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    Umbee fan


    Growing some more Caquetaia Umbriferum out for sale if anyone is interested. Pic’s of 3 week old fry and parents attached. Looking for a large display fish look no further !
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    If you like your wild Discus they arrived today, we have a few in stock at the moment and before you say....I was hoping you had Heckels - Tuesday....
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    angle fish

    Yer i remember that raycam I saw sum that were really really inbred and they were 180o and they swam backwards Just sayin is all
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    angle fish

    i used to breed 90degree Angle fish, but after a few years of inbreeding, a fair proportion were 45degree\65degree I think warmer water may help
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    angle fish

    Any pics? It could be a hybrid and maybe its an angle and not an angel?
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    Kadango colony 1m4f

    Ph 0422445833 young adult colony already breeding 1m4f 100$ collingwood park
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    Peacockbass 4cm for sale

    Peacockbass 4cm for sale 20 each Pickup sunnybank or flagstone Eating crush foodstick and frozen brine shrimp
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    I haven’t forgotten! Still sold mate just to reassure.
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    Dither fish for Frontosa

    I disagree, Frontosa and Tropheus work excellent together as long as you have a 18,900 km3 lake to put them in.
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    Dither fish for Frontosa

    Agree with JB. Thats a definite no for mixing Trophs and Frontosa for me. Not only because of diet also trophs are just too boisterous. They will nip at the fins of the fronnies too.
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    Dither fish for Frontosa

    Sorry. Please don’t take this in the wrong way just my 2c. I don’t agree with tropheus and frontosa mixing. Totally different diets and food requirements. One is going to suffer depending on diet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FREE Haqos Metal Halide 70W LIGHT

    Free, works fine with recent bulb replacement. See link for image and details http://www.haqos.com/productn.asp?ArticleID=406
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    Thanx @HaydnRex Must be time for me to give myself a late Christmas present. LOL Grover
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    Dither fish for Frontosa

    There is more likely something scaring them. Once settled frontosa are active fish. Lighting, something sitting on the tank etc. could be the cause.
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    Guess it was only a matter of time

    And people wonder why the import laws are so strict, it only takes one idiot to stuff everything. Bet they are going to soon get a lot stricter
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    FREE: Frogbit

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    Fish for Sale

    On the home page go down to classifieds. Chose what category fits the description of what fish your wanting to sell and post add in there
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    Wanted: 8ft tank

    I got a 8x3x2 stand hood 6x2x1.5 sump & a 50-55cm mangrove jack if interested
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    8x3x2 LWH

    Ok after a long think about it we are selling the tank , Those that no me no I'm in heart failure & I'm finding it harder to look after so she needs a new home,The tank is 8x3x2 LWH comes with stand, hood, light, 24000 wave maker, 6x2x1.5 sump, sump pump, media & a 50-55cm mangrove jack, Wanting $2000 no offers plz Pick up is Hervey Bay & I'm unable to help sry I don't come on here all the time so any other info can call 0423869070
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    Fs F1 Tropheus Colonies

    We’ll guess what I am going to keep them now mate I have 3 mouthfuls setting up my empty 6ft for them. Can’t give them away for nothing. Give me a text when you want fry mate. My 6 ft should hold crap loads. Jas
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    Mangrove Jack Experience

    8 x 3 x 2 or 8 x 3 x 2.5 tank size with a sump what size fish are you looking at or have ? haven't kept a large one but know people that have and they have them in brackish personality varies with the fish they like a space of their own, but out and about especially feeding time look at something to secure the lids and maybe a feeding port unless you like water everywhere
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    The Tech Den

    Question about sponsors

    I joined QLDAF 9 years ago as hobbyist and then as a sponsor and also as a moderator. I have not been here the longest. In that time I have seen QLDAF change in many many ways, I liked the nights of live chat and doing the rounds of LFS. I have met many many good people on here. Things change. People come, people go and a lot take a break and come back. One thing I have leaned - go with the flow. Enjoy it for what it is, enjoy the community. Don't look at things to seriously. Its not the sponsors that make QLDAF (we just pay for it) its the members that make QLDAF. You will make a lot of friends here that last a long long time - they are the things to concentrate on...don't worry about the incidentals, they are not important.
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    He needs a bigger tank asap. They grow stupidly fast. You probably could have got a decent 4x2x2 on this forum for the same sort of money as that bowl. Buy dechlorinator, a small bottle is like $6 and you wont have to stress about killing your fish. A heater would be good to keep the temp stable but probably not a necessity if you don't mind him getting white spot every now and then (That's a joke by the way). I'm amazed that Mappins would sell this fish to you with this setup, it's totally not suitable for this fish for longer than a few days. I wouldn't bother trying other fish with him, they're aggro little shits. Maybe a pleco or something else that will hide/not encroach on his territory. @Desumi will have a fair idea about this, I convinced him to get one a few weeks ago. It's his first fish/tank and he's learning how to care for a fish the right way.
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    My pond build

    water proofing started and meter box with battery set up install and ready to go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gumtree Fail

    It was $200 coz it was hot!!
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    Floating Driftwood

    I have a piece of string, 28 inches long. I can cut it to any desired length.
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    People looking for freebies !

    The reason they can afford the Apple phone and the upmarket ute is because they get a lot of free stuff.
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    Guess it was only a matter of time

    A mate sent me this link in from yesterdays news. https://m.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/amazon-predator-threaten-barra-in-cq-river/3312293/
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    FS Chain sword

    subwassertang all goneskis sorry