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    Wild caught list????

    We need a politician that's a fish keeper
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    WTB: Guppies!

    No worries Kev, These images are just to satisfy @Kingo
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    The Tech Den

    Get this into ya.........

    Bugger, I don't know if you will see again a opportunity like this, and just to name a few - Cardinal Tetras for $2.25 Rummynose Tetra $1.92 L-Number Catfish from $17.48 Rare Argentea from $45.00 Psitticus Hoplarchus True Parrots that would be 10cm or bigger of $29.97 Clown Loaches $7.97 Black Venezuela Corys $12.48
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    Wild caught list????

    They don't have time to take care of fish, because they are too busy taking care of themselves [emoji12]
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    Wild caught list????

    I think we need a fish keeper who is a politician.
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    WTB: Guppies!

    Hello, I've got some fancy guppies that have been raised in a pond and survived the winter without heater or filter (just loads of frogbit and hornwort which you can take some of too) they are my own special strain and the males are stunning. $2ea
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    Are Gumtree people subnormal ? or what

    What the Fcuk is wrong with Gumtree buyers ? So I am selling a few of my fish on Gumtree. Nothing special, just thinning down the exotics to make room for Rhads. I have three Yellow Tailed Congo tetra to sell. A bloke writes to me wanting to buy them and has asked for photos of the fish in Question. FFS !!!! Its not like I am selling a Flowerhorn or a Arrowana. Its a Yellow Tailed Congo tetra FFS, you've seen one you've seen them all, especially when you tell the seller that you already have a school of them. Christ on a bike !!!!!!
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    Fs F1 Frontosa Moba (1m1f)

    For sale a pair of F1 Moba male- 18-20cm female- 14-15cm plus 1.25 kg premium food $240 priced for a quick sale. Can deliver or meet. Pm me if you are interested.
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    The Tech Den

    Get this into ya.........

    Tanks...you have to click on the post - its a image to read....ha ha
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    After water change photo :)

    Nice tank mate looks like my fronny tank same rock same pots cut in half.They will do really well in there. Good work!!
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    After water change photo :)

    Just thought I'd share a photo of my fronnie tank after today's water change.. Thanks to dean from AOA for selling me some of his personal lava rock the fish are loving the extra hidy holes.. The fish are all in hiding lol
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    Nexus aqua easy 200.

    Brand new 220 I think is the latest model. My 210 is the same as a 220 except the 220 has micro k1 in the centre of it in the static chamber. I would say yes as it holds a lot of media. What I have done with mine is I’ve use a 16-500 pump and some flow goes to a different tank that doesn’t flow into the nexus. So what you could do is get a big pump which ever you preferred brand is and bleed off the main line for extra circulation in the pond.
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    Red cherry shrimp

    50 for $25 or 20 for $15 or discuss for larger quantities. $2 Eeach Adult breeders Mixed family lines and all will be good size above 1cm Located in Wakerley
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    To many fish mate ,it is like a full time job cleaning 6 tanks a week . scaling back to 3 tanks. jas
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    Ooohh... I am humbled before the mighty opinions of all of QLDAF Trust me; I'm going to be potting up more miniature papyrus plants as they seem to be the most attractive plant to the GPGs who build the nests. I have heavily invested in (= bought more of) the stainless steel boat motor leads used to stop outboards motors from dropping overboard. These will be attached to the aforementioned papyrus plants to stop them being lost to the bottom of the billabong. Then, I'll throw in all sorts of crappy Elephant Ear leaves and stems... to give them something to work with in the nest building. The Billaboing can stay solid green for all I care! And the BCF (Big Cr@p Filter) may have to work overtime. I do see the the Giant Gouramis when they surface (being the cute, little, cuddly anabatoids that they are). Stay tuned for Spring-time developments. Grover (Baby the GPG: "By my count, he's had about 6 years now of trying to breed us... surely, he must get it right one year..." )
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    Endlers dying suddenly

    Are they suffering crazy gill damage? It does sound like poisoning, if its not nitrite maybe something more exotic. Some easylife or activated carbon could be a good call. Examination of guppies under a microscope will usually reveal clues unseen to the naked eye.
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    FS: Peppermint & L144 fry

    I have peppermint fry and l144 blue eye bn fry for sale. 3cm peppermints $10ea 3-3.5cm L144 $10ea (about 10 left) minimum buy of 2. Located boronia heights, qld.
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    Wild caught list????

    To my knowledge, nothing is coming from Germany at all now - only Asia. Keysborough Aquariums in Melbourne last imported from Germany early this year. I've heard of no further plans of imports from them, or any of the other players who were importing from Germany before the testing regime came into play.
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    WTB boraras brigittae

    Try Fishchick Aquatics
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    Breeding pair neon acara

    Large Breeding pair neon acara Pickup jimboomba 50 dollars about 8_10 cm
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    WTB: Guppies!

    donny from aoa mate healthy endlers top quality
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    Native Nano Tank Keepers

    I have a large apothecary jar with a small school of P Gertrudae in it, lit by an small LED. Java fern needle leaf for plants, no aeration. Will try to photograph soon.
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    WTB: Guppies!

