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    Video Update... So, here's two videos - one from when the Billabong was solid green (obviously only here for fun). The other video is from today when the sun was sortof shining, but my camera position only captures them head-standing - must do better next time! The middle of Winter, and the water is clearer. Apologies for all the goldfish - they breed like rabbits! You'll see a pair of chocolate cichlids in there too (around 0:58). GPGs appear around the 2:15 mark, but the battery runs out at 3:25 :-( Cheers, Grover
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    QLDAF Future

    I am still hopeful of people doing the right thing by the hobby. Steve
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    LONG READ, A few minutes your time: So this is something that was already touched on in an old thread by a member called OFRC over two years ago now, I came across it searching the forum and it got me thinking, it’s no secret that the aesthetic quality, purity, and overall vigour of many different species of American cichlids is declining because of poor breeding practice among other things, OFRC Tried to get the conversation started regarding improving large American cichlid genetics, by selectively breeding only the best possible examples one can find of a chosen species and culling all but the best fry to continue forward with breeding. I think what may have derailed the thread a little was the mention of introducing feral blood, in hopes to add some of that wild vigour back into the bloodlines. While it’s a valid point, it would only really be applicable to the South Americans that we know cannot hybridise with each other, (assumed purity) and that uncertainty veers from the whole point of the exercise, with that being said I would like to ask.. (You’ve Come This Far Keep Reading).... Who is/has been selectively breeding Americans in an attempt to preserve genetics for the future generations to enjoy? With the borders all but closed, the long term future of quality American cichlids is in our hands, Quality fish are still around, and by no means am I trying to slander anyone breeding without purpose or a goal other than reproduction, the rabbit hole goes deep, and many choose the blue pill over the red, and that’s totally fine, some don’t know any better, some don’t care, to each their own, this thread (hopefully) is for the hobbyists that are a little more invested in fish keeping, those that want perfect fish, think long term, will our kids have the pleasure of keeping cichlids like we have? that arnt deformed, hybrid, unhealthy versions of their once glorious selves? Ellioti’s among others seem to nearly all have spinal defects, So this is more a call to arms, who is out there actively working away on breeding projects for the greater good? And not for the dollar, I know there are many chipping away as we speak, some longer than others have been alive, what are your goals? for those that may chime in I believe these 5 points should be touched on Here goes.... I’ll start Chosen Species: Salvinis End goal: To bring back prominent contrasting bright yellow and black, red colouration on the lower half of both males and females Reasoning: IMO most salvinis are flushed of their true colour and the red is absent a lot of the time Method: Waiting to find male I deem to be worthy which will be crossed to my best female, and line bred from there, A lot of culls, crossing different filial generations back to each other, observing the results and moving forward Progress: Not off the ground yet, just beginning, time will tell look forward to hearing from fellow members that are on a similar path (please exist), include any pictures, I hope that we can make this thread a common ground for members to share their breeding experiences and progression towards higher quality, non adulterised American cichlid bloodlines. Not just a species specific thread. “Ask not what your cichlids can do for you, but what you can do for your cichlids” Max,
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    stevo w moba

    brought a bargain today

    jodybrought this tank 6x2x2 tank just brought the live stock total give away
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    Eric A

