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    FS: Corydoras Green Laser CW009

    Very healthy, locally bred and tank raised Corydoras Green Laser CW009. Size: TL ~2.5cm - 3cm 6 for $180 10 for $250 Pick up can be arranged from Herston or Birkdale, or add $25 for express post in foam box.
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    New Member with New Idea!

    Hi Guys, I am new to the hobby and the site. I started to get interested in aquariums recently and being somewhat 'handy', I decided to have a crack at a unique aquarium build. I ended up building an aquarium from a full size wine barrel and putting a perspex porthole in the front for viewing. I'd love to get some feedback from you guys on your thoughts and potential issues going forward just please keep in mind that I am a builder/cabinet maker/creator and not a seasoned aquarium enthusiast. I just had an idea and wanted to get into the hobby. I wouldn't mind making a few of these for people either, if there was some interest. Thanks in advance. (First and last images are of the tank empty) Aaron
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    Above and Beyond

    @jc12 I’ve recently sustained an injury which has rendered me unable to drive for 3 months. I recently got in touch with JC and enquired about his Green Laser Cory’s which led me purchase 6 (terrific quality) fish. Given my inability to drive, I rely heavily on my wife and therefore pickup was organised to fit in with her schedule over a weekend. Following our messaging JC kindly offered to drop the fish off on his way home from work which is greatly appreciated and goes above and beyond a nice gesture. It’s great to see some lovely people in the hobby and on this website, who go out of their way to help another person! Thanks again JC the fish have settled in well, I highly recommend the quality of fish. I will stay in touch and be sure to ask you alot of questions! Thanks Again, Chris
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    Oh... Look.... New ducks on the Billabong Courtesy of Bunnings ha ha! Grover (note the plastic chains to stop the plastic birds from escaping)
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    Check my colony of Tropheus ikola...

    I have had this Tropheus ikola colony for a little while now....Picked them up from a friend looking to get into marine set ups. They were sourced from Jim's stock in Sydney. They are constantly breeding, with 15 -20 odd fry in there with them at them moment (hard to get pics as they hide in the rocks). Colony is approx 50 strong. I run and FX6, 2 wave makers and 2 air stones, which seems to keep the water on point. They are fed on Ocean Nutrition cichlid veggie pellets which keep them happy.
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    L046 eggs (very small batches)

    There is a big difference between over feeding and increased feeding. Your tank stability shouldn't change with heavy feeding but your maintenance probably will. Live black worm might be an option depending on your substrate. Keeping a smaller tank volume is a lot more effort than a bigger tank volume in my experience. Does the female lay more eggs at breeding? Perhaps it's a problem of fertility? or a problem of incubation? Or perhaps just enjoy 2 or 3 babies per batch? Successful fish keeping is mostly problem solving but perseverence helps
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    @billfish For smaller plants/moss I use an aquarium safe superglue gel, one that has an active constituent of Cyanoacrylate. It basically becomes inert when moist or wet on the wood/rock which does a good job attaching the plant. Also make sure it’s a superglue gel, I recently purchased some from Bunnings.For larger plants I use fishing line and remove once attached. The above options have worked for me. Cheers Chris
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    Crusty, I bought a couple of small magnets in an electronics store a while ago. No reason, really, just wanted them for the novelty, because they are so ridiculously powerful! They're only about the size of a five cent piece but thicker. They're so strong that when they stick together it's almost impossible to separate them. You have to try to slide them off, and even that's a job! I'm thinking, with magnets that strong, you could make a little "carrier" for them, like a little flat box to hold them, so that you can clean a larger area. The external magnet would have to have some kind of "holder" as well. Just a thought.
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    Staff tip of the day.

    With the warmer water comes an increase in life, some of which can cause issues for your fish. The dreaded flex is likely the most feared, as if it reproduces out of control it can wipe a tank in a very short time. Known by many names as a result of its many symptoms, it can be a very confusing disease to diagnose and treat. I highly reccomend taking the time to read through this link https://fishlab.com/columnaris/ Its important to know when to turn the heater up or down while treating sick fish. Whitespot turn up Columnaris turn down. Your 2 most likely disease encounters, know thy enemy!
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    Seamingly's 2 Foot Planted Tank

