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    Billabong "Still Water Rescue" Craft You've seen them on the news.... SES Flood and Swift Water Rescue Team Volunteers admiring the raging waters of the Billabong during extreme flood times... Now thrill with admiration for the new Billabong Still Water Rescue Craft (BSWRC) ! It's mounted on the back fence ready to launch into the Billabong and rescue fool-hardy fishermen trying to snaffle the GPGs. (Not to mention anyone e.g. Bill Fishy) Grover
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    Lestari Betta

    Halfmoon Nemo Betta Fish

    Hope you enjoy and like his color
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    i havent forgotten what they look like, ive been eyeing yours off over the fence,bloody hard to use a fly rod to retrieve them with that cover on it,,,maybe wait til summer once the water is. rystal clear
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    Wtb - Celestial Pearl Danios

    G'day @aLkAh0LiK and @johnbetta, look up abquatics. I ordered a fed CPDs from there and they're great quality. Also got some hastatus corys and real nice shrimp. They have pygmaeus corys too, aswell as purple harlequin rasbora and maculata rasbora. Real nice fish and shrimp, got my second box with a few more CPDs, hastatus corys and shrimp coming on Tuesday/Wednesday and can't wait
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    Apricot Paradise Fish (Pondfish)

    Easy to keep outdoors all year round, very colourful, suitable for large pots or water features as well as ponds and fishtanks. Acheived through line breeding these fish are displaying more vibrant colours then generations before them, some will even go red when adult. They have been wormed. $7.50ea Or $60 for 10 (Generally over $11.95 in stores) Males and females will be provided. Pick up from Slacks Creek. Cheers
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    Update of the fry taken when they are 3.5 weeks old feeding on live baby brine shrimp
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    Ha ! No, Bash hasn't joined the school of GPGs! Grover thought it best to leave some of the pink giant gouramis for others to enjoy. He specialises in rescue operations - where owners have a 2ft fish in a 4ft tank Then he leaps into action with $$$ to give them a good home in 40,000 litres. PS: the temperature is still climbing - 21.5degC - this morning, and I'm looking to try scoria washing again this arvo. Will let you know how that goes (whether my arm operation complains or not). Cheers, Grover (He still can't wait for Summer to roll around and the temperature to hit 30+degC) EDIT: Scoria washing was a success - another 2 bags done!
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    New member, returning hobbist.

    Hi and welcome to the site and back to the hobby
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    Bargain of the day

    Fish Tank 900x220x200 with lids $10 Pickup Edens Landing near Beenleigh
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    Finally... (photographic evidence of GPGs) It's been a worrying time with the temperature dipping, so I am now glad to report both an increase in Billabong temperature (up to 21degC) and the sighting of at least 2 GPGs. Yes, I know there's only 1 in the photo - I was trying to hold a flashlight, lift the blue cover, take a photograph - and not drop an expensive mobile phone into the 6ft depths... Grover (wandering around the Billabong at night is rather an unusual occupation...)
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    That was a few years ago. Now I've got 12 tanks and I'm 200 years old! Ha ha. I make stackable floating tanks from PE containers and aluminium mesh. Heat transfer the mesh onto plastic with a soldiering iron. Also plastic flower pots in low water level tanks make great flow through tanks if you need to keep lots of fish separated.
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    I cut glass to make a divider and slip it diagonally into a rectangular tank. So no finicky issues to hold in place. Even strong fish can't push it over or slip past. Glass is less noticable too. Or better yet, get extra glass and build a few more tanks if you are running out of room. If you have small or delicate fish, build or buy a floating net container. If you just want lots of cheap tanks and don't care about looks, use polystyrene fish boxes and a potable acrylic paint to seal. (taubmans roof paint). Easy to install drainage pipes. Can stagger stack 3 rows high & end on with half the box open. My first 200 tanks were done this way when i was 12 years old.
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    What do you want???

