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    Busy Saturday... If you are following Grover on Instagram, then you've seen some of today's excitement already ! INSTAGRAM: giantpinkgourami The blue cover has come off. Although the GPGs weren't too pleased and they all took off in the other direction! But "Knobbly Headed One" who looks very much a male of the gourami species, chased them away again from the Elephant Ear island, so Grover rummaged around in the back shed to find these. And of course they required a degree of fixing to ensure the ceramic sinkers underneath didn't fall off. This was accomplished with new UV resistant Zip ties. In addition there was a trip to one of Grover's more esoteric LFS - Whitworth's Marine! This was to buy 'Motor Safety Cables', aka coated stainless steel rope with a loop and a spring-link end. These usually stop your tinnie's outboard from plunging 30m straight down when you are tinkering with the bits holding it to the stern of your boat. But in the case of the Billabong, they are used to keep the islands in place and also sit things (like these baskets) on the side ledge without losing them 3m down! As a bonus find, the 2nd island appeared from under the blue cover. Sadly all the plants look somewhat spindly and etiolated. With a bit of Qld sun, they should spring back to life. Now is the time to float the 3rd island back into the water - possibly some waterlilies might survive so they will be given a test-run. Lastly, another trip to a different LFS (Bunnings) for a 350W sump pump as the Aquael pump finally ground to a halt and threw an electrical hissy fit and tripped the circuit breaker. Bunnings Newstead has moved - just lucky it was visible from the Whitworth's store. This afternoon's effort was digging the old strainer/mesh out of the scoria, building a new one from a spare laundry basket, and then carefully (!@%!<{!^=^!!%&*@) fitting the new one in place, and piling the scoria back around it. Done! (Oh... and replacing one of the UV bulbs in the Blagdon UVs - only $65 ea ) And tonight? Tonight Grover leans on the pool fence and watches GPGs lazily cruise around the Billabong in the moonlight Alright... so it's not moonlight, just your standard pool floodlight, but we are trying to set a mood here thanx! Grover (Tomorrow the weekend will be back to normal - giving the matala sheets in the 'BBB' {Big Blue Barrels} their fortnightly clean & rinse) (Breaking News: "G for George" the Grey Giant Gourami {aka GGG} has been seen and confirmed as alive & kicking - we are still waiting for photographic proof. He is the 'Loch Ness Monster' of the Billabong)
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    What Grover Really Wanted George to Look Like... These 4 photos show what the Giant Pink Gourami 'whale-watching' experience is all about. Grover wants to know if anyone else has the same problems in seeing the fish that they carefully look after and feed, but never seem to see. Ha! Blowing bubbles is a GPG party trick! Grover
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    Native Plants for my 30 Gallon?

    Try Aquagreen. They're based in Darwin and have a wide range of native plants. Only problem is, not everything is available all the time. Check their catalogue first, and maybe get in touch with them directly if you're after something specific.
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    L397 Juvies

    Well firstly, I don't take eftpos, lol. But no thanks.
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    Hi and welcome to the site you should put the add in the live stock trader
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    More Suspicious Spring-time Behaviour... Grover would dearly like to know what is happening under those Elephant Ear leaves. Here is "Knobbly Headed One" who was seen out & about , while his girlfriends are inspecting the cosy nook. And, for BONUS points, another short video of gouramis doing... something ??? VIDEO: GPG UW Billabong26 Grover (the suspense is thrilling )
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    Aqua Gardening Sunday... What did Grover actually do on Sunday (apart from the BBB maintenance) ? Planted out the new water iris plants from Watergarden Paradise (You'll need a wiiiiiiiiiiide screen) Cheers, Grover
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    Lazy Sunday... Oi! Mr @billfish Grover wants to know "Who put Lime Cordial into the Billabong overnight?" Grover
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    Pterophyllum Altum Display