    The following morning i was up and managed to get the filter installed with the CO2 kit. I've kept them out from under the cabinet for now, so i could monitor everything. Initially, there was a leak from the inline diffused - i just hadn't screwed it up tightly. The tank was running well, however, i noticed a bit of evaporation over the following few days. After closer inspect, i found a very very small leak in the eheim inlet, where it connects into the bottom of the canister. Given this was installed a manufacture, i assumed it was not something that i could deal with. In the end, i had to take the filter back for a replacement, with no dramas from the replacement so far. I also managed to head out and find some plants, including a red tiger lotus and some tissue cultures of glassostigma.
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    Sounds like you are planning to go for a high-ish tech planted tank assuming you're planning on a compressed CO2 unit and not the DIY sugar + yeast setup. CO2Art from UK has premuim CO2 regulators and good quality needle valves for precise bubble rate adjustment but the cheaper units do fine as well but may have less sensitive needle valves. Substrate wise for planted tanks, if you are planning to go Dutch style, you'll probably be fine with most substrate since most stem plants are water column feeder so a good quality liquid fert would suffice. For other styles e.g. jungle, iwagumi, etc. and for heavy root feeders e.g. cryptocoryne, echinodorus, etc., the current go-to substrate would probably be ADA Amazonia (Normal or Fine), Fine version would be easier for carpeting plants with small roots but you'll need it to be established before introducing larger type corydoras; any of the 3 species of dwarf corydoras would be fine. ADA Amazonia does require a lengthy cycling period due to ammonia leeching so it would be best to start the cycling process early before introducing live stock. Fully adjustable full spectrum LED lights would be ideal. Check out MakeMyLED, a SA company which specialises in lights for planted tanks. Good luck and enjoy the hobby!
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    new natives

    1 year on. <
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    spangled perch free warwick

    let him go. just saw smaller spangled perch at aquabird toowoomba for $28 each.
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    @Grover65k if your daughter wants silver perch and red claw, try Australian native fish enterprises theyre located at Kallangur, just make sure that the perch and redclaw are within their natural area ,apparently theres fines for not obeying these rules their website gibes you an approximate stocking rate for all live stock into dams
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    Lake tanganyika

    Ive got the following fish available Xenotilapia Boulangeri 3-4cm $25ea Xenotilapia Boulangeri 12-14cm subadults $25 available only Tanganyikan killifish 5-6cm $15ea callochromis stappersii 10-13cm Nicely coloured 3 available $15 males for display Callochromis macrops 10-13cm Nicely colours 3 available $15e males for display Altolamprologus comp chiteka gold 4cm $25ea Very orange calico bristlenose 3-5cm $10ea Xenotilapia bathyphilus kekese 4-5cm $25ea Mob 0401979525
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    Good good, your daughter still live with you? I remember you trying to induct her into the hobby.
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    How good is this rain !!

    mesh is 2 inch ...12 ft drop so i should be ok
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    How good is this rain !!

    Ha ha! You'll need a bigger net - the GPGs are cracking 80cm in length Grover
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    Breeding Peppermint Pairs Males 10-12cm Females 9-10cm $150 a pair Also have heaps of sub adult females 7-8m, i was growing these out for myself but running out of tank space $50 each Pickup from Browns Plains 0407831090
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    Age of Aquariums

    As someone who grew up in South East Asia and recently moved here, I will give my perspective of the aquarium hobby in Australia. Fish here are extremely expensive thanks to import fees and such. Equipment is expensive too. A $5 betta fish back home is $35 here. With Australia having so many restrictions and banned species, the aquarium hobby especially for freshwater is not that much fun as you cannot get all the cool varieties you see on the internet/Youtube. I wanted a few pea puffers awhile back but learnt that they're banned here. Lots of limiting factors here towards hobbyists. You cannot even get a simple good trio of guppies without paying upwards of 40 bucks.
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    What’s this fish?

    This is a flag cichlid, probably mesonauta insignias or festivus. Cichlid from South America.
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    Collecting Legality

    When i replied, I wanted to articulate the same thoughts but couldn't quite think of putting it so eloquently. Hahaha
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    Staff tip of the day.

    When food gets wet...... Wet food goes moldy and can cause disease and death in fish. So, if a fish splashes water into the fish food container, immediately freeze it! This will prevent it from spoiling. I usually transfer the food into ziplock bags before putting it in the freezer.
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    Does anyone know.....

    Cheers John. I will just pop around this week and see him at the shop. Got to pick up some impellers off of him anyway
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    Collecting Legality

    Hmm good to know, thanks John
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    Can someone identify please

    Hey all. Took my kids down the local creek netting for something ANYTHING. Just something to keep the kids entertained. We were catching a heap of these (have attached a few photos.) i have done a bit of googling and I think they are South American mozzie fish. Gambusia affinis. Can someone please either confirm or deny this? thanks for the help!!! nathan
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    why didn't I do this sooner

