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    Is The Hobby in trouble?

    I have found the secret to not getting bored with the hobby is to grow older. Now that I have a head full of grey hair, I can't remember the details of keeping fish I kept 20 years ago, so I can start keeping them again and it is all new Another few years and I won't be able to remember fish I kept last week
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    Right... Change of tack... Buy these and make your very own "Pallet Canoe" - just the thing for floating around with a deck chair and a plastic glass of chardonnay!!!
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    The thing that should be declared noxious is the politicians
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    I love Mushrooms

    Here's a couple of mine, the orange one I have had for ages and has always had 3mouths I'm waiting for it to split but it just keeps popping out pups. It is brighter in real life. They are all a bit smaller in the photos than usual as the lights are ramping down but they spread out heaps in the middle of the day. Gotta love a good morph.
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    WTB : Blue Rams - Brisbane

    @ssdiscus he has some great rams for sale. Search his post on the forum for a pic of the fish.
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    Is The Hobby in trouble?

    Quality LFS and quality fish (mainly cichlids ) are in trouble but the hobby as a whole is not, just check out the facebook pages they are in constant action. What would really improve the hobby would be for the government to relax the the importation laws which are pretty stupid for example why is it legal to import L168 plecos but not L201? does an L201 pose more of an environmental risk than a L168? i highly doubt it.. I understand some species are banned for good reason ie. Nile perch, Piranha but as the list stands now its ridiculous and hurts the hobby and only promotes illegal smuggling and over priced fish.
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    Fs - female mantila

    Fs - female pure mantilla 12-13cm Eating carni flat out Pick up flagstone 4280 $1.2k
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    Adult Peppermints

    I have some here Richard, I`ll some them to you on the weekend when you are here.
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    What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    but it's not Friday, it's sort of like Friday I finished work for the week but it's not proper Friday cause there was no fish and chips
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    Discus - Blue Diamond juvies

    Blue Diamond Discus 5-6cm - $30ea or 4 for $100 8-9cm - $65ea Pick-up Mansfield
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    Discus - Blue Diamond juvies

    very nice fish u have great fish mate
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    We've got a breeder!

    Hi gang, I've got a community tank with 2German Blue Rams, 3 Bristlenose Pleco, 10 Harlequin Rasbora and 12 Rummynose Tetra. Actually, make that 13 Rummynose Tetra!! There's a tiny chappy about 10mm long just hanging around near the surface. I had no real intention of breeding just yet, but I'm so chuffed this guy has come through! Anyway, back to work so I can support my fish habit! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So we now have two sections back as requested by members. Make use of them. Tag any thread to me you want moved to the Marine or Native section.
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    I use something similar to carry big tanks around with. Good padding for a trailer bed or ute tray. Hand trolley jack to shift tanks about single handedly or just sit on to paddle board around a pond/dam with. Otherwise, thick enough to make great fake rock backgrounds with.
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    Native rainbows

    are pretty i wanted to say that n be the first to pop the cherry so to speak
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    Tropheus moliro colony n fry

    Big mouthful and dads happy he had a great time last nite
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    The Fishroom

    Young Adult F1 Burundi colonies

    For Sale- F1 Frontosa Burundi young Adults. 2 groups - 8 in each 3 males, 5 females - they have been vent sexed. These fish were originally bought from Jonas Skoog. 9-14 cm in size, at least 18mths old. Pick up Bald Hills. $600 each group, not negotiable so please don't try. First buyer would get first pic of group.
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    950L In-Wall Discus Tank

    So here's the updated photos. Plants in, and a few seachem root tab fertiliser pellets are in also (the pool filter sand is inert and offers no nutrients). I'll also be ordering some flourish as well, just because I really want these plants to have the best chance they can in such a deep tank. Would be keen to know, how would you stock this tank? Here's what I'm thinking: 150 cardinals 20 tril. corys Eventually 5-10 discus, all of one variation, ideally@ssdiscus 's blue scorpions if that's a possibility A few blue rams, again fingers crossed I can get some of Shaun's as they are top quality And here's where it gets tricky for me. This piece of wood is full of dozens of natural caves and tunnels, perfect for some kind of catfish/plecos. But I'm not sure which kind. I love peppermint bristlenose, but they're poo machines. I also would love a few whiptail catfish, but am equally keen on all the beautiful l numbers. So here's where I need some help. Would you put a colony of one l number strain and give them an opportunity to natural breed, a collection of various l number pairs/trios, or something different? Let me know! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Discus - Blue Diamond juvies

    sexy plates mate
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    Nice, colours are lookin great on the 5 newbies. Looks like they've settled in nicely.
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    Clown Loaches - Wanted

    Hey, I still have 3 up for grabs for $20. Live in Thornlands, but will be in Wooloowin on Sunday if that helps, let me know if you're interested and I'll contact you by phone with details. Schmitee
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    Is The Hobby in trouble?

