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    We are going to give a one foot tank to the member of the month at the end of October. I had it set as a planted tank. If you want it please like this post so we can consider you. This is for members only - no mods, admin or sponsors. At the end of the month we will ask members to help narrow the field, and mods will decide on the member based on helpful posts, or just entertaining threads in off topic. It could be just one of the guys welcoming new members! Members make the forum, so this is a way to say thanks, and get rid of a tank that is in my way........ Pictures to follow......
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    I wasnt sure whether these rings were made by Australian Native Eeltailed Catfish or an introduced cichlid species like Mozambique Mouthbrooder, so I put the camera in and despite there being abundant Tilapia and other ferals I found these rings are in fact made by our native catfish - tandanus tandanus
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    So over the last few weeks i've been poking around the shop trying to grab a couple nice shots. Unfortunately i'm terrible with my camera, so i can only get the still sitting fish lol. A fighter did the ultimate photo bomb on the L002, the camera focused on the betta at the last minute :$
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    Welcome to the Billabong-Bayou Summer of 2016 in Oz... Here in "Billabong" land the days are getting longer, and warmer. The fish are getting larger and feistier! And Grover is getting out the board shorts to go in paddling with the GPGs, the Albino Oscars, the odd Goldfish, and the monster Plecostomus. When you last tuned in to the previous Billabong post, Giant Pink Gourami - The "Jolly Swagman" and Co. , I had just finished up a hectic Saturday getting all the non-essential stuff done around the place, so that I could focus on the reason for this post - the Giant Pink Gouramis - all 20+ of them. We had some technical difficulties with regard to rather large photos that I stuck up on the site; I'm fairly certain this is fixed now. There was also an interesting (if off-topic) snippet about Border Collies and Tennis Ball Quality, but if you missed it - sorry, no re-plays. To get you up-to-speed, the blue cover has come off the Billabong, a new shade cover is being sourced, and the water iris plants have multiplied immensely over winter and now need re-potting. Here is the first plant being plopped in with the fish. For those of you who have only just found the GPGs in the Billabong-Bayou, you do realise that it is an ex- swimming pool given over to monster fish? Good! Glad that's out of the way. The water iris plants are in pots that are 12inch (30cm) diameter and the plants are 'large". There are more to be 'plopped' later! On the potential breeding side - the GPGs have been just that - potential :-( . This Spring/Summer will see my approach altered from trying to make the pool clear so I can see them, to: "what the heck!" leave the pool green, flood it with as many plants as possible in the shallow end, and rather than cleaning out the dead/dying iris plant leaves - leave them floating around for some excited male gourami to use in building nests. This may create a total mess in the Billabong, but as it's just me and the dog viewing it, I can live with that. I have a range of "dirty water" sump pumps to power water out and through the various filter 'thingies', so I expect they can cope with any left-over leafy material. If not, I go and buy another more powerful sump pump (Bunnings is my aquarium hardware LFS !). My plan is to create pockets at the shallow end with as many plants that I can pot up. At this point, long-time readers will expect to see a "Wile E. Coyote" drawing, and who am I to disappoint you ? Yes, the green blobs are meant to represent iris plants, and you can see the rough idea of 'pockets'. I do know that this is not the best way to approach successful breeding of giant pink gouramis - I'd rather have separate 15,000 litre pools for a male and 2 females, but if I fill the entire backyard with ponds, then the afore-mentioned Border Collie will have nowhere to play (although lotsa places to swim! LOL). The Billabong adventure continues! And the benefits are possibly only visible to one-eyed monster fish-keepers ?! I spotted one male this afternoon coming up for pellets, and honest-to-goodness (would I exaggerate?) his lower chin was the size of a tennis ball (refer previous dog story). With a chin that size the rest of him was in proportion!!!! If I have no success breeding, then I aim to have the bl**dy biggest Giant Pink Gouramis in sub-tropical Brisbane! Cheers, Grover (off and running in the springtime)
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    Grover vs The Garden Just as a quick aside, I discovered on the weekend that I had left the ladder in the garden too long... Didn't think it grew that fast over Winter LOL ! PS: this is the other end :-)
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    Wild Rainbows

