworth's Marine & Leisure - Discount Marine Supplies for 3 stainless steel Outboard Motor Safety Cables! As the online blurb says: "Secure your outboard-motor imitation giant gourami nest with this 128cm vinyl coated stainless steel cable. With a loop one end and stainless steel snap hook the other." That should stop them being sunk 6ft into Davy Jones' Locker at the deep end of the Billabong - ah ha! Installation excitement will occur over the long weekend Grover (Will the GPGs appreciate their new nest environments??? Stay tuned!)
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    Billabong "Still Water Rescue" Craft You've seen them on the news.... SES Flood and Swift Water Rescue Team Volunteers admiring the raging waters of the Billabong during extreme flood times... Now thrill with admiration for the new Billabong Still Water Rescue Craft (BSWRC) ! It's mounted on the back fence ready to launch into the Billabong and rescue fool-hardy fishermen trying to snaffle the GPGs. (Not to mention anyone e.g. Bill Fishy) Grover
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    Auto Siphons

    Here is a photo of an auto siphon to create a flushing filter. This is an overhead filter using a 200L barrel but it could be in a sump and doesn't need to be as big. The inside pipes before media is added - very simple. Water comes in through the 90mm pipe at top. The water level rises and falls inside the filter to create a wave tank. The media used can be anything that doesn't float. The photo below is rapid seeding of hydroton clay balls. No fish, just a heap of ammonia. If you want to boost other (hetrotrophic) microbes for bio film production you can add sugar as well. Power head circulating flow through an aged sponge filter. This is the end result below. As I didn't want to waste the energy of pumped water up to the barrel, I decided to add a moving bed bedside the flushing barrel as well. A moving bed of K1 is a bio film filter. Often confused with a fluidised bed filter. Happy to asnswer any questions but please google first as there is plenty of better explanations online elsewhere. Simplistically, having the media circulate to the surface allows fish waste and oxygen to the bacterial colonies. There is 16500 LPH of pumped water flowing through the moving bed barrel so the air pump is not necessary but it's a good safeguard against power failure if your air pump is backed up. This is energy wasteful so I was going to replace this with a normally closed solenoid tap to drain out. During a power outage the solenoid fails open so all the water drains out. However after some thought, I decided to drill a permanent 4mm hole. When the pump runs, there is plenty of water. If the power fails, the barrel will slowly drain allowing air to get in. No moving parts to fail. Saved $12 on a solenid tap. I have removed the air pump now. After the moving bed, the water gravity drains into the flushing filter. The flushing filter will re-oxygenate the water and provide additonal bio and mechanical filtration. Instead of having the media move (like a moving bed filter) the water level rises and falls so oxygen and fish waste are brought to the media in a different way. Photo of inside the moving bed filter below. The thinner pipe on right (40mm) is incoming pumped water which goes to the bottom of barrel and points back up to stir. The left thick pipe is 90mm stormwater as an overflow drain. It has lots of slits to stop K1 escaping and a T at top to let air out.
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    Water Condition Problem

    You lot have to be kidding. I have one son coming around mowing the grass. The other son doing the shopping and fish tank cleaning ( under supervision) and a wife waiting on her poor wounded husband hand and foot. I don't think the toe will ever get better.
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    Six and One Half Hours of Plumbing Later... Finally! Mind you, this included some routing of electrical cables and a multitude of zipties too. But back to the plumbing. There's some tricky pipework hidden away in there - I also discovered the "rotational twist strength" of one of the new joints! It ain't much!! (These are the joints that link the Blagdon weld pipe section to ag PVC pipe. The ag PVC is resistant to all sorts of glues - next time I'll go with different varieties of super glue ). So I mumble under my breath, the Border Collie hides under the stairs, then I stamp onto the back verandah to find the sandpaper, glue, and silicone to re-build the joint. While that's setting I launch back into pipework to connect the UVCs. Here's the final spaghetti ag pipe design all connected - With the UVCs neatly installed and labelled RI (Right In), RO (Right Out), LI (Left In), & LO (Left Out). Only because I figure that I'll need to know what goes where at sometime down the track - The timer has been re-set to run 6am to 6pm during the sunshine hours; hopefully using all my solar power. You can tell I'm being stingy by not giving it back to SEQEB (or whoever they are now) for 6c a "zap". Especially as it costs me about 26c per "zap" from them OK cobbers, you're going to have to wait at least another 2 weeks to see results because the filter has been off for a few days now and the Billabong slid backwards in the green colour department. Just come back for a visit halfway through February Regards, Grover PS: I think a "zap" roughly equates to a kilowatt/hour
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    Haters in the hobby

