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  1. Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.

    Yea if I’m dead honest it was a mega let down for me, never been to one before and it didn’t live up to my expectations, I’ll give the cichlid society auction in May a chance, they need to plan the night out better, blind auctions with no idea what’s available on the night to me is ridiculous, should be able to view everything before proceedings start, and there had better not be any guppies at the cichlid society auction in May that would draw the line for me lol
  2. Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.

    Was it anyone from the forum that ended up buying the other 2 caquetaia spectabilis on Saturday night, I hope they went to someone who will breed them if by freak chance it’s a male and female, I won the bid and foolishly only got one because I had limited cash and went there hoping for for other species, and seeing as it was a completely blind bidding with no idea what’s going to come up I let them slip through my fingers, a decision that’s been eating away at me from about 10mins after I made it, if someone from here did pick them up, name your price, they deserve to be more abundant in the hobby, cheers
  3. Hi mate just wondering if they were your spectabilis that we’re sold at the auction on the weekend? Sorry to message you out of nowhere I can’t seem to pm you, A couple months ago I acquired 3 Salvini from a fellow member that told me he got them off yourself at an auction, and they are the best salvini I’ve seen,  been looking for a male ever since to no avail, would love to have a chat about those salvini, where they a line you bred?

    Regards Max


  4. Help! A few Americans need a home

    Bump potato quality photo, he’s rounding them up and whispering terrible things into their ears someone help it’s hard to watch, going to the LFS this afternoon
  5. Not so native guppy population

    @Novice should go have a look for old times sake mate
  6. Not so native guppy population

    Thanks for stopping by mate, great another side project haha never really kept guppies, I’m going to have to now just out of curiosity, might go and collect some more see if I can’t find my stud male, they all have different tails and colouring, some are far nicer than the one I posted, quarantine and treatment is a must ofcourse, especially considering these guys come from a stormwater run off lol
  7. As a kid going down to local creeks and collecting natives was something I did quite frequently, mostly just empire gudgeons and rainbows with traps and scoop nets, I was bored at home the other day and thought why not go down to a couple of my old spots and see how the native populations are holding up, then I remembered an old drain I used to go to that held swordtails and some unknown species of feral guppies, 10 years on and they are still abundant, unfortunately no natives seemed present, anyone know what these might be?
  8. Any L014 or L190’s out there?

    Thanks for the reply mate, wow even more pricey than I anticipated, a lot of salvinis indeed haha, better start saving ...

    Hi mate I’ll grab it this weekend sometime during the day Saturday if that suits you
  10. Just putting the feelers out there, looking for royals or sunshine plecos ( not even sure if we have them over here) but willing to pay top dollar for juvies
  11. ATTENTION: Americans need you!!!!!!

    Hit the nail on the head @joller colour isn’t necessarily quality by any means, and as far as measuring vigor etc without growing out the progeny for years, and even going as far as putting them through a range of different conditions to see if any weaknesses/ defects show up, how does one truely know the “quality” of said progency, firemouths are definitely one of the species that are seldom as good as wild caught examples seen in old school books, wild caught Americans would be the dream, but alas these days but a dream it is, the only hope is to start with the best fish we can find as do our best to make improvements, It’s definitely an ambitious goal but hey someone has to try, cheers for stopping in Max,
  12. New and lost

    Look to the top left of your screen, there will be a tab that shows what section of the forum you are in, for instance if you look this post at the top left you will see a tab that says welcome room and beginners corner, just keep clicking that until you get to home, from there just scroll down to the classifieds or whatever section you are chasing, welcome aboard
  13. LONG READ, A few minutes your time: So this is something that was already touched on in an old thread by a member called OFRC over two years ago now, I came across it searching the forum and it got me thinking, it’s no secret that the aesthetic quality, purity, and overall vigour of many different species of American cichlids is declining because of poor breeding practice among other things, OFRC Tried to get the conversation started regarding improving large American cichlid genetics, by selectively breeding only the best possible examples one can find of a chosen species and culling all but the best fry to continue forward with breeding. I think what may have derailed the thread a little was the mention of introducing feral blood, in hopes to add some of that wild vigour back into the bloodlines. While it’s a valid point, it would only really be applicable to the South Americans that we know cannot hybridise with each other, (assumed purity) and that uncertainty veers from the whole point of the exercise, with that being said I would like to ask.. (You’ve Come This Far Keep Reading).... Who is/has been selectively breeding Americans in an attempt to preserve genetics for the future generations to enjoy? With the borders all but closed, the long term future of quality American cichlids is in our hands, Quality fish are still around, and by no means am I trying to slander anyone breeding without purpose or a goal other than reproduction, the rabbit hole goes deep, and many choose the blue pill over the red, and that’s totally fine, some don’t know any better, some don’t care, to each their own, this thread (hopefully) is for the hobbyists that are a little more invested in fish keeping, those that want perfect fish, think long term, will our kids have the pleasure of keeping cichlids like we have? that arnt deformed, hybrid, unhealthy versions of their once glorious selves? Ellioti’s among others seem to nearly all have spinal defects, So this is more a call to arms, who is out there actively working away on breeding projects for the greater good? And not for the dollar, I know there are many chipping away as we speak, some longer than others have been alive, what are your goals? for those that may chime in I believe these 5 points should be touched on Here goes.... I’ll start Chosen Species: Salvinis End goal: To bring back prominent contrasting bright yellow and black, red colouration on the lower half of both males and females Reasoning: IMO most salvinis are flushed of their true colour and the red is absent a lot of the time Method: Waiting to find male I deem to be worthy which will be crossed to my best female, and line bred from there, A lot of culls, crossing different filial generations back to each other, observing the results and moving forward Progress: Not off the ground yet, just beginning, time will tell look forward to hearing from fellow members that are on a similar path (please exist), include any pictures, I hope that we can make this thread a common ground for members to share their breeding experiences and progression towards higher quality, non adulterised American cichlid bloodlines. Not just a species specific thread. “Ask not what your cichlids can do for you, but what you can do for your cichlids” Max,
  14. Have you kept predominantly Africans or Americans mate?
  15. Just messing round mate, talking more about your common Africans (old world cichlids), electric yellows etc, species that every LFS carries, still cool fish , I’ve kept just about all your common Africans over the years, but it’s all about the Americans for me now, not really interested in Africans at all anymore, but that’s just me