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    Angels - many varieties small

    Yea well he told me that when i last visited him 3 yesrs ago ffs Pfffffffft Might hav to just use my old left over orchy bottle bongs instead Damn it (For medicinal use of course)
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    @bluebelle. she usually has packs for sale
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    Giving thought to selling my 10ft 1 x 10x5x2.5 (LxWxH) with a 6ft sump running twin 10,000l pumps Full lids, stand, all bulkheads, with all plumbing. 4 drains and 2 returns No media, no pumps, heaters, lights or fish etc. Buyer to arrange removal , Will drain and have ready for pick up, inspections welcome for a serious buyer. $3300 Pick up flagstone 4280
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    Tropheus F1 Fry

    Hi All, I have the below F1 Tropheus Fry ready to go. Pick up bellbird park, shipping available. Tropheus Kasanga 4-6cms $35ea, 10 for $300, 20 for $500 Tropheus Mpulungu 4cms $35ea, 10 for $300, 20 for $500 Tropheus Murago Tz 4-6cms $40ea, 10 for $350, 20 for $600
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    Wild Caught Frontosa Colonies.

    Hi, I have the below Wild Caught Frontosa breeding Colonies to move on soon. Pick up bellbird Park, shipping available. Frontosa Muzi 4m/7f, 14 - 16cms, $235ea or all 11 for $2200 Frontosa Moba 2m/6f 14-17cms $350ea or all 8 for $2600 Frontosa Tembwe 4m/6f 14 - 17cms $350ea or all 10 for $3200 Frontosa Mikula 2m/4f 15 -17cms $2000 Also have spare Males of, Mpimbwe, Kigoma and kavala. PM if interested.
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    Breeding Curviceps Problem

    I used to breed L dorsiger, closely related. Bred them in a 2 ft tank, rocks, plants, driftwood. But I added a few platys or guppies to the tank - they kept the pair entertained with protecting their eggs/fry. Once the little ones swam free, I moved half of them into a fry tank and left the other half with the parents. Worked a few times for me... But if I'd do it again I'd use at leat a 4ft tank.
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    Angels - many varieties small

    hahahaa Oh Shaunyy Whatever the Angle - i dont mind i'm just happy when i'm bent.......... p.s i need sum large bristlenose logs, got any? trevy wont send me any
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    Angels - many varieties small

    Any 90 degree ones?
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    Breeding Curviceps Problem

    A couple of things to try Remove male after fertilisation to another tank and let female rear the fry Remove the eggs and hatch them in another tank? ( but still seperate the parents because the male will still kill the female) I use to breed aggressive americans (particularly texas) in colonies like africans, one male and four or more females to share the aggression, with heaps of hiding structure, remove the eggs after fertilisation, and the male would move on to the next female in waiting - thats if you want heeeeaps of fry But if you are breeding them to enjoy the experience, probably the best experiment would be to simply add dither fish to enhance the curviceps parental bond together
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    Seamingly's 2 Foot Planted Tank

    Once I connected the regulator to the cylinder, I checked for leaks. I closed the needle valve, opened the working pressure valve and then opened the cylinder valve. The cylinder pressure is 700psi. I then dialled in working pressure to 40psi. I then shut the cylinder valve and let it sit for a few hours. When I came back, the cylinder pressure had dropped to 0psi, working pressure still sitting at 40psi. I suspected the leak was at the collection between the valve and cylinder. I then opened the cylinder valve and used soapy water test all connections by spraying it on. Sure enough, the cylinder connection started to bubble. I tightened it more and ran the above tests again, this time, no drop in pressure.
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    FS: Corydoras Green Laser CW009

    Very healthy, locally bred and tank raised Corydoras Green Laser CW009. Size: TL ~2.5cm - 3cm 6 for $240 10 for $350 Pick up can be arranged from Herston or Birkdale, or add $25 for express post in foam box.
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