    If budget permits, you can also use two independent systems which come on half as often to give the same overall result. So if/when one fails, the other will continue at half what you require until you notice. Twice the cost and one could argue this would double that chance of something going wrong. Clever design is the key. Send me a PM if you like. Happy to bounce ideas.
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    Can someone identify please

    they are gambusia habrocky moscito fish wild guppy
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    I believe there is a QFAS auction this weekend. QLDAF has a long standing commitment to support the clubs of QLD. Unfortunately we seem to lack a commitment from the clubs to tell people about the events. All they need to do is post here or on QLDAF Facebook to let people know. For the.recent QLD Cichlids Group event we made the posts an annoucment On our facebook page to maximise the exposure so people knew or maybe these are now secret events. Beats me! if you are selling what are you selling, especially Apistogramma - I need more.
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    Nighttime in the Billabong With the cover blown off, the GPGs are a bit more visible at night time. Video here - Billabong at Night Cheers, Grover (has to get his act together and put up another pool cover to stop predatory attacks by pelicans and sea-eagles )
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    Staff tip of the day.

    good info thanks mate
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    Aquarium salt Vs other salts

    For artemia, any salt will do but and for most fish keepers even a terrible hatch rate is sufficient. However to get the optimal hatch rate, the best conditions will depend on the strain of artemia. Temp, light & pH being more important than salinity. I use a weak seawater salinity as this re-hydrates the cyst faster so artemia hatches faster so artemia spend less time struggling to get out and have more nutrition (egg reserves) and are smaller. For bigger fish fry like cichlids, the artemia size or strain won't matter. Growing artemia is a waste of time IMO as larger shrimp are mostly water unless you are growing to breed. I also decapsulate the cysts so I can feed the unhatched cysts too. If breeding, I recommend using a circular tank with very slow circulation and a flat baffle in center so they don't pile up im middle and crush. Childs shallow wading pool is perfect. The colonies will crash so set up two. Feeding the artemia consistently is a tricky art that I find challenging.
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    Pics of my pond. It’s a 2500L. Hard to get a good photo of the fish until I pull them out. I have 2 x chocolate plecos 45 cm 2 x sailfin plecos 30 cm dovii pair 20cm+ sub male dovii 15cm 2 jags 1x 20cm 1x 10cm 1x synspillum 25cm plus 2 x white kreft river turtles i have a Gold saum riv male and will be picking up a female this weekend to start breeding them as well
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    Rc Merker

    Some of our growing discus

    Hi guys it’s been ages since I’ve been on this forum, some may remember that I used to be under the username Rex82. These are some of our discus growing out :)
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    FS: Corydoras Green Laser CW009

    Still some available.
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    caboolture auction date

    i ve already posted this but this is just to bump it back up
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    Aquaone 2700 Help

    Keep pushing down thay are hard to do
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    I'm a bit disappointed as well, I have purchased from the tech den plenty of times but there's no way I'm getting facebook.
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    Hi Crusty, If you look up the magnetic strength requirement, you can make your own DIY set. For example https://www.kjmagnetics.com/blog.asp?p=aquarium I bought a commerical floating rare earth magnet called Tiger Shark (has fake wood housing) for around AUD$145 which is quite powerful and handles 20mm acrylic panels well. Just make sure it floats or you will get particles between which will scratch your glass. I will be making my own magnets for 60mm glass later this year as I can't buy commercial models this size. Microfibre cloth which is easily replaced. If you want a cheap effective glass cleaning option, I use 30 x cheap chinese algae eaters (sucking cats) on a 10 x 3 x 3 size tank with predatory catfish. They are very fast and eat fish poo (which has undigested food) as well as clean the glass. It takes 3 -4 years for them to eventually get eaten but you can add more each year and some do grow big enough to last. I prefer the gold morph as they are extremely fast and difficult to net out. The gold form is easier to see & catch at night when they sleep.
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    Angel Food.

    I'm feeding mine this from the techden New Life Spectrum Probiotix 300g Regular Pellet 1-1.5mm NLS
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    I have White PLatimum Angels and Diamond tetras the Sheen on Both look great together. ...
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    2 x 4 foots

    having figured where the wood goes, now the fun part. Waiting for it to get waterlogged.
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    After trying for a fair while to get these to breed and having no luck with a pair that have failed 4 times now. Decided to put two random CV's from my 8ft display. 4 days later, what do you know they are holding!! Fast forward a few weeks and we have fry! Hard to get decent photos. From a phone and low light in the shed. Original pair have another mouthful but I don't hold high hopes. Most likely 5th failed attempt. Cheers Gary
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    how to rebuild your tank

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    The personal note… Hello @Heintz.G , I understand that you might be concerned, but for me it is a change of outlook on life. When you discover that the person you loved does not see a future for the two of you then you re-assess everything in your life. Already the changes are underway – these include a withdrawal from social life, renouncing church attendance, and the ongoing removal of un-necessary “things”. Unfortunately, the GPGs are also in the firing line, albeit within a 5-year time-frame. So, fear not, the Billabong stories will continue for a little while yet. As recompense for some wonderful online supporters, I have broadened the reach of the Billabong from QLDAF to include Instagram and Facebook (much as I might detest the business morality of these platforms). Thank you to all my family and friends for their support over the Christmas & New Year period just past. Grover
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