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    Above and Beyond

    @jc12 I’ve recently sustained an injury which has rendered me unable to drive for 3 months. I recently got in touch with JC and enquired about his Green Laser Cory’s which led me purchase 6 (terrific quality) fish. Given my inability to drive, I rely heavily on my wife and therefore pickup was organised to fit in with her schedule over a weekend. Following our messaging JC kindly offered to drop the fish off on his way home from work which is greatly appreciated and goes above and beyond a nice gesture. It’s great to see some lovely people in the hobby and on this website, who go out of their way to help another person! Thanks again JC the fish have settled in well, I highly recommend the quality of fish. I will stay in touch and be sure to ask you alot of questions! Thanks Again, Chris
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    Ha! Discovered why there are so many goldfish in the Billabong. Found this little blighter in the filter box. Cheers, Grover
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    why didn't I do this sooner

    hi all, in the last year I have been running aquaponics. I recommend anyone to give it a go, just feed the fish and add some nutrients. I even dump all my water change water into the system. it's got goldfish in the black ibc with bn and guppies in the white/sump ibc. I've mostly grown green leafy Vegetables but I'm experimenting with cucumber, tomatoes and capsicum to name a few. anyway, time for pics. cheers mick
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    Strange white rocks.

    it all depends on what fish you are putting in the tank if it is coral or another calcium based rock like texas holey rock it can and will raise your ph and hardness of your water,,,,exactly what you want if you are keeping cichlids if youre not and are going down the softer acidic water loving fish its not for you holey rock ,obviously in larger quantities has the potential to raise and buffer your water to about 8 .2 if not getting cichlids you really want an inert rock which doesnt leach anything ,as with all river sands/rocks/pebbles that are what most substrates are made from you can test it by putting it in a bucket and just covering it with water check ph and hardness of water before putting rocks in, leave it for a week then test the water if the ph and hardness doesnt change all is good if it does and you dont want ph to go in that direction , put the rock at the front door, leave it there for about 3 weeks ,must be out of direct sunlight so cover it up , after 3 weeks check carefully that the rock hasnt changed at all and hasnt started to soften or crumble... Then after 3 weeks throw it at the first person that comes to your door selling electricity plans, solar panels or religion or wanting you to donate to some 5th world country soft items dont deter anybody Or you could chech if the rock is calcium based the easy way just get some white vinegar and pour a little on the rock. if it fizzes its calcium based, if it doesnt its not and can be used in any non cichlid tank
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    @billfish For smaller plants/moss I use an aquarium safe superglue gel, one that has an active constituent of Cyanoacrylate. It basically becomes inert when moist or wet on the wood/rock which does a good job attaching the plant. Also make sure it’s a superglue gel, I recently purchased some from Bunnings.For larger plants I use fishing line and remove once attached. The above options have worked for me. Cheers Chris
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    Crusty, I bought a couple of small magnets in an electronics store a while ago. No reason, really, just wanted them for the novelty, because they are so ridiculously powerful! They're only about the size of a five cent piece but thicker. They're so strong that when they stick together it's almost impossible to separate them. You have to try to slide them off, and even that's a job! I'm thinking, with magnets that strong, you could make a little "carrier" for them, like a little flat box to hold them, so that you can clean a larger area. The external magnet would have to have some kind of "holder" as well. Just a thought.
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    Above and Beyond

    thats the best part of this game.....the people that will go out of their way to help and they dont think twice about it, sometimes simple gestures mean the most,and reassures you that not all of the world think the world revolves around them
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    Birchir and friends 400L tank

    Updated pic guys added a bit more driftwood and another pic of Barry the Birchir
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    FS Pleco L333 prs

    Large prs are $250 pr, have bred Pickup at Upper Mt Gravatt
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    Strange white rocks.

    wow your goldfish could breakdancr,all i could train my fish to do was base jump wothout a parachute
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    FS Plecos L333's, L397's, L066's juvies

    Around 3.5cms L066 & L333 are $30ea or 4 for $100 L397 are $25ea or 5 for $100 Pickup at Upper Mt Gravatt
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    micro foods

    I have vinegar eels. Sent me a private message with your postal address and I'll mail you a starter amount. (No charge). And same for anyone else who would like some.
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    Well, LB, I finally put it in the tank and added new water. Also got some floss for the filter, and it's filtering away merrily. Looks alright at the moment.
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    Staff tip of the day.

    When food gets wet...... Wet food goes moldy and can cause disease and death in fish. So, if a fish splashes water into the fish food container, immediately freeze it! This will prevent it from spoiling. I usually transfer the food into ziplock bags before putting it in the freezer.
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    L046 Zebra pleco juivies For sale

    I have a few of these little guys ready for their new homes at the moment. They are 3.5 - 4.5cm. I am located in Melbourne, and can freight via Virgin airfreight @ buyers expense. Prices starting from $450 @ 3.5cm $550 @ 4.5cm Better pricing for multiple buys. PM if interested. Cheers Tony 20191009_184953_001_001_001_001.mp4 20191019_103935_001.mp4
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    Common/Albino BN 4-5cm

    We have plenty of common & albino Bristlenose for sale, eating a wide variety or foods incl pumpkin, mushroom, zucchini, algae dough, beans wood and pellets. All fish are wormed, selling in lots of 5 for $20 or 15 for $45 only Pick-up Slacks Creek or can deliver for $. No shipping. Cheers, Cam
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    Hi there.

