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    GPG Spot-lighting at Night (Part 1) Went for a wander with the torch last night, and see who I found floating next to a filter outlet - Yes! "G for George" in all his his grey glory ! He seems happy enough, but is extremely shy during the day. Grover (fish hunting by torch-light again later in the week)
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    Robo-Gourami Wanted... Saw this today - Robotic Fish and thought the GPGs could give robo-fish "What For" in the Billabong. Grover (on the hunt for fishie technological advances) Another article in "WIRED" has this quote (ha ha) - "Thus the fluid energizes the fish. But it also acts as a traditional hydraulic fluid, in that it transmits force in the tail and pectoral fins. When the pumps push the fluid to the fins, they bend back and forth to propel the robot. The pectoral fins work in the same way to steer the fish left and right.This doesn’t move the robot particularly quickly, mind you: The fish can cover about one and a half body lengths per minute. “It would definitely get eaten if it were in the ocean,” says Shepherd."
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    Border Collie meets Goldfish Small problem today.... the BC went for a long throw ball in the backyard and hit the wading pool. As its been in the sun for 2years the pool promptly split washing flappy goldfish at the Dog. Who just as fast turned tail and ran from the deluge. I now have 6 free large pond goldfish to go to good home. Send me a PM, else I will throw them back in the Billabong with the GPGs. Cheers. Grover
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    Hi from the Redlands!!

    Hi and welcome to the site
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    New Member_Planted Nano Tank

    Hi and welcome to the site
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    New Member_Planted Nano Tank

    hi and welcome, by the looks of it the piece out of his head seems to be healed over ,so it will more than likely stay,,,i doubt its genetic so if your rams breed at any stage the chance of passing it on is slim to none. the only thing about your setup is the heater may be too large ,100 w is usually for about 100 litres and when it turns on may give you temperature spikes which could be detrimental to your fishes health....just keep an eye on the temp and see what happens
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    60 mm panels!!!!!! WHAT SIZE TANK........
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    @josh18- was nice to meet you and thank you for the easy transaction. Confirming there are only 4 x 3-4cm left and a several 6cm+ for sale. Thanks Chris