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  1. MaxVengeance

    Jaguar male (Convicted killer)

    @kavi75 Hi mate I’m in Alexandra hills, he’s flipped out and bumped his eye in the process when cleaning the tank, going to wait and see how it heals as I’m sure most people will not want him with a bung eye,
  2. As per title I have shutdown and looking to move a few items on, 8 x 2 x 2.5 tank and stand available, stand is a heavy duty 50 x 50 x 3 rhs steel with fully adjustable feet on every leg that are plate steel with carpet on the bottom, stand alone weighs 85+kg and the cost to get it made brand new would be well over $500, the tank is all 12mm glass is somewhere in the ball park of 300-350kg, have spent countless hours with a razor blade removing hard water stains from the glass and would need little work to be perfect, very little if any scratches, unfortunately no lids, can supply 2 x 4ft lights if required, stand could use another coat of paint, Photos are before cleanup and black paint has been removed from all sides,had big plans for this tank but unfortunately never came to fruition, $750 Also available 3 x 2 x 2.5, 12mm glass, good condition, tank/stand/light, has 2 bulkheads at the top of the tank if you were to want to sump it, they are currently capped as I’m running an fx6, taking reasonable offers 1 year old fluval fx6- still have the box - still under warranty - again taking reasonable offers retail at over $650 so don’t offer me $200 an expect me to reply
  3. Big male jag around 20cm, need to move him on to a larger home, nasty fish, has breached and bitten me before, sad to see him go $40 ono
  4. MaxVengeance

    Sick Salvini

    Thanks @ozmo I will try and get my hands on some IAL tomorrow and seperate her from the others, yea you certainly are hard pressed to find a stauncher cichlid pound for pound, my smallest female was beating up both my Cubans when I first got them, and the male was probably 10 times her size in weight, it got to the point shortly after introduction where she had to be removed, it was too hard to watch, they just have a mega chip on the shoulder, relentless and underrated at times
  5. Came home today and realised my favourite salvini was hiding between the filter intake and the glass, was very flushed of colour and it’s tailfin looked frayed and dry, doesn’t seem like rot, looks like of a broom made of straw, hard, stiff looking dry and frayed, everything is normal except for having a heater fail and low temps until I could sort a replacement, wasn’t moving it pectoral fins and was starting to tilt head down, immediately have done water a water change, and made sure temps were higher, gave it a salt bath, unfortunately my hospital tank is currently housing smaller salvinis (rookie mistake) so it has to remain with the others, treated the whole tank with salt, none of the others seem unhappy just the Salvini, any ideas what this might be? Also the gills don’t seem the bright red like normal and are quite pale, I don’t see aggression in the tank that would cause damage like this but who knows, it’s looking like it might pull through, has been moving around a lot more and moving it’s pectoral fins, when I gave it a salt bath it didn’t even flap in the net when captured, any help would be appreciated
  6. MaxVengeance

    Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.

    @joller Seeing the prices they went for it seems guppies have somewhat of a cult following within the hobby, bidding wars and all, some people are pretty serious about guppies, one pair, pair... went for $50, while some species of less common cichlids and L numbers went for dirt cheap and most of the punters there showed little interest, sure there’s some fancy guppies out there, and I commend the people developing those lines, but they would just about have to poop 24 carat gold for me to spend that much on them, I can’t really take them seriously, but to each there own, would be boring if everyone was into the same stuff
  7. MaxVengeance

    May 12 cichlid society auctions

    Did anybody from the forums make their way out to Ipswich for the auctions on Saturday? Couldn’t make it because of work which is a bummer as I was really looking forward to it, if you did go, what purchases were you most pleased with, was it a better turnout for cichlids this time around? Anything out of the ordinary? Would love to hear from anyone who made it out there
  8. So this week has been extremely busy for me with work and as such havnt had as much time to look at my fish as normally do, just noticed my female Cubans fin has some heavy damage and upon staring at all the fish for a while, I realised that there appears to be some white sores on the lines of some of the other fishes the fins, i am hoping this is just damage as the Cubans are loooking to spawn again and have been chasing the salvini, hopefully have them in their own tank tomorrow but, can anybody chime in with their thoughts damage from fighting or disease, I have still been doing water changes weekly so I can’t imagine water quality is to blame but any help to either ease my mind or stress me out further would be appreciated
  9. MaxVengeance


    @BUGGSWelcome mate, if I was to have stab in the dark at the cause of your issues I would say sunlight on the tank, but without knowing more specifics it’s hard to tell, larger tanks are going to have less rapid fluctuations in water quality and thus easier to maintain, with your smaller tanks did you ever clean the glass manually? What fish are you planning on keeping this time around?
  10. MaxVengeance


    Mate you have got an impressive collection of tropheus, if only I had the space would love a heap of these guys bembas or ikolas, a book I read as a young lad had pictures and it was just Moorii and Duboisi, at the time I asked the LFS about tropheus moorii and they looked at me funny, pet city eventually had duboisi fry and they were something like $80, a whole heap of tuckshop money at the time, crazy to see how many variants are around nearly 20 years later
  11. MaxVengeance

    My Cubans and Salvinis

    @TheAquaHolic001Cheers brother I’m stoked with them, wanted Cubans for so long, good to tick something off the list, I’ll be keeping them in their current tank on their own and growing out fry for my breeding projects, won’t be letting them raise the fry but, the female has a habit of forgetting to spit them out when she’s “moving” them, went from hundreds and hundreds of wrigglers to easliy 50+ free swimming, then came home from work that arvo to like 10, left it to long, had an aqua one fry tank but they could just swim out of the gaps, oh well, next water change they will spawn again and I’m prepared this time
  12. MaxVengeance

    My Cubans and Salvinis

    Belated thanks for the replies, I kind of forgot about this thread, here’s a couple more pics, slightly adulterated incase and photoshop police turn up lol, Wanted to try and get rid of some of the blue light, all just in iPhone photo edit, was having fun adjusting settings with no clue what I’m really doing, I need to get a new light, the blue is a bit much so I haven’t really been running it lately, Max
  13. MaxVengeance

    Cutting a large tank in half, feasible?

    @Jase86uxb thanks for the hot tip mate hopefully see my 8ft setup soon, will be easier to just divide it if need be rather than spending bulk $$$
  14. MaxVengeance

    ATTENTION: Americans need you!!!!!!

    @Eric A sorry to leave you hanging mate, this is the unfortunate truth for so many American species, I also have soft spot for green terrors, not many that you can compare to pictures online from wild caughts/ fish over seas that are as nice, it’s true it is a lot of work, and it could easily be undone by other stock, but here lies part of the problem, it’s the people that purely do this for the personal gain and not the personal satisfaction that are helping quality decline, this is my hobby not my job, take super green Texas for example, 5 maybe more years ago the quality getting around were far nicer, then every man and his dog started breeding them when they had hype, likely with zero selection or culling, the bad getting paired to the bad, generation after generation and honestly now I think half the ones getting around are garbage
  15. MaxVengeance

    Q.F.A.S. Super Auctions.

    Well it is a “cichlid” society is it not? Last time I checked guppies weren’t cichlids mate, I’m sure their will be heaps tho, I’m just hoping the ratio of cichlid to guppies is a little more in favour of cichlids at this particular event