    People that believe shit thats said behind peoples back are far worse than the wankers saying it in the first place
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    Building a pond in our frontyard

    Thank you @LegendaryChick! Here is an update from earlier this year
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    Are Gumtree people subnormal ? or what

    I was wandering through a pet store and looking at the aquarium section, staff member noticed that I spotted a couple dead floaters.. and no word of lie, with a straight/flustered face said "oh they must have drowned". But yes, very painful selling on Gumtree. Had people ask for petrol money to pick up fish before...
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    New Systems on the go

    bought 10 of these little guy's yesterday of @ssdiscus, great little fish should be here next Wednesday or so, stand should be finished by then as well, and hopefully my holesaws will arrive also, then we start to play,
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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    The girls are there. They have gracile chins, unlike the boys. Also, the females are very shy when they surface. Usually you see a graceful face (not the B-movie horror flick denizens), which immediately flicks back down to the depths. ;- )
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    At the request of @gingerbeer the following is advice on the use of heatpacks in the transportation of live fish. *Heat packs must be used with extreme caution. There is no way to regulate the temperature they reach. Environmental factors can and do influence the maximum temps they reach and the speed at which they reach those temperatures.. Heatpacks can and do reach 60 degress or more. *Under no circumstances should heatpacks be used under fish bags. The water will quickly heat up. The moisture acts is a catalyst that speeds up the rate of heating in the pad. Placing a heat pad under a fish bag can have catastrophic consequences for the fish. *Heat packs can be taped to the underside of the lid. I recommend using strong tape like "Gaffa" tape. Packaging tape is not generally sufficient to guarantee the pad stays in place. Some pads have an adhesive backing. Make sure that the tops of the bags are not in direct contact with the pad. There needs to be a cavity between the bags and pack. Hope this advice is helpful Cheers
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    GPGs vacuuming up their peas & beans !! and 1 lonely platy ! Grover
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    Northside New Tank Builder Required

    my first 2 by Dennisson were a 1m cube and a 4x4x2
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    Dedicated "Full Tank Shot" Thread

    pulled the old 8ft out of retirement ( retired due to lack of funds) gave the stand a lick of paint and sand a clean will fill with fish one day (only took four coats as two year olds are very similar to bugs around wet paint..)
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    Good news Grover65K! Normally the water would be getting greener and darker with the longer day lengths and stronger intensity sun so it's most definitely improving. Wait to see if this improvement continues but I was also thinking you could boost the effectiveness of your UV by putting them in parallel with a much higher water flow. The trick is to put the water through the UV system faster than the green water can reproduce in the pool so 30,000 LPH - 40,000 LPH during the day (solar panels). Would be easy to plumb up your existing 4 UV filters similar to this link below. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Mariculture-Fish-Breeding-UV-Filter-for_60301616516.html So high collective flow rate but individually low enough flow for effective kill cycle. I will be building a 600 - 800 watt UV system similar for myself in the next few months to kill white spot (without chemicals). I priced single unit UV systems and couldn't find one below AUD$10K so I will join 10 smaller (75 watt) units myself.
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    The Billabong cover is up! And many, many straps have been employed to hold it down!! Grover (typing on his silly mobile phone keyboard)
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Found 2 babies in the adult tank, must have left the mum early.
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    Cherax albidus blue pearl