    put baby fish in it
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    LOL - "will not fit in a bucket"!!
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    Thanx for looking ! Crusty76 is the new owner of Billabong memorabilia Hi ! These two Aqua One 1200 Canister Filters used to run the swimming pool under the house - that was when I had Oscars and only a few GPGs. They've been in a large box for 5 years now - so they might only be good for spare parts. Happy to let them go to someone who actually needs them; no E-bay resellers need apply. Send me a PM for why you can use them Grover (Sadly, they are a bit underpowered for filtering the 40,000 litres of the Billabong)
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    Ha! @billfish For one, you'll need a surf-casting rod to reel in 8-10+ kilos - the fly rod might bend a bit Two, you'll need to get past the ferocious guard Border Collie that will lick you to death. And three, the blue cover is solidly attached and backed by polystyrene pallets underneath!!! The EvoHeat people sent me an updated overhead photo when analysing what heat pump would suit. I just figured that the car port roof (18m x 3m) would hold another bunch of solar panels facing North... hmm... Best Regards, Grover (fiddling with the picture in Paint, I think I could probably squeeze another 17 panels on the carport :-)
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    Tendersoft, Australia has strict import conditions. I have multiple complaints from members of you sending pm’s about stock you cannot supply due to our import conditions. You have a limited time window to send a PM to me and express your understanding or I can use the big red ban button. Your choice. Grumpy Admin
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    Less Plumbing, More GPGs... The ag pipe plumbing is somewhat finished - the last bits are now underwater. As proof, I give you the dribble that wet the scoria after going through the Blagdon UVs and the Big Blue Barrels. (Grover still hasn't managed to wash all the scoria...) On the GPG side, I spotted two of them cruising around the edges today. They are looking forward to the EvoHeat arriving and an increase in temperature. Unfortunately, the cold weather is dropping the Billabong temperatures to 18/19 deg C which I think is just too cold. The aquatic budget has been bent wildly outta shape and one of these is arriving ASAP. EvoHeat EVO Force-i9 Inverter Heat Pump Cheers, Grover
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    Gold Apistogramma Macmasteri

    That is going to be a hard fish to source. I have just got some brilliant A. Borellii and A. Baenchi. The guys at Annerley ordered 6 and gave me first pick (Before one of their own staff - sorry). I visited last weekend and the guys their said hang on, and checked live what they could get. No Gold Macs on the list but some other interesting species. I just wish Bay was better at sexing as both species came in male heavy, but great size and good value fish IMO. Steve
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    Hi I'm after some breeding plecos /bristle nose Please text me with what you have Thanks 0482806453 Pairs or trios or colonys Longfin bristle nose (albino / common Peppermints Any L numbers L333s L397s L202s L134s Ect
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    New Rack queries

    I would visit a used pallet rack shop which will have used and new stock. There are several in Brisbane. Just be aware there are several different rack brands and to future proof, do check the availability of add on expansion parts too. Easily painted if you don't like standard colours. Those shops can modify the racks to suit 60cm wide tanks or keep the standard width (84cm) and rack your 3 foot tanks end on. In racking tanks end on, you can have twice as many tanks on the same stand and fish still come right to the front for food but will have privacy (promoting confidence) for breeding down the back. This behaviour difference alone is worth racking end on IMO. Or if you get tanks 3 foot long x 2 foot wide, you can keep almost twice the fish as a standard 3 x 18 tank including much bigger species. For bulkhead fittings, you can use male and female threaded PVC pipe fittings and a flat rubber washer. A 25mm PVC pipe fitting will need a 33mm glass hole. Or you use silicone sealant which isn't as convenient. If using silicone, don't thread the parts down tight - rather leave them a quarter thread loose until the silicone has cured then tighten down. So the silicone is thicker and becomes a gasket/compression seal. But the flat washers are much easier and neater. Send me a private message if you want a supplier for flat rubber washers.
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    Flippy Plates

    very nice, I've just picked up my first 4wd so am another happy new car owner.
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    WTB any L number WHO HAS WHAT

    ahh ok your welcome
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    Bulk small tanks

    Heaps of small tanks 5 of 600 x 300 x 380 4 of 300 x 300 x300 12 of 200 x 200 x 200 Plus others 31 tanks in total All have lids and in good condition + 2 betta racks 20 x 25 watt heaters Sponge filters Air pumps $490 for the lot Pickup from Edens Landing 0407831090
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    Tank pics and a few questions

    Can't help with the questions, but love the tank! You're right, Brisbane city does have chloramines. I think one way to test it, is to measure the ammonia in the tap water (after adding the dechlorinator) - if you get a decent reading, then there's chloramines. With only chlorine, there shouldn't be a reading on the ammonia test. Now - I'm not 100% on this, but perhaps someone else can confirm?
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    Facebook QLDAF The Revival

    I do not see the value in attracting people primarily interested in buying or selling fish. If this forum did not have a buy/sell section, only visitors needing meaningful information or information exchange would join. Is that a good thing ? I guess it depends on this forums expectations and goals. Not having a sales section would increase interest in the breeders register and hppefully fish quality. Perhaps having a species swap (no sales) might promote community spirit. Another aspect is the disputes that often arise from buying and selling. Bringing disrepute to a forum which has little or no control on someone who wants to be malicious. Or not being able to mention non sponsor shops. Such a bad conflict of interest. Gumtree does Want to Buy & Sales very well. If a report was generated in the number of members that used the buy & sell section only, it would be revealing. It's getting easier to foster an online interactive community with technology improvements. Perhaps a weekly virtual chat session so people can recognise faces or create belonging.
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    hi~~ all

    hi.. all~~ this is JIN from Korea i'm a newbie in aquarium and freshwater stuff..!! thanks... have a nice day~~
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    KOI fish in QLD?