    Finally - My Christmas Present

    I promised myself last year I'd get a bigger tank for myself for christmas. Typically things got in the way so I had to put it off a little bit. I originally wanted a 4x2x2 but the tank wouldn't fit where I wanted it to, and I wasn't confident having one upstairs, a bit too much weight for my liking. So browsing gumtree I had a few criteria. It needed to be 3 foot, had to have a closed in cabinet, and at least 18" deep. This one popped up in the next suburb over and after going for a look, took it home. I was pleasantly surprised to see it was G.J Maher tank and stand. The stand was originally a stained timber cabinet, that the previous owner had somewhat butchered with a half done black paint job. It was just matt black spray paint, horrible stuff. I started trying to sand it back but the paint just stuck to all sandpaper. I had to paint strip the black off first and then sand the varnish down. Was a hell of a lot of effort to do so, only want to ever do that once lol. The girlfriend and I decided to paint it white with black hardware. The room it's in is our study and it's all white furniture. Today I got the last of the gloss white paint on it, and moved it inside. And painted the back of the tank and moved it inside also. Got it filled today and under test. At the moment I'm using the filter it came with which is some eBay jobbie, but I'm really not liking, I will likely get a Fluval for it. I've got fluval on the other tank and I love them. Over the next few afternoons I'll finish off the doors and hood and set that up. I've ordered some new lids for the tank through G.James glass at narangba, and they should also be ready this week sometime. I've got some wood I had been collecting floating in the tank at the moment, two mini stump looking pieces and nice Y branch. The substrate is just the supplied white sand, which the seller tells me is Stradbroke Island sand. Not sure how true that is as I couldn't find any more, but it looks real nice. I'd love to get just a bit more to top it up but I won't be devastated if I can't. Anyway, enough of my poorly constructed sentences, here's some photos As I bought it (tank backwards on stand mind you) The back/front This was after scraping the old white wall paint off the back of the tank. Just used a regular flat razor for this. This was after one application of paint stripper on that end, so you can imagine how many times I had to do that.. Remember, always rinse your substrate, whether it's new from a store or bought from someone. You never know. Next to the computer, to make sure I always do my work while there... I just used some Dulux black enamel for the back of the tank. I did it on my last tank and was happy with the coverage and depth so did it again. This was just after the last coat, and from the other side there was no sun coming through, even though it was in direct sun. So that's the new project tank. I already have fish for it on the way, which will go in the other tank while this one gets ready. I'm super excited for the new acquisition, it's a type of fish I haven't kept in nearly 7-8 years. And there will also be another fish in here that I've never kept before, somewhat seen, or at least was, as the holy grail of freshwater fish keeping. That's all I will share for now, you'll just need to keep watch to see what happens
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    Aquarium sand

    It will be interesting when mr fisheries does a vehicle check and finds hes raping beach sand from fraser gunna need to have sold a lot to recover the fine he will cop when environment and heritage get involved,,!they fine people as hard as the e.p.a.... im all for people making a bit of money on the side but personally i wouldnt touch that sand In the scheme of things hes not large scale and doing no real harm to the island ,as more sand leaves the island each day in the surf than he can take ,but is it small scale environmental vandalism ,thats everyones opinion to form personally i wouldnt touch it ,im no tree hugging greenie by a long shot people breaking laws is why we are in the predicament we re in now with access to fish species to fill our little glass boxes time to get off my high horse .......... still check out the landscape yards Nuway at Burpengary sell white silver sand if i remember rightly 1/4 cubic metre costs about $60,, to $70 which is about 350 kg ,,bag the rest and make some cash ,,, I know nuway at mango hill sell it by the bag aswell,,,cant remember the price but i should imagine it would be cheaper than 30 per bag,,,,my guess is 10 to 15
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    QLDAF Future

    I seventh the motion ! Been the most informative site for me since before i had any grey hair..... But more importantly the most entertaining..... Where else would i have found out that convicts are mouthbrooders and peppermints are so called because they lay green eggs...
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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    A Real Update :-) Yes, you've all been very patient with Grover while he is distracted. It's also a "good thing" that she has been patient with me too :- )) The recent cold snap in Brissie galvanised me into action to cover the Billabong. Didn't even stop to pull down the Summer cover - just got the polyfoam pallets out onto the guy ropes then dragged the blue cover on! The GPGs were impressed at my speed! It was late afternoon sunlight when I started, but obviously dark at the finish ha! Grover (now to fire up the heat exchanger on the old pool pump)
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    Water Condition Problem

    You lot have to be kidding. I have one son coming around mowing the grass. The other son doing the shopping and fish tank cleaning ( under supervision) and a wife waiting on her poor wounded husband hand and foot. I don't think the toe will ever get better.
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    Water Condition Problem

    New plan to lower pH. Lashed out and bought a 3000 litre rain water tank. Plan to use a blend of tap water, rain water and Supachlor to provide the perfect water conditions for the fish tanks. All I need now is some rain. Oh and the big toe I broke shifting the tank into position with bare feet to heal up. Doctor reckons 6 to 8 weeks and the toenail he removed will not grow back.
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    new baby

    just picked a mangrove jack yesterday and am really happy with the little bugger. got a fork tailed catfish and eel tailed catfish as tank mates. cheers mick
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    Holy shitballs BAtman we bought this beautiful 4x3x2ft Marine tank today, minus the livestock, but a beautiful tank, stand, pumps, fittings, and heaps of goodies
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    Loungerooms are for tanks right?