    This is a very true statement. I used to collect cichlids, keeping and breeding them as species only tanks. I stopped counting fish tanks once I reached 600 tanks. But it's much more challenging breeding neon tetras than most cichlids.
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    I loved that pavilion. And sure will pass it on.
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    Yeah that looks cool as!
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    Ahh... thank you very much for your offer!! But no, I think I'd be putting someone else to disadvantage who actually needs frogbit! All during Winter the inside tank has been home to some now rather large (and fairly violent :-/ ) marbled angelfish. The one of two bits of frogbit that escaped the GPGs was thrown in, and this is what it looks like now ha ! On a regular basis I scoop some out and throw it in with the peas, beans, lettuce, grapes, and bananas - and it all magically disappears in the Billabong LOL So please give it to someone just starting out in Spring with an outside pond! It's a shame the PTB (Powers That Be) decreed that the The Japanese Pearl Exhibit has to give out little plastic tanks. Whatever happened to the fun of catching your very own goldfish? I oughta open up the Billabong for kiddy-winks to come and catch the goldies for crusty76 ha ha... Cheers, Grover (going to the EKKA at least once this year - not entering any GPGs though, unless they have a "whale" category)
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    tell the missus that its long overdue, and looking at fishporn is better than looking at the ummm other porn,
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    Current Hybrid Status

    Hybrids are part of the hobby whether you like it or not I can appreciate them but can't endorse them out here fine overseas where there is no restrictions on true type stock but here they are a death knell to what we have as people get out of the hobby due to high costs and we loose the pockets of breeders and guys that have kept a species going for years Franenkfish are only to service the purpose of satisfying "The God Complex" in most sorry @gingerbeer if they want to show their skills at hybridising get into plants but leave the fish stock we have alone as there is more than enough threats to it
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    Heading to GC this weekend on Sun/Mon... trying to convince wife to stay another day so that we can go to Living Reef on Wed. They are shut mon/tues. Might be finally time to fork out some $$$$ myself. After all the discus were supposed to be for a b'day present in 2016!!!! Still waiting
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    What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    The "Explain to your wife where that fish came from" section?
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    Semi circular pond

    Message sent.
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    Haha gotta watch out for them shady characters lol. Good to hear you got someone checking up on em for ya. Yea I'm down the bottom here in shitty little Adelaide so don't tend to see a huge amount of nice fish getting around the traps. Got couple of decent discus breeders here tho. A lot of the shop stock here ain't the best. Really Enjoy seein well shaped plates like yours
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    We will have a mate coming in for a day or so to check, but defo not @JB he sounds like a dodgy crook there are some beautiful Discus floating around Living Reef , Darren Thompson and Carlos de Costa have all been brilliant
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    Yea I'd be stoked with them too mate. Good to see some quality discus getting around as there's a hell of alotta poo specimens out there these days. Is someone gonna be lookin after them for yas while your in the US of A?
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    They are effin beautiful mate, will be amazing seein em altogether once out of quarantine. Really lookin forward to it. Good work
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    Hey Ray... Is that a ring leopard @ about the 15sec mark? Nice.
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    @JB @benno87 thought you might like to see the new plates, settling in currently, very happy with them
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    you have no idea at all if the shoe fits mate
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    On a different note... Where have all the "Giant Pink Gouramis For Sale" gone ? There used to be a few appearing on Gumtree and a few here on QLDAF, but lately there's just one lonely Grey down at Kemps Creek, NSW. Sadly, the Western suburbs of Synney are just a bit too far to tootle down with the giant esky and effect a GPG-rehoming. Oh well Grover (going fishing for GPGs)
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    Oooohh... So many giant pink gouramis to film.... I need a "Where's Wally" approach to this - will have another video go this weekend to film just GPG tails !! LOL Sorry @Tristan, GiGi hasn't really stood out from the crowd. Even "G for George" the grey rescue gourami courtesy of caring Aquarama staff has been camera-shy. I do realize that half the excitement of watching GPG youtubes is to see whether or not I fell in at the end with the camera - Ha! And the Billabong is being taken over by goldfish, so I can't wait for Spring to come to start removing them. @crusty76 is going to end up with a pond-full of the little blighters. The cover is still on, the food is still being thrown in, the filters get cleaned every 2-3 weeks, and the solar panels are still thumping out elec-trickery during the day to keep the pool heat pump churning out warm water to keep them toasty-warm (but NOT parboiled!). Cheers, Grover (insert dodgy photo of cooked gourami here... X )
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    perhaps a discus tank you say

