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    What do you want???

    dont take it personal, but its annoying to see you all the time reviving dying thread. it maybe just me, but just start a original thread if you want to discuss something.
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    LOL I didn't realize I had to post that and a bloke turned up with a bucket to pick up this. I had a foam box on me that I gave to him, but some common sense would of been good.
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    Billabong "Still Water Rescue" Craft You've seen them on the news.... SES Flood and Swift Water Rescue Team Volunteers admiring the raging waters of the Billabong during extreme flood times... Now thrill with admiration for the new Billabong Still Water Rescue Craft (BSWRC) ! It's mounted on the back fence ready to launch into the Billabong and rescue fool-hardy fishermen trying to snaffle the GPGs. (Not to mention anyone e.g. Bill Fishy) Grover
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    Lestari Betta

    Halfmoon Nemo Betta Fish

    Hope you enjoy and like his color
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    sweet @Grover65kchange of target now i can sneak onto the billabong and catch some plecos unless them killer wood and fibreglass eating goldfish are still sharpening their teeth
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    Ha ! No, Bash hasn't joined the school of GPGs! Grover thought it best to leave some of the pink giant gouramis for others to enjoy. He specialises in rescue operations - where owners have a 2ft fish in a 4ft tank Then he leaps into action with $$$ to give them a good home in 40,000 litres. PS: the temperature is still climbing - 21.5degC - this morning, and I'm looking to try scoria washing again this arvo. Will let you know how that goes (whether my arm operation complains or not). Cheers, Grover (He still can't wait for Summer to roll around and the temperature to hit 30+degC) EDIT: Scoria washing was a success - another 2 bags done!
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    New member, returning hobbist.

    Hi and welcome to the site and back to the hobby
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    @Grover65k did bash become part of the billabong adoption agency
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    Bargain of the day

    Fish Tank 900x220x200 with lids $10 Pickup Edens Landing near Beenleigh
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    Finally... (photographic evidence of GPGs) It's been a worrying time with the temperature dipping, so I am now glad to report both an increase in Billabong temperature (up to 21degC) and the sighting of at least 2 GPGs. Yes, I know there's only 1 in the photo - I was trying to hold a flashlight, lift the blue cover, take a photograph - and not drop an expensive mobile phone into the 6ft depths... Grover (wandering around the Billabong at night is rather an unusual occupation...)
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    That was a few years ago. Now I've got 12 tanks and I'm 200 years old! Ha ha. I make stackable floating tanks from PE containers and aluminium mesh. Heat transfer the mesh onto plastic with a soldiering iron. Also plastic flower pots in low water level tanks make great flow through tanks if you need to keep lots of fish separated.
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    Led Light

    Petworx Led Light for sale 60cm $50 Pickup Edens Landing near Beenleigh Thanks for looking
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    I cut glass to make a divider and slip it diagonally into a rectangular tank. So no finicky issues to hold in place. Even strong fish can't push it over or slip past. Glass is less noticable too. Or better yet, get extra glass and build a few more tanks if you are running out of room. If you have small or delicate fish, build or buy a floating net container. If you just want lots of cheap tanks and don't care about looks, use polystyrene fish boxes and a potable acrylic paint to seal. (taubmans roof paint). Easy to install drainage pipes. Can stagger stack 3 rows high & end on with half the box open. My first 200 tanks were done this way when i was 12 years old.
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    What do you want???

    put baby fish in it
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    LOL - "will not fit in a bucket"!!
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    Congrats on 100 replys!
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    Tempting... Just happened to browse casually through Gumtree... And I found "Bash" currently owned by Bob who needs an offer. He's probably called Bash for a very good reason - he looks to have a nuchal hump developing. Wonder if he would fit in the Billabong?? Grover (tell Grover in a post - Tell Him He's Dreamin' )
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    Gold Apistogramma Macmasteri

    A couple of Apisto’s I got from the Guys at Annerley. Really happy with the dorsal of the borellii.
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    Billabong Heating... What can I say? The EvoHeat thingie has not arrived and I've been forced to throw more electricity into the Billabong! Not literally of course - I don't need electro-cooked gouramis As a temporary measure... Grover has been able to run the Aquael pump water through a single blue barrel and mount a 200litre electric heater in it. He doesn't really want to know the $$$ of electricity that's running out the door 24/7 now Hopefully the pool heat pump will arrive and be installed this weekend or next week at latest ! Grover (Thankful that he has 6kW of solar on the roof, but he just needs the sun to shine all through the night as well) UPDATE: It's actually working! The Billabong is back up 20degC :-)
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    @aLkAh0LiKhey - advertisement is pretty accurate. Would have a few sub adults available and maybe the odd couple of juices which are 3cm just growing in, probably not 10. Sold the majority recently. Cheers Chris
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    Tendersoft, Australia has strict import conditions. I have multiple complaints from members of you sending pm’s about stock you cannot supply due to our import conditions. You have a limited time window to send a PM to me and express your understanding or I can use the big red ban button. Your choice. Grumpy Admin
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    You're out of the loop these days Winston. Other strange but true news you may have missed; Donald Trump is US president, and there's a pandemic.
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    New wild caught fronnie tank

    New 5x2.5 setup runing 4ft sump.. wanted something with a bit of character so picked up this wild caught colony of fronnies,, big 40cm male & 2 females,(otheres are in shed).. such a beautiful placid male he just cruises around & loves attention ..
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    lake malawi cichlid collection

    thought this was a mad vid
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    API Quickstart?

    Yup - and those people are generally the ones that seek out their first tanks in Pet Shops. We try to do the right thing and tell them about the nitrogen cycle and the stages of their tank and correct stocking procedures. Some people are quite happy to wait and watch their tank evolve. On the other hand shops have lots of customers who come in and its something for the family or the kids. Imagine telling your kids on Friday night they get to go to the shop tomorrow and pick out their tank and fish. Then imagine what happens when the big bad staff member tells the family that they don't recommend taking the fish home today and come back next Saturday. There are 3 things that could happen 1. They are happy to be educated in the science behind the reasoning 2. They calmly buy the tank and then go to another shop and don't tell the staff that their tank is brand new 3. There is an irate customer and a kid who is crying and they want the manager so they can have their fish today! Yes there is a lot of black and white in those scenarios, but anyone who has worked in a shop will recognise that it mostly ends up in one of those three. So simply point, the product isn't meant to be a replacement for Stability or for Cycle, its a separate product that was developed to fill a need. We have sold heaps of it and have yet to hear anything bad about the product. However, API is careful in instructing a modicum of livestock in the beginning and has trained the shops that carry it with this advice.
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    Fish Vets Brisbane

    I'm not saying that it isn't anchor worm, but if it was, wouldn't there be evidence of the worm on other parts of the body as well?
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    Fish Vets Brisbane

    It sounds like it is possibly anchor worms. The break out every couple of months could be the next cycle of the worms hatching and exiting the skin. The hole would be caused form the small ulcer type sore that is created from being in such a thin piece of the fish (gill cover). Have a google of anchor worms and see if it compares to your fish. There is a wide range of meds to fix the problem very cheaply but it can take several goes to get them all.
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