    When I met the wife I have 10 4fters in my bed room she hated it 27 years later she's still here and so are the fish
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    Holy crap it's grum

    Hi Grum, Put your brother in touch with Devon Barnes, he has quality pure fish at reasonable prices near Melbourne : https://www.facebook.com/BarnesysCichlidHeaven/ Cheers, Doug
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    Inspired Videos... The Uni of Western Australia has now got to come up to my scintillating video standards Today there was muchos sunshine, so again the camera pod went down into the depths of the wild Billabong! More GPGs !!! and much fewer goldfish !! Two videos now for your pleasure - a shorty (#16) at 1min 42 secs and a thrilling long-play one (#17) at nearly 5 minutes! (PS: gouramis at 2:20 onwards - sorry about the goldfish again!) Enjoy! Cheers, Grover (also checkout the original "GPG UW Lakenn" series still on YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query="gpg"+lake+uw
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    Still a better love story than twilight!
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    Giant Pink Gourami – Billabong Bayou

    Another Bit of an Update... Actually, he was further away than he thought, and had left the GPGs in the care of his capable Daughter #1. Came back to find a "floatie"... no, no, not a GPG, but a Bronzewing Pigeon! By Gum!, the GPGs must be a ferocious lot! You'll be pleased to know that his lady friend has seen the Billabong and thinks it's a major project which shows devotion (and possibly some 'mal' as well). The denizens all decided to lurk in the depths and only the goldfish hordes + the odd Oscar or two put in appearances. She believes me tho, when I tell her there are 25+ giant submarines of up 7kg each cruising in the green water. Temperatures are starting to cool, so the Summer shade will come off, and the Winter cover will go on. Not sure about allocating time to this as I would much prefer to allocate precious hours elsewhere... sigh... Grover ( Wow! a whole month and only a sketchy update of his love life and 1 dead pigeon... wot's happening? where are the fishie stories? ? ? )
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    We have a bunch of gear going super cheap - just $3 - caves, feeders, sponges and a heap of other items too.... https://www.thetechden.com.au/3_or_Less_Bargains_s/2472.htm
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    Sarah and I bought something today AGAIN

    Cool, I bought pack of sausages yesterday
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    Splosht - Pond water cleaner

    Its a bacteria food suppliment that artificially increases the population of nitrate/phosphate eating bacteria. While they are alive the nitrate/phosphate is bound up.... but if you stop feeding it, they starve and die and the nitrate/phosphate is released into the water where it can be used by the algae to bloom again. Kinda like showing someone ciggies and then them being stuck addicted to them..... personally I think the CSIRO did it better with phoslock. But its best for aquarists to solve the cause of algae blooms (nutrient load) rather than just treat the symptoms over and over and over and over and over. But hey, each to their own Splosht has proven 1 thing for certain. Radio advertising is still not dead!
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    Haters in the hobby

    Its just the era we live in. All the social media carp like FB just breeds opinions by keyboard warriors who don't have to take accountability for what they say People are too proud or precious to accept advice from others for some unknown reason. I appreciate the advice i have received from people (particularly from here) in the hobby and have learned a lot because of it And now i try and share that knowledge with others who may not have been so lucky to get the guidance I have received The day I stop listening will be the day I stop talking
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    Success !! At catching goldfish ! The new super-exotic and expensive (AUD$12) net from eBay is worth its weight in fish food! Ha Ha! Here are today's results... @crusty76 will be pleased :-) As soon as the "agisted" goldfish go off to my lady-friend, it'll be on to goldie capture LOL Grover (Proviso: No Oscars or GPGs were harmed in the capture of these goldies.)
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    wish I had kept my breeding pairs of clowns but o well I got good money for them the hole setup is some there up near you
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    Goldfish Moving Day ! Ahh... memories of the Ekka! Every child (and really keen adult !) wins a prize goldfish to take home. @crusty76 brought some assistant "goldfish wranglers" and went home a happy Vegemite with 32 assorted goldies today! In exchange, he came up with an excellent lifehack for the Billabong (i.e. some practical and adaptable knowledge dedicated to improving the visibility of the GPGs 4 to 5 ft down!). Here's the link - Pond Pump Prefilter and one photo from the site - His bright idea was to put a prefilter milk crate on the pump that powers the spray bar, and to cover it in disposable Dacron / white filter wool pads to help in filtering out the fine particles in the water. The GPGs are now visible down to 1-2 feet, but I'm sure all our Billabong aficionados want more underwater video with some clarity !! Yay crusty!! Thank you very much. Cheers, Grover (apologies for being gone for a while but he has a new lady friend... & the GPGs are taking second place )