    Hi, John. Thanks for the welcome. I've got a tank from years ago that I'm going to use. It's still in good nick. It's 65 litres.
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    have u thought about using an old fashioned class cleaner it has a handel on it u can get one from the age of aquariums
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    Hi and welcome to the site
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    Ee-tail catfish, Jade perch & common goldfish. Primarily for aquaponics but I have the six catfish in a 100 ltr aquarium inside the house.
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    Does anyone know.....

    Cheers John. I will just pop around this week and see him at the shop. Got to pick up some impellers off of him anyway
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    Collecting Legality

    Hmm good to know, thanks John
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    Hi Chris, good to meet you too. Fingers crossed for your L134s breeding again soon. More than happy to chat anytime. Cheers Gary
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    FS: L270 Chocolate Zebra Plecos

    Yeah that’s very true, considering the discus require such a high protein diet. Atleast you’ve got a cleanup crew haha. Wow that sucks, they definitely don’t go well with high protein diets, but I’ve found that they do however go well with some meat in their diet. That’s a nice collection. I wouldn’t mind adding 201’s and L007’s to my collection one day. Thank you though, I thought I would ask though as my l397’s breed regularly, and I thought to maybe swap for some different L’s and watch them grow.
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    Wild caught kitumba

    Got 6 wild caught kitumba imported by Ravi have importation papers beautiful fish $1000 firm pick up commera please text as I carnt answer phone all the time cheers 0424946845
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    Can someone identify please

    Hey all. Took my kids down the local creek netting for something ANYTHING. Just something to keep the kids entertained. We were catching a heap of these (have attached a few photos.) i have done a bit of googling and I think they are South American mozzie fish. Gambusia affinis. Can someone please either confirm or deny this? thanks for the help!!! nathan
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    I’m good mate. Thanks for the information on the mosquito fish. Love the fact that everyone here is happy to spread information and experiences. That’s why I signed up . I’m nathan by the way
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    why didn't I do this sooner

    If budget permits, you can also use two independent systems which come on half as often to give the same overall result. So if/when one fails, the other will continue at half what you require until you notice. Twice the cost and one could argue this would double that chance of something going wrong. Clever design is the key. Send me a PM if you like. Happy to bounce ideas.
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    R34 Nick

    Breeding pair bristlenose

    Common female(8cm) albino male(10cm) always breeding heaps of fry to prove each batch of babies is about half albino half common make me an offer Located jimboomba QLD
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    Hey mate how’s it going
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    Can someone identify please

    they are gambusia habrocky moscito fish wild guppy
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    why didn't I do this sooner

    hi mate, I run a luguna 7000lph turned down with a valve. I am setting up a larger system soon and will be experimenting with 12v pumps on a timer so they only run for 20 minutes every hour. if it works I could run the system off grid. cheers mick
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    I have 2 x chocolate common plecos that kept my 8x2x2 spotless. I have been told that they produce a huge bio load though
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    $30 2 x Adult Caudopunctatus M/F Text 0403511517 if interested. Cheers Mitch
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    Price adjustment $45 each minimum buy 5 5 for $225 10 for $400 no swaps no shipping price is firm the price is set now at this for good rare fish.and quality. contact via private message thanks
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    I believe there is a QFAS auction this weekend. QLDAF has a long standing commitment to support the clubs of QLD. Unfortunately we seem to lack a commitment from the clubs to tell people about the events. All they need to do is post here or on QLDAF Facebook to let people know. For the.recent QLD Cichlids Group event we made the posts an annoucment On our facebook page to maximise the exposure so people knew or maybe these are now secret events. Beats me! if you are selling what are you selling, especially Apistogramma - I need more.
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    Nighttime in the Billabong With the cover blown off, the GPGs are a bit more visible at night time. Video here - Billabong at Night Cheers, Grover (has to get his act together and put up another pool cover to stop predatory attacks by pelicans and sea-eagles )
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    mind boggling , as far as the apple snails go i would say the ph may be too acidic for them as they prefer alkali water as acid will destroy their shells 2 cm bristlenose can be hard to keep sometimes as far as coming from a african tank the ph may have been too great and even over an hour of trying to acclimatise the fish to new ph adding 300 ml of water to a bag or bucket that may have only had 300 ml of water in it and could have had a ph of 8 and your water a ph of 7 means first lot of water dropped the ph to about 7.5, doesnt sound like much but its massive , a ph change of 1 is 10 times more acidic or alkali rapid breathing,,,,stress, be it caused by ph change or by toxins in the tank,like ammonia what are you using to test your water perameters, test strips can be innacurate, so can old or cheap liquid test kits, i use api test kits algae , how much light is your tank getting, too much and even sun during the day can and will cause algae blooms what kelvin rating are your lights, 6 k and there abouts is good for plants but 14 k is good for marine and will cause algae gtowth what filters are you using, if youre describing brown algae, its not technically an algae, its millions of diatoms clumping together, so a tank with current will give them less chance of clumping and be able to be caught up in your filter, nitrates and phosphates in your tank will cause algae, and although im no expert on specialised substrates i would imagine theres both in the soil so the plants can feed amd grow ive always used fine sand and co2 injection to get plants growing , and the proper lights for plants @gingerbeer @aquaholic maybw these guys can throw some light on all of this if it was green algae in the water i would try phosguard or investing in a uv filter/ light
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    As I have posted here before I have been shutting down and selling almost all of my tanks . My daughter has scored a few ( 18 x 30 inch on 3 tier stands and a 2 tier 3x18x18 ) most of the the rest have been or are being sold . That said I have decided to keep 4 tanks , 2 x 24x18x24 display tanks with triple kessel leds on one and double fluval leds on the other and a 2 tier 4x18x20 setup with fluval leds on one and kessils on the other and grow plants ( guppies or platies or whatever as tank fillers ) that is the limit of what I can take care of . I have been keeping (breeding) fish for over 50 years I just can not keep up with the workload anymore . It has been an interesting journey and I have met a lot of people along the way , I have had a snake bite while catching rainbows , been sliced by glass , spiked by catfish and all sorts but it still has been ( mostly fun ) to those on here , enjoy the voyage it has the potential of being a long and interesting one . The pic below is my last active tank , overgrown and a little neglected but it's all i have up at present.
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    Apricot Paradise Fish FS