    Babies have been released, it just so happened to be the morning I'm going away for five days, I'll ask for them to be to feed them a tiny amount each day.
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    Busy Saturday... If you are following Grover on Instagram, then you've seen some of today's excitement already ! INSTAGRAM: giantpinkgourami The blue cover has come off. Although the GPGs weren't too pleased and they all took off in the other direction! But "Knobbly Headed One" who looks very much a male of the gourami species, chased them away again from the Elephant Ear island, so Grover rummaged around in the back shed to find these. And of course they required a degree of fixing to ensure the ceramic sinkers underneath didn't fall off. This was accomplished with new UV resistant Zip ties. In addition there was a trip to one of Grover's more esoteric LFS - Whitworth's Marine! This was to buy 'Motor Safety Cables', aka coated stainless steel rope with a loop and a spring-link end. These usually stop your tinnie's outboard from plunging 30m straight down when you are tinkering with the bits holding it to the stern of your boat. But in the case of the Billabong, they are used to keep the islands in place and also sit things (like these baskets) on the side ledge without losing them 3m down! As a bonus find, the 2nd island appeared from under the blue cover. Sadly all the plants look somewhat spindly and etiolated. With a bit of Qld sun, they should spring back to life. Now is the time to float the 3rd island back into the water - possibly some waterlilies might survive so they will be given a test-run. Lastly, another trip to a different LFS (Bunnings) for a 350W sump pump as the Aquael pump finally ground to a halt and threw an electrical hissy fit and tripped the circuit breaker. Bunnings Newstead has moved - just lucky it was visible from the Whitworth's store. This afternoon's effort was digging the old strainer/mesh out of the scoria, building a new one from a spare laundry basket, and then carefully (!@%!<{!^=^!!%&*@) fitting the new one in place, and piling the scoria back around it. Done! (Oh... and replacing one of the UV bulbs in the Blagdon UVs - only $65 ea ) And tonight? Tonight Grover leans on the pool fence and watches GPGs lazily cruise around the Billabong in the moonlight Alright... so it's not moonlight, just your standard pool floodlight, but we are trying to set a mood here thanx! Grover (Tomorrow the weekend will be back to normal - giving the matala sheets in the 'BBB' {Big Blue Barrels} their fortnightly clean & rinse) (Breaking News: "G for George" the Grey Giant Gourami {aka GGG} has been seen and confirmed as alive & kicking - we are still waiting for photographic proof. He is the 'Loch Ness Monster' of the Billabong)
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    heater time!

    Most heat is lost through the top of the tank so make sure you have full cover lids. One of my sheds is not room heated so I put sheets of 15mm polystyrene on top of the glass lids and throw a plastic sheet over the whole rack. I see lots of condensation and the air feels warm underneath so I am sure it works. At least that's what I tell myself. I get scary power bills. You can use a light beam thermometer gun if you want to find heat leakages on tanks or fish rooms. Good for annoying the neighbours cats too.
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    Above and Beyond

    @jc12 I’ve recently sustained an injury which has rendered me unable to drive for 3 months. I recently got in touch with JC and enquired about his Green Laser Cory’s which led me purchase 6 (terrific quality) fish. Given my inability to drive, I rely heavily on my wife and therefore pickup was organised to fit in with her schedule over a weekend. Following our messaging JC kindly offered to drop the fish off on his way home from work which is greatly appreciated and goes above and beyond a nice gesture. It’s great to see some lovely people in the hobby and on this website, who go out of their way to help another person! Thanks again JC the fish have settled in well, I highly recommend the quality of fish. I will stay in touch and be sure to ask you alot of questions! Thanks Again, Chris
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    Hi all Just wanted to post my diy effort of rebuilding a stand. I had a store mdf stand as part of the aqua one package. My filter must have leaked as I noticed that the mdf was swelling. I panicked and immediately broke down the tank and moved the fish to my second tank. It had 500kg of weight on it and I didn't want to be cleaning that up. I managed to salvage the doors, top and side panel. I followed the online guides and built a new internal frame from structural pine. Recladded the frame with the salvaged panels. I think it looks the same so mission accomplished. Cost about $120 for timber and paint. Let me know your thoughts.
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    Still a better love story than twilight!
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    lots of things contribute to where we are now in the hobby import laws, bio security, and the shrinking hobby base gone are a lot of the old fishrooms especially the further south you go with the increase on water and power prices having 20-50 tanks was nothing unusual now it's a big deal to afford running them
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    The marine tank

    The tank is a 5x2x2 with a 3ft sump with 6x clownfish a sailfin tang a orangshoulder tang a harlequin tusk for now
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    The marine tank

    Well went to techden and $200 dollars later some more fish for the tank
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    QLDAF need to change this

    I think you've nailed it to a degree. I know half a dozen breeders that have up and sold their setups and moved on. I've also reduced my own tank count from around 30 at one stage to 1. Life changes happened, power bills sky rocketed and other things in life became more important. Lots of people just don't have the disposable income anymore to throw around, and therefore they tend to move onto other things in life. We can't control that and I highly doubt a software change has pushed away that many people. What I found interesting when we changed the forum software, there were lots of positive replies. A couple mentioned they didn't like it, and to me, it seemed like a few people jumped onto that bandwagon. We were a couple revisions behind in versions on the old forum software. Updates had been attempted, but there was some road blocks we couldn't clear. Regarding the Layout, can you be a tad more specific? ie. Combining certain forums or the theme and software change?
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    QLDAF need to change this

    We live In the year 3017, Cud we not have an qldaf app?? If erry member here takes out there tin cans and chips for the app or even pay 10 buks a year a month or a quarter?? Or a one off to help our QUEENSLAND FISH FORUM! the way I see things, qldaf is our jobs as Queensland's fish hobbyists to keep alive or it will die and perish to other mediums and websites with more traffick... I do not want to one day click online and see the message.. Sorry qldaf had shut down due to low traffick and usage and is now obsolete compared Gumtree. Just like state o origin mate!! U gotta root for ur hone team braah! Qldaf I play for.
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    What Size Tank?