    Some more updated photos taken approx 3.5 weeks after being setup. Move the extra 3 Wild Caught Pterophyllum Altum, Rio Orinoco our of quarantine and into the tank, their fins came in damaged, as well as them picking on each other in quarantine but they are healing up. Male and Female Apistogramma Agassizii ‘Tefe’ Finally, a full tank shot.
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    Video Evidence... Again this morning Grover saw GPGs swanning around under the Elephant Ears. This male was seen leaving at a great rate of knots (he is at the end of the 2nd video). Today's post brings you two videos (below are links to YouTube): GPG UW Billabong25 (a) GPG UW Billabong25 (b) Cheers, Grover (now to get the underwater camera operating and see what's happening under there...)
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    transporting a large tank

    If you aren't confident with moving the tank then use a furniture removalist. They have all the equipment. An 8 x 2 x 2 foot tank in 10mm glass weighs 145Kg so fairly light for the size. Get a few people. Plan the lift including emergency stops. A few strategicly placed plastic milk crates could be handy. Or fish box lids. Make sure no one gets their fingers caught when lowering. A flat platform trolley is good for manouvering tight doorways and corners if floor permits. Remove all lids as they can shatter going over speed bumps.Transport them taped up resting on edge, not flat. I prefer a trailer without cage as it's a lower lift and easy access most sides. Low pile unwanted carpet is good for sliding and padding of aquariums. - Visit any carpet store with an industrial waste bin. Bring a stanley knife. You can also use pine wood studs but the carpet is good for sliding over the egdes of ute/trailer. Use a ratchet strap tie if your not good with rope & knots. The tank will slide forwards so pad that side. If using a ratchet strap, secure the loose end. I know somone on QLDAF catch theirs on the trailer wheel which tightened the strap until the tank shattered.
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    Suspicious Spring-time Behaviour Now that Grover has peeled back the blue cover around the huge Elephant Ear growth, he has noticed some of the GPGs regularly inspecting underneath the island base. The swimming pool has a ledge the whole circumference of the pool - it's about 30-40cm down and about the same width. So, the Elephant Ear island is creating a cosy little nook for (hopefully) amorous giant gouramis. Grover has sat there for a while and seen both lumpy-headed GPGs along with the smoothies swimming gently in and out of this area. Not that he's getting excited, but it's nice to see possible behaviour that can be encouraged with more plants and a much messier Billabong (in terms of plant debris to be made available for any nest building ideas they might have!). Here's today's photo of a gourami swimming in to inspect. Cheers, Grover (one day it might happen... one day... )
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    Albino bristlenose

    Hi I after after some please
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    hello and welcome
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    Downsizing Sale

    Hi all, Time to downsize and sell out heaps of stuff. 1 x 3 Tier 4ft timber rack with (top tier) two 2x15x15 (top tier) + (middle tier) one 2x15x15 and one x 2x15x15 (divided in 4 sections) + (bottom tier) one 4x15x15 divided tank (half sump and other half used as 2x15x15 tank) - detailed build thread is found here: https://skfaquatics.com/forum/forums/topic/9645-fish-and-shrimp-rack-build-first-attempt/ ON HOLD - 1 x 3 Tier G&J Maher 2ft wooden rack in EXCELLENT condition. 3 x 2x1x1 (NEAR NEW) drilled tank with full lids. These tanks are plumbed on the G&J Maher 2ft wooden rack so can be all sold as a whole set up with bulkheads and SS strainers. 1 x Aqua One Betta Duo with the divider removed. Still have the divider so it can be installed back with silicon if you like. This tank is the bigger older version measuring 35 x 25 x 25cm. ON HOLD - 2 x 10L tank for fry grow out. 8 x 2L plastic critter/fish tank similar to this: https://www.aquaone.com.au/2015-04-16-04-47-04/2015-04-16-06-00-17/plastic-tanks-2/item/1962-10051 ON HOLD - 2 x Hailea HC-250A chiller. Great condition (one white colour and one black colour). 2 x Eheim 2213 canister filter (one still has original box). 1 x Eheim 2217 canister filter in great condition (I think I still have the box for this one too). 1 x Fluval FX6 in EXCELLENT condition with brand new (still in box) sponge media. Sponge filters (including Biospon BS-58L), heaters, breeder boxes, pleco caves, etc. ON HOLD - 5 x Pleco caves On HOLD - 5kg Pisces Red Lava rocks. ON HOLD - 20+ driftwood. ON HOLD - 50kg Seiryu rocks. 2 x 4ft MML Full Spectrum LED XB2 light tubes with sunrise/sunset controller. 1 x 2ft MML Full Spectrum LED XB2 light tube + 1 x 2ft MML Blue actinic night LED XB2 light tube with sunrise/sunset controller 4 x Worx 3W LED lights. Too many to list. Send me a PM with your mobile number if you are keen on anything or if you are chasing something I may not have listed and I will send you photos and prices. Cheers, JC
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    Hi mate, just thin val. I placed a few rocks around the base of them as they established and after that they just dug around them. Hope that helps!
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    Stick on window plush plecos