    I would happily pay for a permit like for reptiles to be able to keep Koi in a pond. Been on a bit of a binge lately, watching vids on youtube with peoples Koi ponds.
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    Hi all!

    butch50 is who I ment he is the one to pm on here
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    Thar she blows ! The Cetus Sieve fired up this morning, and just as promptly shut down. Turns out the old sump pump had sprung an electrical short, picked up by the circuit breaker, which shut-down the house electricity, just as housemate was trying to make a cup of tea. Oh well. Take 2: (After a trip to Bunnings for a new Ryobi 750W Stainless steel sump pump) Cetus Sieve fired up again this morning, ran happily for a minute then started filling the sludge overflow with clean water. We pause here for some analysis of the problem and associated head-scratching. Grover then figures out that guiding the outflow thru the UVs, into the Big Blue Barrels and then back to the Billabong was creating too much resistance. And besides, one of the crummy joints from the Blagdon UV to the 50mm ag pipe had let loose. More plumbing: Disconnected the UV filter pumps and re-plumbed the spare ag pipe to run straight from the Cetus Sieve back to the Billabong. Take 3: Fire up Cetus Sieve again (third time's a charm?) Hooray !! Works a treat ! Sludge! What a wonderful sight! What a wonderful sight it was disappearing down the sludge hole, while clean water was heading back to the GPGs. Now to clean the sludge out of 40,000 litres - Grover will be back in a few weeks Grover (He's still here... it's just that a 750W sump pump running all day is going to inflate the electricity bill and he has to earn some $$$ to cover it)
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    Hi Winston, no longer having a big fishroom will definately decrease my stress levels as well as the strain on my dodgy old knees and back As far as my favourite memories about the hobby, these are my top few memories : (i) ~ I really enjoyed the personal contact and camaraderie in the hobby in pre-internet days, particularly the 1980's and 1990's when attending fish club meetings and auctions was the only way to meet experienced breeders and obtain information and hard to get fish. Most weekends I had lots of visitors who I enjoyed showing around my garage fishroom and talking about fishkeeping and breeding. Unfortunately the advent of the internet and facebook has changed the hobby and people in general, and in the last 12 years or so I found myself no longer willing to entertain strangers in my fishroom and home. (ii) I can't remember the exact date but a few months after the restrictions on importing Frontosa were lifted I managed to buy one of the very first imported wild caught groups of Ikola frontosa. I bought 7 young fish at around 12cm or so from Bay Fish and ended up with a nice colony of 2m 5f. After only having access to Burundi and Kigoma variants in Australia prior to this, the Ikola were a stunning contrast and were my favourite fish for many years. (iii) Around 20 years or so ago I managed to obtain an adult breeding colony 1m 3f of cuckoo catfish (Synodontis multipunctatus) at a time when they were quite scarce and expensive in Australia. I was fascinated by their breeding method and bred them in good numbers for quite a few years with a variety of hosts and never got sick of them, they have remained one of my favourite fish right to the end. (iv) In 2007/2008 my children finished school and became relatively independant, so I was able to get my wife's support to build a 12 x 4 metre shed in the backyard to setup as a dedicated breeding room. My old fishroom in the garage had evolved over the years and was made up of piecemeal racking systems and tanks, including some home made tanks. It was a dream come true for me to be able to design and build a purpose built fishroom from scratch and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole exercise. When I built the fishroom I planned to be using it well into my 70's, but the universe has different ideas, at least I got 12 great years out of it. Cheers, Doug
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    Fishroom has been SOLD
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    New wild caught fronnie tank

    New 5x2.5 setup runing 4ft sump.. wanted something with a bit of character so picked up this wild caught colony of fronnies,, big 40cm male & 2 females,(otheres are in shed).. such a beautiful placid male he just cruises around & loves attention ..
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    lake malawi cichlid collection

    thought this was a mad vid
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    Need advice on corydoras

