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    Where did we all go?

    Hey Craigo, I think the general cost of living and electricity prices have slowed a lot. Add to this the ability to sell lesser quality with less accountability thanks to growing numbers of platforms and the traditional platforms like clubs and forums are suffering. Add on this the changes to import laws and we have been smashed for a number of years, but there are signs of change. I suspect there will be a swing back once quality is recognised and some of the old institutions change. There seems to be a new breath of life in the QCG at the moment and once things settle for me personally I want to go to a meeting and check it out.
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    I have available a couple of hundred mixed coloured Endler guppies. Free if you pick them up Caboolture area. Cheers Carl ON HOLD FOR MR MULLEY UNTIL NEXT THURSDAY!
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    Feeding bristlenose vegetables

    I use Repashy - Morning Wood & it seems to get the fry going and growing in size. Was recommended by born to breed. You can get it on Mail Order & Nat has a Page on Facebook called Nats Fish & also has a web page..
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    Ahh isnt that refreshing...someone that admits they have an addiction.......we all do some just havent aknowledged it yet........hi and welcome By the way if you re into plants next month some time ,im unsure of the date bu5 it will be posted at some stage theres a fish auction at springwood and theres usually a lot of plants there, caboolture and springwood ones are everything fish related, the others are fish only.....the dates will be posted in the general section
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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Weekend Update... It was the usual cleaning of filters this weekend, along with GPG-watching. The gouramis are back to their usual habit of surfacing to take a mouthful of air before retiring to the depths. We have to report an uncorroborated sighting of "G For George" - he was spotted surfacing. I saw a pink GPG rise and gulp air, and immediately after a grey head did the same just to the side. Because they were both close together there was an obvious colour difference. Hooray! "G fer" lives! As it is coming up to my 4-year anniversary with the Billabong, I thought to research how long does a Giant Pink Gourami actually live. I do remember wandering down this theoretical path before, but thought it was worth re-visiting. Anyway, found this from NZ... Courtesy of Otago Daily Times (2015) His name was "Eric", which is probably OK for a Kiwi GPG ! And they liked him so much that when he died (of natural causes), they sent him to a taxidermist. Yes, he's stuffed! And mounted at the Otago Museum Search Centre The report notes that Eric was at least 3+ when he turned up to the museum, and was there for 10 years = 14 years all up. By my records of fishy arrivals, "Baby" is still swimming as the oldest living GPG in my care - she was 3yro on arrival from @Funkychicken85 back in July 2011, which means she's probably just over 10yro now! So, somewhere in here is "Baby"... How many GPGs can you count? Cheers, Grover (He'll have to go swimming again. Saw another 2 of the giant pleco caves shoved off the pool shelf and down in the depths! )
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    Hello ladies
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    Red Cherry Shrimp For Sale

    Thanks Lycan Good to meet you Glen and hope you get them breeding ok Cheers Butch
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    QCG Auction 13/10/18

    @Craigo, plenty of bristle nose,l numbers,plecos, insane amounts of gupoies ,some really nice ones too,,,,all in all a pretty wide spread of fish not as many cichlids as i would have thought but then again maybe the lovely weather we have had over the last 48 hrs may have stopped a few sellers turning up,i know 3 that werent there, a few faces in the crowd that are regulars didnt turn up either, finished about 10.30,,,,,,next one is closer to you Springwood state school i think @tdj5yeh nice to meet you too,,,only 1 problem you keep bidding on the fish i want,,,,,,,,im just a lowly bricklayer and i wish to renaame it the its always friggin raining coast,dont recall the last time i worked up there and huey didnt send down a few bucket loads of rain Im thinking of trying to sneak a few tanks past the minister for war,finances and interior design nazi too ,may have to be a gradual process
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    Hello Oliver
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    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg Tank

    The use of condoms is a forgotten art these are stingray food, but just for shits and giggles I may throw them out as PURE bred just to f#$k with you
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    Where did we all go?

    Hi Craigo and welcome back mate Cheers Butch
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    Where did we all go?

    O QLDAF, QLDAF! wherefore art thou QLDAF? Here I be I reside in the interwebz, forever taunting thou! Deny thy Feelings for me and refuse all the help being offered to thou. For if thou wilt deny me, I shall be but only a dying memory for thou.
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    Where did we all go?

    Yep. I remember the days when the forum was full on. Was good fun. ..... However, ...... Things constantly change , for better or worse ... ya just gotta deal with it . I think things like facebook, ( IT ) , change of forum ownership, young guns coming though he ranks. Cost of living. etc . Blah Blah Blah. I guess you're still here an i'm still here. That covers the important people. :-) An all the other long termers . Cheers
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    Where did we all go?

    we went salt and rays lots of other social media options available also for the hobbyist and clubs are an interesting mix of drab n excitement
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    Where did we all go?

    Hi Craigo, Good to see you back. I have only met you once... just before you closed the tanks. I am just around the corner from you. Facebook is where a lot of people have gone. I haven't been posting much on forum or FB either. Nowadays due to young additions to the family, I am just breeding little nano fish (i.e. corydoras, danio, just getting into killifish and rainbows), and shrimps (mostly crystals, taiwan bees and some cherries). Keen to see what you are going to set up this time round. Good luck!
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    Where did we all go?