    We have a limited number of Apricot Paradise Fish for sale, great for ponds all year around, will breed when spring hits. Pairs - 2 Available at $30 per pair, adult fish ready to breed given the right space. Singles - 8 available at $10ea or take all 8 for $60, all adult fish All wormed and ready for ponds, eating a variety of live foods, pellets & flakes. Pickup Slacks Creek or can deliver for $. No shipping. Cheers, Cam
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    Wild caught kitumba

    Do trios 1 trio 1m2f 450 and the other trio 1m2f 500 as male is like 40cm
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    Wild caught kitumba

    Ok I have them from loyed Ashton 4 my moba and Ravi 4 the kitumba from loyed and Ravi
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    @SeanT Hi SeanT, if you send me your number via PM I can text you some. Cheers Chris
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    For large plants fishing line works well and isn't very visible. For small plants i use superglue which works very well Bucephalandra are another epiphyte with many varieties, hygrophila pinnatifida is another Many people are also unaware that many/all stem plants can be attached to wood/rock. They won't attach to it with roots like epiphytes but will happily grow like that if secured properly provided there are sufficient nutrients in the water.
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    I have White PLatimum Angels and Diamond tetras the Sheen on Both look great together. ...
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    Been a puddle pirate for over 50 years.....IMO this is the best way to catch natives You can buy(or make) dilly net (one on the right can be bought on eBay) mesh needs to be mozzie net size or slightly larger Find a bridge or log across a creek you want to fish put 100mm of water into the bottom of a bucket...for fish you catch lower dilly net into water.....if its shallow it can sit on the bottom.....deeper water let it sit half a meter below the water Get a loaf of bread....roll the bread into small balls no bigger than a fingernail so it sinks throw ball of doe (squashed bread) into the wall one ball at a time....10-20 seconds apart. Rainbows, Blue eyes and gudgeons(but also gambusia, swordtails and tilapia)will come and pick at bread as it sinks throw bread so it ends in the net, no drama if the odd one misses. Depends on how patient you are to how much bread you use. the more throws the bigger fish arrive to see whats happening When you are ready pull dilly net out of the water.....select what you want, destroy any non native species and return the rest.....repeat
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    Can someone identify please

    Ok. So they are a pest species. Is it even “legal” for me to have these as feeder fish then? Have them in a separate tank doing a “cleanse” have treated for worms and given a multi cure. Was intending to use as feeder fish
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    Its official The Billabong has gone green for summer, photo to come. So Grover is back to whale-watching as the GPGs surface to gulp air. Grover (Author of "How Green Was My Billabong")
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    Death in the Billabong Sorry cobbers, there no easy way to say this - Grover has lost 8 GPGs over Winter. It appeared to be a combination of cold (the pool heat exchanger carked it at a critical time) and possibly injudicious choice of foodstuffs during the cold temperatures. Please, you can throw things at me, but I feel bad enough already. No pictures, as you all know what it like to lose special fish - I've had some of these since 2009/2010. No plans to replace them, but I will talk to some of the other QLDAFers who could take 5 or 6 as a chance to try their own breeding program. That should leave me with a few (less than 10 ) which might be a better school of fish. Grover PS: the bl**dy goldfish are thriving , growing and probably will multiply over Summer. If you want some send me a PM.
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