    Its the exact same thought process I sold to the Mrs when going from 6x2.5x2.5 to 12x4x2.5.
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    How much flow for Multies

    You could add some mystery snails as a clean up crew... ? And if any die well.. then... you have extra shells!
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    Didn't find the RTGG's but did find this important safety message for all QLDAFers ! LOL Grover
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    How to send fish interstate?

    first step is to lay out the terms of freight that they must accept the fish will be shipped at their cost and risk or a DOA plan that you will refund for any lose in transit when the box is opened with photo proof of DOA when they pick up from depot with a time line from when you advise flight number and ETA use Virgin Cargo not Qantas that will save you $$ in freight use airport to airport and check what flights are available, with Virgin you just call and book the shipment in over the phone dimensions and approx. weight advise that it is live tropical fish for resale pay by credit card and you can nominate what flight they are put on, note down the AWB = airway bill, they advise you the number as this must be noted on the box if you are sending to WA then it must land and be at quarantine before 5pm and receiver needs to pre-book a quarantine inspection - why nobody likes to freight to the west box must be stamped on lid and box that it is an approved container for shipping this is a fish shaped logo and states seafood transport approved on it with a max weight the standard large box is 20kg and measures 58 x 38 x 26 cm approx. Virgin charge cubic weight (Virgin Syd to Cairns airport to airport was approx. $116 a few months back for this size and $78 for 49 x 34 x 21cm box) check a LFS or seafood shop for a spare box or you can buy new from any seafood wholesaler or look at Yellow Pages for styro box supplier you must have a liner bag and it must be goose necked and tied off with elastic band - HD garbage bag works you must have an absorbent - home brand female pads work from woolies plus cover a layer of these with a newspaper use new plastic bags and good quality double elastic bands and double bag only fill to 1/3 of the bag height correct bag size depends on what you are shipping , the size and qty always purge the fish by not feeding for at least 48 hrs and with L cats and vegie dieted fish 72hrs syphon the water you want to use for shipping into a container before you stir things up trying to catch the fish I have a drum of fresh for water changes so mix the bag 50/50 fresh with the tank water plus 2 drops of Prime if you can't access O2 then use an airpump to inflate the bags and so long as you have done the previous steps there is no reason other than poor handling in transit that they won't arrive without a problem use newspaper to pack around any space between the bags and the box write the receivers details (name and contact number) on a label with AWB and flight number plus your name and contact number and note they are live tropical fish eg AWB 23-5846 5862 Flight VA 1421 Mr Alan Calvus 0407 %$& 74% C/- Virgin Cargo Building 34 Rapid Crt Eastern Precinct, Cairns Airport QLD 4870 Sender : Chris D@#&$#@ 0407 %%$ &@% LIVE TROPICAL FISH HANDLE WITH CARE Have the receiver call or text you when they pick up the fish to confirm all is OK Hope this helps you BTW what are you shipping ?
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    Until your test results for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate provide the results to show the cycle is complete.
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    Red Belly Pacu

    And here it is in black and white - this is official advice. Disregard common names - note latin names: "In response to your enquiry, these fish are still noxious fish under legislation as Restricted Noxious Fish. Under the Biosecurity Act 2014 Noxious fish are listed in the legislation as either; Prohibited Noxious Fish ( these are the ones shown in Schedule 1 pg 389 and include most Tilapia and Piranha species) or Restricted Noxious Fish ( refer to Schedule 2, noxious fish p399 and lists the remaining Tilapia & Piranha species not covered in Schedule 1) Piaractus brachypomu ( black pacu) is a Restricted Noxious Fish ( Class 2, 3 & 4). This means that they must be reported, must not be distributed, and must not be moved. Similarly, Tilapia spp (Oreochromis mossambicus and Tilapia mariae) are Restricted Noxious Fish ( Class 3,5,6 &7). This means that they must not be distributed, you cannot possess this matter, you must not feed this matter, and you must kill the matter. If you this someone is keeping pest fish, please report illegal fishing activities in Queensland, phone the Fishwatch Hotline on 1800 017 116."
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