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    And.... Just in case your tanks don't run to the size requiring a Cetus Sieve... They look like this - Although obviously not with one of the sides missing, and it's intended to replace this... (the BCF - aka Big Cr@p Filter) Cheers, Grover (he'll be back into plumbing in the New Year)
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    Hey Peeps

    Hi and welcome to the site
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    Hey Peeps

    Hello great to she some more new members
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    Custom 2 ft arcade tank

    Ok made 3 of these from x arcade claw machines this is last one left for quick sale inside has been strengthened with wooden supports can hold up to 600 kg i had a 2x2x2.8 high tank in there for shrimp , tank is a 2x1.5 tank gravel and iron sand for plants has opening on top to hide wiring air pumps or u can put all equipment under the stand , has 3 glass panels and is heavy pick up Rochdale $150 0455032474
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    Canister Filter

    Hi Goughy, welcome to the forum! My five cents....do it once and do it right, peace of mind etc. Eheim classics are probably the most reliable filter ever. And if you are watching videos on hotrodding or pimping out filters then the idea of not having trays, and bypass, might not be a concern to you. But beware their are two different 'types' of eheim classics floating about. The rounded cover ones, which ship with just foam, and the slab sided 'traditional' top eheims, which come with full bio media kits. I have had poor experiences with the single 'rounded' eheim (2215 model), whereas my older eheims are bulletproof. Remember to support our sponsors. and they offer a discount to members.
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    Ahh... Good News ! AoA found my Cetus Sieve :-) Looking forward to more exciting plumbing Grover
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    WTB: Trimac

    Thank you
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    the cichlid kid

    Eheim 2250

    Hey IsaRich, I’ve already snaffled it up. cheers, Beau
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    QLDAF Future

    I am still hopeful of people doing the right thing by the hobby. Steve