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    who wants colored natives?

    Albino Jardini
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    Wanted Amphilophus Trimaculatus

    Trying my luck again to see if anyone has any pure Amphilophus Trimaculatus (Trimac) available. I’m away of very few left in Australia. Willing to pay good money for pure specimens, more then happy for Growouts if they are available. Please message me on here or text message me 0452117671
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    WTB Male L014 Sunshine pleco

    Hi mate, try Huy at The Great Amazon in Adelaide; 0413 445 757. He might be able to source one if he doesn't have any atm. I can definitely recommend him.
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    Not so native guppy population

    Well you can always do the reverse, and add a fancy pet shop male in with some feral females. Same result, crazy coloured hybrids that are super tough. My favourite thing about feral genetics is they are usually better at surviving low temperatures making them better as winter pond fish than other bloodlines.
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