    You have smooth quartz gravel so not going to abrade the catfish barbels. Just difficult for them to dig. You could certainly try make a beach in a Tupperware container that you could drop food in to watch foraging behavior. But sand rarely stays in one place for long lol. If you really like cory then maybe next tank go sand. You could also mix in sand with gravel. Just depends on the aesthetics you are chasing.
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    Worming African Cichlids

    I use Kusuri wormer to worm new fish on the way in the door, never had a problem with L#, Discus, African Cichlids, Cichlid Fry, Tetras, Corydoras etc. A lot of people use it and continue to use it monthly as the manufacturer suggests. I just use it during quarantine, I don't know why you would need to continue use unless you were feeding live/frozen foods? I do worry that helminths will become resistant to this anti parasitic through constant use?
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    Worming African Cichlids

    Not worms, I got it to treat gill flukes on the recommendation of a friend. It treats flukes as well as worms.
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    Trimac with sore

    I've had issues using concentrated regular Iodine and Betadine. If you go down this path use Lugol's Solution which is an Iodine specifically designed for fish and inverts. Brightwell Aquatics - Lugol's
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    Fish Junkie

    Cuban Breeding Project!

    Are you for real ? Cross it then cross it back ? So you think it will change back to pure ? Do some research FFS (for fish sake) FJ
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    Flowerhorn Water

    All depends on type of fh I found with my kamfa catapa leaves in the filtration made him happier and better colour they can all be differrnt try a fee different ways therr pretty hardy
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    Peppermint x albino bristlenose

    Thanks everyone for your comments......I am certainly not an expert in genetics to know if they are true hybrids or not. All I know is that they came from a tank with one albino b/n and one peppermint. However, I wouldn't discount the possibility that it could be an honest mistake in that the original owner might have bought the albino b/n male that came with a breeding log and the eggs might have already existed in the log from beginning. I will have to confirm with him though In regard to being responsible when selling the hybrids....you can rest assured that they won't be sold without being told what they really are. In fact I have separated the male from the female so they don't breed again not to mention I am not interested in selling them to anyone at this stage....I will give them to people who are curious and interested to experiment about them Cheers
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    out of about 300 i got 10 white ones like pictured a couple of pages back i wish you good luck
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    API Quickstart?

    Yup - and those people are generally the ones that seek out their first tanks in Pet Shops. We try to do the right thing and tell them about the nitrogen cycle and the stages of their tank and correct stocking procedures. Some people are quite happy to wait and watch their tank evolve. On the other hand shops have lots of customers who come in and its something for the family or the kids. Imagine telling your kids on Friday night they get to go to the shop tomorrow and pick out their tank and fish. Then imagine what happens when the big bad staff member tells the family that they don't recommend taking the fish home today and come back next Saturday. There are 3 things that could happen 1. They are happy to be educated in the science behind the reasoning 2. They calmly buy the tank and then go to another shop and don't tell the staff that their tank is brand new 3. There is an irate customer and a kid who is crying and they want the manager so they can have their fish today! Yes there is a lot of black and white in those scenarios, but anyone who has worked in a shop will recognise that it mostly ends up in one of those three. So simply point, the product isn't meant to be a replacement for Stability or for Cycle, its a separate product that was developed to fill a need. We have sold heaps of it and have yet to hear anything bad about the product. However, API is careful in instructing a modicum of livestock in the beginning and has trained the shops that carry it with this advice.
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    The Tech Den

    Making L's almost worthless.

    Or you could look at it as that it is becoming affordable for more people to have and enjoy. Shops are buying them as they are not seeing them as a small market - it is growing - and why? Ask a shop about any fish and they will make the same comment - oh it is so cheap on the forums. People will sell their fry for what they want and really it is up to them and their choice. To start price fixing and do not sell under $$$ unless it is a shop is a thing of the past. Times have changed. Look at all the people that have L's - there are some people if they did not get them cheap would not have them to enjoy them and they should be denied, why, because people want them to stay at big bucks.... Let people enjoy them...
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    I've seen bnaby scats down at the Royal queensland yaght squadron that were red.
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    I'm 65yo now and have been keeping and breeding fish for a very long time. For a combination of health, financial and family reasons I have decided to close down and sell off my fishroom many years sooner than I had planned. This is a very large breeding room that fills a 12 x 4 metre shed to the roof, all tanks and equipment are in good condition and room is currently running. All tanks and equipment will be available for removal towards the end of the year. Located Gold Coast, Qld. At this initial stage I am looking for interest on the whole setup. If I need to split it to sell I will look at that later in the year. Anybody who has serious interest in the whole setup can contact me via PM to discuss and obtain further photos and details. Cheers, Doug
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