    Sold pending thanks
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    Stick on window plush plecos

    My 2 little girls have decided to sell their 4 plush window plush plecos they have been washed and are ready to go from non smoking home ready for their new homes, $50 the lot and sorry I can only sell as a lot as they are going halves on the sale. I can post if you wish to pay for post that should be around $12 to post or pick up is Highland park Gold Coast. I'm not on here as much as I used to be so please be patient, I will get back to you as soon as I can, thanks
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    Stick on window plush plecos

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    Can only hope.... it's only been 11 or 12 years since "Tiddles" arrived in the blow-up pond !
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    maybe its gunna be grandpa grover
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    If you have no luck finding any breeders maybe give the Tech Den a call, seen a few different corys on Techy's website over the past couple months and they may be able to order some in. A couple shops down in Sydney had some if you have no luck up here and need to ship some. Can't remember which one/s but I do remember seeing them around down there, about $40-$50ea, when I was looking for apistogramma. Probably saw them on abquatics or nanotanks or sydneydiscus sites. There was a shop on the Sunshine Coast that had some on their website too, can't remember the name of that one but that was a while back. Best of luck with the hunt mate
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    It was green ginger wine and i would blame the golfish
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    Hi @MFF I sympathise with your canister filter problems! Have a look at what needs doing for the Billabong. Basically, the same, just bigger and more of them ! Grover
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    Red Sea Aquascaping Starts

    100ltr RDO water holder 240ltr x 2 Internal saltwater tubs and a sexy tank
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    Peppermints pairs I have 4 pairs of peppermints for sale $250 ono each pair
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    3 Tier steel stand ,6ft

    As above I had my 6x18w x2ft h on top 6x15x18h in middle 2X3ft on bottom I have upgrade 3 years old Rust proofed $700 to get made Selling $400 Ono, can deliver within reason. No tanks available.
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    Challenger 1966

    Cool, so u must be Paul from caboolture then
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    Challenger 1966

    i was at aquarama stafford today and i spied some sml ones in a tank marked common bristlenose
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    Time for a submersible speaker and a bit of Barry White
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    Talking of Huge... Grover finally noticed that the Elephant Ears on an island are huge! He'd stuck this island up at the shallow end of the Billabong and folded back the blue cover to let it have a tiny bit of room... The whole lot is now about 3-4m wide... Ooops! Cheers, Grover PS: With the warmth in the Brisbane air, it's probably time for the blue cover to be removed next weekend.
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    Sent from mobile You've got to admit they are huge now... Video: GPG feeding in early morning Grover
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    Pterophyllum Altum Display

    Angels in general are cranky bastards disguised with a nice name and form. Never had Altums - on the one day list. Problem is the one days are getting less while the fish to keep one day list is growing.
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    I lost him today, he stopped eating for two months and finally passed away. I don't understand I put a smaller Oscar in with him which he ruffed up a bit but since then he refused to eat and has been scared of me and he wasn't before. I measured him after I fished him out he was 23cm.
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