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    Deeg used to own him many years ago he would be fairly old by now. happy new Grover! good to see ya back! hope your well.
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    What’s this fish?

    This is a flag cichlid, probably mesonauta insignias or festivus. Cichlid from South America.
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    Hi @billfish, Looks like one Gummie bear is obviously tired of tyre-kickers ha! I think I remember paying about $150 each for half a dozen or so littlies back around 2010 - price has obviously gone up a tad. Mind you, I did also see Brisbane's "Holey" GPG on there as well (but dating back to Nov last year) - maybe I should add him/her to the Billabong. But it would be a big responsibility as he's (?) been around town for quite a few years now. And is reasonably famous !! Cheers, Grover
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    Bl**dy Expensive GPG Even I can't afford this one! Grover (he's back !)
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    wtb firefin comps and golden comps

    I’ve got Altolamprologus comp chiteka yellow and Altolamprologus comp gold face muzi available. Fry size 4cm can ship
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    Apricot Paradise Fish FS

    We have a limited number of Apricot Paradise Fish for sale, great for ponds all year around, will breed when spring hits. Pairs - 2 Available at $30 per pair, adult fish ready to breed given the right space. Singles - 8 available at $10ea or take all 8 for $60, all adult fish All wormed and ready for ponds, eating a variety of live foods, pellets & flakes. Pickup Slacks Creek or can deliver for $. No shipping. Cheers, Cam
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    Age of Aquariums

    For those who have not noticed Age of Aquariums has closed there doors. It was somewhat quietly done without a big fanfare. What is the future for the hobby like? We are losing a lot of good stores and lots of good breeders.
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