    Good to see you back Craigo
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    Hi and welcome to the site what fish do you keep
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    Looking for some small tanks.

    20 litres will do. I'm on the Sunshine Coast so upper North Side is OK.
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    Hi there!

    hi mate and welcome if u want shrimp pandapete or butch50 on here if u pm them on here cheers john
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    Might be ok Grover in the Billabong but they can be real A-Holes when they are big :/
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    Yeah that’s awesome haha. I’ve got some Africans myself. Trying to sell some of my cuckoos to be able to get more L’s as I’ve got a few already haha. I also have a pair of royal whips that breed like crazy haha but I saw these and I wouldn’t mind more but I have to sell a few things. So I thought I’d try my luck in swapping haha. Hopefully they don’t sell too quickly!
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    Looking for some small tanks.

    Thanks I'll check them out.
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    I noticed your display name has cichlid in it, do you like cichlids?. Haha. Would you trade this pair of whips for a pair of syndontis multipunctatus (cuckoo catfish) hey breed with the cichlids.
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    Ideas on fish that aren’t yellow/orange

    Tiger barbs have a reputation for being nippy. Would not normally expect this to work with angels, discus, guppies, gouramis or possibly rainbowfish. Perhaps you have a well behaved bunch.
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    Was at Aquarama at Stafford today, the had small black sharks in the 2nd bay of tanks (opposite the guppies) next to the redtail sharks around $10 each.
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    If your keen for some try livefish.com.au I've purchased cichlids from them in the past and the quality has been fine. $9.60 and they are greasy as so will grow fast enough. ( try finding umbie ... it's like finding rocking horse sh#t but you know it's out there )
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    Hi there!

    Hi and welcome to the site
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    Morning Feeding Frenzy... They love their tucker! I think I can count 8 in the photo :- )) And the goldfish want theirs as well... Grover (No swimming today! )
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    Hmm... Would they annoy Giant Gouramis? My Oscars have been losing numbers over the last year or two, although being totally black I'll never ever see them in the Billabong. Ha! Can I have 9 ? Ohh errr.. They grow to 3ft long and live 20 years! Mebbe not a good idea!
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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Yes Cobbers... A successful dip in the Billabong to rescue the giant pleco cave - hooking it up from the depths with my foot, then submerging to grab it and slide back up to the ledge. The GPGs all kept their distance; but annoyingly, I was nibbled on tender parts by hungry goldfish! Absolutely NO photos ! Cheers, Grover (adds a whole new meaning to "Swimming with the fishes" ! )
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    Apistogramma Picture Thread

    Some of my current Apistos.. Got more species, but they wont sit still!.. These are mostly the males from my pairs.. Borelli Opals Macmasteri "Super Reds" with fry Bitaeniata Agassizzii "Gold Fire Red" Baenschi "Inka 50" That will do for now... Will throw more species up later..
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    Blue cherry shrimp

    Top pick are blues from Black 2nd and third are from Red Rilli Line Last pick is from Red Rilli ( Blue Gene ) The original 20x Blacks also produced a red line ( Bloody Mary) , These are all 4 yrs in the making cheers pete
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    Splosht - Pond water cleaner

    The issue with bacteria food supplements is removing the bacteria before it dies and just dumps all its absorbed nitrate/phosphate back into the aquarium water. In marine we have protein skimmers which just make it soooo easy to separate bacteria from water. In freshwater we are usually best removing them with partial water changes.... and its easy enough to remove these nutrients with a water change wihtout bothering to bioaccumulate them into bacterial blooms in the first place. Ironically its super easy to bind nitrate/phosphate into hair/slime algae, which then is easy to gather up and remove from the water.... just looks horrid of course. Theres always duckweed, which is like the fish keeping equivalent of coriander in cooking. You either love it or hate it.
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    Splosht - Pond water cleaner

    Its a bacteria food suppliment that artificially increases the population of nitrate/phosphate eating bacteria. While they are alive the nitrate/phosphate is bound up.... but if you stop feeding it, they starve and die and the nitrate/phosphate is released into the water where it can be used by the algae to bloom again. Kinda like showing someone ciggies and then them being stuck addicted to them..... personally I think the CSIRO did it better with phoslock. But its best for aquarists to solve the cause of algae blooms (nutrient load) rather than just treat the symptoms over and over and over and over and over. But hey, each to their own Splosht has proven 1 thing for certain. Radio advertising is still not dead!
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    Might pay to pack the Marinepure a little better - if you rub them together the friction against each other will take a small amount off them - it might not be so much the hitting each other but the rubbing. Bakki was originally a filtration system with big Koi Farms with Bakki Shower filtration systems and has graduated to where a lot of the exotics and ray people like to use the Bakki - there will always be an argument for which one is better but they are both extremely good filtration media's. @<a href="http://www.qldaf.com/forums/member.php?u=7637" target="_blank">yellows</a> have a google search on bakki shower.