    Hahahaha didn't even realise how that post sounded until you pointed it out. Probably could have chosen my wording a little better now that I think of it. Thanks for makin me look n sound like a Deevo hahaha comedy.
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    Is The Hobby in trouble?

    Yes, the longer you have been keeping fish, the harder it is to find new things. Once you have been through your display tank stage, your glass tank making stage, acrylic tank making stage, breeding fish stage, filtration design stage, water chemistry, fish nutrition, hormone induced breeding, line breeding, hybrid breeding, multiple tanks and multiple fish rooms stage, photography stage, planted tanks, tissue culture plant production stage, Metal Halide - LED - specialist lighting stage, aquarium book collecting, nano tanks, shrimp, catfish, rare fish, cichlids, native fish, monster fish, rare fish (worth mentioning twice), fancy goldfish, pond fish, fish collecting, coolwater, brackish, marine and software fish, very large tanks, ponds, swim pool stage, it does get a little harder. And there seem to be more smuggled and unusual fish available than ever before if you visit facebook I have quite a few tanks/fishrooms so I am always interested in keeping running costs down. Keeping water temperatures at twenty degrees and throwing a plastic sheet over racks. Using a $10 powerhead buried in a 20L bucket of gravel provides a good internal 20L canister filter.
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    Is The Hobby in trouble?

    From my point of view, the hobby is getting harder....and less exciting Rare fish are rarer still...given import Laws Costs are increasing....particularly power. I could once have a dilemma of going in to most LFS and not being able to choose which species I would buy.... I could find fish off-shore and get them imported....but...no more Now I troll the shops looking for the odd gem....and most times buying nothing....mind you it is exciting when I do find a gem, often where least expected However....I've been spoilt, spoilt rotten....I just didn't realise it at the time Those New to the hobby will never know what they missed....so it won't be as traumatic for them going forward Certainly it's not what it used to be....but that doesn't mean I'll give it away anytime soon...just have to roll with the punches and keep searching for gems(then breeding them)
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    Is The Hobby in trouble?

    I dunno it all seems golden to me, the hobby is just fragmented more these days is all. Less people keeping cichlids is upsetting for the cichlid people maybe, but more people with aquaponics and wabi kusa even it out. My facebook feed daily has so much cool fish stuff posted that, there is absolutely zero chance of me seeing posts from family! The hobby is pumping and evolving!
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    What Section is Coming Back Friday?

    It's a new section... GIANT GOURAMIS ONLY page... LOL Yay!
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    Numpty filtration - micro particles

    So the news is, for this interested. My Water is clear. Latest mechanical filtration added was a super fine foam pad I picked up from a mate a few weeks ago. I believe the particle circulation was a combo of two factors - a power head cycling my flake food across the water column and inadequate mechanical filtration (fine filtration not completely sealed to the edges of filter box). I have completely removed the power head and also ceased feeding floating flake pellets, the guppys who were eating them are fine. A few weeks worth of filtration experiments from lots of wool, less wool, Dacron, double Dacron, double ceramic media... The filter setup I have finished up with is large sponge, fine sponge, ceramic media, Dacron, ceramic media - Maybe that's all uneccessary now that the floating flake is gone. Perhaps this is all moot as this current carnation is about to be torn down in the coming weeks. Thanks all for your input!
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    Is The Hobby in trouble?

    The hobby is fine. More people have fish tanks than ever before. People will always keep and love fish, no matter what their wealth or social status is. I love watching kids fascinated with fish. Why does it matter what fish they have?
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    For sale Sub adult L397

    Hi guys I have some L 397 catfish for sale. Sizes are about 5-6cm and very fat and healthy. Chasing $40 each thanks. Located at eatons hill. Pick up only. Thanks. Mark.
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    Current Hybrid Status

    So what you're saying is that initially people were caught up with trying to enlarge and have more colour in their koks ..... then there were lots of koks around, to the point that people were flogging their koks everywhere?
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    Freshwater Moray

    How much is it?