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    Corona’s affect on the hobby

    I just hope the whole lockdown thing will bring a bit of life back to this forum. That alone will do wonders for the hobby. I"m a bit isolated up her and learnt most of the basics through this site. Would be great to see it busy again. Brendan
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    Looking to buy Cichlids in Brisbane

    Hi and welcome to the site what cichlids are you looking for Have a look at the live stock trader
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    Hi @Pepperbris Long time, no see ! Great island idea :-) looks like a sheet of wall insulation or a cold-room wall with holes drilled in it. I do admit that the GPG islands are starting to look a little battered - having been turned-turtle a number of times by the Elephant Ears graowing too large and capsizing the whole thing. The islands will have to wait in line (with appropriate "social distancing") as I have a burst of enthusiasm for another project... see below
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    Hey guys, Hope everyone's safe and well and looking for a passionate male Lepidiolamprologus elongatus. I have 2 girls looking for love (and fighting about it ) and hope someone has a spare male I could buy (possibly swap for something of interest as well if interested) to add to the mix. Located on the Gold Coast but happy to travel and get some essential food on the way plus keep contact minimal
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    How often to gravel vacuum

    Hey guys, new to this forum. I have a 55 gallon freshwater tank. I have 4 glowfish tetra, kissing gourami ( yes I know he will need a bigger tank lol ), clown loach ( I know he needs a much bigger tank and a school but he schools with my rainbow shark since day one ), and a fantail goldfish ( I know most goldfish need cooler water but everywhere I have researched they say fantail goldfish temp is different than most lol ) and a nerite snail. I put all that in parentheses because everytime I post on a forum most people concentrate on one of those things rather than the question I'm asking and I've post about all of those and I will get a bigger tank for them :). So my actual question is, how often should I gravel vaccum? I usually do every Thursday, but I was moving decor in my tank poop and all kinds of stuff started rising up to the top. Also two months ago found out my test strips weren't accurate for nitrates. So I got the master test kit and found out it was 80ppm.... so I did a water change. I thought it was old tank syndrome I do 25% water change every week usually. But now I'm thinking I should gravel vaccum twice a week since I have the goldfish. For a long time I only had the tetra, rainbow shark and clown loach so definitely a LOT more waste with the goldfish and also the kissing gourami. So do you guys think I should be gravel vaccuming twice a week?
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    As you already have the acrylic panels and you want light in, I would screw in an aluminium U channel at top and bottom to make sliding rails. I thinkyou can get single or double rails depending on how you want to slide panels. Allow gap - room to lift the panels out when needed. The acrylic will bend with time and letting light in may cause an algae issue. Could try plastic channel but aluminium will withstand rough treatment much better.
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    Go to bunning's and look for a product called foilboard, it comes in all sorts of dimensions and thickness. (I have found it in sizes in store that the website does not show). Basically it is Styrofoam in various sizes with an insulating foil attached to one side. I would use this for the back and sides of your tanks leaving the tops and front open for light, not sure how well your acrylic will work on the front but it will be cheaper and more effective to use the foilboard on the sides and back for sure.
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    these guys came today. just getting used to artificial plants as these would eat the real ones i had in there.
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    Silver shark

    Approximately 12 cm
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    old yellows

    just going through camera and found these (been using phone instead now for years). my electric yellows i was breeding from Dfishkeepers line on the goldcoast.
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    Un-sexed Dwarf Shell dwelling Cichlids ( Neolamprologus multifasciatus ) juveniles for sale. Fascinating little Fish. Will totally re-arrange your tank overnight. They love to fight and steal shells and will move huge quantities of sand around. Males will reach around 5cm and females 2.5cm when fully grown. Not suited for tanks with larger more aggressive Cichlids. Firm price $6 each or 10 for $50. Bring your own bag or bucket for transport. Message on 0434537853. Located in Kippa-Ring.
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    In view of the current run on foodstuffs in the supermarket, I trust that no one will suggest eating the GPGs Not even if ScoMo declares that we all start eating home-grown goodies!!
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    why didn't I do this sooner

    I wouldn't survive winter in Warwick lol
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    Julidiochromis Regganies / Electric yellows

    julidochromis regganie gold $10 electric yellow pick up coomera
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    Livebearer Fish ID

    Could possibly be?? another possibility it that domesticated strains could have also been bred with wild swordtails that naturally have the black spots e.g. Xiphophorus helleri "guentheri"
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    Multi shell dweller tank

    .My newly setup Neolamprologus multifasciatus (shell dweller) tank Just moved fish into their new upgrade home....tried to divide it up a bit for territories, but nooooo, they all decide the middle section is prime real estate and are currently debating who gets to live where lol
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    Multi shell dweller tank

    They are going along great........heaps of fry and juvies coming along. I'll grab a new pic when I can
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    Thanks mate Unfortunately what ever it was progressed so quickly overnight the growth swelled so large it blocked his whole mouth and he was dead this morning
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