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  1. hey fi! get some electric yellows! im thinking im going to do the same soon lol. i almost kept that tank for my guppies haha
  2. unless im having a blonde momen,t which i often do lol
  3. i have a few random ones. nothing special. i just try and get really colourful ones lol
  4. this is my tank atm... still adding bits and pieces then come the fishies!!!
  5. lol!!! thanks for telling everyone ray hahaha. u will end up with a fishwater coffee the way u r going haha! it has been a while steve. no no more snakies... i moved to a smaller house and have no room atm. im still struggling to get everything in my house lol. my garage is full of stuff that i havent yet unpacked cos ive run out of room haha. have u got the snakes happening still??
  6. its ready when u r! lots of floaty bits! yummmm!! lol
  7. haha. thanks for all ur help earlier. sorry for my blonde moment haha should have kept the blonde hair. defs suites me lol!
  8. Hey everyone!! Some of u may remember me from a few years back. I got out of fishies for a while and have just got myself a nice 4 ft tank. Think its going to become my lil guppy haven for a while haha (yup still like my guppies haha) then once i get the hang of it all again i'll get some pretty lil electric yellows to go in there. In the mean time i need to fix another tank which i almost sold a few weeks ago so i can eventually get that ready for my guppies when i decide to get some electric yellows. Anyways I'm looking forward to catching up with u all again and meeting some new ppl. ooooh and looking forward to some more auctions!! hehe Cara
  9. WELCOME :P long time no see

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