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    Video Update... So, here's two videos - one from when the Billabong was solid green (obviously only here for fun). The other video is from today when the sun was sortof shining, but my camera position only captures them head-standing - must do better next time! The middle of Winter, and the water is clearer. Apologies for all the goldfish - they breed like rabbits! You'll see a pair of chocolate cichlids in there too (around 0:58). GPGs appear around the 2:15 mark, but the battery runs out at 3:25 :-( Cheers, Grover
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    QLDAF Future

    I am still hopeful of people doing the right thing by the hobby. Steve
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    Hey all, recently moved and delving into the hobby a bit more, started the fish room under the new house and have about 12 ponds out back. I've got the bug again so i'm starting to upload videos again like i used to, have a looky if you like your Natives n such Cam Also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PrecisionAquaticz/
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    SPRING Has Sprung! OK! So, its actually been wet & drizzly today (and I'm warming myself up with a plate of fried Haloumi cheese - Lime & Parsley flavoured!). But progress has been made! The blue Winter cover has been peeled back into a shapeless mass - just waiting for me to fold it neatly and stack it away. The polystyrene pallets are in the carport and will be hoisted back up into the rafters tomorrow. And finally, the GPGs are highly visible during their ramblings around the Billabong. They have shown themselves to be very shy, and I had to hide behind the polystyrene bits to take candid photos... The best I could do as they surfaced and swam around was to count 15; I'm sure there's more :-) Stay Farcebooked, Instagrummed, and Twitter-fied; and you won't see any of the unfolding story of Spring / Summer! Updates only available on QLDAF ! Regards, Grover (Might even go for a swim tomorrow if it turns sunny! I noticed one of the giant terracotta pleco caves is 5ft down rather than sitting on the ledge. GPGs are too strong for their own good!)
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    Aquarium sand

    It will be interesting when mr fisheries does a vehicle check and finds hes raping beach sand from fraser gunna need to have sold a lot to recover the fine he will cop when environment and heritage get involved,,!they fine people as hard as the e.p.a.... im all for people making a bit of money on the side but personally i wouldnt touch that sand In the scheme of things hes not large scale and doing no real harm to the island ,as more sand leaves the island each day in the surf than he can take ,but is it small scale environmental vandalism ,thats everyones opinion to form personally i wouldnt touch it ,im no tree hugging greenie by a long shot people breaking laws is why we are in the predicament we re in now with access to fish species to fill our little glass boxes time to get off my high horse .......... still check out the landscape yards Nuway at Burpengary sell white silver sand if i remember rightly 1/4 cubic metre costs about $60,, to $70 which is about 350 kg ,,bag the rest and make some cash ,,, I know nuway at mango hill sell it by the bag aswell,,,cant remember the price but i should imagine it would be cheaper than 30 per bag,,,,my guess is 10 to 15
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    GPG Feeding Time... This morning's feeding frenzy ! Grover
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    Apistogramma Picture Thread

    Some of my current Apistos.. Got more species, but they wont sit still!.. These are mostly the males from my pairs.. Borelli Opals Macmasteri "Super Reds" with fry Bitaeniata Agassizzii "Gold Fire Red" Baenschi "Inka 50" That will do for now... Will throw more species up later..
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    4x3x2 Reefy tank

    4x3x2 coming along like a boss
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    Dying fish new tank

    another amazing thing is why people do not do any research themselves before buying fish and tanks etc, takes 2 seconds these days to find out all the info they need.......... little bit of ownership goes along way
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    Dying fish new tank

    Still amazes me to this day that customers buying and setting up new tanks are not sold a basic ammonia/nitrite/nitrate test kit as a compulsory purchase with the tank....... Or even keeping any fish at all at any stage without one...... shit that doesnt make sense ,it makes me a bit angry when shit doesnt make any sense.... it's just dumb weird shit
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    Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg Tank

    Geos growing out in another tank, nearly big enough for the Ray tank, colours are POPPING
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    sick cichlids

    everything is perfect, water is fine, and the specialists have checked, you can close the thread now
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    Loungerooms are for tanks right?

    When I met the wife I have 10 4fters in my bed room she hated it 27 years later she's still here and so are the fish
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    Holy crap it's grum

    Hi Grum, Put your brother in touch with Devon Barnes, he has quality pure fish at reasonable prices near Melbourne : https://www.facebook.com/BarnesysCichlidHeaven/ Cheers, Doug
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    Inspired Videos... The Uni of Western Australia has now got to come up to my scintillating video standards Today there was muchos sunshine, so again the camera pod went down into the depths of the wild Billabong! More GPGs !!! and much fewer goldfish !! Two videos now for your pleasure - a shorty (#16) at 1min 42 secs and a thrilling long-play one (#17) at nearly 5 minutes! (PS: gouramis at 2:20 onwards - sorry about the goldfish again!) Enjoy! Cheers, Grover (also checkout the original "GPG UW Lakenn" series still on YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query="gpg"+lake+uw
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    Hi Corby, welcome to the site. You can use the search function in top right corner to read old threads, there is lots of information going back many years. There is also a native fish club you may be interested in joining : http://www.angfaqld.org.au/aqp/
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    Weekend Update... It was the usual cleaning of filters this weekend, along with GPG-watching. The gouramis are back to their usual habit of surfacing to take a mouthful of air before retiring to the depths. We have to report an uncorroborated sighting of "G For George" - he was spotted surfacing. I saw a pink GPG rise and gulp air, and immediately after a grey head did the same just to the side. Because they were both close together there was an obvious colour difference. Hooray! "G fer" lives! As it is coming up to my 4-year anniversary with the Billabong, I thought to research how long does a Giant Pink Gourami actually live. I do remember wandering down this theoretical path before, but thought it was worth re-visiting. Anyway, found this from NZ... Courtesy of Otago Daily Times (2015) His name was "Eric", which is probably OK for a Kiwi GPG ! And they liked him so much that when he died (of natural causes), they sent him to a taxidermist. Yes, he's stuffed! And mounted at the Otago Museum Search Centre The report notes that Eric was at least 3+ when he turned up to the museum, and was there for 10 years = 14 years all up. By my records of fishy arrivals, "Baby" is still swimming as the oldest living GPG in my care - she was 3yro on arrival from @Funkychicken85 back in July 2011, which means she's probably just over 10yro now! So, somewhere in here is "Baby"... How many GPGs can you count? Cheers, Grover (He'll have to go swimming again. Saw another 2 of the giant pleco caves shoved off the pool shelf and down in the depths! )
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    Discus set up