    Sarah and I had a great day exploring, found these great little fish
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    8x5 garage display build

    Just thought I'd share my new build, it's 8x5x2.5. Will be a full walk around plumbed from underneath with a 6x3x1.5 sump. Will be stocked with wc and f1 Africans. Not long till tank arrives now.
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    Re Forum

    Thanks to owners and admins whilst I don't agree with every decision.... I appreciate the many who give their time freely for my amusement THANKS
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    I just got my first Teewah ( not sure of Spelling ) ck Rhad fry of the season , only 12 but it is a start . I lost nearly all of my fish a year or so ago but it looks like everything is going ok again . Cloudiness in pics is NLS fry powder as I did not have a Microworm culture up and ready producing enough for the fry . newly hatched , here is a pic !
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    Eh man

    6000L steel/ply tank

    Finally started my monster tank it will hold 6000L,12ftx6ftx3ftwith the back,sides and base will be done in ply and fibreglass and a glass face pannel across the whole face.theres enough room underneath to put 6x2x2 x4,two of those tanks will be a sumps for filtration. ive still got a lot of welding to do but the stand should be finished by next week when I get some spare time.its hard to get good pics as its so big.still more steel to go in to support the ply and extra legs too. ill update with pics along the way,
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    If your in the area of Caboolture - pop in and see some of the fish we currently have in stock - for those that can not make it here is video of what we have.. Oh and did I mention what we offer if there are a few fish or plants you like... On top of your QLDAF discount of 10% you also get Buy 5-9 live items and get an additional 5% discount Buy 10-14 live items and get an additional 10% discount Buy 14 or more live items and get an additional 15% discount
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    Ebjd grow thread !

    These are my 4 ebjd that Ive had since 2 inchs ! Last year in july i got them. Ill add more pics of the guys when theyvsettle into there new tank !
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    The Tech Den

    Check out our New Rack!!!

    Here's a couple of pics of our new shop racking. One half will be for your standard tropicals, the other side will be for harder water fish like African Cichlids. Water is just being put in the first lot of racking right now! Super exciting times ahead for us and we cant wait to offer our customers a fantastic selection of live fish in store. We will post more updates as we begin to stock the tanks
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    8x5 garage display build

    Tank in place now for some plumbing!
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    8x5 garage display build

    Tank coming along nicely!
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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Remember this photo from a few posts ago?... Well... Every time I look in this lttle tucked-away nook in the reeds and papyrus - he's there! I'm not taking any more photos just on the principle of not giving him a scare. Will keep you posted :-) Cheers, Grover
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    Life in The South Pine River

    Tilapia, Mullet, Rainbowfish, Gudgeons, Turtles, Swordtails, feral and native fish in the South Pine River near Brendale in freshwater not far from tidal influence
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    8x5 garage display build

    Finally starting to get some stuff in the tank.
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    No-one can stay away forever?

    And abiding by the topic of this thread, I set up a small pond/tub and descided to get back into the algae farming business. I got myself a nice little Ryukin and a little Ranchu that has a nice back and pretty much semetrical fins I have spent the last few weeks cycling water and.. Nah to be honest I filled it, went and saw Donny and got enough gear to barley filter it and rely on water changes and chucked some fish in. Not the greatest plan but then I never went for science or safe or popular belief. Wow, the forum has been upgraded! Looks nice, works really well, good job admin people, looks like it would have been a fair amount of time in the back ground! Anyways, hi to anyone that still remembers me and I hope t catch up soon
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    red devil fishing

    It's amazing the colour fish get when pond raised. Some juvenile giant gourami raised from pale pink (white) parents.
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    Dedicated "Full Tank Shot" Thread

    7x3x2.5 Geo tank
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