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  1. Snail Killer

    Try a couple of ghost shrimp. They are sold as feeder shrimp at about 70 cents each.
  2. Ghost shrimp in my community tank.

    Grab and go.
  3. Ghost shrimp in my community tank.

    I tried to get a feeding photo, but no-one would cooperate. The loaches photo-bombed constantly, so lots of blurry images.
  4. How great are ghost shrimp? I added some to my community tank a couple of weeks ago and they are brilliant! So amusing, especially at feeding time when they grab the pellets and run. The fish are a bit nonplussed about them but everyone's getting along...swimmingly.
  5. Hi everyone, just an FYI. Polyester "hobby fill" is on sale at Spotlight now. It's great as filter wool. Different size bags at different prices e.g. 2 X 200 g for $10, bigger bags for more. Lasts for ages too.
  6. Adding more fish

    Slowly over time has always worked for me. Your filter and good bacteria colonies have to be able to cope with the increase in waste etc. I think at some point most of us have given in to temptation and added too many fish too soon and then die-offs happen. Welcome and I wish you success with your tank.

    The same thing happened to me when I first got my clown loaches. Melafix, increased temp and aeration did the trick. A good water change after treatment too. Good luck.
  8. Me again - sorry - helps if I look at the right picture! Not black worms. I think I need a coffee.
  9. They look like black worms to me. I have them in my gravel and filter and just let them breed and feed my fish. The catfish and clownloaches stir up the gravel to get them and all the tetras gather round and snatch up any that float by.
  10. Please help me identify this critter

    Hi, it could be a planaria - have a look on google images and see what you think. Regards SD.
  11. What is THIS!!??

    I agree that it's hard to tell from the picture, but I'm thinking black worms. Have you fed any to your fish? I have a colony that live in my gravel and they breed like crazy. I have tiny little white worms that float around in the current which I assume are the babies. It's great because my silver dollar fry are self sufficient and my clown loaches have a living smorgasboard of worms from the gravel. My adult silver dollars also eat the black worms if they float by. By the way - plenty of baby SDs from the latest mega-spawning - just saying!
  12. White Cloud Minnows

    HI, I realize this reply is months later, so it may be too late. My white clouds are in my frog pond (they don't eat tadpoles) which is absolutely full of java fern and some elodea. There's also a covering of duckweed. Mine are there for mosquito control and I feed them very infrequently (tetra-min flake), just when I want to see the population. The pond has been established for years, so down the track your white clouds will be probably become self sufficient too with the build up of sludge etc. at the bottom and the micro-system in your container. I started with 10 and added 5 more, now I have stopped counting. They breed like crazy and there's all different size young. Females are bigger and fatter, the males do a little circular dance showing off to each other and the females. The fry are tiny to begin with, a few mm long, like a hair with eyes. They don't seem to have a set time to breed. Every now and then I tip a bucket of water in from the tank inside which usually has some black worms in it (there's a colony in my gravel in my SD tank), so there's are few worms in that pond sludge too. Bloodworms are always around as the pond is open to all insects. I suppose, in a nutshell, I'm saying lots of plants, shade so they don't get too hot and little interference. Feed only if you can't see mosquito larvae/bloodworms. Your winter temp is colder than Brisbane's, but I lived in Melbourne for years and had white clouds in an outdoor pond too (no frogs, alas). I hope this info was of some help. White clouds are great fish.
  13. Baby Silver Dollars!

    Update! These farm fresh eggs arrived late this afternoon - of course, they are right next to a filter intake. Again, apologies for the quality of the photos. While I was taking these photos, a whole lot more eggs washed over and added to the pile. It's about 10cm long by 3cm. The older babies are all doing well. The two biggest are now fish-shop size (about 5cm diameter), the rest are 5 cent size and smaller.....to egg.... I think the weekend feast of black worms was an aphrodisiac for the adult SDs! Great fun to watch the tiny SD babies tackling worms 3 times bigger than them. The bigger ones just devoured them. Remember, if you want any babies, please PM me. I have quite a few! Thanks again for reading (still very exciting for me).
  14. Baby Silver Dollars!

    Update! Some more newly hatched fry this morning. The parent fish have certainly got the hang of spawning now! They were very busy at dinnertime a few days ago, lots of shimmying around and splashing. The tank is near our dining table so we had quite a show. Also if you are considering SDs, let me know. I think I might get over run...... A token amount, or free to good home. I'd keep them except for obvious space restrictions. Thanks for reading!
  15. Baby Silver Dollars!

    Hi, if anyone is interested in the baby SDs, I have put a notice in the classified area. Thanks.