    @raycam01_au did you sell all of your discus
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    Aquarium Expos/ Aquascaping expos

    The best place to check would be facebook . I do not know of any planted tank shows or plant expo s in SEQ , but I do not have facebook , If I get facebook I will have to take my tinfoil hat off !
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    Hey mate. I got the tank/hood/stand from aquariumsrus. They don't paint or make cabinets like this, so I got the basic stand and then some MDF from Bunnings and did the doors myself. If you have a chat to them and tell them what you are planning, they actually modify the stand to suit flush panels like this. I ended up painting it myself, just got some 2pac paint from dulux. I couldn't find anywhere that make this style that doesn't cost a fortune (or at all for that matter), so decided to DIY it. If you want to go down that path let me know and I can give you some more info, or any other questions don't hesitate to ask. Cheers
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    Aquarium sand

    Well I hope they come knocking at his door
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    Aquarium sand

    Pool filter sand from a pool shop, looks great
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    8 ft Amazon Community

    So after many different tanks over the years, I found myself with the opportunity to incorporate a good sized tank into the build of a new house - something my teenage self could only ever dream of! I've always had a soft spot for Amazonian style tanks, as I like the aesthetic and the variety of fish that fall into that region. So I thought an 8 x 2 x 2.5 'flooded creek' tank would be perfect With that in mind, I organised for a wall niche between the garage and dining room to be included in the build, with the intention being that all the messy aspects of the tank could be attended to from the garage, with only a peaceful vista to be seen from the dining room. The tank itself is a pretty basic 8 footer with rims and braces, as I didn't need anything fancy for this application (none of that is visible). The stand is DIY because 1) it needed to be a custom size and height to align with the wall niche and 2) it's so much cheaper. One slight complication with the whole arrangement is that I really needed to try and accommodate the residents of my old 5 foot tank, which needed to be dismantled before the sale of our old home. Knowing this, I was torn between trying to source another small/cheap setup as a temporary home or just doing something quick and dirty in the big tank to keep the fish happy/healthy until I had time to do it all properly - I opted for the latter... Rarely seen in aquaria, the Ford Falcon... The stand before painting was completed (all of the stuff I could get to later was done before it was positioned). I had the tank cycling while I was away with work, running one of the filters of my established setup with a few carry-over bits of wood and bit of sand to hold down a few plants. I didn't bother washing that first tid bit of sand that went into the tank to hold down plants, and paid the price with foamy stuff all over the show... It was easy enough to clean with a few water changes, netting the surface and the surface skimmer on the old Jebo, but looked a bit troublesome at first! I than also had the issue of trying to get the rest of the slightly damp play sand into the aquarium with out disturbing the recycled ADA Amazonia. As it was damp, it couldn't be 'poured', but rather dropped in large clumps, which made more of a mess haha! I also mixed the final bad of play sand with some really fine (2-3mm) gravel and some other 'flash' sand that had some more colour and texture variety to give everything a less homogenous and more natural look. Anyhow, I did eventually get it all in and looking nice. With all the fresh wood, it's a tannin soup right now, but the fish are enjoying that In terms of the overall plan for the tank, the key points would be: Equipment - 2 x large external canisters, currently 1 Jebo and one FX6 - 1 x 300 watt heater seems to be doing just fine so far - Carry-over 5 ft LED fixture (no name) combined with an A160 TS and a A80 TS. I'll later replace the old LED fixture with another 2 Kessil's s that I can ramp the whole system up and down, and from right to left to match what the sun is doing (the tank runs east-west) - I've still got the chiller, dosing pump and CO2 systems from my old heavily planted 5 foot, but I'm not planning to use either on this setup as I want to keep it as low maintenance as possible Current Stock - 12 x pygmy cory - 24 x lemon tetra - 20 x cardinal tetra - 1 x otocinclus - 30 odd cherry shrimp (not SA I know, but I've had them for ages and they won't stop breeding!) - 1 x khuli loach, again not SA but I've had him/her for 6 or 7 years now, onto their 3rd tank haha! Planned Stock - 30 x pygmy cory - 30 x lemon tetra - 40 x cardinal tetra - 5 otto - a few pairs of apisto, type yet to be determined - 15 x marbled hatchet fish, if I opt to keep the lids on - 6-10 discuss, all of the same colour variant to keep things looking natural (any advice on sourcing these would be appreciated) More to come!
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    its absolutey possible. the only reasons you wouldn't do it is -because the processing power is overkill for the task at hand -and it would be just as much work in terms of programming as using a rasberry pi. -the easiest way to relay between sensors/outputs and your PC would be through a microcontroller so by the time you'd got your microcontroler you might as well just hook up a monitor and keyboard to that and start coding thats not to say you shouldnt do it though, go for gold! thats just why it probably(?) isnt a common practice. public aquariums probably use microcontrollers at each system that feed info into the local network and the information and outputs can be controlled from a PC