    @Sparks might have a few.
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    Co2 - Advice Pls

    It can be daunting at first with all the equipment and brands but you only need a regulator and solenoid, a timer and cylinder plus bits and peices of accessories like bubble counter and diffuser. I got mine from Co2Art website. Very easy for beginners as it sells all in one kits. All you need to buy is cylinder seperate.
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    American cichlids

    Yes i think i am the only one my adults are 8 years old
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    Hello, I have a plant in 180L aquarium which is cycled. Ammonia and nitrite are 0 and nitrate is I do weekly water changes about 10/15L. I add Seachem flourish one cap(5mL) twice a week. I have sulphate of potash (0-0-41-17) which is 47% potassium. I added 25gm of it in 500ml water, which gives me 2.5% strength potassium. Half the strength of Seachem Pottasium. I added 1.2mL(using medical syringe) into aquarium and I noticed brown/red colour on new leaves. I keep my lights on for about 5-8 hours a day. Can you please provide any suggestions. I am new to plants and still learning as I am going. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fader flowerhorn

    Fader flowerhorn 6-8 cm Sold as unsex 6 to choose from some already fully peeled or near peeled 50$ each Pic of dad Pickup jimboomba
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    Its an easy plant if you give it what it needs. Good lighting, fertz and co2. If you want invincible plants for tanks with heavy rasping fish, anubias would be my recommendation.
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    Under high light this will be a red plant, as the plant gets higher in the water column it encounters greater intensity light..... thus the increase in red colouration. Many ludwigia species are only red on underside of leaves or even just on the stem, others are a solid red all over. At a guess I'd say give Ludwigia repens a google.
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    Ludwigia by the look of it. Do you have any bristlenose in there.
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    WTB: White Buckets with Lids

    Got some new 20 ltr buckets with lid for $5 each. Gumtree loganlea area if someone else needs them.
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    Selling Tanks

    I have few tanks for sale, would like gone ASAP 1 - 6x2x2 tank, can sell with stand if needed $250 2 - 6x2x2.5 tanks are on stands that will go $300 few accessories to got with them like filters and heaters All negotiable can message me for more info or text on 0401035042
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    WTB: White Buckets with Lids

    Ebay ...i bought some 10 litre food grade ones for about 6 dollars each...new
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    Have planted tanks gone out of fashion?

    Was the question asking who is our prime minister? If yes, try Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard, or Kevin Rudd. I remember reading somewhere on the forum that the question has not been updated since we had a new prime minister.
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    Auction this weekend

    Just go On many occasions ive come home with unexpected surprises,much to to dissapointment of the minister for war and finances.The kids love it, where else can you buy livebearers for a gold coin .that keeps the missus happy cos the colourful fish are upstairs...she has no idea really Everyone needs to support these clubs and auctions Once theyre gone.. we will all be saying it and it will be too late and we will all be paying chain store retailers prices for everything The sellers at these auctions could just sell to the wholesalers or local lfs but they realise the importance of giving back to the hobby (as well as making some cash of course) water and electricity arent so cheap anymore.so come on guys and girls crack open that jar of coins and get to the auctions. Remember we will not only be losing some cheap fish but some rarer types aswell...And worse of all the 100s of combinedyears of accumulated knowledge these clubs/auctions/breeders have OR You can go on facebook and get some real knowledge....ha i got that out with out falling on the floor laughing.with fish bred for pure numbers in mind and no knowledge or care as to what the quality is ..just $$$$$$$$$$ And yes before anyone gwts up me for running down facebook sales ,i have got fish off there and wont be doing it again..there might be some decent stuff out there but not in my experience The government and all their import bans and biosecurity laws , some of which i find a bit misguided and perplexing are doing enough to reduce breeds of fish available too .so not putting your hand in that wallet and keeping some of the more interesting fish in the hobby will inevitably be the hobbies down fall.the hobby wont die but who wants to just see a tank of electric yellows or angels or guppies..all nice to look at but a bit boring when thats all you can get
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    Load you existing Media into your new filters, should be no issues there.
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    Timber and Stone

    Black n Blue Neos!
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    Have planted tanks gone out of fashion?

    I think there is a new wave of young guns hitting the streets. With their high tech kit and the wyfys on the internets.
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    Have planted tanks gone out of fashion?

    I'm not so much into Facebook myself so my general rule of thumb is QLDAF for all fish/dry goods related stuff and Aquarium Life forum for planted tanks and CO2 related topics.
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    Uaru juveniles

    Next lot of juvies ready for new homes Size 4cm+ $40each or $35each for 5 or more
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    Thank you for your input. Yes, I know all about the online forums, but I prefer local content. I do agree with Grubs's views on FB and similar, won't have anything to do with them. And after all, we have QLDAF, so what are all those people doing on FB? I must be getting too old.
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    Wild guppies

    post of the year so far, well said mick,
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    Wild guppies

    Most wild guppies bring diseases to your tank best to buy direct from pet shop plenty around selling guppies in no time you'll have many though they do tend to eat their young too you can get a breeding tank to pop mum into so she can birth in peace Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk