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  1. Theyre in an ex red cherry tank so i think theyve been cleaning up, cheers for the info!
  2. I recently bought a couple and am feeding them on blackworm at the moment but am interested to hear what other people are feeding.
  3. Rocklea markets needs to be a saturday for Zucchini, Sunday is discovery markets (bric-a-brack, plants, etc)
  4. As I said eachfish is different, we had a large angel that took off the fins of the small angels
  5. Larger angels can get quite nippy (they are known to eat neon tetras) and i understand that breeding pairs probably can be agressive. You did mention that you want something to keep the endler numbers down though. As with everything each fish is different and yours may not be a problem. I think its better to start with smaller fish and allow them to grow into your tank (plus baby angels are very cute).
  6. The pH is fine for keeping rams (so long as you get good stock) they are just less likely to breed. The rams might get to 3" but probably will stay smaller. My golden rams were shy initially but they are now out and about and begging for food all the time.
  7. Great progress mate, do a wet test (fill with water and run all the plumbing) before you start to set up hardscape, much easier to fix any leaks etc then
  8. Carbon will remove your additives so they're not having the chance to be used as much.
  9. I'm excited to see how this turns out Btw I think that your rasboras are still laying as I had a minuscule fish turn up in a tank that had moss from you
  10. This is amazing, can't wait to see it progress!
  11. It sounds like over feeding- yes it's common in newfish keepers they should be excited about food and eat it all within 5mins max, try less and try a fasting day. Less is more for fish!
  12. My guppies at work are in a small bowl (probably about 20L) and are going great guns(started with 4, now there's about 40 fry also), I attribute this to a couple of things: Stable temp - because its at work in air con it sits at around 24 constantly Feeding - I feed them twice a day enough that its gone in 2mins, but they have two fasting days (I don't come in on the weekend) Hands out - I never fiddle in this tank, they are lucky to get a water change of 30% once in 3 weeks, I am careful about adding new water though, I do it slowly over a few hours (a cup here and there). Of course this is what works for me and won't work for everyone, I do believe in trying to not change things too much. Every time you put hands in tanks it's a risk you will have chemicals on them.
  13. What substrate did you use mate? Looking good!
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